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My first one and introducing the new adventures in an god forsaken place.

He could not feel anything, not his feet, arms, even his body. All he could hear was the relaxing waves reaching the sandy beach, the quiet warm breeze and tropical air.

Not to worry they said, that storm isnt a threat in any way they said. Well that probably showed them.

It was a stormy night at the airport in L.A. The clouds were threatening and dark, the wind blowed furiosly to the south and thunder clapped everywhere.
But the flight to New Zealand wasnt canceled due to the storm, the airport manager said not to worry, the Boeing 747 was a strong airplane and could easely bypass those big, thick and ugly rainclouds. The pilots were also as confident as the manager, they walked pass Roger Jackson with a arrogant look upon their faces.
The last flight to New Zealand was one o’clock in the morning. Only about ten to fifteen passagers waited next to mister Jackson, most of them looked like some wierd band members, with their guitars and small drums they passed the time by singing quietly. There was two businessmen wearing expensive Armani suits and smoking sigars. The rest were just late comers, who missed the last flight at eleven.

Takoff was pretty calm considering that it started to rain even more and more. Some minutes before going aboard the plane, they heard in the news that a big storm was coming this way and everybody should stay inside their homes and not leave until it was safe. But Roger Jackson needed to get to New Zealand, he was a carpenter and a house desperety needed to get finished in time and he was called over there, not because of his brilliant skills, but because it was his parents house. Jackson was not american by birth, he went living there when he was about sixteen, now he is twenty two.
The Boeing 747 flew quickly above the storm clouds and added some extra speed. Their course took them across the Pacific Ocean to the other side of earth.
But at some point in the trip, they felt turbulance, wich got stronger and stronger. After no time at all a red light went on, telling everybody to fasten their seatbelts.
The plane shook even more and more, thuder claps were heard everywhere. Then in happened, lightning hit the left wings motor, wich exploded in a massive firestorm and the entire wing flew off. Oxigen masks dropped from the cieling and everybody put them on. One pilot ran out of the cabin and warned everbody very clearly: „WE ARE GOING TO CRASH! Brace yourselves,” and ran back.
The Boeing shook so sevirely, that two men seating in front of Jackson hit their head against eachother and streams of blood exploded from the wounds. The plane started to loose all controll and it was now spinning out of control toward the stormy water. All panic broke loose and people were screaming and praying, including Roger.
Then it happened, the water was getting closer and closer until the nose of the plane hit it, seats broke off and flew against the cockpit and many died. But somehow the machine didnt brake complitely, just sank a bit under water, then flew out again.
The next day or so the core of the airplane was in the mercy of the great sea. At that point Roger lost all knoledge and passed oud.

Only darkness, terrible pain in his left arm and head, but somehow everything was quiet and relaxed. Roger was alive, only a few hours passed until he felt strong enough to trie to get out of where ever he was.
He opened his eyes, he was trapped between three seats, wich he pushed aside. All of the plane was destroyed, everybody was dead, there were blood and guts everywhere and he could smell some cind of leak. Better get out of there before it explodes.
Limping he reached to the broked door, pushed it open. Not paying attention to the pain he felt in his arm, leg and head, he ran as fast as his tired body could. When he was about a hundred feet away the plane exploded into million peaces some of wich almost decapitated him.
Feeling no more force in him, Roger Jackson the only survivor on flight 1313 collapsed.
Some hours passed, he was awake all of this time, trying to figure out were he was. On a island, that was sure, but was that island hostile or not? He knew that he could not stay where he was, he had to drink water and maybe eat, at least something. Should he stay there a day more, he probably would have died.

The next hours Roger explored the forest, tropical, hot, dry and full of life. Thank got for that, at least he had no shortage of food, but before food, he had to find water, the essence of life.

By nightfall he found a small river with brown water, it was cool and refreshing. Jackson swimmed around, drank and rested. His clothes were amlost compitely torm apart. From his white shirt he made bandages to the fresh cuts. His pants were almost not existend, so why he thrwe these away and was only in his shorts and socks. The ground was very difficult, sharp branches and rocks were everywhere, so he improvised and stuffed into his socks broked cockonut shells. These worked perfectly. Knowing he had to protect himself from the dangers of the forest, he broke a long branch off a tree and sharpened its end against rocks. The only problem was how to store water, he saw nothing to solve the problem with. So he just drank as much as filled his tummy and continued his jurney deeper into the forest.

