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The next day was a Friday and my older sister, Rebecca, was spending the night with a couple of her friends, so Mom and I had the house to ourselves. After dinner we had taken our showers and were sitting in the den watching television when out of the blue she asked me, "Would you mind taking your clothes off and sitting out here naked with me?"

"You mean just me naked?" I asked.

"Well, sure. I think so." She answered.

I said, "No, I don't guess it would bother me." And I went into my room to strip down. Returning to the den, my penis was semi-erect, standing out parallel to the floor as I passed by Mom. She reached out and patted me on the bare ass as I went by. As we sat watching television, me naked, Mom in a cotton house dress, I noticed her looking at me for a few moments every so often. I found that I was enjoying being naked in front of her. After about an hour of this, Mom began to unbutton her housedress. Underneath she was wearing her bra and panties. Raising her butt up off the couch, she slipped her panties down her legs and off before reaching behind her to unclasp her bra and pull her arms out of the house dress and bra straps at the same time. Her tits tumbled down as she sat back against the couch, her house dress behind and under her. Scooting down on the couch until her ass was on the edge of the couch she said, "Joey, come here." I got up and stepped to her and she pulled me toward her until I leaned over her and she could kiss me. Pulling me down, she gently pushed my face toward her right tit with one hand as she lifted it to my lips with the other. I eased down onto my knees on the floor between her legs as I began to suck on the nipple. "Suck as much as you can into your mouth." She said. I complied until I literally had a mouth full of areola and nipple. I squeezed it with my lips while lapping my tongue all around the nipple, pressing it into the roof and floor of my mouth.

Mom grasped my head, a hand on each side and began to push me down. She moved my face down her abdomen until I was staring into her bush. Taking the obvious hint, I tentatively reached out with my tongue and licked the lips of her pussy. Pulling my head toward her, Mom ground my mouth into her pussy as she rocked her hips up to meet it. She lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders, my head deep between her thighs. I began to probe into her pussy with my tongue, licking her slit from one end to the other, probing as deeply as I could. Remembering her clit I reached with my tongue to locate it and finding it, I circled it repeatedly, my tongue dancing around its base. Then I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck on it gently. As I continued to suck her clit I reached up with my right hand and dipped two fingers into her pussy just below my chin. Inserting them as deeply as I could, I worked them around the inside of her slopping wet pussy. She began to moan softly and rock herself using her thighs on my shoulders for leverage to grind her pussy into my mouth. Trembling and jerking on me and the couch she began to cum, groaning loudly in the empty house. I slowed down my mouth and finger action as she finished climaxing and then her thighs relaxed on my shoulders. "Oh damn, that was good." She gasped out as she laid there breathing rapidly. I crawled out from between her legs and climbed up onto the couch to lie on her and kiss her deeply.

She pushed me away from her until I was on my back lying lengthwise on the couch, feet still on the floor. Picking up my near leg she raised it over her and put it between her and the back of the couch before scooting toward me, leaning down and taking most of my penis in her mouth. With fingertips lightly fondling my testicles she began moving up and down my penis with a deliberate pumping action and I quickly raced toward orgasm. Climbing, I felt my hips beginning to thrust slightly in time with her movement to fuck her mouth with each plunge of her head. In short order I began to cum, I stiffened up, trembled and shook, and blew my load into my mother's mouth. I could hear her swallowing repeatedly as my penis throbbed in her mouth. When I was finished, she continued to suck it gently up near the head and I could feel her fingertips playing with the bottom of my shaft.

Mom stood up, picked up her house dress, slipped into it, buttoned a couple of buttons, picked up her bra and panties, and said, "Good night, Joey."

"Good night, Mom." I replied as she headed out of the den and up the steps. I laid there on the couch for a few minutes before getting up, hitting the bathroom, and going into my room to go to bed.

I had fallen asleep when I heard, "Joey, wake up." I awoke to see my sister and her two friends, Valerie and Denise, in my room, barely visible in the glow of the nightlight from the hall. They were all about a year older than I was.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked.

Becky said, "We saw you and Mom. We watched the whole thing through the window." My room, the den, bathroom, and laundry room were all in a finished daylight basement. The windows were only a bit higher than normal from the inside and were only about a foot above the ground from the outside. "How long have you been screwing her? I knew something was going on when I heard Mom come down here two nights in a row. I followed her down last night and heard you two. Denise and Valerie both wanted to come in and see you." As she finished speaking, Becky pulled the top sheet down off of me. Valerie stepped over and let her fingers trail down from my chest to abdomen.

