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Frank tests a new delivery method for the bimbo serum--a pussy suppository!
Chapter Seven: Bimbo Pussy Suppository
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Delilah Murphy, Senator of the Great State of Indiana

I shivered when I walked out of the nasty, disgusting trailer with Natasha. The implications of what I had just done struck me. I had bought a human being. I paid $10,000 up front with the promise of another $10,000 for the busty, brunette bimbo beside me, a huge, ecstatic grin on her face.

“I'm a lesbian now!” she shouted out to the trailer park. It was a rundown, white-trash neighborhood, two streets of overgrown lawn, rusting cars, and filthy gutters. It matched Natasha's pig of a husband who had agreed to sell her to me. The bastard had her tied to a bed, a vibrator shoved into her pussy, because he couldn't control her new, sexual appetites.


But I knew Natasha would be happy with me. I would take care of her, treat her right, love her. My pussy clenched as I stared at her big tits bouncing beneath the tight shirt she wore. It was one of her old ones from before her change. Her breasts had grown so big that, despite how skinny she was now compared to before she became a bimbo, the fabric stretched tight to those bouncing melons.

God, I would love her so much.

The bimbo serum was amazing. I couldn't wait to have an entire harem of busty women like Natasha to love. I would stash them in my own secret love nest. No one could ever know. I was taking such a risk. I was the Senator for Indiana, and while my supporters were liberal, they weren't liberal enough to vote for a lesbian. So I had the husband, the two children, the house, and the white-picket fence to fool them all for power.

And I wanted more power. This bimbo serum was power. But it had to be controlled by the right party. And right now, it wasn't. Frank Jackman, the new CEO of BT Chemicals, had invented this serum with his wife, who was now a dumb bimbo. A man like that, who would turn his own wife into one of these airheads as well as a random woman who worked at a supermarket, could not be trusted.

He would abuse it. Make women slaves to pigs like Natasha's husband.

Magnolia Savage, CEO of Femme Allure, a makeup company, had brought to my attention the bimbo serum's existence. She wanted it for her own company to produce. She was a lesbian feminist, like me, and would make sure the product wasn't abused.


Rumor had it, Director Steffen, heading the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, was in Indiana last night attending a party Frank had thrown. I was certain that on Monday, the “Venus Serum,” as Frank called the product to hide what it really was, would be fast-tracked for FDA approval. In six months, it could be on the market. And women, eager to be beautiful, would buy it no matter the cost or the side-effect.

And that couldn't happened. It couldn't be sold so recklessly.

Natasha was part of how I would stop Frank. I would paint her as a victim. A normal woman, turned into a bimbo against her will, kicked out of her house by a husband that didn't like her new-found ditziness and extreme sex drive. I would coach her, make her say the right things, and then have reporters friendly to feminism write hit pieces against Frank and BT Chemicals.

Just thinking about it made me so wet.

“I'm a lesbian,” Natasha said again, clinging to my arm. “This is my lesbian wife! She owns me!”

“Shush,” I told her, my insides going cold. I looked around the neighborhood. A few people were watching us. It wasn't often that an expensive, black town car came into such a shithole. No, it never happened. “You can't tell people that. It's our secret. We're secret lesbians. Now isn't that a fun game?”

“Oh, wow,” she said, her nipples poking at the front of her t-shirt. Her hips, clad in baggy sweatpants that kept slipping off her waist, wiggled.

They fell down, exposing her shaved pussy before I hauled them back up.

“That does sound fun,” then, in an exaggerated whisper, she added, “My lesbian wife.”

“You like calling me that, huh?” I asked.

“Yeppers”, she nodded.

I hurried her to the town car where my driver and assistant, George, waited. He was a man I could trust. And not just because he was gay. I paid him well, treated him right, and ensured he would have no reason to betray my secrets.

“You are being reckless, Delilah,” he said as I pushed Natasha into the car.

“I am,” I shivered. “But you see what the bimbo serum is capable of.”

“And you're risking your political career. If someone is filming us right now on a cell phone...”

I shivered and then ducked into the car. “It had to be taken. Frank can't be allowed to bring this serum to market.”

He nodded and closed the door.

“I'm your lesbian wife!” Natasha beamed. She ripped off her shirt, those huge tits bouncing as she squirmed on the wide, leather seat. It was roomy in the back. My pussy clenched as I stared at her breasts.

God, I had such a weakness for big, soft breasts. And brunettes... Natasha was perfect.

“Yes, you're my lesbian wife,” I told her. “You have to do what I say all the time. And if you do, I will give you such pleasure.”