What was his idea? First to explore the new and unknown land, then to make himself some kind of temporary camp at the wreckage of the plane, after that lighting a huge fire to signal ships and possibly choppers, wich he knew probably werent around.

It was a quiet night, only te sounds of animals far far away was heard. Roger fixed himself some kind of primitive bed using dirt and trees. He tried to light a fire, but failed, as a reward his hands were complitely bruzed and bleedeing.

He could hardly sleep, he was scared for real. The first time of his life he was scared. All around twigs broke and leaves shook.

Then he heard something close to him, something moved in the bushes, and again! Then in front, back and sides. Some unknown force was around him. Roger jumped up, took his pathetic spear in his broked hands and was ready to kill anyone who got in his way.

The things around him were not making any sound, just watching Jackson, watching and waiting. Was this it? Is now the end? But Roger was a strong person, he would not go down without a fight and if that is what they want, then a fight they must get.

Then a bush started to shake and a metal spear neared his throat then another one and together five spears surrounded him almost forcing their way into his flesh. It was dark and the being in hiding were not to be seen, when this was bad enough then what happened next made him put down his little boy toy he called twig-spear. He could see some dark bodys in the darkness pointing bows and arrows to his way. Three to four of them. But the persons stayed mysterious.

Feeling he had no choice, Roger put down his spear slowly, then slided it even futher away. Then he slowly kneeled down feeling complete fustration.

But then something happened that Roger did not foresee. Metal spears were put down, bows lowered and the surrounders stood up. It was dark yes, but not dark enough to see that he was surrounded by women! Ten of them, half with spears, half with bows.

The unknown women were almost as tall as Roger was. He had watched nature documentaties at his time and knew that most of women in the wild were ugly and fat. But not them, darkness masked their faces and skin colour, but not the contours, wich were gorgeous. Nice slim bodies, flat stomachs long legs, full round breasts and just perfect butts.

Then one of the women stepped in front of Roger, about twenty inches from his face. She had a very wild face, but as the same time very beautiful. Long dark hair and dark eyes.

Almost when Jackson thinked that he might be spared, the women took a little peice of cloth from her bag and stuffed it to Rogers face. Everything faded quickly. He fell asleep.

When he woke up, it was day, the sun was already high in the sky and warmed the island. Roger was in somekind of tent made from a light brown material. It was about six feet high and ten feet wide. He was lying in a comforable bed and had a thin blanked on top of him. Quickly he watched below him. Luckily hi wasnt stripped and his litte quy was nicly covered by dirty shorts. But his cuts and broozes were nicely sowed and cleaned.

But what kind of place was he in? That was the question. Did the ten women attend him, clean his cuts only for execution? No, they could of done that the night before.

Then, not left the time to think, a women stepped into his tent, quiqly looked at him, then nodded and stepped outside. Quickly five or so female warriors made their way to the bed, five of the most beautiful women ever seen by his eyes. They gently pulled him up, holding his back with their silky hand. One of them looked at his woulnds, then nodded again and said something in a foreign language.

They showed him to step up, that Roger did. His left leg was almost healed, but he did had a litte pain in it still left. His arm did hurt, but not so much to take his mind off those lovely beings.

Then Roger was showed to step outside. Two women in front and three at the back. Taht was the time Jackson realised, that they wore only a very revealing bikini top made from some kind of very thin fabric and a leather skirt wich almost covered their butt cheaks. Only one thought crossed his mind when Roger stepped outside. Were they wearing anything under those skirts?

It took only about ten seconds to understand that he was one of the most lucky guys on the whole earth. He was in a small village of fifty tents and in all of them lived five or so women. Not men and women, but only women. And the most gorgeous and beautiful of all he has ever seen.

All 250 wild inhabitants of the village were dressed alike, tight and hot tops and tight little brown skirts. They were all garthered in front of Rogers tent and when he was taken outside, all of them started to talk loudly and were very anticipating.

Roger saw about twenty yards away some kind of arena made from wood but made very well. When he started to walk that way, all of the others ran that way also.

Roger thought to himself that the girls were exited because he was to be executed, like all of the men in that village, why is then that there werent any of them here?

