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Janie spends time with daddy
It was another weekend where I had the house to myself again. Nikki was out with her friends, Crissy and Anita were over their aunt’s house, Jeane was in her late night weekend classes, my wife was again working late, and Janie… actually Janie was still here. She was going to her friend’s house later on tonight like she has been doing for the past couple of weeks. These last few weeks have been wild and something of a blur. I still can’t believe I fucked my daughters. It’s just unbelievable.
I was in the kitchen fixing me something to eat for dinner. I could hear Janie upstairs rummaging around in her room. She must have been looking for clothes to wear or take with her. I sat down in the living room with the sandwich I had made myself. As usual nothing was on T.V. so I walked up to my room to grab one of my DVDs. I thought tonight would be a good night to watch a horror movie.
As I walked up the steps I could hear shower water running. Janie must be almost ready to go. The only way to my room was past the bathroom, where Janie had left the door wide open. I didn’t want to accidentally see her naked. It might freak her out. I mean I know I’ve been fucking my daughters lately but Janie is only thirteen. That experience could possibly traumatize her for life. What the hell am I talking about? I hear Janie almost every night in her room masturbating. I decided to not worry about seeing her and I walked towards my room.
“Daddy?” Janie called out, “Is that you?” I stopped in front of the door.
“Yes, I was just heading to my room. Do you want anything?”
“Can you bring me my shampoo? It’s in my room on my dresser.” I turned toward her room. It was beside mine. As I walked in her room I saw the most amazing sight I could possibly imagine. Janie had Anal Beads, Vibrators, Dildos, Butt Plugs, and every other female sex toy imaginable laid out neatly on her bed. What the fuck was with my family and masturbating? It was as if my daughter’s were the spokespeople for sex toys.
I quickly spotted the shampoo and grabbed it. As I walked into the bathroom I could see Janie’s young yet beautiful body through the shower door. She had her fingers in her pussy. Or that’s what it looked like. She could have just been cleaning down there, who knows.
“Janie, I have the shampoo.”
“Can you come in here and help me clean my back too daddy?” I didn’t think much of it. I stripped down into my boxers and stepped into the shower with Janie.
“Daddy, you can’t get in the shower with your boxers on silly.” Janie said laughing. I shrugged at the comment and handed her the shampoo. She simply put the shampoo down and reached for my boxers. I stepped back but I didn’t have much room to step back too seeing as how I was in the shower. Janie seized my boxers and snatched them down. My cock which was a little hard from the shower heat sprang out and hit Janie’s golden brown hair. Nervous to what her reaction might be I tried to get out but she grabbed my arm.
“Daddy, I still need you to clean my back.” Janie turned around showing me her perfect young ass. She took a hold of a rag already soaked with soap and handed it to me over her shoulder. It was at that moment I realized what I was doing. Janie was thirteen. She could clean herself. My lust had brought me in here. Since I was already in here I decided to take advantage of the situation. I threw the rag down and grabbed her size ‘A’ tits from behind her.
“Mhmm, it’s about time you came to your senses daddy.” Janie said calmly. She reached behind herself and clutched my cock, rubbing it gently. I squeezed on her tits while my cock grew harder. The shower water fell onto my hands that were clasped onto her tits. I bent her over, making the water fall onto her back and run down her ass. She guided my cock towards her pussy shoved it in. Her pussy was so tight. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her. I wanted to make this pleasure last as long as possible.
“Mhmm, oh yeah daddy!” Janie moaned. “Give it to me good.” From the heat of the shower and the heat of Janie’s pussy my cock was raging hard. With that in mind I started to thrust harder into her
“Oh daddy! I’m gonna cum!”
“Go ahead baby, cum on daddy’s cock.” I pounded my cock into her deeper and harder. I could feel myself and Janie edging closer to climaxing. I gave one final hard thrust and fired my hot sticky cum into Janie’s hot wet pussy. She too had exploded with her own juicy cum.
I pulled my cock out and Janie sucked the excess cum off of it.
“Mhmmm daddy, Crissy was right! Your cum is delicious!” With that she grabbed my hand and led me into her room. She sat on her bed dripping wet with her legs wide open.