“Yay,” she nodded, clapping her hands together. “A wife should always be obedient to her husband. Or wife!” She giggled. “Oh, it's so strange being a lesbian.”

“You'll adjust,” I told her. “First lesson, lesbians love eating their wives asses out.”

“Really?” Natasha blinked.

I turned and knelt on my hands and knees on the car seat, my face pressed against the tinted windows. I ignored the passing poverty as I wiggled my hips. “I'm a senator. You know what that is?”

“Someone who makes laws at the law factory,” she giggled.

I groaned at how stupid that sounded. “Yes, basically. And since I make laws, I'm telling you it is a law that you like licking my ass and will do it whenever I want.”

“Wow. And I have to be a good person and obey all the laws. So I must like licking your ass.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my pussy clenching. My satin panties were soaked. “So get to it! Start licking my ass. I need it.”

“Is your pussy all itchy and scratchy and achy to be touched and licked and fucked?”

“God, yes!”

“Mine, too!” She moved behind me. “All the time. It just needs to be played with. Ooh, I love cumming. It's so yummy and goody and warm! Like the best buttermilk biscuit ever.”

Her hands grabbed my skirt, pushing it up over my ass, exposing my panties. I groaned as her finger stroked the gusset, pressing the smooth cloth into my wet pussy. I shivered, pleasure racing through me.

“Oh, no, you stained your panties! I can't wear panties any longer. I stain them with my naughty juices.”

“Better pull them off before they're ruined,” I panted. “Then lick my ass.”

“Right, the law!”

She ripped my panties down my thighs, spread my butt-cheeks, and buried her face between them. Her tongue licked with aggressive, hungry passion. I groaned. I loved having my ass licked. It was the best. Tingles shivered through me, my pussy clenching, as her tongue rimmed my asshole, swirling, teasing, caressing.

My breath exploded out of me as her tongue probed into my asshole, teasing me. My eyes rolled into my head. She swirled her tongue around the insides of my bowels. My pussy clenched. My fingers clawed at the leather seat, nails rasping. I didn't care if I broke one.

“Yes, yes, yes, that's how you lick your wife's ass,” I moaned. “Oh, yes. Rub my pussy while you do it!”

“Mmm, yes,” she moaned. “It's so sour, but I have to like it. It's the law. So I do!”

She jammed her tongue deep into my asshole with such enthusiasm. She swirled it around, teasing me. I squirmed then gasped. Her fingers pumped into my pussy. Two of them, reaming into my depths as she ate my ass.

Pleasure rippled through me, stirred by her plunging fingers and swirling tongue. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. I rocked on the seat. The sweet friction from her fingers reaming my pussy met the delight churned by her tongue probing my asshole.

Her fingers pumped faster and faster. She moaned, enjoying it. Whether Natasha really loved the flavor of my sour asshole or that she believed she loved it because of my “law” really didn't matter. It just mattered that she devoured it. My pussy clenched on her fingers, the pleasure building and building.

“Yes, yes, yes, I love that,” I moaned. “Oh, you're going to be the best lesbian wife ever.”

“Really,” she said, such hopeful joy in her eyes.

My heart raced faster and faster. “Really,” I answered. “The best.”

Her happy squeal followed by her lips latching onto my asshole and sucking sent a wave of heat through me. God, she was so sweet. I shivered, shuddered, aching for her wonderful touch. This bimbo was delightful. I felt so dizzy, so intoxicated. And not just from her fingers and tongue.

My asshole clenched on her probing tongue as I groaned. Was I falling in love with this delicious creature? She was so happy to please me, to love me. Taking such joy in our love-making. I shivered, wiggling my hips.

“Yes, yes, yes, I love you, my naughty lesbian wife! Love you!” I moaned, not sure if I meant those words.

But she loved hearing them.

“Delilah!” she gasped. “I love you, too. Pete never said he loved me. He just loved my body.”

“He was a pig. Now make me cum!”

“Yes,” she moaned, slipping a third finger into my pussy as she jammed her tongue into my asshole.

It was all too much. I groaned, shivering, my pussy clenching down on her thrusting fingers. I moaned out my bliss. My asshole spasmed on her tongue, my cunt writhing on her fingers. Her tongue and digits probed into my holes, swirling, caressing, the friction shooing through me.

Pleasure crashed inside of me. Great, wonderful waves surged through my body. The black-tinted window fogged before me as I moaned out my bliss. I humped back into her, my pussy and asshole greedy, drinking in all her sensations.

“You're just wonderful. Oh, yes, Natasha, you're making me cum! I love it! I love you!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped, frigging me. “Oh, I'm so happy. Isn't cumming the best? All gooey and warm and yummy!”

