I remember it like it was yesterday. Well I don’t think anyone could forget the first time they were raped.
I remember it like it was yesterday. Well I don’t think anyone could forget the first time they were raped.

It was beginning to get dark and I was home alone. My parents had to go out of town for a realtors convention and would be gone until Friday. It’s only Tuesday and I am bored. I am only 13 years old so I can’t drive I am just stuck here for the rest of the week. Mom and dad said I could have my best friend Brianna over but she’s not home. So I did the only other thing I could do. I turn on the TV to see what’s on.

After a few minutes there’s a knock on my door, I look out the peephole and see that it is our neighbor Mr. Davison. Mom told me he would be watching the house and keeping an eye on me for them. As I open the door he says, “Jayme, I wanted to come over and see if you needed anything.”

“Nope”, I said trying to look annoyed. I always thought he smelled a little like garlic. He’s in his late 40’s and balding. He’s a little on the fat side too.

“Do you mind if I come in?” he asked bringing my attention back, “I brought a movie over we could pop some popcorn and watch it. It would give us both something to do.”

Well what am I going to do? I am only 13 years old so I’m not going anywhere and I really have nothing else to do, maybe the company would be good. So I said “okay.”

He comes in and I shut and lock the front door. As we walk into the living room he pops the movie in. “Oh great!” I think to myself “the fast and the furious. I have only seen this 2000 times.” But I just smile and we settle in to watch the movie.

About 20 minutes into the movie I feel a hand on my knee that makes it’s way up my leg. “What are you doing” I scream pushing his hand away to no avail.

“Look Jayme, I know you want it. You come out teasing me all the time in those little skirts and tight shirts. Your body is begging me to take it.”
”NO!” I scream, but he pushes me down hard on the couch.

“Baby, if you didn’t want it you wouldn’t have let me in”

He comes down on top of me hard forcing his hot tongue into my mouth. I bite hard! Bam! Bam! He slaps me again and again. I begin to cry my face burning from being struck.

“I feel his hot breath on my neck as he says, “I dare you to bite me again you little bitch. I will beat you so bad you bleed.”
”Please don’t please”, I manage to get out as he lifts my skirt and rips off my panties.

He just laughs at me as he forces my legs open while unzipping his pants. He holds my hands over my head and gets his cock right at the entrance of my virgin pussy. He leans close and whispers “This is gonna hurt” then he forces his tongue down my throat again and plunges deep inside of me. My screams are stifled by the tongue in my mouth.

He pulls his cock out and a feel a wave of relief wash over me. But it didn’t last as he slams all the way back in.

Over and over he rams into me and finally he stops kissing me but by now there is no reason for me to scream because the pain has subsided.

He leans close to my ear and whispers “You won’t tell anyone about this bitch, I’ll kill your mom and dad if you tell anyone.” He pulls out and rams into me again “you are so fucking hot, if you don’t want this girlie then why are you so wet?

My face flushed with embarrassment. Why was my body betraying me? He starts grunting and moaning, so I think to my self “This is almost over just hold on a few more minutes”.

“ooohhhhhhhhh I’m cumming Jayme” he screams and then falls on top of me. God it seemed like forever before he pulled his cock out of me. I thought I was going to smother under him. He moves off of me and makes me sit up then says “Clean up your mess bitch, and if you bite me you’ll be sorry.”

I feel sick at my stomach but before I can refuse he forces his cum soaked cock into my mouth. He forces it so far down my throat that I can’t breathe.

I beg for air with my eyes as he smiles at me and right before I start to pass out he pulls out and I gasp for air and before I can take another breath he forces it back in just as deep. My pussy is aching from the brutal attack and once again I can’t breathe but just as before as I am on the edge of passing out he pulls out and goes right back in after I catch a breath over and over he does it, brutally raping my mouth. I feel his cum seeping out of my pussy and running down my legs.

“Look at me bitch, I’m about to cum and when I do you better not spill a drop or I will beat you bloody.” He said grunting and breathing heavily.

He starts moaning and grunting like before and I brace myself for his hot load. He pushes his cock all the way down the back of my throat and I feel his hot cum spew down my throat and I have no choice but to swallow it.

Finally his assault on my mouth stops and I just sit there in disbelief on the couch.

“Baby you need a bath” he says with a grin. “Let’s go upstairs and I’ll get you all clean.

I start to cry again “Can I please take a shower by myself?”

“ok just this once, but I get to sit in the bathroom and the curtain stays open, and I get to dry you.”

“Okay” I say shakily

As I am taking my shower I feel so violated all over again as he rapes me with his eyes.

“Let’s go over the rules k?”

“Rules?” I think to myself but I say “Okay”

“#1 your parents think you’re over at a friends house for the rest of the week so no phone calls. #2 Absolutely NO clothes for the rest of the week. #3 You will sleep in bed with me unless I decide you need to sleep in the floor. #4 You will not tell anyone about this. I will kill your parents and according to their will you’ll be mine since they have no family of their own. So no funny business. Unless you want me to kill your family”

“No please….I beg you I’ll do anything you ask I’ll follow the rules.”

After my shower he dries me off and then said “you go lay on the couch I’ll make us something to eat.”

I felt relief that he was done with me for the night and I fell asleep on the couch. I was awakened about an hour later by a hand on my pussy. “OH NO” I think to myself I open my eyes and Mr. Davison says “Let’s go to bed baby”

He picks me up and carries me upstairs to bed. He cuddles close to me his cock inside my pussy for the night, and without realizing it a moan escapes my lips and he smiles knowing I belong to him now.

I wake up with a strange taste in my mouth and my wrists aching I try to spit out the ball of material in my mouth only to realize there is duct tape over my mouth.

I realize I am laying on my belly with my hands tied to the headboard above my head.

I feel large hands on my butt and Mr. Davison says “Bitch this is going to hurt something terrible. I put your panties from yesterday in your mouth and taped your mouth to make sure you keep quiet. His hands start to spread my butt cheeks. “NO!” I want to scream but before I can do anything he plunges deep into my ass with one hard thrust.

I screamed at the top of my lungs but my screams are silenced by the home made gag. “oh my God” I think to myself “He’s ripping me in half.”

I scream and scream but again to no avail. In and out he assaulted my ass with such brutality . Finally he was done and I lay sobbing into my hah as a mixture of blood and cum seep out of my aching ass.

But he wasn’t entirely finished he ripped my gag off and forced his cock down my throat.

“clean up your mess bitch” he shouted

I scream inside repulsed at the thought of sucking him because of where his massive cock had been since he had come over the night before.He kept pumping away pushing his cock deeper down my throat and me gagging at the thought of tasting my own juices but in a strange way I became very aroused and felt my own orgasm build as he grunted "get ready bitch because I'm going to cum".He explodes just as I do and he feels me shiver as I cum harder than I ever have. He sneers and laughs as he says 'so this bitch likes what just happened I see" and slaps my wet gaping pussy with his large hand.

“Please Mr. Davison I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“oh baby we still have until Friday” he said with a grin

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Mr. Davison throws his clothes on and runs to the door. I hear muffled voices and then he comes back upstairs and says

“Good news baby, your parents had an accident they are in the hospital looks like we’re going to be together for a lot longer than we had hoped!”

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That was amazing made me cum so much


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this is complete and utter crap - do not write any more, do not pass go and do not collect fuck-all!


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i love you babe come rape me


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