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My Sister in Law seemed to get a kick out of giving me a hardon and then backing off.
Sister-in-law teased me
by the Cougar

My older brother (by about 3 years) had married Laura, his high school sweetheart while I was in the Army stationed in France. When I was scheduled to return to the States for my discharge my brother had enlisted and we had passed somewhere between the U. S. and Europe.
When I got to my folk's house my new sister-in-law was living there too. I had known Laura from high school and, even tho she was a couple years older than me, she and I had a very good relationship. While she was staying with my folks, and I needed someone for a movie or a dance, I had a "built-in date" to go with me. We began going out on more and more "dates" and some of the old friends of the family even thought that Laura and I had gotten married, not my brother and her. We would go to dances, liking it when the slower music was played. We would hold each other very close, rubbing our bodies against each other, her crotch and mine would often rub us to a very hot state of arousal as we danced. On our way home Laura would sit tight to me, (this was before manditory seat belts) often rubbing the inside of my right leg as I tried to keep my mind on the road and traffic. When I would begin getting a hardon she would feel it thru my pants and would begin softly rubbing it until I was almost ready to cream my jeans. She got a big charge out of knowing I was almost ready to drop a load in my pants, then she would stop her massaging and move away, a sly grin on her face. I told her that HER DAY was coming, when she least expected it.
One evening I had an old friend call and ask if I would like to have dinner with him and his wife, which I accepted. I hadn't told anyone or left a note as to where I was going or what time I would be home. As it turned out I arrived back at the house around 8 PM, to find that the folks had gone to visit a sick friend, and that Laura was the only one home at the time. She was in the bathroom when I came in the back door.
Our house was one of the older homes that was built when there wasn't any indoor plumbing, so when they did install the bathroom they put everything in a room off the kitchen. The upper floor didn't have any bathroom and if you had to piss in the middle of the night you had to come down stairs to relieve yourself. Trying to be quiet while going up or down the stairs or walking along the upstairs hallway without waking someone was not always possible due to the floor squeaking and creaking when you stepped on certain spots. Growing up in that house I learned what spots creaked and squeaked and which areas were quiet, if you stepped just right. When I was younger I had been able to sneak in when I was late getting home or if I had had a little bit too much to drink and didn't want my folks to know it.
This particular night it popped into my head that perhaps I could get my sister-in-law to give me some real loving, not just teasing. I knew she hadn't heard me come in the back door, walk thru the kitchen, then up the stairs to my room at the end of the hall. I would usually leave my bedroom door open about a third of the way so I could see who was coming up or going down the stairs. I went to my bedroom, undressed down to my skivies, closed my bedroom door to it's usual spot, then sneaked down the hall into the room at the head of the stairs where Laura slept.
I didn't turn on any lights, knowing the layout of the room by heart. The room wasn't very large, with a single bed and a chest of drawers and a dresser, the walk area around the bed was enough to squeeze thru. I went around to the side of the bed away from the door, laid down on the floor, then slid under the edge of the bed as far as I could, hoping she wouldn't come around to that side when she came up from her bath. As I lay there I could almost tell when she was on her way upstairs. As she began coming up the stairs I quickly removed my shorts, laying there naked, with my dick beginning to get hard. I was right, she didn't come to the side of the bed I was laying next to. I heard her as she put on her night clothes, which I knew consisted of a long t-shirt and a pair of panties. She then turned out the light and climbed into bed. I lay there, almost holding my breath.
As soon as she seemed to relax I very quietly, and slowly, moved up until I was standing beside the bed. In what little bit of light that the night-light on the other side of the room gave off, I saw Laura was lying on her side facing away from me. I carefully reached for the edge of the sheet at the side of the bed and slowly began moving it away so I could slide in next to her. As I began to slide into bed she became startled, but by the time she realized what was happening I was laying along side of her warm, sexy body. I slid myself into her back, tightly pressing myself against her, into the spooning position, then placing my arm over her, chest high. When she realized it was me and what I was doing she snuggled back into me, giving a little sigh, and a "m-m-m-m" as she did.
I let my right hand begin caressing Laura's right breast, softly playing with her stiffening nipple under the t-shirt. Her hand came up, covered mine, making me squeeze it a little more. I heard her give another sigh and knew she was beginning to enjoy it as much as I was. As we lay there, emitting the warmth and sexuality between us she moved her arm back to drape it across my hip. It was then that she realized her arm was laying on bare skin. Laura didn't turn her head, just quietly said to me, "you don't have any clothes on". I replied, "so, why do you?" Her hand moved from my bare hip to my hard cock which was completely up against the back of her thigh. She gently wrapped her hand around it and gave it a small squeeze, then moved it so it was between her legs. After she moved it into position she clamped her legs tighter so I couldn't move it, not that I wanted to move it. She then moved her ass so it was pushing against my groin to the point I had no idea of even trying to get away from her.