“Buttermilk biscuits,” I moaned.

“Yes!” she moaned. “I need to cum, too!”

“Have you ever used a strap-on?”

“You mean dyke-cocks?” she asked. “That's what Pete called them. He'd say: 'Them dumb dykes say they don't need men, but then why do they strap-on them dyke-cocks and fuck each other?'”

“God, he's a jackass,” I moaned. “Down on the floor is a black bag. Put on the narrow, black one. Lube it with the bottle, and then fuck my ass. You'll love it. The base pushes on your clit and makes you cum, too.”

“Yay,” she gasped. Then paused. “But husbands do the fucking. I'm your lesbian wife.”

“I'm not your husband,” I groaned. “I'm your wife. And when you have two women who are each other's wives, they take turns doing the fucking.”

“Wow. I'm learning so much about being a dyke.” She clapped her hands together. “This is sooooo much fun. And your ass must be special-wecial like mine.”

“Sure,” I groaned, my pussy clenching, my asshole throbbing. I loved anal sex. It was the best. “Hurry and strap-on. I'm sooooo horny.”

“Yes, Delilah.”

She rummaged around back there. It took her a few minutes to figure out how to put on the strap-on. “No, honey,” I had to explain, “the dildo needs to be thrusting from your pussy not your ass. Like a man's cock.”

“Right,” she had laughed and took it off.

Soon, she was harnessed in, the narrow, black dildo glistening with lube. She grabbed my butt-cheeks, parting them, exposing my tingling sphincter. I groaned as she brought the dildo to it, rubbing it on my puckered opening.

“Fuck me!” I moaned.

And she did.


Natasha didn't hesitate to thrust her hips with every ounce of strength she could. The dildo slid deep into my bowels. Hot friction burst through me. My head snapped up. I gasped in pure delight as my asshole clenched down on the lubed cock.

Then she pulled back and thrust in again, her large tits bouncing and slapping together. I threw a look over my shoulder, my eyes widening at the hot sight of those big, pillowy tits slapping and smacking together, jiggling, rippling. Her fat nipples waved. Her face contorted with pleasure.

“I'm fucking you,” she moaned. “I'm fucking you with my dyke-cock!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Oh, fuck my ass!”

“Your special-wecial ass,” she gasped, her eyes widening. “Oh, Delilah, it's pressing on my little clitty. It's making it all tingle and ache and it's such a yummy sauce!”

“Good,” I panted, rotating my hips, savoring the hot friction burning in the depths of my bowels. “Just pound me. Don't stop. Make us both cum!”

“Yay! Cumming!”

She gripped my hips, fingernails biting into my flesh. My asshole clenched down on her dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. My tits bounced in my bra and blouse. Her hard thrusts pressed my cheeks against the passenger window. I groaned, snorting.

“Soooo good. Keep fucking me. Oh, you naughty girl. Oh, yes. Fuck me! Pound me! Make me explode on your dyke cock.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Oh, my clitty feels amazing. And my pussy all yummy! We're going to cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The friction burned so hot. Pussy juices dripped down my thighs. Both my holes kept clenching, my asshole loving her enthusiastic thrusts. My eyes rolled back into my head. The pressure built and built, another wonderful orgasm about to scream through my body.

She was so enthusiastic. She so wanted to make us both cum. It was infective. I pushed back into her, wanting her to have as much pleasure as me. My heart raced as we shared this moment. I licked my lips, slamming back into her thrusts, grunting, groaning.

My body tensed. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shivered, shuddered. My asshole clenched down so hard on the thrusting dildo. My flesh drank in the friction.

I came.

“Natasha!” I moaned.

“Are you cumming?” she asked, driving the dildo deep into my spasming bowels.

“I am! You made me cum! Love you!”

“Yay!” She kept thrusting. “Oh, I'm getting so close, too. I love the dyke-cock. So much fun to fuck you!”

“Good,” I groaned. “Keep fucking me. Cum with me!”

Pleasure boiled my mind. I shivered. Stars burst across my vision. Natasha gasped and moaned. Her voice grew throatier and throatier. Then she moaned out with me, joining me. I shivered, her hips burying the dildo into my asshole as she draped over me.

“Oh, Delilah,” she panted, hugging me. She nuzzled at my neck. “Oh, what a wonderful cum. Just the best.”


“Love you.” She nuzzled at my ear, licking. “I'm your secret lesbian wife. I love that.”

“Me, too,” I sighed.

These bimbos were incredible. I had to make sure they weren't abused. I needed to meet Frank Jackman, size him up, and figure out just how much of a threat he would be. He stood to make billions. He would not give up the bimbo serum without a fight.

