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My Start of Sexual Experience. Part 1 By Ernie

My name is Timmy and I am Thirteen years old, I live in a country town, which is very big, I live on the Farm with my younger brother Paul who is twelve and my Mother & Father. Also we have a Farm hand who helps Dad, his name is Merve and he takes me with him when he checks the fences or brings the cows in for milking, Merve went to Boarding school with Daddy
Merve played Soccer, and his mate Don that comes and visited him, coached one of the junior teams, and he asked me if I wanted to play, of course I said “yes”.
Mommy and Daddy was very pleased as Daddy was always on to me about mixing in with other boys and he said when he went to a Private Boarding School he had a lot of fun playing with other boys, and also he got on well with a couple of his teachers, which he smiled at me when he said it.
When I looked at Merve he was smiling also as, Daddy and Merve seemed to be together a lot as
Mommy kept on going on long Trips, and when mommy did, Merve used to sleep in daddies room because daddy told me not to say anything to mommy what they did when mommy was away.

Also Paul was told not to say anything also, Daddy told us that when the time was right he would explain things to us about what went on with him and mommy.

In the afternoon after school Don picked me to take me to footy training, a lot of the boys I knew from school, these boys were staying at the school but daddy had told me I would be going to a Private Boarding School where he went, which I was looking forward to, but daddy said “ Timmy you have to have the experience before you go away to school” I did not know what he meant about experience ????

I had a lot of fun learning about soccer that afternoon and Don looked after me very well, on the way home, Don stopped the car and said “ I have to have a pee, do you want to have a pee too”
“Yes, I better go to “, with that I got out of the car and where I stood I could see Don`s Big Cock,
I have seen Merve`s cock on a few occasions when we went out to bring the cow`s in,
But this was different as when I looked over at Don he looked at me and smiled and he took a long time in putting it away, he seemed as though he was enjoying letting me look at his Big Cock.

When he was getting in the car I could see that he was still smiling, and he said to me, “ I liked it
when you looked at me, did you like what you saw, or don’t you think I should talk to you about it, if so you can tell me,” and with that he patted my thigh.
‘Yes I liked it, because I enjoyed looking at the size of it, as I only have a little one compared with yours.”
Don then said something strange to me, “Timmy, does your little one ever get hard and what do you do about it” “Yes it does get hard, but I don’t do anything with it, should I, and what do I do”.
“We will talk to you about it later, when Merve takes you out to check the fences tomorrow I shall be going along with him and we talk then”.

“I though Daddy was going out with, Merve and me”.
“No, when I tell your Daddy how you went today, he will stay at home as I know he wants you to get some EXPERIENCE”.

After we arrived home , I saw Don and my Daddy having a long talk together, then my Daddy came over to where I was, “ Timmy you know I said I would go out around the fences tomorrow, well Don is going out with you and Merve, as I shall be staying home with Paul as your Mommy has gone away for a few weeks to visit her friend”.

Daddy then said “ Don said you had a great time at Soccer training and he thinks you are a VERY nice boy, and you will do very good at the Boarding School where I went, so I am very pleased with you Timmy”. As he patted me on my little Bum.

After dinner Don, Merve & Daddy and us boys were watching T.V. and every now and then I would look over at Don and he would be patting himself between his legs, and when he saw me looking at him he would smile.
“Timmy is everything alright” Daddy said, “ Yes daddy I am alright, but I think I shall go to bed”
“ Alright Timmy “ as Daddy kissed me Good-Night.
As I was leaving the room with my brother Paul, Daddy said “ Make sure you kiss your Coach Don and Merve goodnight”.
So we went over to them and as I kissed Don he patted my Bum and the strange thing about it I liked it and when I looked at my brother Paul as he kissed Merve he patted Pauls Bum and I liked that also. Daddy said with a smile “ I can see you boys are very good boys and while your Mommy is away you boys will be having a lot of FUN”.

When I went into my room I was feeling very good and strange and all I wanted to do was to take off my cloths and look at myself while I was Nude, and as I looked at myself in the very big mirrors at my Nude figure I looked at my Little Cock and as I looked it started to get stiff and hard
and I put my hand on it and played with my little stiffy.

But then there was a knock at the door so before I could get into my pyjamas I jumped into bed in the Nude, “who is it “ I said
“Daddy ! can I come in, I want to talk to you, before you go to sleep”
“ Oh, Yes daddy please come in” as I pulled the sheet right up, as it was a very Hot night.

