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Deidre explores her new futa-cock with her little sister's help! Things heat up when they take a big risk beneath their mother's nose.
The Futa Fairy – Taboo Futa Wish
Chapter Two: Deidre's Taboo Futa Passion
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

“Wow,” my little sister said as I finished telling her everything that had happened, her lithe, eighteen-year-old body squirming beneath me.

Normally, it was a story no one would ever believe. Well, maybe the part that I had the lesbian hots for my little sister, that every night when she slept in my bed—as opposed to her own on the other side of our shared bedroom—that I wanted to kiss her youthful thighs, cup her small breasts, and kiss her succulent lips. She was just so cute and innocent. That part, people would probably believe. But the rest... that I had received a letter from a fairy and then she had shown up in my dreams and fucked me with a girl-cock...

Yes, a cock that sprouted from where her clit should be. She still had small tits and a pussy. But she also had a big dick.

And she, Leanan Sidhe, fucked me with that dick, making me into what she called a futa. I woke up and found myself on top of my sister, my new girl-dick popping my sister's cherry, burying into her virgin depths. All my months of suppressed lust boiled over me. I fucked her.

And she loved it.

Even now, my still-hard futa-dick was buried into her tight, newly deflowered pussy. Her small breasts rubbed against my round tits, separated by our nightgowns. I groaned, unable to believe how amazing it was to fuck her. It was the best orgasm in my nineteen years of life.

Not that I had a lot besides using my fingers and once a pencil.

“That's so cool, Deidre,” Keily said, her eyes so wide in the full moon's light flooding through our bedroom window. “A real fairy.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Complete with gossamer wings.”

“Wow,” she said, her pussy clenching on my dick.

Oh, that felt nice.

I couldn't help drawing back my cock through the sloppy depths of her pussy. She groaned, her eyes widening at the feel of my dick sliding through her folds. She was so tight, the friction exquisite. Delight rippled through my body.

I thrust back in.

“Are we doing it again?” she asked.

“Do you want to?”

She nodded her head, wiggling beneath me. “Very much so. Deidre... I feel so close to you.”

“Yeah,” I smiled. “We're united.”

I rose up for a moment and ripped off my nightgown, baring my round breasts and hard nipples. She wiggled, her pussy squirming on my cock, and did the same. With her nightgown off, I stared at her small, firm breasts, little mounds topped by button nipples.

I groaned, pressing my body against hers. I rested my forehead against hers, staring into her eyes as I pumped my hips. Our flesh caressed each other. With the moonlight flooding in, it was so romantic. I was making love to my little sister. It was so wrong, so taboo even if I didn't have a big, thick cock that had sprouted from my clit.

And that just made it better.

Our nipples kissed, her small buttons atop her little cones. Mine were bigger and they tingled as they rubbed against hers. My hand stroked her sides, savoring the feel of her body beneath my palms. Beneath me. Her silky thighs rubbed against mine, another delight.

And her little whimpers... The way her voice quivered as I thrust all the way into her depths was intoxicating. I loved hearing my little sister make such sounds of pleasure. To feel her squirm beneath me.

“Oh, I like your cock so much, Deidre,” she moaned. “Oh, so much. This is so amazing. I can't believe it. We're making love.”

“Yes,” I moaned, pumping faster, her hot, tight pussy clenching on my dick. “Oh, you feel amazing.”

“I do?” she beamed. “Yay!”

“Shush,” I groaned. “Mom will kill us if she catches us.”

“Right,” she nodded.

Our bed creaked as we rocked together. Our lips met in a hot kiss. The friction was amazing, intense. It built between us as I plunged over and over into her depths. I shivered when her tongue thrust into my mouth. She tasted so sweet. So wonderful.

My little sister! After all those months of fantasizing, of longing for her body, she was in my arms.

My pussy clenched as I drove my cock harder and harder into her. Juices trickled out of my cunt, running down my cock and into her pussy as I thrust, mingling our cream. That sent such a wicked shudder through my body, almost rivaling the pleasure of sliding through her tight cunny.


But nothing could ever top that delight. She was so silky smooth and so tight. The heat built and built, the friction massaging the throbbing tip of my cock. My pussy kept clenching as I plunged over and over into her cunny, loving her tight depths, the heat, the sheer taboo thrill of fucking my little sister with a dick.

My futa-cock.

I broke the kiss, moaning, “Keily.”

“Yes,” she gasped, her fingers digging into my back. “It's happening again. I'm going”


“Yes!” she hissed, her face transforming. “Keep sliding your dick in me. Your girl-dick. My sister has a girl-dick!”

“Quiet,” I hissed as her pussy spasmed about my cock.

“Love it,” she moaned, her voice so throaty, her hips bucking. “Love you, Deidre!”

“Love you, Keily,” I groaned as she came.

I felt it ripple through her pussy. The hot silk writhed about my cock, massaging me. I shivered, the pleasure shooting through my body. My toes curled as I pumped into her cumming cunny. She groaned and she whimpered, eyes fluttering, the pleasure consuming her.

I made her cum. I made my little sister cum with my big dick.

My hips pumped hard, the bed creaking louder and louder. She gasped hard, eyes widening as the pleasure fluttered through her body. She kept cumming. She kept spasming on my dick, massaging it, her cunny hungry for another load of my jizz.

