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I apologize for the long delay in writing and publishing. I have a number of things to balance right now, and have been putting time into this as I find it. If you havn't done so already, read the previous chapters before continuing.
It was Saturday afternoon, Jake had just gotten home after from his baseball team’s double header and hopped in the shower. He cleaned off the sweat, dirt, and grime from the games, ensuring he was as clean as he could be before heading to spend the night at his girlfriend’s house. Her parents were out on business this weekend, and he was looking forward to fucking her again. Their schedules were each so hectic that they didn’t have much of a chance to see each other regularly, much less get solid time alone. Jake stepped out the shower and dried himself off. He threw on shorts and a t-shirt, and packed a bag with a change of clothes for tomorrow. His girlfriend Katie had texted him while he was packing for the weekend. “Getting ready, Come over in 15 mins, see you soon xoxoxo” Jake grabbed his bag walked downstairs, and told his family he was spending the night at his buddy Chris’ house as he walked out the door. Jake jumped in his car and drove the short distance to Katie’s house.

He pulled into the driveway, parked the car before walking up to the front door. Katie opened the door just as he started to knock. She stood in front of him wearing a white tank top and panties. Jake’s jaw dropped, he quickly stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Jake quickly wrapped his arms around his much smaller girlfriend. He cupped her ass as he lifted her bringing her face to his. Katie squealed in delight as Jake lifted her off the ground, her legs quickly wrapped around his back. The couple’s lips met, and they passionately kissed each other. Katie’s feet pushed Jake’s shorts down allowing his erect 7” cock to spring free, slapping the thin fabric covering her pussy. The two teens continued to make out as Jake stepped out of his shorts and walked them the couch. As soon as Jake sat Katie down, Katie’s hands pulled her panties down, revealing her bald pussy. Jake removed his shirt, exposing his toned torso, before lifting Katie’s tank top, her large breasts jiggled as the fabric passed them, her nipples stuck out in excitement. Jake pushed his girlfriend back against the couch before spreading her legs. Jake lined up his hard cock to the entrance of her pussy, and pushed his hips forward. His cock easily entered her waiting depths, he thrusted himself in until he was buried to the hilt in his girlfriend’s snatch. Jake’s assault into his girlfriends pussy continued as she started to increase her breathing, her legs wrapped around his hips, her toes starting to curl. He leaned down, their lips meeting sharing a passionate kiss as Katie started to moan into his mouth. Jakes cock was now soaked in his girlfriends cum. He withdrew his cock from her pussy and stood up, allowing her a second to catch her breath from her recent orgasm, before inserting his drenched cock into his girlfriend’s mouth. Katie eagerly sucked her cum off of her boyfriend’s thick cock.

Satisfied with the cleanliness of his cock, Jake picked up Katie, wrapped his arms under her thighs, and lowered her onto his cock again, filling her up. He could feel the slickness of the juices from her recent orgasm along the shaft of his cock and coating his scrotum. He walked over to the nearest wall, his girlfriend in his arms, and her pussy stretched around his cock. Katie braced her back against the wall as Jake thrust his meat into her, Katie’s arms were wrapped around his neck, running her fingers through the hair on the back of his head. She leaned her head forward, kissing him on the forehead as Jake looked down at her large tits bouncing up and down with each of his thrusts. Once Jake’s arms started getting tired, he removed his cock from her pussy. Katie exuded a whimper of disappointment at the sudden vacancy between her legs. Jake pointed Katie towards the back of the couch. He lifted her over, so that her legs dangled over the back, and her face was in the seat cushions. Her dripping pussy was calling to him. He soon re-entered his girlfriend for the third time this afternoon. Jake placed his hands on the small of her back, pressing her stomach into the top of the couch as he thrust his erect member into her pussy. He quickly picked up his pace, thrusting like a jackhammer inside the wet cunt of his girlfriend. Katie moaned in approval, enjoying the feel of Jake’s stiff rod stimulating her cunt. She was soon on the brink of another orgasm, Jake sensed this, and slowed his pace, teasing his girlfriend. “I want you to beg for it” Jake commanded. “Please babe, let me cum!” Katie pleaded. “I want to cum all over that perfect cock of yours” Jake resumed his thrusts, which Katie eagerly accepted into her pussy, which was now a few strokes away from another spine-tingling orgasm. “I’M CUMMING!” Katie shrieked to the empty house. Jake could once again feel Katie’s cum gushing around his cock, and dripping down his balls. He withdrew his cock for the last time, and pulled Katie off the couch, and pushed her to her knees. The high difference was magnified now, the head of her kneeling 5’2” frame was below the base of his cock. Katie looked up Jakes face, their eyes locking as she opened her mouth. Jake needed no further invitation, he pushed his cock down and inserted it into Katie’s eagerly awaiting mouth. His cock now in its rightful place, his hands grabbed the side of Katie’s pretty face as he now fucked her mouth. Katie’s hands moved around to Jakes hips, pulling him in as he thrusted as into her throat, Katie gagged slightly but kept her composure. Jake thrusted again, this time Katie was able to swallow all of his cock as Jakes balls rested on her chin. Katie kept her lips wrapped around the base of his cock, Jake stared deep into Katie’s stunning blue eyes as she milked his cock with her throat. He slowly withdrew his member from her throat, Katie quickly caught her breath before placing her lips along the wonderful phallus that belonged to her boyfriend. She focused oral efforts on Jake’s cock head, while her hands cradled his balls. Jake could quickly feel the familiar tingling sensation in his balls, he grabbed the back of Katie’s head, looked her in the eyes and told her “It’s time, I’m going to fill your throat up.” Jake pulled her head back down onto him. His cock was once again down her throat. Katie swallowed, pulling him deeper into her throat. As her tongue started licking the base of his shaft, he unloaded his seed down his girlfriend’s throat. Jakes knees started to shake a the power of his orgasm, he grabbed the couch with his hand to support him. Katie had withdrawn the cock from her throat, and was now sucking the remaining cum from the tip of his cock.