When Daddy came into the room he came over and sat on the edge of my bed and he looked at the sheet that was covering me and I could see as he saw my little stiffy standing up.
He patted the sheet where my stiffy was and I felt his hand touch it.
“ Timmy do you like it when it gets hard and do you play with it”
“No! Daddy I don’t know what to do when it gets like that”.

“Don’t worry about it now I know things will work out for you, I want you to enjoy yourself tomorrow and hopefully everything will be alright” with that he patted my stiffy and said “ Merve
will be sleeping in my room tonight as your mommy wont be there, I love it when he is in my bed as when we went to that Private Boarding School we were always together and we learnt to sleep together then”

“Timmy as it is a hot night why don’t you take that sheet off you, so you can be cool”
“ I would daddy but when you knocked on the door I was standing nude looking at myself so I jumped into bed nude and I have no cloths on “
When I said that daddy pulled the sheet off me and sat there looking at my NUDE young body,
then he started to run his hands over my body, saying “Oh Timmy you are a very Lovely Boy
let me kiss you all over, but first give me a nice big kiss”.

So he took me in his arms and kissed me but it wasn`t a normal kiss, daddy let his lips go apart and in doing so slipped his tounge inside my mouth, and I really enjoyed it.
“ I think Timmy I better say goodnight as tonight I want to be with my LOVER Merve you will understand about us as you get Older and with more knowledge, you will understand about your Mummy then, as Mummy goes away to stay with her LESBIAN Lover who she loves, as I Love Merve, but we wont go into it now, so kiss me again goodnight”.

Next morning when I awoke Don was in my room he was sitting on the end of the bed and the sheet that I thought that was over me wasn`t, and Don was looking at my nude body, it was very strange as he was looking at me I was enjoying it, so I ran my hands down my Nude Body and touched my little cock which I could feel it was starting to get hard.
Don continued to look at me saying ‘Timmy you are a very lovely boy and I think it would better if we stay at home as I think you will like it better if you learn things that you have to know at home, and that way your Daddy will be able to see you enjoying yourself, as when he spoke to me this morning he said you liked it when he was in your room last night, did you like it when your daddy was with you last night” ,

“Oh! Yes I really enjoyed my Daddy looking at me, the only trouble was my Cock stayed hard for a long time and it was hard to get to sleep. Also when daddy kissed me goodnight it was lovely.
Don since I looked at BIG Cock when we stopped for a pee I seemed to feel a bit different”.

“You will find out today all about these feelings as if you are a good little boy I shall teach you, but some of the things may seem a bit new to you but once I play around with your Young Nude Body you will like what I do, as when you awoke this morning and you saw that you were uncovered and ran your hands over your Nude body you are ready for your Ist Sexual Experience as you are going to be just like your Daddy, when he went to Boarding School he was a virgin that was he had never been Fucked and Merve his Lover took his Virgin, your Daddy wanted stay with Merve but your Daddy wanted to have some Boys so he could, with Merve have Lovely Boys to Play with, You may wonder how I know, it is because I went to the same School as your Daddy and Merve”.

We are three Love Mates who have been Fucking each other long before you or your brother Paul came along, your Mummy who is a Lesbian wanted Girls so she could have a couple of play things but when you Lovely Boys came along, she didn`t mind as she loves living with your Daddy , because he lets her do her own thing, with her Girls”.

I was laying there as Don was talking to me , learning all about my Daddy and his two Love Mates
at the same time looking at my Young Nude Body and at Don who while he was talking to me had put his hand down on my Cock and was pulling it up and down , I was un circumcised and as Don pulled it up and down the foreskin going over the head of my Cock sent a lovely feeling through the head.

Don saw how much I was enjoying the way he was playing with me , “Timmy have you ever done this to yourself, laying on the Bed in the Nude and playing with yourself or to your brother Paul, or have you seen him playing with himself.”
“ No ! I said “ but if I had known it was like this I would have been doing it a long time ago”.

With that Don stood up in front of me and started to take off his clothes, and when he was fully Nude, he stood there with his Lovely Big Cock in his hand , and told me to side on the side of my bed, and when I did, “ Timmy I want you to play with it , do you want to learn to do this, I can show you other things, if you want me too but you must do what I tell you, as what you learn will help you with other young boys, and you can teach them to play with you especially if they are nice and Young.
Timmy if you are a Good Little Naked Boy I will teach you how to Suck, and also Fuck what do you say about that”.