The arena was getting closer and closer and Rogers heart was beating very fast, pumping blood and adrenaline into his bloodveigns. Three warriorwomen from the back pushed Roger up the stairs to the high arena, wich was nothin gmore than a platform three feet above ground. Then he was shoked, he was almost certain, to find a chopping block or some other kind of torture thing. But in front lied a bed!

What? A bed? Did they hoped to see him sleep? A women jumped on the arena and ordered Roger to lie down on it. So he did. He lied on his back on the very comftorable bed, wich was nicely soft. Then the girl walked around him and standed in the back.

Pulling thick cords under the bed, she tied Rogers hand to the strong frame. And so the legs. Jackson tried to get free, but it did not work, one inch thick cords were very strong, but were not tight on his anckles and wrists.

The antisipation was extreme. About ten minutes they just waited. Then the crowd consiting of 250 drop dead gorgeous girls started to clap their hand and scream in happyness. Someone was brought to him and quickly. To his shock in front of him standed a man! The only man he has ever seen. He was dark and as tall as he was. What they wanted from him?

Just like that the man quickly took off his slonger skirt from his buttocks and revealed everything in front of the crowd. He was now standing naked in front of Roger and he hoped to god that he would not have to fuck a man!

Then the woman still standing near the head of Jackson walked to the center of the bed, without any warning she put her hands on hs shorts and pulled them down in a quick move. The crowed was happy seeing his dick and the wild mans dick.

Roger Jackson now truly feared, he was not gay. Then the women commanding the arena said to the standing unnamed man something. And to that command his penis started to rise and stiffen. The crowds mood rose as did his dick. Roger was surpirsed that in all lengh the wild mans cock was not longer than four inches!

The commander woman then watched poor Roger and said the same to him. It needed not to say anything, he knew that he had to erect his companion to his full lengh or else. So he began to think eritoc thoughts and quickly his red headed warrior rose and rose higher than any other dick seen on that island. He knew that because the women were complitely astounded by his almost seven inch penis fully erect.

He looked at the man standing in front of him, he had a grim look on his face. What? He was taken away, three warrior women took him by his arms and pulled the man against his will to some tent. All became quiet, then it happened, a extreme scream and cry and some kind of chopping sound. Roger could see the tent where he was taken to. One wall was painted red.

„Oh Fuck me! Fuck, damn no... no... dont kill me please!” Roger started to beg.
The woman standing in front of his bed looked him with a cold look and snapped her fingers.

But then instead of execution, people made free a way directly in front of him to a tent. It was the largest and most elegant of them all. Some drumms started to play and the crowd started to dance. Feared to what might happen Rogers cock was now complitely limp and lying on his tummy.

Then the tent opened its doors. A little time to wait and with a strong cheer from the crowd a young queen walked out. She wore not much, mut on her head were feathers and much decorative matters. She made her way slowly to the arena stepping like a godess. She was the most beautiful of them all, it was for sure. The most perfect body, legs and breasts than Roger Jackson could ever imagine. And she was walking his way, a short skirt hided her butt and pussy, two long straps of cloth very thin and almost see thru covered her breasts. Her eyes were fixed on Roger and his now rock hard cock.

People cheered when the queen reached the arena. She then slowly wakled to the bed and watched amazed to Rogers naked body and especally his man pride. She ran her fingers up to her neck and her hair and removed her crown of nature. Then she started going downwards slowly. Her hands reached her neck and the queen, who looked like a godess unmade her breasts covering cloth knot. But still holding it up leaving Roger almost begging for her. She could see it in his eyes, how he undressed her with his eyes.

Then the queen began to lower her hand moving them in front of her chest covering her breasts, then dropping the two pieces of cloth covering them but still holding her hand on them. She looked Roger straight in his eyes and slowly took them away from her two tits. The most perfect round and perky breasts now looked at Roger.

Jackson figured it out by now slowed by the shortage of blood in his brain, he was taking part from a sexual ritual where the man would have sex with the queen until she wanted it (until she was pregnant).

The dark vixen now stepped on the bed and standed up walking one foot on one side and the other on the other side of Rogers feet. She started to walk nearer his cock. She stopped at that exact point where Roger could almost see her pussy, but now he could not. Her legs were so beautiful that even looking at them could if made Jacksons dick erect.

Looking in his eyes, the queen slowly placed her arms on her breasts, pinched her nipples. Then slowly made her way to her hips and undid the two knots on the sides. She still held the skirt on her, teasing the man so desperatly wanting her. Then with a little smile on her face moved her hands up and leaving the leather skirt fall down off the bed.