Completely spent, Jake pulled his cock from his girlfriend’s mouth, staring into the beautiful blue eyes below him. “That was amazing,” he said. Katie swallowed the cum in her mouth before standing up and hugging Jake. Her large round perky tits rubbed into his torso. “That was some of the best sex I’ve had” Katie said “C’mon, let’s get cleaned up” taking Jake by the hand and leading him upstairs and into the shower. The both entered the shower, and cleaned themselves off. Jake paid special attention to Katie’s cleavage and ass, while Katie washed every square inch of his flaccid cock. Once clean the couple dried off and knowing they had the house to themselves walked downstairs nude to collect the discarded clothes from earlier. Jake took a seat on the couch, and turned on the TV while Katie went to the kitchen and made them some dinner. 20 minutes later, Katie walked back into the living room with two plates of spaghetti and sat them on the coffee table. She laid a napkin on Jakes cock and balls, “I don’t want him to get burnt,” she said with a smile. “I have plans for him”

“Good thinking, that would be a hard one to explain” he said as he grabbed the plate in front of him. The couple ate dinner as they watched the TV. Jake helped clean the dishes up, ensuring the stand behind Katie, allowing his cock to press into her lower back. Katie’s butt pressed back into his thighs in approval. Jake moved down and grabbed her hips, and pulled her into him, his cock starting to swell at the thought of taking Katie in the kitchen as she cleaned the dishes. “Not yet,” Katie said over her shoulder, “I’ve got plans for you upstairs” as she continued cleaning. Jake helped her dry the remaining dishes, before attempting to follow her up the stairs. “Wait downstairs, I’ll call for you when I’m ready”

Jake took a seat on the couch, and played on his phone while he waited for his girlfriend to call him up. He snapped a picture of his semi-hard cock and sent it to Ms Dyers and asked, “When do you want to ride this?” A few seconds after he sent the message “I’m ready for you!” Jake heard Katie call from upstairs. Jake locked his phone and tossed it on the couch as he walked up stairs, his semi-hard cock bouncing on his balls each time he took a step. He reached ajar door of his girlfriend’s room, he saw his girlfriend laying spread eagle on the bed.