As Don asked me these things he took my hand and placed it on his lovely Big Cock and when he did it was a very lovely to me to Feel my first Adult Cock in my hand.
I answered Don on the things he asked , “ Oh! Yes Don will you teach me what to do on my first Sexual Experience, I want to be a good Little Boy for you and do whatever you ask me to do, also it sounds good what you said about teaching how to Fuck and Suck , but first off teach me what to do with your Cock” .

Don said “ Timmy just pull it up and down , Yes thats it Timmy Oh Yes you are a Sweet Thirteen year-old Nude Little Lovely Boy, and now Timmy put your Mouth over the Head of my Cock and
hold it there in your mouth” .
“ Do you want to do that for me Timmy, because this is the way to teach you to Suck a Mans Cock off, and to taste his Hot Spunk when he comes in your Mouth”.

“Yes! Oh Yes, that is what I want to do for you, if that is LOVING you YES, YES OH YES I want to do whatever you ask me, Please teach me Don”
With that I took the head of his Cock in my Little Mouth and started to Suck on it , it was lovely and hot and I continued to gooble the Head .
Don placed his hands on my Tits and started to Squeeze them also playing with my Nipples and also putting his hand on my Little Cock which he started to play with.

Don took his Cock out of my Mouth and layed me back down on the Bed, he said “ You are doing a Good Job the first time Sucking Cock but I had to stop you as you are going to be a Great Cock-Sucker you nearly made me CUM so I want to do the same to you my Sexy Little Boy, by the time we see your Daddy and Merve you will have learnt a great deal how to make a Man want to Fuck Little Boys and to have the Little Boys Fuck their Daddies”.

Don went down on my Cock, I felt him take it all into his mouth Sucking it up and down OH what a lovely feeling it was, then he put his hand under my Bum feeling my Bum hole, then he started to poke his finger in, then he took his finger out and put some Vaseline on his finger and stuck it in my Bum Hole again, this time I could feel in going further and further in and I liked it, while he was still Sucking my Cock, he worked his finger in and out OH what a lovely feeling.

“Timmy ! would bend over the edge of the Bed for me and spread you legs wide apart as I am going to put my Cock in you Bum Hole, I will put some Vaseline in first and then I shall try and put my Cock in your Bum, do you want to try it will Hurt a bit, but when you get my Cock in your Bum you will want more and more of it. But first I have to bust your Virgin Bum, so do you want to try”.

“OH Yes Yes, I will do anything for you Don if you want to Fuck me, just do me Fuck Me so that I will be your Permanent Little Fuck Boy all the time, and if you want , I will if you want to let others Fuck Me while you watch , so here is my Lovely Little Bum”.
So I bent over the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide , as Ron put some Vaseline in my Bum Hole, then he started to poke his Cock in my Bum, it started to hurt at first but he told me to relax and push back against his Cock, the more I did this the easier the Cock went into my Bum, it did still hurt a bit but I was realy enjoying Don Fucking me, then Don took hold of my Cock and started to Pull me again, so as he was fucking my Bum so he could CUM in me I was enjoying Don Pulling my Cock.

Then I said to Don as I Started to have a thrill, “ Oh! Don I am having a lovely feeling it so so good what is it this is so wonderful”.
“ Timmy you just had your first Thrill, soon you will be having Spunk blow out of the Eye of your Cock, which I will show you when I Cum , but first I am going to fill your Bum with my Hot CUM” .
So Don keep on Fucking Me his Little Fuck, the hurt was just about gone and I was enjoying it more and more, Ron was really going to town on my Bum then he started to say .
OH YES you little Fuck you are good, just like your Daddy, OOHHHHH OOOHHHHHH keep backing onto my Cock you lovely Little Fuck Boy I just about CUMMMING yes yes that it I`m
Cuummmming” .
With that I backed up hard on Don`s Cock so not one inch of his Cock was out of my Bum, then Don layed over while his Cock was still in my Bum, after a time he took it out of my Bum and as
he did his Spunk leaked out of me .