She had just uncovered her most private part of her. Her pussy and not a single hair on it. It complitely surpirised him seeing this maginficent sight. She teased him, the queen and a lonely stranded carpenter. She touched gently her somach and started going futher and futher down. When she finally reached the place where should of been her pubic hairs.

Roger could see, that her pussy was wet and getting wetter with every second watching his dick. He thought he could not wait any second, he needed to get her, he wanted to fuck her brains out. His and hers. But they wouldnt let him, the queen teased him, she licked two fingers wet, licked sensually and slowly. Then touched her outer pussy lips with them, caressing them gently and harder sometimes.

The godess walked calmly strait above Rogers face and put her two fingers insede her moving them inside and out, up and down, quickly and slowly. After some time of this, she stopped and licked the fingers clean, kissed them and touched Rogers lips with the same fingers.

Jackson is going out of his mind, he isnt even thinking if they would kill him afterwards, he just didnt care. Roger tried to rip the cords off his arms but failed. They were just to tight.

The queen of these wild and gorgeous forest girls always watched straight into Rogers eyes. All the time, looking for that break point.

Finnaly she felt ready. Positioning above his dick she slowly lowered herself. When she felt his rock hard cock on her pussy lips, she grabbed it with her right arm and did slow circles around her pussy. Roger felt her juices flowing to his dick and down to his stomach.

With one quick move the queen sat straight on his man pride. Roger has now buried deep inside her, he felt it was warm and tight. Not losing any more time, she started rocking herself back and forward. First slowly, very slowly letting Jacksons dick explore every inch on her. Then she picked up the pace riding him quicker and quicker. the faster she went, the louder the spectators cheered.

Roger could not feel anything more than pure satisfaction, the slow striptease got him so worked up, he now would only last some time. Definatly not enough to make this woman come at the same time as him. But aparantly she did not mind that, she just went like crazy, back and forward. The bed was screeching and vibrating. The hole arena was shaking. It seemed to Roger that this woman riding him hasnt got any sex for some time now and is making it all up.

Then reached the point of no return, Jackson felt his muscles tightening, intense pleasure from his dick started spreading across his whole body. And then it came, he lifted his hips as high as he could and shot countless streams of cum deep in her.

But it was not over, the queen hasnt got her orgasm and needed it like water. She kept riding him, riding the hell out of him. She felt the warm man muck inside her pussy, it felt good, but not as good as she wanted to.

The woman had such a power over Roger, that his dick wasnt getting softer, it stayed just as erect as before. He felt weak to his knees, the pleasure he was getting quickly became too much to handle, it was so intense. Noone has ever ridden him as long as this woman did. He could not take it. But nothing was his doing, all of the control was in the queens hands.

Halv an hour passed and Roger was almost passing out, he had already cummed four to five times in her, but still she rode on. Finnaly he say that she was getting near that point of pleasure. She lowered herself on his tummy and rubbing her breasts agaist Rogers sweaty cheast. He could feel her hard nipples. She put her arms around his neck and pulled herself deeper into him. Jackson cought her sent, it was the best parfume he has ever smelled. The queen was not only gorgeous but only a fantastic fucker and she smelled like a... well godess.

Her thighs gripped his hips. And then it was it. Roger saw how much pleasure she got from an intence orgasm. She grabbed him tightly rubbing all of her against him. Then one intence moment she just squeezed very tightly and letting out a loud moan.

Then it was over. The queen bite his ear gently and looked him thankfully in the eye. Then got up leaving Rogers now softening cock lying on his leg. She stepped down from the bed with her legs parted but holding one hand on her pussy probably not letting go of the cum still inside. The woman who had looked the spectale from the arena handed the queen some kind of a jar or small porrery, wich she put under her pussy and waited until all of the man muck left her body. It was a pretty considerable amount of sperm in there.

Then in a loud drum noise she kneeled in front of the crowd, she touched the ground with her forehead and drank all of the cum in one mouthfull and smiled to everyone including Jackson. then she qiuckly grabbed her clothes if you can call them that and left.

People were in ectasy, it was so loud that Roger could not hear anything. But one thought went through his mind. Is he going to be executed or not? Will he live another day?

Would you like a sequel?

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