"Becky said I could sit on your face if I wanted to." Valerie said and she began to pull her shorts down, stepped out of them, then pulled off her panties and dropped them on the floor. "You don't mind, do you Joey? Watching you eat your mom got me real hot." Before I could move or answer, Valerie slung her leg over me and sat down on my chest facing me saying, "Do a good job and I might let you see my tits, Joey." She scooted up on me until her pussy was right in my mouth. "Come on, Joey, lick it, lick it good." She said. With her pussy grinding in my face I began to lick, probing with my tongue, riding up and down the length of her slit. I continued to lick as Valerie began to rock on my face. Finding her clit I started sucking on it and Valerie responded by rocking faster and starting to groan softly. I continued until she began to shake and tremble on my face, groaning louder. As she went over the top she softly repeated, "Oh damn" over and over until she stopped, leaned forward and supported her upper body with her hands against the wall above my head. She scooted down my chest a bit until my face was free then patted me on the cheek with one hand as she said, "Good job, Joey." And then swung herself off of me and the bed. Valerie looked toward the other girls and said, "That was good. You may want some of that, too."

Denise looked at Becky and asked, "Do you want to? He's your brother."

Becky told her, "You go ahead if you want to." It didn't look like Denise was going to wait for a second invitation as she headed toward me. I started to sit up but Valerie pushed me back down as Denise was pulling off her shorts and panties. She swung a leg over me and again a pussy was being ground into my face. I did the best I could with her - my jaw and tongue were getting tired by now. I kept sucking on her clit until she came, grinding her pussy into my mouth.

When she climbed off of me she told Valerie, "You're right. It was pretty good." Then asked Becky, "You want your brother to take care of you, too?" Becky looked hesitant but then leaned over to slide her shorts and panties down and off and swung her leg over me to grind her pussy in my mouth. I licked and probed as Becky began to rock her hips on my face. Finding her clit, I began to suck on it eliciting a "Oh, yeah," from her. My tongue and jaw were getting so fatigued I felt like they were turning to jelly as I continued to lick and suck my sister's pussy until she came in my mouth.

She climbed off of me pretty quickly after she came and stood by the bed telling me "Not a word about this, Joey, you understand? I know what you and Mom are doing. And you can plan on taking care of us girls in the future, too." All three of them left my room, each with their shorts and panties in their hand as they left. I laid there for a while rubbing my jaw which was really aching. After I was sure they had left, I got out of my bed and slipped quietly upstairs to Mom's bedroom. Her door was open and I could hear her breathing as I walked in quietly.

"Mom?" I asked quietly.

"What is it, Joey?" She asked as she stirred awake.

"Can I sleep with you?" I asked. She flipped her top sheet back and I could see she was naked. I climbed in and scooted over to her as she flipped the sheet over me.

"What's wrong, Joey? Everything okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, everything is fine. I'm just lonely downstairs by myself." I told her. She just pulled me over against me. I scooted down a bit until her tits were right in my face and sucked on a nipple gently as I fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Saturday morning, Mom was already up and in the shower. I laid there for a while until my bladder was kicking me and I had to go pee, out of bed and into the hall bathroom where Mom was showering. The clear glass door let me see her and her see me as I stood over the toilet taking a leak.

"Do you feel okay this morning?" She asked over the noise of the shower.

"Sure." I replied.

"Joey," She said, "Let's play a game today. I want you to just stay naked today for the fun of it."

"All day?", I asked?

"Sure, why not?" She replied.

"Even when Becky comes back home?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" She replied.

"OK, Mom." I replied. I finished with my piss, washed my hands, and headed downstairs. Once in my room I realized that there wasn't much to do in there if I wasn't going to get dressed, so I headed into my bathroom ad brushed my teeth before going back upstairs to the kitchen. As I was pouring myself a bowl of cereal, Mom came down for upstairs and came into the kitchen wearing one of her house dresses.

"Oh, now that's nice. I like seeing you naked like that, Joey." She told me as she went to the coffee maker to get it started. I sat down and ate my cereal as she made coffee. The cool wood of the chair seat felt nice as my testicles and penis laid on it between my thighs.

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another great story, love the mom,sister and on all getting it on

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saggy tits are ugly and a turn off small firm tits that pass the pencil test are the best.

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Most men would love eating 1 nice wet pussy but to eat 4 is nothing short of a trip to paradise as was mom swallowing his big load. I saw someone hoped mom and daughter would eat each other, I second that idea. Bi-females are awesome,eating the pussy you were born from is extra erotic & exciting.


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Hi, I guess the experience of determining the arousal effects of a story of this sort, is defined (in part) by the principal behind the pro-logical and logical calibration of the writers effotrs to want to indulge the reader "which in this case is the potential passive reader" , and bring the reader to a point of suggested comfort; allowing the reader a sence ov family orientation or home enviroment..

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