We layed up on the bed then Don pulled me to him and started to Kiss and fondle me ,
“ Timmy you are a very lovely boy and form now on you will do whatever I tell you, while you are in this room you must never wear any clothes you must be Nude all the time , when I want you I shall just call you and when I do the first thing when you come to me is to Kiss me then lick my Cock then I shall tell you that I want you to Suck me off or that I want to Fuck you.
Some times I shall bring a friend in here and the first thing you shall do is take all his clothes off.
Then he may have a Dildo with him and he will get you to put it up your Bum in front of us while we are playing with each other and we shall watch you Fuck yourself while two Nude Men are playing with each other” .
“By the way Timmy seeing you have been a Good Boy and you want to see other things how would you like to see what your daddy is up too with Merve, you will have to be quite as we don’t want them to know that we are watching them”.
“OH! Yes Please can we go now I would love to see, but first, Don will you Fuck me again as while we have been talking I have been perving on you and when I look at your Cock I get hungry for it , so look at your 13 Year Old Fucks Bum Ron, haven`t I got a nice Bum come on Fuck your Little TOY-BOY I need your Cock up me and if you want me to Suck it after you Pull Out I will”

So I layed back on the bed on my belly with my bum stuck up in the air and Don mounted me from behind, his Big Cock went into my Bum a lot easier, Oh what a feeling that is a Man fucking me a young Boy, and he was taking me into my daddies bedroom where my Daddy and his Boyfriend were Fucking, I was going to be just like my Daddy a Fuck for the Boys, I knew now this is what I was being coached to do be a Fuck for Men not just a man but lots of men.

Don was still fucking me and at the same time pulling me off, again just before Don filled up my Bum with his spunk I came , Don was so pleased with me then he CUM.

We creep along the hallway to where my daddy was and looked through the open door to see what daddy and Merve was doing my Daddy had hold of Merve`s Cock and he was sucking on it and then I saw my Daddies Cock it was Lovely and hard and I looked at Ron and he said, “ Yes Timmy your Daddy has a Lovely Cock and if you are a Good Little Boy I might let your Daddy fuck you, but before we disturb your Daddy & Merve you get between my legs and Suck my Cock, you lovely little Cock Sucker”.

So Don sat on a chair with his legs wide apart, and I knelt down between his legs ,and his Big Cock was standing up, so I put my Hot Lips over the Head of his Cock and started to Suck my, now Lovers Big Cock, Don was patting me on my Head , Saying “ Oh! Timmy you are such a Lovely little Boy and you are the Best Cock-Sucker I have ever had, so keep this up and you will have your first taste of my Hot Spunk” .
With those words Don had just spoken, it inspired me to Suck my lover a lot faster, so he would CUM in my Little Mouth, and within no time at all, Don was saying “ OOhhhh YYeessss that’s it Timmy, Yeessss, Yeeessssss, Timmy you are the Greatest, Yes Suck me dry of my Hot Spunk you like the taste of that Timmy, from here on you will be my Bum Boy and you will do what I say, and you will let whoever I want to Fuck you, you will give them a good Fuck and sometimes I will tell you to take Money off them, so you will be a My Little Boy Prostitute, and also I will when I or if anyone that Fucks you up your, tight Little Bum when we are about to CUM, we will pull out and you will finish us by Sucking us off, because you enjoy our Spunk in your mouth and
Down your throat”.

When I had finished Sucking my Lover Don off . He said, “ come on Timmy lets go and see what your Daddy is doing” . When we entered Daddies bedroom Merve and Daddy, they were laying on the King Sized Bed in the Nude, Playing with each other.
They both had hard-ons and they were in the position of doing a 69, so they must have been about ready to Suck each other off.
When they saw us my Daddy and Merve jumped off the Bed and rushed over to us, Daddy took me in his arms and Cuddled me, and Merve came up behind me and I could feel his Hard-On up against the crack of my Bum.
They both started Kissing me and Daddy said “ Oh Timmy you look ever so lovely in the Nude, I am so proud of you, did you do everything that Don told you to do, and also I hope you make me very happy by saying you are not a Virgin anymore, so tell me all that you have done with Don since he went into your room this morning” .

“Daddy, I am still your Little Boy, but Don is now my Lover and his Little Boy Fuck and I have to do what he tells me to do, No I am not a Virgin anymore Don Fucked my Little Bum this morning and it Hurt for a little bit, but when he taught me what to do, the hurt went away and I backed hard up on his Big 8inch and I took all of that 8 inchs in my Bum, OOHHH what a great feeling it was, Don said I Fucked like I had been doing it for Years, Then he showed me how to pull my Cock, and the best part was that I have had two Big Thrills
Then he has started teaching me to be a great Cock Sucker, and he said I must take after you as you were a Great Cock Sucker when you were at Boarding School with him and Merve”.