We lay there for what seemed like a long time, actually it could have been a few minutes, but we were both so stricken with the warmth and sexual feeling neither of us really wanted to move. Laura tried to turn her head around to give me a kiss but her t-shirt had been pushed so high around her neck she couldn't hardly move her head. She whispered to me, "I better turn over if I am going to kiss you." I rolled away from her just enough so she could turn onto her back. As she turned I removed the sheet that was covering us, then moved myself to the bottom of the bed so I was kneeling between her outstretched legs. As soon as she had finished moving onto her back I reached up to once again begin caressing her lovely breasts, this time using both hands to do so. Laura raised herself up a little and began trying to slip her t-shirt up over her head, which I helped her do. She then sighed and lay back letting my hands again begin massaging her wonderful tits. Our kisses began getting hotter and more passionate with each of us sucking on the other's tongue, trying to poke each other's tonsils out.
I moved until I was almost completely stretched out on top of her, using my arms and elbows to support most of my weight, then taking one of her nipples in my lips, softly running my tongue around it. Laura brought one of her hands up, placed it on the back of my neck, holding my head in place, as if I might remove my mouth from that nipple. She need not worry about that, I was not going to move anywhere except to the other nipple. As I moved from one nipple to the other she moved the lower part of her body so it captured my hard cock between her legs again. Her hips slowly began moving in a rhythmic motion, sliding my cock along the crotch of her nylon clad pussy, I could feel her wetness as she did.
I slowly began moving my attentions from her nipples down, around her midsection, placing soft, yet nipping kisses as I went. As I reached her belly button I ran my tongue around, over, and into the little crater, making her breath catch and accelerate. The skin on her lower belly was so soft and smelled so good I wanted to taste as much of it as I could before moving on to other areas. As I got to the top elastic band of her panties my hands and my tongue moved in conjunction with each other. As my tongue licked closer to the elastic band my hands began rolling the band down more and more to expose more of what I eventually was going for, her sweet, warm, wet pussy. Soon the elastic became binding against her skin because the front was moving down but the back side wasn't, making it tighter on her as it went. Laura soon raised her hips off the bed a little, making it possible for me to roll the back of her panties down to meet the same amount as the front was. Her hands slipped to her sides as she helped me finish removing the nylon barrier that was covering her sweet spot.
When we finished removing her panties, I took them and dropped them at the side of the bed, along side my underwear. I sat there for a few seconds, in the kneeling position, just looking at and admiring what looked like the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen in my life.
During my being stationed for two years in France I had learned a whole lot about how to fuck a woman and how to eat pussy from the Professionals, the French women. Especially this one gal who worked in the same office I did. She and I had many a night, and often days, of sexual escapades. She had taught me the "finer points" of how to finger a pussy to make it juicier, to find the right way to find a woman's "G" spot, and what to do after I found it. She taught me how to eat pussy so a woman would cum within a short period of time, or even how to prolong her from cumming to make it even more enjoyable. She taught me how to fuck a woman's ass so it didn't hurt her as much when my cock was entering, yet making it enjoyable for both of us. She showed me how a good cocksucker could drive me wild while keeping me from shooting my hot cum too soon. I owed this woman a lot from her teachings and hoped to be able to use her instructions to the best of my ability. All of this went thru my head in a very short period of time as I sat there anxiously wanting to put the information to good use, and make my French Teacher proud of me.
I moved forward, inhaling the fragrance of Laura's body, my face touching her soft, downy pubic hair as I prepared to eat this wonderful pussy before me. I utilized my tongue, nose, and chin as I gently, and firmly went about trying to please this woman who was married to my brother. I seemed to be doing a pretty good job of it from the sounds that came from her as I went, following my Tutor's instructions, to the best of my ability. Laura must have cum at least three or more times before I slowly pushed two fingers into her drenched pussy, massaging her G spot. As I slid my fingers in and out of her while sucking on her clit her body went totally stiff, then she began shaking as tho the temperature in the room had suddenly dipped below zero. It caught me by surprise at first, then I realized it was one of the hardest, longest, most passionate orgasms I had ever seen in a woman. Her breathing even stopped for a few seconds. As she was coming down from her high, I raised up for a fresh breath of air, her sweet tasting cunt juice covering my whole face, running down my chin. I just knew that my French Teacher would have been proud of me.
I firmly took hold of her hips, rolled her over onto her stomach, then raised her hips up so I could easily insert my rock hard cock into the same place my tongue, chin, nose and fingers had just come from. Laura lay with her face almost buried in a pillow, not making any motions of stopping me from entering her pussy. I held my cock so it was barely touching her swelled pussy lips, then moved it so the head was beginning to penetrate her. Before I was completely in her hot twat, she moved back into me which drove my rod up to the hilt, causing my balls to slap the top side of her pussy. I started to slowly push in, then out to where the head would just be on the outer edge of her cunt lips, then a long, slow stride back into where I could feel it would bottom out. As I was trying to keep the pace at a smooth speed, Laura didn't seem happy with it, she began moving so it ended up where I was pounding her faster and faster. I could feel my cum begin to rise up, heading for the head of my dick, then shooting out into this hot, wonderful pussy it was in, blasting so hard I half way expected it to come out her nose.