“I’ve been a naughty girl daddy. I need to be punished.” Something flashed in her eyes. This wasn’t the same sweet innocent daughter I once knew and I didn’t care. I got on my knees and devoured her pink pussy. I could taste her sweet nectar. Janie gripped onto my head and drove it deeper into her snatch. I could barely breathe but I didn’t care. I just wanted more of her wonderful pussy. I licked her clit gently. That sent waves of excitement through Janie’s body. She let go of my head and grabbed a piece of rope. I quickly got the idea and snatched the rope from her and pushed her down hard onto the bed. I tied her hands to the bed post with her on her knees and her ass sticking in the air. I grabbed a belt she had laying around and I started to smack her ass with it.
“Ow! Yea daddy! I’ve been a bad girl!” I couldn’t control myself. I had never had dominating sex before and I liked it. I picked up one of the dildos and shoved it deep into her asshole. Janie screamed out in pleasure. She must have been use to having things shoved in her ass. I thrust the dildo in and out of her violently. I then mounted her leaving the dildo dangling deep in her ass. I fucked Janie’s pussy hard and rough. Her pussy was softer and wetter than the first time in the shower. I wasn’t sure I would last too long but I was determined to make this last as long as possible. I hammered into her deeper and deeper with each thrust I gave. Her pussy was so tight. She started to squeal loudly. I snatched another dildo and stuffed it in her mouth to shut her up.
“Oh baby, you’ve been a very naughty girl! You’re being punished for being a slut!” I fucked her so hard and fast that it was almost impossible to see my cock at all. I caught little glimpses of it vanishing within her pink fortress of a pussy.
“Oh! Ah’m caaming dahddy! Ah’m gahhnah cahm har! (I’m cumming daddy! I’m gonna cum hard!)” Janie shouted with the dildo still in her mouth. I could feel her pussy start to tighten up. I was on the verge of cumming too. I smacked her ass and continued fucking her until finally my cock exploded with a huge amount of cum. She came as well blasting my cum and her own all over the bed and floor. My daughter was a squirter and a hard squirter and that. Cum was everywhere.
I took the dildo out of her mouth and shoved it in her pussy. The one in her ass was about to fall out so I slammed it back in. Then I heaved me cock deep into her mouth. I knew I still had more cum to release. I didn’t bother untying her from the bed. She had to suck my cock without her hands helping her. Her head bobbed back and forth on my prick. As I felt myself growing close I jerked my cock out of her mouth and started to jack off over her face. My warm cum shot out into her hair and onto her face. Her face was blanketed in my cum, but I wasn’t done just yet.
I pulled the dildo that was in her ass out and shoved it in her mouth. I then slowly pushed my cock into her ass. It was already lubed up from her pussy and mouth. Once my cock was deep inside of her I quickly started to thrust. She was being punished so she received no special treatment. Her ass was so tight around my cock I thought it would break it. Janie screamed in pain and in pleasure dropping the dildo put of her mouth. I didn’t bother picking it up, I was to busy fucking her ass. I pounded into her like a madman.
“Oh daddy! Yes that’s it! Fuck your daughter’s asshole! Fuck it hard! Mhmmm!”
“Oh shit! I’m gonna cum Janie!”
“Feel my ass with your cum daddy! Do it!” With that I came deep inside her ass. As I pulled out I Janie moaned more as her pussy let out more of her own cum. I untied her from the bed. Everything was covered in cum. When we moved off the bed we stepped in cum. I kissed her cum covered lips and walked out into the shower.

To be continued….

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next fuck jeane and get his daughters pregnant with their daddy's babies


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Great series. Now that you have fucked 4 of your 5 daughters, keep fucking them every day in some kind of order and eventually get them all pregnant. Get wife into the act too.


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We need a chapter 4 and 5 and mabe 6. Fuck all the daughters get them all pregnut and fuck the wife, get her pregnut. All 5 daughters and the wife pregnutnat one time would be a great turn on.


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Omg that was so hot ..
I need more. . will you be my daddy ?

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