Her bra and crotchless panties were lace, the bright yellow fabric contrasted nicely against her tanned complexion. She was rubbing her clit with one hand, and her other was massaging a breast. Jake stood there, eyeing his beautiful girlfriend, masturbating on her bed. Fascinated, Jake started jerking his semi-hard cock, stimulating blood flow. Once he was hard, Jake walked forward, reaching the bed, he knelt on to it, and crawled on all fours over his girlfriend stopping when his hips were above hers. He leaned down, one hand resting next to Katie’s head for support, and the other grabbed the base of his cock, guiding it to her entrance. He plunged into her wet folds, causing her to cry out in pleasure as his tool filled her up. Jake and his girlfriend shared a long, deep, passionate kiss as Jake slowly pumped in and out of the wet cunt beneath him. Jake withdrew cock, now slick with her juices, and instructed his girlfriend to clean his dick. Kate moved around, got on her hands and knees with her mouth inches away from Jake’s cock. Katie’s blue eyes stared up at Jake, as her lips wrapped around his thick member, Katie’s mouth quickly went to work cleaning her juices of f of her boyfriend. When she was done cleaning, Katie removed her mouth and started lapping at Jake’s balls, his cock resting on her face. Jake gently grabbed a handful of Katie’s blond hair and pulled her away from his balls. Jake crawled behind his girlfriend, and slid his cock, which was dripping with saliva, back into the wet pussy before him. He quickly slammed in and out of Katie’s wet pussy eliciting moans of approval from his girlfriend. Jakes left hand grabbed the cheek of her ass, and gave it a squeeze, before his thumb started probing at her backdoor. Feeling resistance, Jake spit on his thumb, and found that entry into her ass was much easier. As Jake’s thumb buried itself in Katie’s ass, Katie’s moans before him picked up, she frantically rocked her body back and forth, impaling herself on his cock, enjoying the sensation of Jakes thick cock filling her pussy and his thumb stretching her ass. Within a few minutes Katie announced she was cumming, Jake pushed both his thumb and his cock as far into Katie as he could. After Katie came down from her climax, she went to her elbows, and begged Jake to cum for her. Jake removed his thumb from his girlfriend’s ass, placed his hands on her hips and pounded away into her snatch. As he neared his own orgasm, he pulled out seconds before he squirted his semen all over Katie’s ass, the fluids soaking into the yellow lace of her panties. The couple, now panting heavily, collapsed on the bed before cuddling together. Jake could feel his girlfriends cum soaked ass press into his hips, his deflating cock resting between her ass cheeks. Jake threw an arm around his girlfriend and kissed her on the back of her neck.
No words were spoken as the couple regained their composure after their rigorous session. Katie was the first to get up, she rolled out of bed, not wanting the cum that was on her ass to stick to the sheets, and walked to the door and headed to the bathroom to clean up before bed. Jake rolled out of the bed as he heard the shower start, he walked to the bathroom and joined his girlfriend in the shower. When they were done in the bathroom, Katie headed back to her bedroom to get ready for bed, “I’m going to grab our phones” Jake called out, as he walked downstairs. He retrieved the two phones and gathered their clothes, intent on bringing them upstairs. He clicked the home button on his phone to see if Ms Dyers had responded to his message he had sent earlier, not only had she responded but she had sent multiple pictures of herself doing a picture by picture strip tease for him. The last pictures showed a large purple dildo deep inside her pussy and two fingers inside her ass. “Monday morning, meet at my classroom” The text stated. Jake smiled to himself, sending his teacher a response in acknowledgement, before heading back upstairs. Jake climbed into bed and fell asleep next to his girlfriend.

