It just gets better and better
Daddy still had her 10 year old asshole impaled on his rock hard penis. All 8” pushed as far up her tiny butt as it would go, up to his balls. He had a fist full of her long black, silky hair reining her head back. She was actually hanging from his cock by her cunt and her hair; cum leaking out of her ass, around his erection dripping to the floor. Having blacked out from both pain and sexual pleasure…overload, Vickie was beginning to stir again on the end of his dick. With his daughter dangling in mid air he walked her back to the bed. Still deep inside her he gently let her down onto her budding tits and her knees.

She was moaning quietly, red faced, sweaty, her nose running, her brown eyes rolled back in her head. Her narrow back was arched to better align the angle of her butt hole with his cock so to easy the pressure in that little asshole. She loved it but it was big!

Slowly her Dad pulled his softening penis from her ass. His cock head slipped from her now red, wet butt hole and it seemed to ease shut. Then she immediately started to open up again, in slow motion just as any woman’s asshole does after she has been freshly fucked. Vickie opened up beautifully. A used, gapping, sexually spent asshole. Her Daddy’s milky sperm running out of it over her swollen hairless cunt lips. An awesome sight. A 10 year old girl, her baby ass high in the air, exhausted, panting quietly, her asshole stretched open to the size of a half dollar. Gapping. Bright red inside.

Vickie did not move from the position. Either because she was too exhausted to or because she couldn’t. Either way she was absolutely beautiful to see.

Her Dad eased his face down to her little business end again kissing, licking the child’s butt. His fingers and tongue playing with the very fine black hair around her asshole. A naked pussy but already beginning to get angle hair around her asshole. Exotic, sexy little girl. His sperm was everywhere back there. Everywhere.

As Vickie reached back lightly her fingers to explore this strange feeling her distended asshole slowly closed back down to its original size and appearance. Beautiful and very small. Now he sucked his cum from her ass licking it down from her butt and then pushing it into her cunt with his tongue. Sticking his finger deep into Vickie’s ass he put it straight in her mouth for her to eat his gooey seed from her asshole. She submitted to it all. She enjoyed it all moaning at the sight, the sent and taste of his finger. Her Daddy’s salty sperm mixed with the sweet smell and taste of her own asshole. Taking his time and careful to not miss any her Dad fed it to her. Vickie ate it all. Oh my God! He was getting hard again. He knew he had to let her rest. He did not want to injure his little girl, his tiny sex slut. A cum eater. His baby fuck animal. So sick, so nasty, so damn hot!

When she had finished eating he fell on the bed next to her. Vickie came out of the position slumping down to her belly then rolled onto her side. She snuggled against his warm, hairy body. He scooped his tiny girl up against him. With her head now on his stomach she looked at his penis through half open eyes. Taking his big balls in her left hand she fondled them as she fell into that sleep sexually satisfied women and little girls succumb to. Her Dad, himself spent drifted off running fingers through Vickie’s mane of jet black hair. As he dozed he realized he had yet to use the ‘Big Pink Thing’ on her today. But then the day ain’t over yet!

The beach. It’s winter. Cold, dry and windy outside. Hot, wet and delicious inside.

2 hours later: Vickie is awake feeling sore. And sticky. And happy. And horny…again.

Resting on her Dad’s belly, she still has a hand full of his balls and she’s head to head with that thick, golden cock she craves. It’s big and it’s beautiful. Like her, except she’s little and beautiful. He’s dripping a little bit of cum. She’s drooling quite a bit. Then sighing with the sexual exhilaration of it all Vickie falls asleep again.

4:00 P.M. and the sun was getting low in the sky. At this shallow angle it casts its golden glow on the ocean… the breakers and the white caps. The blue gets bluer and the white gets whiter at this time of day. Photographers call it ‘Golden Hour’. Along with a dawn counterpart, this is the most beautiful light of the day.

Vickie awoke to the sound of a fast, low buzzing coming from somewhere close. Oh wow! It is right between her legs. The ‘Big Pink Thing’. The other surprise her Dad got out of his bag earlier in the day when he showed her the Anal Sex DVD called “Rocco Invades Poland”. Then Daddy invaded Vickie and she passed out!

Her Father is holding it right up against that grown woman sized clit of hers. She has never seen one before but her friends have told her about them. Vibrators. A girl’s best friend. These vibrations are creating sensations in her little cunt she has never before experienced. It’s like electric or something. It’s like too much. No its not. It’s like unrelenting. Its like, it’s like….oh, keep it there… right there! Oh my God! Oh my God!

Even with her big girl clit she has never had an orgasm. She just never knew exactly where she was trying to go. Once a girl understands the feeling, the sensation coming on she can learn to get there again. But you have to learn how to have an orgasm first. If necessary by brute force. Vickie didn’t know it yet but the Big Pink Thing was working on that for her right now. Brute force. Non-stop vibration. No letting up, no getting tired. Forcing her to cum…no matter how long it took. Now this thing was about 10” long, hard ribbed plastic, soft pink colored with a gently tapered and pointed tip on it. It looked to her like it was made to slip right in to a woman’s pussy! Amazing! It was maybe 2 ½ inches in diameter and had a twist end on it for a switch. One speed. High!

Her Dad had been using the vibrator on her for about 5 minutes now and Vickie was beginning to wiggle her little butt. He put both of her hands on it and Vickie is now holding the Pink Thing straight up and down against her clit. The magic 10” Pink Thing sticking up from between her well shaped legs and pussy lips.