“George,” I said, glancing at my driver. He had been ignoring us so far, having no interest in two women writhing.


“Send an invitation to Frank Jackman and his wife, invite him and as many guests as he wants to bring to the gala I'm holding.”

“I will,” he answered.

Natasha's kisses on my neck sent shivers down to my pussy. “Good. Thank you, George.”

“Have fun with your new toy.”

I smiled. “I will.” I glanced over my shoulder at the flushed, happy face of Natasha. “I bet you would love to have your pussy licked!”

“Yes!” she gasped. “Oh, you would do that? Pete say it's a nasty cunt that's just disgusting. It's only for cocks.”

“And he's an asshole,” I growled. “Your cunt is beautiful. And I'm going to prove it by eating it.”

I licked my lips as she ripped the dildo out of my ass. I loved devouring pussy almost as much as I loved being fucked in the ass. My heart raced. I was also eager just to give this radiant creature love and pleasure.

She deserved it after what Frank and Pete had done to her.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“So this will really turn us into skinny girls with big tits?” the blonde test subject asked, sitting in the back row. Her name was July, I believed. There were a dozen of them, volunteers from across the company and one from the FDA. It took me two days to prepare the suppositories, and Carter, head of R&D, had gathered the girls and had them all sign the NDA.

They were all single, no boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, or wives I had to worry about. They were all overweight or with unusual body shapes, none of them classically hot or even pretty. One woman had a large wart dominating her upper lip and a mustache that she must have fought hard to keep from being so obvious.

“You saw the video,” I said. “The results are dramatic. And you all have seen the changes to Veronica.”

The girls nodded. “She used to be a real cunt,” one in the back said. “And now she's so sweet.”

“But she's an idiot now,” a brunette said, her chin vanishing into the rolls of fat around her neck. “A complete airhead.”

“Price of being beautiful,” I told her. “The choice is really yours. Are you happy the way you are right now? With your life? What would you do to change your fortune. You'll be hot, beautiful. Men will want you. Attractive men. Sexy men who have money.”

I could see it in their eyes, the shallow desire for wealth and good looks that drove so many humans. They salivated for it. Even knowing that they would end up as airheads, they craved to look like my wife. They stared at the before and after shot of Alice projected onto a screen behind me. The serum had transformed her. I had loved her when she was overweight.

But it was nice having her so beautiful and wanton. Even I was shallow. At least there was the intelligence serum so I could still have the part of my wife I truly loved. Right now, she was working on extending the intelligence serum to give her more than an hour of her normal thoughts.

“So, sign the papers,” I said, each woman glancing down. They each sat at a desk. It was like a classroom, one of the many clinical trial labs located in the bowels of BT Chemicals. “And we shall start the test.”

“And it really has to go in our vaginas?” the Hispanic girl from the FDA asked. Director Steffen had sent her to become his bimbo assistant. “I mean, Director Steffen didn't mention that. He said I'd get an injection.”

“We have administered it as an injection in the past,” I told the women. “But that's not good for a consumer product.”

“But isn't a suppository supposed to go in the rectum?” Her forehead furrowed. Maria had a sallow-brown complexion, her body round like a ripe tomato. She had three separate chins, and they all wobbled as she stared at me. Even her dark-brown hair had a lank, dull sheen to it.

“Normally,” I nodded. “But seeing as the Venus Serum stimulates your feminine hormones, it works best when inserted vaginally. There are treatments that work this way.” I had no idea if there were. I was a chemist, not a doctor. “And it is perfectly safe. It is the same chemical as the injection. The suppository will dissolve in your pussy. We expect the changes to be slower through this method, but they will happen.”

She stared down at her form. “Director Steffen said I would get a promotion if I did this. He didn't mention anything about the...side-effects.”

“He was supposed to,” I growled. I had talked to him on the phone just two days ago on Monday. Like he promised, the FDA gave approval to fast track the Venus Serum for market. “You have to sign willingly. No one's making you do it.”

She bit her lip again. “And I really will be beautiful?”

I nodded my head.

She looked around at the other women all signing, their pens scratching as they initialed and scrawled their names, turning through the legal documents. There were florescent arrows stuck to the documents in each spot that required their attention.

She initialed twice, signed at the bottom, flipped the page.

“Excellent,” I said, Carter gathering up the papers. He was a docile man, dosed with a modified version of the bimbo serum that turned men into wimpy, obedient betas. Alice enjoyed that one, using it on all her boy toys. “Let's get started. Maria and July, you first.”

“Me,” Maria asked, glancing at the form picked up by Carter.