Jake woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon, still groggy, he stumbled out of bed not even bothering to but on any clothes, and walked downstairs. “Morning babe” Jake mumbled as he neared the kitchen, still trying to shake the sleep from his eyes. He found Katie in the kitchen, wearing a large t-shirt and was pleasantly surprised to find that Katie had finished making breakfast, and he had plate at the kitchen table waiting for him. “Thanks hun” he said, as he took his seat at the table, Katie sat down next to him as he started eating. A few bites into breakfast, Jake felt Katie’s hand caress the inside of his thigh, he glanced over and found his girlfriends piercing blue eyes meeting him. “Eat up, you’re going to need the energy” she said with a grin on her face. Her hand moved closer and closer to his crotch, before finding their target. Jake could feel her small fingers wrap around his hardening cock, she slowly stroked up and down the shaft, cradling his balls every few strokes. Jake continued eating like it was completely normal to get a hand job while getting breakfast, he looked over and saw Katie starting to get out of her chair. Jake started to get disappointed, believing that she was leaving the table, before noticing her crawl underneath the table. Jake spread his legs wider, giving Katie easy access to his stiff cock. As he took a bite of his bacon, he felt the familiar sensation of Katie’s mouth around his shaft. Katie got straight to work, bobbing her head up and down on his member. Jake continued eating his breakfast, his free hand went under the table to the back of his girlfriend’s head, guiding her pace on his cock. Jake could feel Katie deep throat him, and held her down on his cock, savoring the feeling of the head of his cock down her throat. Katie slowly withdrew Jakes member from her throat, until she had only his head in her mouth. She lovingly licked her tongue around the head causing Jake to moan in approval, before she resumed sucking the full length of his manhood at a slow steady pace, while her hand caressed Jake’s scrotum. Jake had finished his breakfast, and his mind was now full focused on the pleasant sensations his girlfriend was giving him. His hand resumed guiding her pace, and in a few minutes he was ready to cum. “Oh fuck!” Jake yelled as he unloaded his jizz down Katie’s willing throat. He could feel Katie’s throat muscles around his cock as she swallowed his load. Balls drained, Jake pushed his chair out from the table, allowing his girlfriend to crawl out from underneath the table. She smiled at him, and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out showing Jake that she had swallowed his load before standing up, Jake kissed his girlfriend before gathering the dirty dishes on the table and bringing them to the sink.
“Let’s watch a movie!” Katie exclaimed, seemingly out of nowhere. “Uh, ok, what do you want to watch?” Jake asked. “Oh I don’t know I’ll find something, you finish the dishes and meet me on the couch. Jake finished the dishes and made his way to the living room, Katie was lying on the couch, her shirt had rode up, and Jake could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. As Jake walked to the couch, Katie lifted her legs in the air, exposing her pink pussy to Jake. He took a seat and Katie lowered her legs back down, her thighs resting on hers. Katie started the movie and a few minutes into it Jake was already bored, it was a cheesy romantic comedy, but hey, if it made Katie happy he would watch it. About an hour into the movie, it started to pique his interest. The female lead started to get curious with her sexuality, and was experimenting with her roommate. The two attractive actresses were making out pretty heavily when he noticed his cock starting to rise, Jake started caressing the inside of Katie’s leg, his fingers soon found their intended target, and found her pussy. He was surprised to find out that she was already dripping wet. “Someone’s a little turned on I see” He chided “MMMM, that feels good” she said, enjoying his fingers rubbing up the length of her slit. Jake continued rubbing her slit, he slowly inserted two fingers inside her as his thumb rubbed her clit. Jake slowly rubbed circles around her clit, causing Katie lift her hips and moan in approval. Jakes eyes were glued to Katie, noticing that hers were glued to the TV, The two girls were now exploring each other’s bodies, the lead was kissing her way down the roommate’s body. Jake returned his gaze to Katie, who was now playing with her breast underneath her shirt. Jake removed his hand from Katie’s pussy, and re-adjusted himself so that he was on top of Katie, his cock found her entrance and he pushed it in with ease. He leaned down and kissed Katie on the cheek, her eyes still glued to the lesbian affair happening on the TV. He rested his head on hers and looked in the same direction. He continued thrusting his meat into his girlfriend at a slow steady pace as the two watched the two beautiful actresses finish their love scene. He returned his attention to his girlfriend and started necking her, once the scene was finally over, Katie looked at Jake with nothing but lust, grabbed his hips and forced him in and out of her at a frantic pace. The couples eyes remained locked as Jake ferociously thrust into Katie, desperately trying to force himself to cum. As Jake neared his orgasm, he pulled out just as started to spurt, the first spurt landed squarely on Katie’s chin, her tongue immediately lapping it up, the remaining spurts landed mostly on the t-shirt that she was still wearing, some dripped onto her bald pubic mound. Jake returned his cock into Katie’s pussy, giving her a few more playful thrusts before withdrawing and sitting back on the couch. Katie soon sat up next to Jake, and rested her head on his shoulder as she enjoyed the blissful aftermath of their lovemaking as they finished watching the movie.

“C’mon, let’s get cleaned up” Jake said, gently slapping Katie on the thigh, He started walking up the stairs and noticed Katie on her phone, “You coming or what?” he asked as he walked up the stairs. “Yeah, I’ll be right there” she responded, before throwing her phone on the couch, and followed Jake up the stairs before she joined him in the shower.
The two washed each other off, Jake once again paid particular attention to soaping up his girlfriends wonderful breasts and full ass, he toyingly inserted a finger into her ass. Katie eagerly accepted his finger, and even thrust back at him drawing more of his finger inside her, he slowly fucked her ass with his finger as his other hand reached around and rubbed her clit. Katie squirmed as Jakes fingers circled her clit. Instinctively, she thrust her hips backwards, causing Jake’s finger further into her ass, eliciting further moans from Katie. Jake leaned down, and kissed his girlfriend on the shoulder, as her head rolled backwards, moaning in pleasure, she continued rocking her hips on his hands, alternating the pleasure on her clit and forcing Jake’s finger deeper in her ass, as her orgasm started to approach Katie, thrust her hips backwards impaling her ass on his finger, and pulled his other hand closer on her clit. Jake recognized his girlfriends impending orgasm and increased the tempo on her clit. Within seconds, Jake could see Katie’s knees shaking. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” She cried out, as her orgasm shook through her body. Katie threw her arm around Jake’s neck, supporting herself as the last waves of pleasure rippled through her. “That was great,” she said, as Jake slowly withdrew his finger from her anus. She turned around to kiss Jake before stepping out of the shower to dry off. Jake washed the rest of his body before drying off himself.
“Hey babe, I’ve got something for you once you dry off” Katie said as she tied the belt on her pink fluffy bathrobe. “There’s a blindfold in by nightstand, put it on, and wait for me on the bed. I’ll let you know when you can take it off” she said with a hint of deviousness. Jake smiled at the thought of all the pleasure he had received from Ms Dyers while wearing a blindfold, he dutifully dried off, and walked the short distance to his girlfriend’s bedroom. He quickly found the blindfold, and put it on, wondering what Katie had in store for him.


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