Something was happening. She pulled it even harder against her cunt arching her head back more. Vickie’s beautiful tiny butt was beginning to spasm up and down off the bed. Her little girl feet and toes pointed hard, her thighs arched as hard and tight as they could possibly get. She was holding her breath. Then grunting, then sucking in air and then holding her breath again. Vickie was trying to make something to happen. She did not know what exactly because she never felt like this before. But she knew she like it a lot.

Her Daddy lay beside her with his hard cock inches from her mouth. He was jacking off, stroking his cock hard as he watched her pleasure herself with the vibrator for the first time. He rubbed his dick on her mouth, her nose, her cheeks…over her eyes. She acknowledged the cock with hungry moans trying to lick it, grab it with her mouth. His pre-cum was running now and he smeared it on her little lips and her nose. His sticky fluid. She licked it off her lips without hesitation. He gave her more. My God she was a sensational looking sex slut. Pushing her little girl body to have an orgasm. A 10 year old in heat.

She was getting very close.

Licking it first, he slipped one finger up her asshole. Her anus began to clinch repeatedly around him. Always the sign a woman was about to cum. Throwing her head back even farther, opening her mouth wide, her butt way off the bed, her eyes rolled back in her head Vickie was at first silent, then screamed “Ohhhhhhhhhh….” And “Ahhhhhhhhh” shaking totally. She jerked in sexual spasms, out of control, body trembling, jumping, that little bald pussy slot of hers bouncing up and down, baby butt cheeks flexing tight again and again and again. The Big Pink Thing had brought Vickie to her very first orgasm! A killer, huge, convulsive cum from a tiny girl. Fantastic submission.

God she was fun to watch and listen to…her little girl voice in the throws of a heavy sex. And her smell. She had the same hot smell of sex, female sex that permeates a room. As she came Dad could hold back n o longer. He jerked his cock faster right over her face. Vickie went into convulsion and she turned her head, opened her mouth and took him in and down farther than ever before. He pumped what seemed to her and to him like quarts of sperm down her throat. She was choking, coughing, sputtering, screaming, moaning, snorting, and cumming. With a mouth full of cock. He pushed it all the way to the back of her mouth gagging her big time. She farted! Like her mother used to when he forced his cock down her throat. Vickie could not swallow a cock yet but she was working hard, in sexual overload, sweating, shivering, drooling and farting. Fucking, humping and sucking. Incredible performance for a little girl.

One last surprise. As her father watched his beautiful little girl in heavy, sex spasms she squirted! She peed all over her self, all over the bed, The Big Pink Thing and all over her Dad’s hand. The one with the finger up her tight butt hole. Vickie seemed oblivious.

He tried to quiet her some. Stroking her hair. Vickie shivered up to him making guttural noises. She took his balls in one hand again his cock in the other and began nursing it like a pacifier. She was destroyed. Almost unconscious again. Happy, wet, and wonderful…a complete mess. Just the way a girl is supposed to be after sex.

Sex with a very young girl just doesn’t get any better than this. Sex with any girl just doesn’t get any better than this.

One more night and another full day at the beach before going home was yet to come.


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2014-10-03 23:59:15
Village - We are only 400 miles apart but some days it may as well be clear across the cuntory.@ Mrs. B. - I have one younger sister and Susie has no living biological family, but did have one older brother. Our kids are cousins as well :) I, too, sometimes feel guilty that my bio sister and I aren't as close. But we live 2 totally different lifestyles.@ Jodi - I DO love the way the Lord brings together those that are meant to be together...soul mates, soul sisters. Gotta love Him. Thanks for the comment about the picture.

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2014-10-03 14:21:53
What beautiful cdlrhien you've been blessed with. Love this idea. My husband and I did something similar to this when we had our first son. He had just started working at a camp and there was a millstone there. We took a picture with our baby on that stone and we tried to do it every year after that. My husband left the camp in 2007 so we don't do it anymore :( Thanks for the kind words concerning my schedule. I love any insight and advice you offer me (such a wise lady you are, hee hee). As for my fancy dancy arrow. It's easy. MS Office allows you to insert many different shapes. That's one of them and you just drag it out to the size you need, right click and add test. Easy as pie :)

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2014-10-03 13:42:07
God bless Jamie on her Confirmation Day! OH MY what a BEAUTIFUL family you have Vickie! That photo in your heedar is simply WONDERFUL!So glad that you visited my blog today and doubly glad that I've now visited yours!HAPPY PENTECOST!

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2014-10-03 13:10:32
Mary, i am very pleased that you find my blog isiripnng. In truth, i was attracted to your pages because i like people who are passionate about what they do that's what inspires me. And so the good news is that we have established mutual admiration. The bad news, and there's always something lurking in the penumbra, is that i'm afraid i'm not very good at receiving awards.The basic problem is that it would be hard for me to find fifteen blogs such as yours. Many blogs i've seen are well-established and have received every award imaginable. Others simply don't accept awards. It's all very complicated.i hope that you accept my convoluted reasoning. Instead of offering you an olive branch for my intransigence on the matter of awards, i offer you a rose. And yes, this is a sly reminder that you have (practically) promised to paint a rose bouquet for me. Your landscapes are wonderful and i know that your roses will be too.

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ilove your story

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