“You can still back out,” I told her, heading to the door. July already followed. Her tights, stretched over fat thighs, whisked as she bustled to me, an eager smile on her plump face. I opened it, and July squeezed past. I stared at Maria. “It's okay if you don't want to. You didn't sign a binding contract saying you had to take the treatment.”

She swallowed, took a deep breath, and nodded. She stood up, her chins wobbling, and hurried after us into the lab. In there were two simple hospital beds. I glanced at the computer monitors, making sure the cameras were up and running.

“Okay, ladies, strip naked,” I told them, pulling on a pair of rubber gloves. “Don't be shy. Your bodies are about to be transformed. Once you've changed, you won't care about a little nudity.”

“Naked, really?” Maria groaned, shivering.

“Do you want to be beautiful?” July asked, pulling off her hideous cat sweater. Her blonde hair bounced about her shoulders. “I do.” She wore a cream camisole beneath, fabric thin, her black bra bleeding through. Both came off. She did not have an attractive body. But everything would be different.

In moments, she was naked and sitting on the bed, shivering.

Maria sighed as I grabbed a tray and placed two plastic cups on it, each holding one of the suppositories. They were thick, twice the size of a lima bean, and an off-white color with specks of orange. A production code was stamped across the top of the suppository.

When I returned, Maria was also naked. “Okay, Ladies, bend over the beds so I can administer the treatment.”

“You are going to...put them in us?” Maria groaned. “Really? I can do it myself.”

“Are you going to bitch about everything?” July snapped, rolling off the bed and bending over it. “Shove it in, Dr. Jackman. I'm ready to be perfect!”

I pushed the pill into her hairy pussy. She was actually wet, excited for this. She groaned, wiggling her hips. I stepped back, watching her. She didn't show any immediate signs anything was happening. Just as I suspected. It would take longer to reach saturation in her bloodstream and change her body.

But that was fine. So long as it changed her.

“So, Maria, you want this or not? It's okay. This isn't for everyone. Get dressed, and I'll have Carter walk you out. And remember, you signed an NDA.”

She glanced at the door, bit her lip, then she stripped naked as fast as she could. It was like she didn't want to think about what she was doing. The same logic behind ripping off a bandaid as fast as possible to get it over with. I moved to her, picking up the pill as she bent over her bed. She, too, had a hairy twat, her pussy hidden.

I brought the pill to her pussy, pushing it in. She was tight, her pussy hole narrow. My finger barely fit. I forced the pill in. Curious why she was so tight, I spread her pussy lips opened and... She had a ring of flesh around her pussy's entrance. It was open in the center, thick enough for a tampon to penetrate. I blinked. She had a hymen. It had almost vanished, but there were still remnants of it.

A thick cock would rip it apart.

“You're a virgin?” I asked Maria.

“Yes,” she groaned. “I'm just so fat, I never really cared about sex. No boys would like me.”

“Trust me, they will once we're done. Director Steffen's going to love you.”

She squirmed her fat ass. It jiggled.

I peeled off my gloves and waited. Both girls remained bent over, biting their lips. July let out a little whimper, then a wanton moan that tingled my dick. Her hips wiggled more and more. I glanced at Maria.

Juices matted her bush. She had been dry when I inserted the suppository.

“How do you feel, Maria?” I asked, glancing at my watch. It had already been five minutes.

“I'm feeling hot,” she purred. Her hair did not look so dull. “I...” A shiver ran through her. “Yes, I'm feeling hot. Definitely hot.”

“No wonder you had us take off our clothes, Dr. Jackman,” July said, her voice breathy. “Oh, my body is just burning. I would have stripped naked to get cool. Ooh, yes. Nekkid!”

“That's the suppository working as intended,” I groaned, my dick throbbing.

“It's making my pussy so wet and itchy,” moaned Maria. “Oh, wow, I feel so different.”

Her body rippled. It was happening. I groaned, pulling out my cock. I wanted to feel her pussy change first hand. I pressed up against her virgin twat and thrust. The remnants of her hymen tore with ease. I buried into her.

“Mr. Jackman!” she gasped, her pussy clenching down hard on my dick. “What are you...? Oh... Oh... Oh, wow... That's nice!”

Her hips undulated. Her body rippled more and more. The fat melted off of her. Her skin tightened, waist shrinking. Her thighs grew slimmer, the folds around her stomach becoming taught skin. Her pussy grew tighter and tighter on my dick. The flesh inside rippled about my shaft. Her back arched while her shoulders narrowed.

