He told me to masturbate and tell Him of it......
Can You Feel me Master?

Finally. It doesn't happen often You know. The house quiet I slipped into the shower. No one around, the baby upstairs napping. I so rarely get this time. Adjusting the spray and stepping into the shower, stepping into it, my head dropped as the water soaked my hair, my palms reaching for the far shower wall. Eyes closed as I sighed softly. I just stood.......enjoyed the simplicity. And thats when I thought of You. ( Wicked smile.) You know how you close your eyes and can envision something. Or even envision a feeling. "Oh God," i think i actually said the words. I remember what You had asked of me, and more then anything, I wanted to get lost in it. Funny thing though, I almost cut the feelings off, because I knew that if I started this, actually let myself drift into the thoughts and feelings you aroused in me, and I got interupted, didn't get to finish, I would me angry. Really angry. And that wouldn't do.

Turning then my back to the spray, head falling back as I washed and conditioned, filled the rough sponge with slick soap, lifted one foot to the side of the tub, the foam sliding along calf and thigh, inner, outer, teasing myself with the gentle scrape. Higher, the rough feeling, finally rinsing and wrapping the towel around me, tucking the edge between my breasts, another towel to dry my hair. The debate again, then moving into my bedroom and locking the door behind me, I never do that. Lock the door.

The cover folded to the bottom of the bed, the sheets as well, pillows stacked at the headboard, needing this I guess, needing to feel what I felt when I was within in Your words. Moving to the closet, looking on the floor, the towel fell from my head, long wet curly hair clinging to my back and shoulders, the towel coming undone at my breasts as i stood, slipping my feet into the red 4 inch high heels. That was it. Just the shoes. (Here i want to tell You that it made me wet. Putting on those shoes. I think You would have liked them.) The phone jack removed because yeah I was thinking of everything or trying to. Hell Master the re-telling is as arousing to me as the doing. The shoes set me in mode, made me be able to step out of the everyday and into that moment with You. You weren't with me, but You were and I ached.

Across from my bed are mirrored closet doors. Normally I don't look in them. I'm not as young and my body isn't pleasing to me. But I crawled onto the bed, lifting my head as I knelt, leaning forward to reach in the dresser drawer. The clamps I have are the long pincher kind, the chain between heavy, I love the way they look, there isn't the bite like alligator clamps but these seem to hold onto my nipples better. Watching myself as I ran the cold chain of my nipples, they tightened, and each clamp was slid into place. Tight, the heavy chain when released made my nipples ache, and i felt myself tremble as the blood rushed and the pain increased.

Fuck Master, i was wet. Pushing up to my knees watching as my hand slid down my belly, as my fingers peeled about the swollen lips, felt the slick wetness. Tasted it. Here I got a little lost on what exactly You wanted me to do, it had been awhile and I was lost in this mode. My hand pulled back and i streched out on my back. The high heels dug into the bed as my knees spread wide, feet shifted wider until I wanted to close them, and didn't. Remembering this part of it. From that point on I knew i wasn't to close them. What a feeling, invisible bonds? Sexy. My hand flashed, the slap loud as it connected with my cunt.

((Fuck i dont' know if i can keep telling. I am having the hardest time writing this, and I want to tell You about it Master, but telling You about it is as if I am doing it all over again.))

The chain shifted, the weight pulling. My hand slid down my belly, fingers curling against the heavy throb of my heartbeat as i squeezed, and knowing or atleast I think I knew you well enough that it wasnt' my fingers fucking me, but me fucking my fingers. Maybe I was wrong, but i began to move, slowly at first, ass rolling back and lifting foward then up, slowly working them deeper. Something about that, something decadent about having to take what you need rather then allow yourself to work it easily always makes the orgasm that much more intense. (Now here I have a confession, At this point I went into the drawer and drew out my gel cock dildo, this is my alltime favorite toy, its thick and long, life like, it has heavy balls on the end and even a suction cup base...) Laying back once again, the shifting of my weight made the weight of the chain move and it hurt Master and i thought about taking them off, but I didn't. Laying back once again, knees spread wide, even wider for the way the high heels dug into the mattress, i took that cock and slapped my cunt with it...once, twice, it hurt, it stung and i loved it. Again and again, in between pushing it down, my cunt lips parting and soaking the shaft.

Finally my body hungry, needing more, knees spread wide as i took the crown and first inch, pulling back and lifting my hips trying to force more of it in, over and over. My knees wider, thighs quivering until it was a blur of my hips fucking upward my hand still just holding that cock, and i couldnt' reach it and i was fucking so hungrily, straining, and feeling frustrated but not enough to stop. And in that moment, You were there. FUCK yeah You were there, and my knees spread wide my ass tightened and i shoved high and jammed low. That cock slammed into my cunt, the damn clips popped off and then it was just a motion hips, my hand, shoving, fucking myself and crying out as i went over the top, and as the orgasm peaked i shoved thecock deep,held it and slammed my hips upward. I felt my legs begin to close and I shoved up once more and then as i lost it, I yanked the cock from inside me and felt the wetness squirt. My thighs splashed with the wetness as it slid down the crack of my ass and beneath me. And then the slap of the cock again and again, reminding me to keep my knees wide.........Fuck Master i came so hard....and You were there.....nods

Can You feel me Master..


2007-08-13 23:22:43
"Bloody wonderful" used in that context is using the English language as it should be, not using stupid yankee slang that no-one but a yank can understand


2006-08-01 04:40:30
Any woman who gets wet putting on a pair of high heels is alright by me! Good story. Gave it a 7. I milked a huge load fantasizing about drinking all of the juices running out of you!


2006-08-01 03:15:10
What a lousy story. Who could possibly say that this is a good effort?


2006-07-31 12:10:43
I think this story is a great erotic fantasy. Keep writing. I wish I had you at the tip of my tongue! Tex


2006-07-31 01:55:09
bloody wonderful ???? what kind of fucking shit talk is that, if you speak it with your mouth not your asshole......or is that arsehole?

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