This is the final story.
This happened on June 28th 2006. Good luck reading this. Its kind of hard too. But it still has some great sex in it. Still it should be good and the next story will be MUCH better.

My alarm clock rang at 10 pm. I woke up a few seconds after it rang. Allie however kept sleeping. I gave Allie a nudge.

Her crystal blue eyes fluttered opened. She smiled at me. Then gave one of those puppy dog sad eye faces to me. "Whyd you wake me up?" And gave me a pouty lip and tried to cross her arms

I leaned in and kissed her. When I pulled away Allie giggled. "I forgot. We have to pick up my car at the shop."

"Yep. So then you can go to whats her face's house." I joked.

"Jen. Her name is Jen you ass." She said with a hint of anger.

"Getting pissy huh?"

She smacked me. Not hard but in a way to tell me 'hey stop.'

"Ow that really hurt" I said making fun of her more. I wanted to get her mad. Then kiss her. I did it to her all the time.

This time she punched me on the chest. Kind of hard too.

"HEY!" I said pretty loudly.


"I love you." And leaned in and kissed her. I put my hands up to her face. Kissing her harder. I loved her. 'Once I turn 22 Im going to purpose.' I thought. I loved her and still do.

Allie pulled away. "I love you too. But he gotta get dressed to pick up the car." She kissed me again but only a quick one.

"Fuck" I said under my breath. "Cant we do it tomorrow?"

"No we cant" Allie said jumping out of bed. Only wearing some blue panties made of lace I could tell she was turned on. Her nipples were sticking out pretty far. Her pussy was damp and I could tell from the wet spot in front. She wanted sex. And wanted it bad.

"Why?" I said eyeing her body. Her tits looked awesome. Nice round and firm. Also pretty damn big. Her disk around her nipples about the size of a quarter. God she was so beautiful.

"Because. Jen is only in town for 3 days. Tomorrow is her last day. I want to spend the night with her and talk. I havent seen her in 2 years."

I forgot. Jen was one of her best friends (next to me of course) in high school. She was either at my place watching tv with me or at Jens. She moved when we were sixteen.

"Oh yeah.. Sorry Allie." I said.

"Its okay." She slipped off her panties and put on a new red pair. Then she put on some shorts and slowly put on her bra. "I saw you eyeballing me. I thought you might like it if I put this one slowly."

"Yeah. But Id like it better if you could be naked and we could have sex or something."

"Too bad." and with that covered her tits with the bra and snapped it on. She put on a white tube top and then put on a black polo shirt.

"Get dressed." She said.

"Ahh.." I moaned. I put on some jeans and my black Morphius records t-shirt.

"I love that shirt" She said. I wore it alot. I would lend it to Allie. She said it made her feel like she had me wrapped around her. She said because I wore it so much itd be like I was with her.

"You wanna wear it?" I asked her.

She stopped to think. "Sure!" and took off her polo and tube top leaving her in her bra.

I took off my shirt and tossed it to her.

"But first.." Allie said and flashed me.

"Thats it." I said and walked over to her. Allie was froze. Like a deer in headlights. She didnt move. I picked her up by her waist and put her on the bed.

"Adam c'mon stooooo--" She moaned.

It was too late for her. I put her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. Allie threw my shirt behind me.

"There ugh... will be a... ooooh....10$ fee if were late.... Oh yes RIght THERE!" She moaned.

I was rapidly licking her left tit then switching over to her right. I lifted up from her tits "Why should I care. Ill pay its worth it."

Allie completely removed her bra and shorts, throwing them behind me as well. I took off my pants and kicked them behind me. I leaned forward onto Allie and pulled my mouth away from her tits. I moved my hands to her tits and began rubbing her nipples gently squeezing. I wanted to be intimate. I moved my face to Allies and began kissing her.

I took off my boxers. I moved my hand to her pussy. I broke the kiss.

"Adam.. I love you..." She moaned.

"I love you too.." I moved my head to her ear and kissed her. I kissed all the way down to where the neck meets the shoulder.She seemed to like that and moaned. I stayed there and decided to pleasure her extremely. I kept rubbing her nipple. With my other had I took out a 2 fingers and began rubbing up and down her pussy.

"Jesus Adam this feel.. ohhh.... baby....." She ceased her talking. I never had rubbed her and kissed her like this.

I rubbed faster on her pussy. I kept rubbing her nipple. I also kept kissing her on that one spot. I pulled my mouth away and licked there. Making her moan louder. I decided to make her go off the edge. I blew cool air on that spot and let it sit for a few seconds driving her nuts. I put my mouth back on that spot and basicly made out with that spot making her 'ooh' and 'ahh'.

"Like that?" I asked.

"Dont stop... please."

I didnt want to piss her off. I kept up the blow and kiss thing going on. But then I stuck out 2 fingers and slowly eased them into her pussy. I slowly worked them in and out making her wetter and wetter. Allie lay spread out on my bed being pleased in so many ways.

I worked my fingers on her nipples and in her pussy faster. Allie moaned louder "Ohh Adam!! Oooh.... mmmm...." Her voice getting higher in pitch. She was going to cum soon.

I worked my fingers slower again then faster every 10 seconds or so. This drove Allie over the edge as she came and came hard in my hand. As she did her pussy squeezed my fingers, Her nipples getting harder.