My Daddy again took me in his arms and he started to Kiss me and cuddling me and the more he Kissed me the harder his Big Cock got. Daddy put his hand down on my Cock and started to play with it, but it was already hard, and he took my hand and placed it on his Cock and said.
“Timmy you can play with me, and if Don says it is O.K. you can get down on your knees and start to Suck Daddies Cock, while Don and Merve watch you, giving your Daddy a big thrill”

So I did what my Daddy wanted, me his eldest Son, Sucking him off, “ Yes ! “ he said to Don,
“ You have taught my Little Boy well, look at my Little Timmy Yes! OOHHHH Yes Timmy you are a great Cock Sucker, keep going you Lovely Sexy Little Boy, Suck your Daddies Cock make your Daddy CUMM “ .
I looked to where my Lover Don and Merve was they were standing near us, Perving on me Sucking my Daddy off, they both had Hard Ons and they were rubbing their Cocks , and I knew they were waiting for their turn to have me Suck them off , I was so pleased with myself as after I had Sucked my Daddy off and Don & Merve I would have Sucked 4 Big Cocks so far today.

Daddy I knew was starting to CUMM, as he pulled my head forward so I had all of his Cock down my throat and I felt his Hot CUMM spurting out of his Cock down my throat,
“ keep Sucking, my Lovely little Boy, OOHHHH YYEESSSSS that’s it Oh! Timmy I Love You yes, now get up and Kiss your Daddy, and then while we are laying on the Bed you are going to Dance around for us, also I have bought my Darling Little Boy a present, and when you see it you will know what to do with it, as Don told me you wanted one”.
Then Daddy went over to the table and picked up a wrapped up parcel and gave it to me . When I unrapped it I was so Thrilled with what I saw, it was a big vibrating Dildo, I immediately started to push it up my Bum as they layed on the Bed to watch me, their 13 year-old Fuck.

I danced around in front of my Lover Don, my Daddy and his Lover Merve, they were playing with each others Cocks , as they watched I bent over in front of them so they could see that Dildo going in and out of my bum Hole, also I was pulling my Cock at the same time as these three
Nude Men were watching a Nude Young Boy Fucking himself with a dildo and pulling himself off at the same time, then I came and Spunk shot out of the eye of my Cock, I was quick, as when I CUMM I scooped my Spunk up and licked it off my hands, it was the first time I had tasted my own Spunk, I Loved that salty taste, it seemed to make me more SEXY, so I danced more sexy letting these Nude Men watch their Little Fuck, Fuck himself with his New Dildo, as they knew if they couln`t Fuck me I would have my Mechanical Cock to Fuck myself with.

Don told Merve to go and get his little boy Fuck, and do with him what he wanted, so in front of my Daddy and my Lover Don. Merve came over to me and took me in his arms and we kissed, those Kissers were thrilling, he poked his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it, his hands rubbed all over my Naked little Body, feeling my Cock & Balls, then he put his finger up my Bum hole and he said to me , “ Timmy, I bet you can take two of my fingers up you Arse, you are the Big Boy, yes that’s it, go on little boy fuck youself, show your Daddy and your Lover how good you are” as his two fingers went in to me, so I moved up and down on his fingers giving myself a thrill then Merve picked me up and spread my legs either side of his body and lowered me down on his Big Cock, it was longer than my Lovers Cock and a lot Fatter, which I thought might hurt my Bum Hole, but as it went into me, Daddy was saying, “look at my little boy he is taking all of Merve`s Cock up his Arse and he is bouncing up and down on it so he gets it all into his Bum” .

Then Merve lifted me off his Cock, and told me to Suck it for him as he was about to CUMM, and I couldn`t get down on my Knees quick enough, so as to take his Cock in my Mouth, the two Nude Men that was watching this were loving what they saw and when that Cock went in my Mouth they were Clapping, saying “ Oh Yes look at this little Fuck he does know how to Suck Cock, we shall let him in our bed tonight, we shall put the Two King Sized beds together and we shall take it in turns to Fuck him, what a great time we are going to have with your Little Boy “ said Don as he took hold of my Daddies Prick and started to Suck it , and Daddy moved into the 69 position, so he could Suck on Don`s Cock. My Daddy looked over at me as I was bringing Merve off to CUMM in my mouth and it was Lovely him spurting his CUMM down my throat.
I thought to myself this was wonderful , me a young 13 year old Little Boy with 3 Nude men to Fuck me and do whatever they want with me, also the best part was Merve and Don were in a Soccer Club with a lot of other Men and their Sons.