Just as I let out the first blast of hot cum in her, and her moans had turned into loud screams of passion, the headlights of my folk's car lit up the room, they were home and here I was with my dick bottomed out in my brother's wife's steaming pussy, unloading one of the biggest loads of cum I ever had. With Laura having her head mostly buried in the pillow she didn't see or hear the folks arriving home. I continued to slide my cock in and out of this wet, scorching hot pussy knowing Laura was just on the verge of having another of her body shaking cum sessions. It wasn't but about five minutes when I heard the footsteps of my mother coming up the stairs. I stopped dead with my cock completely submerged in Laura's cunt, while she had her face crammed as far as she could into the pillow to muffle her moans, groans, and silent screams as she let go of her cum. I even plopped another pillow over her head which stopped her in place, then she heard the same footsteps I did. Neither of us wanted Mom to hear us, open the bedroom door, and catch us fucking and ruining our party. It wasn't long before we heard Dad's footsteps on the stairs, he turned off the hall light and entered their bedroom which was right across the hall from Laura's bedroom. Neither of us moved so much as a little muscle until the folks had gone into their bedroom, closing the door, getting ready to go to bed. It was only then that Laura slowly brought her face out of the pillow, taking in some deep breaths of air as she did.
I let my softening cock slip out of Laura's drenched pussy, then moved to her side, still on my knees. She lay there, her breathing quite fast, regaining her senses, then turning her head so my soft, cum covered cock was not far from her face. She moved her head so her mouth touched the head of my tender cock, I felt her tongue begin licking the cum off of it. She continued to clean our cum mixture off then gave it a playful little suck, then a kiss on the head. I leaned over, stuck my tongue into her cum covered cunt, licking, gently sucking, tasting both of our loads as I sucked as much of our fluids out of her as I could. As I finished my cleaning of this lovely tasting pussy, Laura pulled me up so she could plant a soft, but tasty kiss on my lips. She whispered "thank you" in my ear.
I quietly slipped off her bed, reached down, retrieved my undershorts, slipped them on, then as quietly as I could stepped out of Laura's bedroom into the hallway. I used as much of my memory as I could muster to be ever so careful not to step on one of the squeaky boards of the floor as I went down the stairs to the bathroom to clean off my cock and take a good piss. On my way back up the stairs I wasn't as careful of not stepping on the squeaky boards, thinking that if my folks heard me they would think that I was just coming back from going to the bathroom, which wasn't all that untrue. I made it back to my own bedroom and slept more restful than I had in years.
The next day, after the folks had left for work, and Laura was getting ready to go to work herself, we had a chance to say a few words to each other, mainly about the events of the night before. Laura asked me why I hadn't said something to her when I heard the folks drive in last night, we could have been caught and gotten into a lot of trouble. I told her "I finally got my sweet revenge for all the times you gave me a hardon, then would just leave me with a good case of blue balls." I gave her a smirk, then said, "You were cumming, I was cumming, and they were coming; They weren't going to stop what they were doing, I couldn't stop what I was doing, and you couldn't stop what you were doing; They weren't real quiet, and I knew you had to be quiet or we would have gotten both of our asses in a big crack." Laura told me she totally enjoyed our love making and hoped it wouldn't do any harm to our relationship. I assured her it only made the relationship stronger. She then told me that my brother had never eaten her pussy in all the times they had made love before or after they were married. She said he only liked to be in the standard Missionary position but that when I entered her from the rear it gave her so much more feeling and made it so much easier for her to cum, she hoped he would let her teach him new positions after he came home. I gave her a short rundown as to how I learned the right way to eat pussy, and how my French Teacher spent a lot of time showing me how a woman can suck a man's cock so she can enjoy it as much as he can. Laura said she had never tried to suck a man's cock before and would I be HER teacher and show her some of the things I learned in the two years I was in France. I must have been a good teacher, and she was a very fast learner, because some years after Laura and I had our four month sexcapade ( I left, moving to a western state, they moved to a southern state) she told me my brother had improved a great deal, but still was not up to what my standards were.
She said he still wouldn't eat her pussy, nor did he want to enter her from the rear. He did, however, like the way she gave him blowjobs, naturally. We were able to sneak off a time or two to fuck and suck ( she seemed to crave us getting into sixty-nine ) our way into ecstacy whenever I would visit them or they would come to our house. I shall never forget this wonderful woman called my Sister-In-Law and the night I got my "Sweet Revenge."


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