She looked over her shoulder. The extra chins had vanished, the fat gone from her cheeks. Her lips grew plumper. The color of her skin went from a sallow brown to a rich, golden hue. Her ass grew curvy, like an heart, still plump and wide, but in a sexy, Latina fashion.

“Oh, wow, I feel so hot. And your cock feels so yummy in me, Dr. Jack.”

“Jackman,” I groaned.

“Look, July, I have the doctor's dick in me! I'm not a virgin any longer.”

“Oh, wow,” July gasped, standing up. The fat blonde had transformed into a bombshell of big tits and hot curves. Her legs long. The thick bush vanished from her pussy, leaving her vulva bare and tight and glistening with her arousal. “And look at me. I have big, hot boobies!”

“Yes,” I groaned, drawing back my cock. The virgin bimbo's tight pussy clenched down on it. “They are just scrumptious.”

Maria moaned, her body shuddering as I slammed into her once pure depths. My groin smacked into her ass. She jiggled and rippled. Her pussy clenched down even tighter on my dick as she let out a happy moan.

I drew back and her hips wiggled, stirring my cock through her hot depths. I thrust into the Latina beauty, smacking that ass again. It was so sexy watching her golden-brown cheeks ripple. My hands stroked her supple back.

“Oh, fuck me, Dr. Jack! Pound my pussy! Oh, this is the best. So much bester than masturbation. Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me! I have a doctor dick in me!”

“You do,” July moaned, racing over, holding her big tits. They overflowed her flesh, her nipples fat and pink. She would be perfect for Mark, one of my investors. He had asked for another bimbo to have as a wife. “And look at my boobies. Aren't these the bestest boobies you ever seen, Maria?”

The blonde bimbo thrust her tits over the bed, bending over and pushing them into Maria's face. “I'm not really a good judge on boobies.”

“But look at them.” July wiggled them in her hands, her nipples inches before Maria's face. “Aren't they the bestest, biggest, roundest boobies you ever seen?”

“They're great,” I grunted, slamming into Maria, pleasure racing down my dick.

“Yes, they're big boobies,” moaned Maria. “Oh, he's fucking me so hard. This is the best. Amazing. I love being fucked. Oh, why didn't I ever fuck anyone?”

“Now everyone will fuck you,” I grunted, my balls thwacking into her clit. She kept shuddering, her pussy clenching on my dick. The friction surged pleasure down to my balls.

“Mmm, such good boobies,” July said, pressing them into Maria's face. “Feel how soft they are. How hard my nipples are.”

Maria let out a purr and latched onto a nipple. The Latina bimbo sucked hard, her head shaking, spilling gorgeous, dark-brown hair about her shoulders. It had a natural curl that her lank hair had lacked before. She sucked loudly, her hands grasping July's pale tits.

I groaned at the sight. Bimbos were so amazing. My dick slammed over and over into Maria's wet cunt. Her silky flesh caressed my dick. Pleasure shot through me. I grabbed her hips, grunting, her asscheeks rippling.

My balls boiling.

“Yes, yes, suck her nipple, you bimbo slut. You're going to be Director Steffen's slut from now on. It's your new job. He's going to fuck you all the time.”

Maria moaned about July's nipple, sucking harder. Her pussy clenched on my dick. July giggled. “I think she likes it, Dr. Jackman. Oh, fuck her. Then fuck me! My pussy is so hot and wet and itchy and yummy.”

“Yes,” I grunted.

Pleasure raced down my dick. The crown ached in Maria's depths. She was a bimbo now. She would crave dicks. And mine was the first one to ever penetrate her depths. My balls tightened. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to flooding the slut.

“Suck on my nipple,” July moaned. “Oh, I feel it down in my pussy. Oh, Dr. Jackman, oh, I'm so wet. Fuck her faster. I need your cock in my pussy. It's so wet and horny and...and... I don't know. So many words. Too many. Fuck me!”

“I will,” I grunted. “Once I dump my cum into Maria.”

Her lips popped off July's breasts. “Yes, yes, yes, dump your cum in me. Fill me with all your hot, nasty cum. I need it, Dr. Frank. I need to be filled with it. So much naughty cum.” She giggled. “Cum. What a funny word.”

“Then why don't you do it?” I groaned, my cock sliding through her tight depths. “Cum.”

Her brown eyes lit up. “Oh, that's such a smarty idea! I...I... Yes!”

She came. Almost like me telling her to had triggered it. Her pussy writhed about my dick. The pleasure increased. I slammed my cock into her milking depths. I grunted as I drew back, her pussy sucking at my cock, begging for my cum.

My balls tightened. I slammed into her depths.

And creamed her.

“Fuck,” I grunted as my jizz fired out of my cock. “Take it. Take my cum!”

