What not making other people their homework brings youy
My name is Ria and I'm 16 years old.
Like every saturday I decide to go to the mall. I don't have any friends, and thats not hard to believe because I'm the school nurd. It is very warm and I really want to take a sweet long bath before leaving. Underway to the bathroom I look in the mirrer and see that without my glasses and with my hair loose, I really am an attractive girl.I have well formed breasts and a tiny waist. All the taughts that are running true my head of my body are making my pussy wet. It really feels so good that I started playing with it. Tt feels like I'm in heaven. I'm thinkming about a big cock cum in me. After a few good minutes I feel like I wanna explode and putting my finger in my pussy I'ts even better.
My juice is drupping out of my pussy and I'm moaning really hard. When I get myself together I finnally went am ready to go take my bath.

After my warm bath and ready to go to the mall, I see Micheal the boy next door. We know eah other sinds kindergarden. We now only say hello because he became the popular boy at school and I became the nurd. Sometimes we don't only say hello but he asks me to do his homework for him. We know don't even talk anymore because he asked me yesterday to do his homework for him but I refused because my mother told me to stand up for myself. He told me that he wasn't finished with me and he was gonna fuck me up.
Now he's standing there looking so beatifull but I can't go to say hello because he's mad at me. I fantacised a few times how it would be if we had sex together. I'm a little afraid because he has a bad reputation because of fighting and he told me he's gonna fuck me up. Maybe I'm just worried to much,but look at him he is really adorable.
At the mall It's very boring so I'm going back home.
Wait Micheal and his buddy's are standing under the tree at the beginning of our street. All his friends are in the americanfootball team. There's Jerry, Robin, Johnny and Paul. When I saw them looking at me, I was afraid and turned around but they all ran after me. I heard Micheal screaming: "get the Bitch". I ran like a wolf but they still caught me. When I wanted to scream for help Micheal held a knife at my neck and told me if I said one word he was going to kill me. I began to tell him I was sorry but he slapped me in my face and said that I am a little too late. They dragged me to Robin his house sinds he is the only one living in the neighberhood and who's parents arent at home. After about vife minutes walking we reached his house and Micheal said that he told me he was gonna fuck me up and today is the day I would wish I was never borned.
In the house the Jerry and Paul began to take off their clothes while Robin was closing the door and Micheal holding me at my hair. While I saw those boys taking off their clothes I knew what was going to happen and I screamed very hard. Micheal said I could scream how hard I want but nobody is going to hear me because the house is closed. Jerry walked towards me while stroking his "6" cock. I looked with big eyes because never in my lifetime I saw a cock. He stood in front of me and told me to begin the sukking. I refused but Michel and Paul grapped me by my hair and slapped me three times. I began to cry again, Paul looked at me and asked the boys if they didn't do enough with me. They told him to stop doing like a sorry motherfucker and take off his clothes. He looked at me and said sorry while taking off his clothes. Now I was there in my Tshirt and panty with four naked boys.
They put me on a leather bench and tied my hands to each other. Then Micheal and Paul started stroking their cocks "2" away from my face. I felt two fingers going into my wet pussy and eventhough it hurts it really feld amazing. Suddenly Micheal shoved his "8" cock into my mouth. He then pulled my head till hiswhole cock was in my mouth. I couldn't breath and started to cry again. Then finally Micheal pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to laugh very hard. The Johnnie and Paul were now trying to put their whole fist in my ass and pussy.
Robin only stood there and watched me with a hard dick untill Johnnie told him to schove his cock into my mouth. He walked towards me and gently opent put his cock on my lips. I slowly opent my mouth and started sukking his cock. Johnnie and Paul finally pulled there fists out of my cunt and pussy and pussy.
When I finally tought it was over Paul cut my T shirt and fucked me between my breasts. Micheal layed under me and fucked me in my arse while Robin went to my pussy and Jerrie fucked me in my mouth. After a minute or bso Paul asked Jerrie if there was some place for his cock in my mouth. Jerrie told him that he doesn't mind sharing a whore with nobody and before I knew what was going on I had two dicks in my mouth.
Micheal was still fucking me in my ass and Robin in my pussy, until Micheal came to the conclusion that they both would fuck me in my arse. Robin immediatly pulled his cock out of my pussy and trie to put it in my arse. It didn't go vere smnooth because I was still a virgin in my arse so it took a few seconds before his cock could fit with Micheal in my arse. I yelled it out, I really couln't take it any more and when I taught that ther wouldn't be a end I felled Robin his cock grow in my pussy and I knew that he would cum.
He pulled his cock out of my arse and stroke it really fast in front iof me face. Jerrie was really glad and went to fuck me in my pussy. Finally I felt Micheal his dick growing and he screamed " I'm cumming in this whole" and he shot his sperm in my arse. He stood up put his cock in my mourth and Paul went tofuck me in my arse. I didn't know what to do I was being raped by four boys but I still came twice and my pussy was now so wet that i knew that any time soon I am going to cum again.
With Micheal his cock in my mouth and Robin stroking his cock on the couch at the other side of the room I was getting fucked by two mnother guys. Finally I felt Jerrie his cock growing inside of me and heard him screaming I'm also gonna cum in this fuck bitch. He shut his load in my pussy and at the same minute I felt Paul his cock als growing inside my arse. He pulled his cock out nof my arse, stroked three are more times and finally he shut hus load on my belly.

I was tired had sperm in my mouth, on my belly, in my arse and in my pussy and I felt like a whore because I came three times. The boys put their clothes on Robin took his fathers Mercedes and waited outside. Micheal said "You little slut I always knew ytou were a little whore and know you proved yourself because you came three times. I didn't even got the chance of putting on my clothes and the boys put me naked in the car drove me to my house and kicked me out of the car on the street.

After that day I often saw Micheal but didn't had the nerves to look at him again because he was right that I am a whore.



2009-12-07 10:37:06
hard to follow....please buy a dictionary and use it !

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2009-05-14 18:39:28
it was ok, but you readers don't have to be such assholes. Just because you all are insensitive jackasses doesn't mean you have to make other people feel bad.


2008-05-24 14:31:33
man this is fucking terrible
if that u little cock whore


2008-04-09 18:12:28
"arse" is not hot. learn grammar and spelling. use dialog. u suck at writing.


2008-03-11 03:14:15
Where is the incest?

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