So I started to think of all the other Young Little Boys that I knew, and what they had said to me when I was in the Dressing Room after our Swimming day, at that time I knew nothing about Sex
but there was one thing I heard one Boy say to his mate that he saw his daddies Big Cock and his Daddy said to Des, ‘When you look and see something you like why don’t you come and play with it, but you can wait a little bit until it gets Big and Hard, Yes! Des now you can play with it”.
So Des said he did what his Daddy asked . His Daddy was in his bedroom and Des was walking past the door when he saw his Daddy standing in the Nude in front of the big mirror, so when his Daddy told him to come and Play with it he walked up to his Daddy quickly in case he changed his mind.

His daddy said “ Des take off all your clothes I want you in the Nude with me, while I let you play with my Cock and if you are a Nice little Boy I will let you Suck my Big Cock , now you are my Nude Little Play thing you will do what I want, so bend over and let me look at you Arse Hole” .
When Des bent over the edge of the King sized Bed, his Daddy came up behind him and started to push his Cock up his Arse Hole, but little did Des and his Daddy know that the elder brother Dick was hiding in his Daddies Cupboard, because he often went in his dads room to Perve on his Dad when he had a shower, and he always finished up pulling himself off .
So this time he thought I will be able to Blackmail my Dad, as he had his Dads Video camera and I shall take some video of Dad Fucking around with Des. Dick already had video of his Mummy, when Mums, Sister his Aunty came and visited them, at that time he was in the Cupboard when his mommy came into the Bedroom with Aunty, and they started to strip, and they were Nude Mommy got down between her sisters legs and was Sucking her Cunt so Dick took it all on Video.
When his Aunty went home Dick went into his Mothers Bedroom and told her what he had and what he wanted her to do, She said to her Son if you don’t say anything you can Fuck me when ever you want, Dick told his Mummy , Yes I might Fuck you some time later but for now you will do what I want.

“ What do you want I thought a Fuck would do”
“ No! that can come later but for now you will do what I want that is tonight when Daddy comes home , my brother will be in bed and I will be in the Cupboard with the Video Camera , you will get Daddy Sexy and make sure he and you are Nude and when he starts to Fuck you you will tell him very Loudly so I can pick up your voices on the Camera that you want to be Fucked up the Arse, so I want you to be in a position so I will have it all on Camera”.
“ Why do you want me to do that Dick “ Dick said “ I just Love to watch someone being Fucked up the Bum as I took your Dildo and I use it to Fuck myself with, but now I can Black-Mail you to be Fucked up the Arse by Daddy” .

Dick had all this to use against his Dad, but now he was watching his Daddy about to Fuck his brother so he would use this new bit of Video to Black-mail his Daddy.
As he was videoing what was going on, his Mummy came into the Bedroom and caught his Dad Fucking his Son, She started to scream at her Husband about doing this, so Dick came out of the Cupboard and told his Mother and Father to Shut up as he was going to run things, and the first thing was for his Mother to take off all of her cloths, as Daddy was going to Fuck her up the Arse in front of her two Boys.

“From now on Mum you are not to wear any clothes around the house, only a thong, to show off what a lovely arse you have so you are going to be our Fuck as all we will be doing is Fuck each other Bums but you will be our main Fuck, don’t you agree Daddy”.
“Yes that will be great, I will be loving that, so if you don’t mind Dick your brother is waiting for me to Fuck him, and by the look of your Mummy she wants a Fuck up the Bum also”.

This is what I found out off my mate Des so I knew he would be invited to my lovers Sex Parties with a few other Men that Daddy, Merve and My Lover Don knew.
With Mummy not caring what went on not was the time to put my Plans into Action.

Also there was still my brother Paul who likes to stay in his room playing with his Computer, what was he up to. These questions will be answered it the next part of my Family and Friends. The End

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lol gay sex as everyone basically said it did suck badly then again lesbian sex thats great ;) the story to bland not to mention i much rathered the other story about the two daughters that just got lernt in to doing dad mom and dog at the end

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2011-06-27 20:31:30
ThereÂ’s a terrific amuont of knowledge in this article!

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spelling and grammar errors... and too long this would have done better if you had made it more than just one story. also make sure that it flows :) good luck


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sorry it just made me laugh so much.... dude, it was awful..


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don't waste your time faggot

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