"Jesus Adam... Why didnt you ever do that for me before?" she asked

I smiled and shrugged. To tell the truth I had no idea why I didnt. I wish I did though.

"Your turn." Allie said.

My eyes widened. She grabbed my throbbing dick and she got very close to me and grabbed my dick. She guided it all the way to her pussy and she slowly eased the tip of my cock into her pussy.

"Oh jesus...." Seeing as she already came before she was really slick. Her pussy started toform around my dick getting used to the thickness.

"Push in more." Allie said.

I eased my dick in all the way to my pubic bone. I pulled back and pushed in slowly pleasing us very much. I slid my dick halfway out then pushed all the way in. I pulled out so only the head was in and then I thrust in halfway repeating this motion. I was so turned on I was going to cum fast.

"Allie... Im gonna cum soon...."

"Not yet." She said.She pulled out my dick. I groaned. Both in pleasure and because I wanted to keep going to it.

Allie went down to my dick and licked all of her juices off of my dick. I groaned again. This time it was all pleasure.After she had swallowed her own cum she put the the head of my dick in her mouth. She began sucking only on the sensitive head. She would at the same time she sucked she would lick then suck over and over.

I wasnt going to last. I bent down to Allie and whispered "Im gonna cummm..."

Allie took more of me in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down. "HOLY SHIT!" I yelled "HERE IT COMES!!" and came in her mouth.

I could feel Allie licking the tip of my cock as I came. I nearly shit myself. The pleasure rippled through me. Allie swallowed all of my cum.

She started licking the head afterwards and came up. "Happy now?"

"Yes! Very!" I was a very happy man. But not for long.

We picked up the car and Later that night Allie went off to her friends.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too." Allie said and kissed me in the doorway. She walked out over to her car and took off.

"Now what am I gonna do?" I said. I decided to go to bed. It wasnt late but I didnt feel like doing anything. I went off to my bed and lay there. Thinking about Allie and other things but mainly Allie. I slowly drifted off to sleep with her in mind.

"ADAM!! ADAM!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!" That was moms voice. She hardly ever cussed and whern she did it was bad.

"Whats going on?" I said at attention.

"Its Allie!" She yelled


"She got in an accident! Youve got to get to the hospital now Your father and I will go later." Mom said barely having any calm in her voice.

I put on my shoes as fast as I could And threw on my pants and a shirt. I jumped in my car turned on the hazards and pushed down on the gas pedal as hard as I could. I was going to get there as fast as possible.

I got up to the hospital around 5 minutes later a cop in his car staring at me as I ran as fast as I could into the hospital.

"Hey! What are you going in there so fast for!?" He obviously hadnt noticed my hazards were still on.

"Follow me and find out!!" I had no time to explain.

I ran in and saw someone I wouldnt expect to be there. Allies father.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?!!" I yelled from afar.

"Room 207!" He yelled back. He had been crying I could tell by his voice.

I slowed down to a walk and opened the door to her room. The cop following me.

"Allie..." I said. She was under a blanket on a medical bed. She had some wires attached to her chest and arms. She had some tubes going up her nose to help her breathe.

"This is what you came here for?" He asked.

I nodded. I just realized how fast I was going in my car and how many lights Id ran through.

"You hurt nobody. But you did run some red lights. Im going to send you a fine in the mail for it."

"Thanks." I said sarcasticly. I didnt care I just wanted him to fuck off so I could be with her.

"Ill leave now." He said and left.

I sat in a chair next to Allies bed. I just looked at her and cradled my head in my hands and waited.

"Adam Black?" Said some doctor behind me. (By the way I just made up that name. Im not telling you people my real one.)

"Yeah? Whats it to you. Are you gonna tell me to leave?"

"No. I can tell your her boyfriend am I correct?"

"Yeah..." I raised my head to look at him. 30 something years old, tall black man.

"I am Doctor Howard" He said. Or something along those lines I wasnt really listening. I was too busy looking at Allie. "I hate my name. Call me Doc."

"How is she?" I asked.

"Stable. She and her friend were hit by a drunk driver last night. They were going out to eat last night at about midnight. Some 24 hour diner called clock work. As they left they were hit by some drunk man whos name we do not know. Hes dead though from the crash." He said.

"So shes going to be okay?"

"Yes but it will take some time. 8 weeks at the most. She has lots of cuts and bruises and a broken arm but she should be okay."

"And Jen?"

"She has a broken leg and one elbow is shattered. She will take an even longer time to heal."


"Ill leave you with her now." And he left.

I stood up and walked to Allie. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I love you.." I said. I reached down and grabbed her hand. She squeezed.

"I.... loove... yooou... too...." Her words were weak slow and slurred.

"Shhh... Dont waste your energy..." I was close to tears much like I am now.

She mouthed the words 'Okay' and fell back asleep. Pulled a chair up to me never letting go of her hand. Her right arm was broken and I (thank god) was holding her left.

I sat in the chair and held Allies hand until the next day.

The next story will be from the past. Expect alot more sex in the next one. This is just telling you how Allie is. Shes okay. But definitely been better. I've decided to keep adding more stories and Ive decided also to add a shitload more sex. They will be called "Allie and me part 4 prequel no. X". The X being whatever number it is for all you dumb folk. Im off to write "Allie and me part 4 prequel no. 1".

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