“I can feel it! Deep, deep inside me. Splashing in me. Oh, yes! He's cumming in me! He's making a baby in me!”

“Lucky,” gasped July. “I want a baby from Dr. Jackman. I want his cock in me spurting babies into my pussy.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, the pleasure boiling my mind. I shuddered as I fired off the last blast into her virgin, fertile depths. I groaned, my eyes squeezed shut as I held onto this pleasure as long as I could.

My back arched as I gripped her hips. Stars danced before me even though my eyes were closed. I drew back and shuddered as I slammed in again. I panted, the pleasure receding. I buzzed with bliss.

I just fucked a virgin bimbo.

“That was so amazing!” squealed Maria. “Oh, mother god! Oh, wow, that was wonderful. Did you see me? I fucked for the firstest time! And it was sooooo hot! Oh, he filled me with so much babies. I'm so preggers.”

“You're not pregnant,” I groaned. “It doesn't work like that. I just filled you with seed. It has to fertilize your egg.”

“I'm not preggers?” she asked as I pulled out of her.

“No,” I groaned. “You're not.”

“Oh,” she sighed. “But it would be so hot.”

July nodded her head. Then she raced around the table, her big tits bouncing. “My turn, Dr. Frank. Pump all your babies into me.”

“It's just cum,” I protested. “No babies.”

“Really?” she asked.

“You know what cum taste like, right?”

She nodded her head. “I used to hate it, but now I'm sure I'll love how salty it tastes.” She stretched out on the exam table, her big tits forming lush mounds. She spread her legs, her pussy hairless and dripping. “Now pump me full of babies. I'm so hot down there! So itching. You fucked Maria. S'not fair if you don't fuck me.”

I couldn't argue with that logic. Bimbos were right some of the time.

“I'll prove it's only cum,” I groaned. “Maria, sit on her face. Then you lick my cum out of her pussy, July.”

“I get to ride her face?” Maria squealed. “Yay!”

“Yippee!” July added, licking her lips.

Maria bounded onto the bed with surprising dexterity, her large tits heaving. The Latina bimbo straddled July's face, lowering her pussy to the blonde's waiting lips. Maria gasped as July took her first lick, her pink tongue sliding through Maria's shaved folds.

“See, that's cum in there,” I said, climbing onto the exam table. It creaked and groaned. It wasn't meant to hold three people having sex on it. “Can you taste it?”

“Well it is white and salty,” July said. “Are you sure it's cum? I really like it. And her pussy... Oh, it's so sweet.”

“I'm positive. Remember, I'm a doctor.”

“Yes, yes, Dr. Jack,” clapped Maria, squirming her pussy, grinding on July's face. “Fuck her and make her preggers. And you, July, lick my pussy and eat all his cum out of me. Help get me preggers, too!”

I shook my head as I brought my cock to July's pussy. It was too much effort to explain to Maria. And I would much rather expend that energy on fucking July's pussy. I rubbed my cock on her wet folds. The blonde moaned, humping her hips, eager to be penetrated as she tongued Maria's pussy.

Licking my cum out of the Hispanic bimbo's cunt.

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. A year ago, I never would have believed this was possible. And now it was a reality.

I thrust my hips. My cock slammed into the bimbo's hot pussy. She squealed into Maria's cunt, licking faster, harder. I groaned,watching her pink tongue flick through the folds as the Hispanic bimbo squirmed, cupping her big breasts.

July's pussy tightened on my dick as I slammed in deep. I grunted with each thrust. My back arched. It was so hot being buried into her pussy. The pleasure rippled down my cock as I pumped away. I groaned and grunted, driving my dick so deep into her snatch. My back arched. My head snapped back.

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned the bimbo. “Oh, you're fucking your baby stick so deep into me. Make me preggers, Dr. Jackman.”

“Dr. Jack,” gasped Maria. “Get his name right, you naughty slut.”

I groaned, my dick throbbing, not caring what they called me. My balls smacked into July's taint. I had a room full of volunteers to test. To fuck. This would be such a great day. New bimbos to break in and enjoy.

My balls boiled. July's pussy was so tight and silky. It sucked at my cock as I drew back, eager for my cum. She moaned between her licks, shuddering as I fucked her hard. My hands stroked her legs as I leaned over and buried my face into Maria's golden-brown boobs.

She hugged my head as I rubbed my cheeks between them. They were so soft and pillowy on my face. My dick throbbed in July's depths. I groaned, thrusting harder and harder, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her snatch.

“Yes, yes, suck on my boobies, Dr. Jack, and make July preggers, too!”

