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For eight years this community has hankered for another tale of political erotica. Now without further adieu...
It was the day of the inauguration. Trump's inauguration. A day many thought would never come. Except Trump himself, for his ego was inversely proportioned to the size of his penis. Trump's motorcade passed empty stands, filled with non-existent would-be supporters.

"Look, there's one!" Melania excitedly exclaimed, in a somewhat vain attempt to cheer up the Don - who had bragged that millions would attend the Greatest Inauguration of All time.

"It's just one," the Don responded, completely dissatisfied with a single, lone masturbator wearing a Make America Great Again hat. "I was expecting rivers of cum."

It was almost possible to feel sorry for him, if you forget that he's a massive cunt. Melania, sensing his despondency, pulled a red hat from her rather garish Ivanka Trump-brand handbag.

'What? I've got a million of those," he sighed.

"No, look," she said. And there it was. "Make America Gay Again."

"Don't forget what you're really here for," she reminded him gently.

Rumours had circulated the upper echelons of the business world of what had occurred in the White House eight years before, on this very day. Trump, a Washington outsider, discounted them as just that - rumours.

Trump's motorcade rounded the final corner to the White House. The Obamas were to meet them there, for a and tell. Trump smirked at the idea that Bush had, eight years before, been whipped and had his ass punished by a massive cock eight years before. If only...

Sure enough, as Trump stepped out of his limousine, Barack was standing there greet him, a grin plastered across his face - which Trump fancifully took as a hint at what was to cum. Barack's firm handshake lingered just a little too long, before he authoritatively motioned to Trump.

"This way," he said, leading him through the White House to the oval office.

Meanwhile, Michelle led Melania, Ivanka and the other Trump spawn in a different direction.

Like so many years before, Obama showed Trump around the office. But after a while, he stopped. With his back to Lincoln's desk, hands resting on the top, Obama said, "Fuck this shit. Let's down to business."

Obama grabbed Trump by the cock and passionately kissed his fat, ugly orange face. Startled, Trump almost pulled away. But it quickly dawned on him - the rumours were true. This really was a rite of passage all presidents must go through. He embraced Obama, thinking to himself, "Make America Gay Again..."

"Down on your knees," Obama ordered, before whipping out his big cock through his trouser fly. He started pissing on Trump's face, causing fake tan to peel off. When he was done, he bent Trump over Lincoln's desk. "Stay there," he said, as he went to grab an American flag and soak it in water. Now suitably heavy, he used it to whip Trump's pale, un-fake-tanned white ass. "Ahh!" Trump yelped.

"You wanted to get inside Washington. Now it's time to get some Washington inside you."

Trump smiled in delight at the thought of Obama's big, beefy man cock penetrating his tiny little butt. "No, not me," Obama said. "While we've been here, your family have been exhuming Washington's corpse. He's being reanimated."

Bringing the dead back to life - wha? Trump was pretty stupid and believed in all sorts of conspiracy theories - he was a lizard himself, after all - but this was something else.

Washington strode into the room. "What the fuck is your problem, son?" He asked of Trump.

Before Trump could even say a word, Washington was inside him. "Let me show you how the founding fathers do it," he said gleefully in a posh accent. Washington absolutely tore Trump's ass apart, rapid fire. SLAMSLAMSLAMSLAM. "UUUUNNNGHHhh AAAAHHHH." Trump could only make incomprehensible, strange noises - not unlike his many campaign speeches. His tiny cock swelled bigger than ever, to almost the size of an AAA battery.

Trump's plan was coming to life. "Make America Gay Again," he mumbled repeatedly to himself in a trance, as Washington absolutely punished his ass.

With his destructive pummeling ongoing, Trump's fat, disgusting belly on the surface of Lincoln's desk, Hillary Clinton came into the room. Washington flipped Trump over on to his back, and kept pounding - he knew what Clinton wanted to do.

Hillary got up on to Lincoln's desk, with her pants already off. She squatted over Trump's mouth, which was of course now facing upwards. Toxic brown waste came swirling out of her asshole, piling up in Trump's open mouth like a McDonald's ice cream.

"Yum!" Trump exclaimed, his excited cry muffled by the mound of shit pouring down his esophagus. The shit kept coming, and Washington kept pounding. Trump's face was by now completely covered in shit. Hillary started pissing all over him as well. "Make America Gay Again..." Trump kept trying to mumble. He tried to reach for his tiny cock to masturbate, but his small hands wouldn't reach.

All of a sudden, Washington came. It was like a shotgun blast, killing Trump instantly.

"Who's next?" Washington asked.


2017-01-25 23:35:52
I think it's fucking hilarious how he put true story. And the party where Obama fuckn pissed on Trump and the tan peel came off.

Anonymous readerReport

2017-01-25 18:37:32
A masterpiece, and fucking hilarious

Anonymous readerReport

2017-01-24 02:07:05
Sick fucking bitch

Anonymous readerReport

2017-01-23 17:53:20
Up your queer bait.

Anonymous readerReport

2017-01-23 14:40:33
Can you not?

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