Chapter one; Rebirth of the Emperor-- Part 1
It was back in ' 89, my life would change forever. I had just turned 14, and I desperate for some cash. I was taking up any offer for a job I could find. Mostly it was babysitting. Usually babies or very young children. I had never been much for children. In fact the thought of having to babysit them was appalling to me. They were what was, and I try to look for what will or can be.
However this is a story of how children can change your world in more ways you can image. My story began with a phone call. I knew it was a job offer and I quickly accepted. As I had suspected it had was a babysitting job. I had been asked to babysit two children. Their parents were heading out for a short vacation, just something quick to “get away”, and wanted some alone time ie no children. When I had hung up the phone, I had not realized that it would be that moment that changed my life forever.

When I got to the house I pulled up the my old beaten up 1968 Ferrari. A car so passed down that is looked like it was a war zone. I got out of my car and headed up the small patch of sidewalk of this small quaint hamlet. I could only make out bits of the overgrown house through the hedge which looked like they outlasted me in groom, and length.
The house itself was quite ordinary, in fact it was so inauspicious that one might never of assumed that there was ever a reason to think of a harsh in this little lagot from time. I was unaware this little butte was even existed. The front gate, open wide I stepped through into a separate world.
The garden no safer than the butt of my old orange rifle gun. With thorny leaves and half hidden treasures scattered all over the place, I dared not even misstep on the path which was so overgrown that I could make up at most twenty percent of it, the rest now is in a timeless abyss. It was that which time had forgotten, and such greeted death no more than an old friend, I had stumbled upon. This house was the epitome of disrepair. Half shambles and half gone. The house sat on the side of the hill which looked to weather no more than three storms yet. The brown shades drawn closed, and the windows we blackened. The front door, sat upon a small forgotten veranda, which was once nice. Now all that remains of those days was the shiny emblem crest swinging off to the left side of the door which sat in what was otherwise wasteland.
The crest was made of silver, and was a small lantern. The lantern had three sides of silver and one of glass. Each of the sides seemed to display a symbol or an image. The left was of a large chested man in some kind of armor, holding what appeared to be in one hand a small sack of money, in the other a sword encrusted with a symbol of a tiger head on it. He stood in the middle of the length taking up nearly half of the side. The far right side was of a woman, on her knees her hands raised high. Her left hand was in a clenched fists, while her right was open, her palm had the same tiger head on it. I thought she must be the wife of the man. She was much smaller than the other and after a few seconds I saw an older man on her left side arms crossed watching her.
The Veranda squeaked and groaned under the mouse's toe. The bell lay lazily in pieces on the floor by the door. Did I dare step onto such a death trap? Or was such a choice abandon once I had stepped foot in this place?
I approached the door which was covered in green mold. As I approached a swarm of large 8 legged bugs that I had never seen before, flew off. I knocked with the greatest of strength in the only place I could find that did not have mold on it. And I saw in that moment a shape had been carved into the door, and it looked like it was a head, but before I could get a closer look the door was swiftly opened by a young women, no older than twenty five or twenty six. Dressed in a semi suit wearing an small obi.
She looked at me in confusion, before a glimmer of recognition set in. Replaced almost immediately by a distant gaze on something behind me. She looked right over my shoulder at something that was not there. Or so I had gathered as only only briefly looked around when I had gotten out of my car and was walking here. She had done this so fast that I had time no more than to blinked, and take breath before her gaze had drifted to behind me. I was tempted to look behind me and see if there was something there. Something that I had missed but I thought it would be rude and just stood there waiting for her to come back to reality and to me. She did so quickly readjusting her obi and beckoned me to enter.
The inside of her house looked like it was out of a magazine ad. Every surface seem to shine. Even the walls which were made of wood looked to be made of solid silver. I had to blink before I could see. Unlike the outside of the house there was nothing misplaced, no surface dirty everything was idiosyncratically place.
The room was small, and homely. Yet there was an air of aristocratic feel about the room. The room itself was unremarkable. Nothing you could not find in any suburban household. In fact this is true of the whole house, with one exception. There seemed to be no TV, or any kind of entertainment system.
We walked into another room, about the same size. Which I notice that every room is around the same size.
This room I guessed to be a living room, by the fireplace. Which had a small but constant flame. The fire changed the room, the fire was warm and gave a sense of security. A feeling I had not realize I was missing until I walked into the room. When I walked in I felt not only is this place okay, she is okay too. And no matter what happens it will be alright, everything will work out in the end.
This is a feeling I have never felt before, or since. And I don’t know anyone who has ever felt quite like I did in this moment. Not just content but of true feeling of inner peace.
Above the fireplace was a wooden mantle. On it was a variety of vases, not of which were very impressive. Most simply had a strange design. The rest of the room was not of much note. A large bookshelf covered the far wall, each book looked to be new and never used. Adjacent to the fire sat a small wooden table with a few wooden chairs around it. The wall behind had several images of lands I did not recognize.
I looked at the women she was a pretty little thing, tall, thin, with beautiful make up covering up a strong facial features. A strong, stern chin, and powerful eyes overwhelmed, nearly. I thought if only she had been a man, I think we could've gotten along quite well. And by the way she was looking at me I think a similar thought had crossed her mind. If only I had been older.

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