“Yes,” I groaned, squeezing both her big, soft tits as my lips kissed at the slopes. “Oh, fuck. Oh, yes!”

The bed rocked as I pounded the blonde bimbo. Her moans grew louder and louder as she devoured Maria. The Hispanic bimbo loved it. She squirmed and ground on July's mouth. Her moans burst through the room. They echoed.

Then July squealed and came. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. She bucked hard. I lifted my face from Maria's tits, my back arching. Hot, tight, enhanced cunt writhed and massaged my cock. My balls boiled. My hips thrust forward.

“Fuck!” I groaned and exploded into her tight pussy. The rapture shivered out of me. My eyes fluttered. “Jesus, bimbos are so much fun to fuck.”

“Make me preggers!” gasped July.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Maria gasped, clapping her hands together as she squirmed, cumming, too.

“I'm not making you pregnant,” I groaned. Were they on the pill? “Probably not.”

“Preggers!” giggled Maria.

“Let Director Steffen make you preggers,” I groaned, my pleasure peaking. My dick erupted the final time. “Fuck, he's your new boss. Let him breed you.”

“Yay!” giggled Maria. “I work for him. Does that mean I fuck him?”

“Yep,” I panted, pulling my cock out of July's pussy. My seed ran out, dribbling down to her ass. Maybe I should breed one of my bimbo wives. Janet or Donna...

“Do I work for Director...guy?” July asked, her lips smeared with pussy cream and cum.

“No, you're married to Mark. He's a great guy. He's going to pick you up soon.”

“I'm married?” July blinked. “Wooooow. I had no idea.”

“Congratulations,” Maria said, then fell over the blonde bimbo and buried her face into messy pussy.

Congratulations, bimbo style.

I shivered. Carter stood in the room, quiet, submissive, not making a noise. He wasn't even hard. “Send the next two in,” I grinned. “Let them see the results.”

The two bimbos were frantically eating each other's pussy.

“Actually, sir, you and your wife, Alice, received an invitation to Senator Murphy's fundraiser in Washington D.C. It's in a few weeks. She is eager to talk to you. She thinks BT Chemicals will be vital for Indiana, and she wants to make sure we have everything we need.”

“Great,” I grinned. “Let's get through the rest of the test subjects, then I'll go tell Alice the good news.”


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

I pumped my hips, slamming the thick dildo into Annalee's asshole. My bimbo sex slave moaned and gasped as she knelt on the floor of my office. Her head tossed back and forth. Her asscheeks rippled with every impact.

“Fuck me, Ms Savage,” she moaned. “Oh, yes. Fuck my naughty ass! I deserve it! Oh, yes! I'm such a horrible cunt! Yes, I am. But I want to be a goody tushy!”

“Goody two shoe,” I grunted. “Dumb bimbo.”

The door to my office opened. My assistant, Melissa, walked in, her red hair spilling about her shoulders. She didn't bat an eye at the scene. She was used to my proclivities. I had used this strap-on on her more than once. She always loved it.

“Ms. Savage. A new text from our spy at BT Chemical. The pussy suppository test was a success.”

“Worse, it appears that Frank and Alice have been invited to Delilah's fundraiser in a few weeks.”

My hips stopped fucking. “What? Why would she invite them?”

“The invitation said that BT Chemicals is an important business in Indiana, and she wants to make sure it succeeds.”

“That fucking bitch! She's cutting me out!” I gave my secretary a look, an idea popping into my head. “I was invited to the gala?”

“Of course. It's on your schedule.”

I ripped my dildo out of Annalee's ass. “Slave, go into your corner and don't listen to anything we talk about.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said, crawling across the floor. She actually wouldn't listen. Somehow, despite the fact she should hear what we say, she wouldn't remember a word of it. That was how much she believed the corner dampened sound.

“We have plans to make,” I growled. Plans too delicate to let my bimbo slave overhear. Not that Annalee would betray me on purpose. But I couldn't take any chances.

Not with something this illegal.

To be continued...


2017-01-26 02:23:58
And the thick plottens... I mean, the plot thickens. Wheels within wheels, plans and schemes abound, and more fat, homely women become bimbos. Where can I get some of those suppositories and a syringe of the virility serum????

Loving this series, just as I loved the first series with Frank and Alice. Apparently, neither Frank Jackman nor the bimbos are sterile. So... how are you going to get around the baby issue? Keep writing and let us know. There should be atnleast three more chapters in your devious, perverted author's mind...

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2017-01-25 17:56:21
Great story. Keep the episodes comming. I read all your stuff and was wondering if you are a professional writer? If not you should think about it.

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