“Keily,” I moaned. “Oh, sweet Keily!”

“Yes, yes, shoot it in me again. That was sooooo awesome, Deidre. Please!”

Hearing her beg was the last thing I needed. I slammed my girl-dick into the depths of her spasming pussy. Her hot flesh sucked. Something deep in me, maybe my ovaries, clenched. And then cum exploded out of my cock and juices flooded out of my cunt.

She moaned her delight as my jizz splashed into her depths. I shivered, drinking in the pleasure as I fired blast after blast of cum into her. I loved it. I savored it. I clutched her to me, delighting in the feel of her pussy convulsing about my girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed, back arching, my butt clenching, my pussy writhing.

Every blast of cum firing from my cock made me groan. The bed creaked as I trembled. Her fingernails bit into my back hard. She squeaked out her joy, still cumming, her pussy milking out the last drops of my girl-cum.

And then I collapsed on her.

“Oh, that was amazing,” I panted.

“Awesome,” she groaned. “I have an awesome big sis!”

I smiled at her enthusiasm. “And I have a sexy little sister.”

She blushed at that, squirming. “Me? Sexy. I don't have any tits.”

“So?” I asked, sliding my right hand up her side to cup her little mound. “You have enough for me to squeeze. Seems like plenty of tit to me.”

Her hands found my round breasts, squeezing them. “But yours are real tits. They have bounce to them.”

I brushed her nipple, making her pussy clench on my dick. “Trust me, your tits are plenty real for me. I love them.”


“Really.” I gave her a kiss, my body buzzing from our orgasms. She felt so hot and wet around my cock. She must be so full of my cum.

When I broke the kiss, she asked in a girlish, excited voice, “Can I see it?”

“My cock?”

She nodded her head vigorously.

“Sure.” I groaned as I rolled off her body, my cock sliding out of her pussy. The tip was so sensitive. I rolled onto my back, my wet cock slapping into my belly. I was so huge, my cock reaching almost to my belly button. I couldn't believe I fit it all in her. She was so tiny.

My sister sat up, her firm tits jiggling. She slid onto her knees then leaned over beside me, her hands on my stomach, her head lowering to my cock. She grasped my dick, stroking the shaft with her small fingers.

And giggled. “You're so sticky and wet.”

“That's all your pussy juices,” I groaned. “You should taste yourself. Your pussy taste great.”

She gave me a look. “How do you know?”

I blushed. “ your dirty panties.”

Her eyes widened, her hand tightening on my cock. “That's why you volunteer to do the laundry? I just thought you hated doing other chores.”


“Do you sniff mom's panties?”

I shook my head. “Just yours.”

She beamed at me before turning her attention back to my cock. She stroked up and down my slick shaft with her right hand while her left slid through my fiery bush, touching my pussy lips. I groaned as she stroked up and down my slit, tracing my folds up to my cock. My labia actually wrapped around the base. I shivered as she followed my folds to the top of my pussy than back down the other side of my cock.

“It really sprouted from your clit,” she gushed.

“Uh-huh,” I panted, licking my lips as she caressed me. I glanced to my left, her ass wiggling. She had such a round ass. I reached out, touching her butt with my hand while she leaned her head down lower, studying me.

Her breath washed across the tip of my cock while her fingers explored my pussy. I groaned as she slid her middle finger into my depths. She pumped it in and out, stirring me up and making me tremble. I whimpered, loving it, my hand tightening on her ass.

“You don't have a hymen.”

“Broke it by accident,” I gasped. “While riding my bike. Scared the bejesus out of me when it happened.”

She kept pumping her finger in me, giving me a taste of the pleasure I gave her. It was so different having my little sister's finger explore my pussy than my own. It made me tremble as she penetrated me, stirring my pussy up. Pleasure throbbed up my cock to the tip.

And then she licked the crown.

I groaned as her tongue swirled about the crown of my dick. It was so sensitive, like my clit had been. My pussy clenched on her probing finger. It felt like an eternity for her tongue to make a circuit about my crown.

“Mmm, I do taste good,” Kylie moaned, her ass shaking. “So tangy.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my dick throbbing in her grip.

“Do you taste the same?”

Before I could answer, she popped her finger out of my snatch and brought it to her lips. She engulfed it, sucking and moaning as she tasted my pussy. It was so hot. My snatch clenched. I shivered in delight.

Her finger popped out of her mouth. “Oh, you taste even better. So spicy.”

I groaned as she shoved her finger back into my pussy, pumping it in and out of my snatch. Her tongue licked at my dick, swiping across the tip and brushing my slit. She let out another purring moan, tasting my precum.

And then she sucked on it.

My little sister was blowing my cock and fingering my pussy. It was so hot. My eyes widened as the duel pleasures shot through me. I groaned, the bliss rippling through me. I squeezed her ass, licking my lips as she sucked on my cock, her tongue swirling around the crown. She moaned, loving it.

I grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to me. She didn't fight, her leg raising. And then she was straddling my head. We were sixty-nining. I stared up at her pussy, her pubic hair dripping with my cum. Her slit was still so tight. I pulled her hips down and buried my face into her pussy.

Her mouth popped off my dick. “Big sister!” she gasped, squirming and rubbing her pussy on my dick. “Oh, wow.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned as my tongue licked through her tangy folds, stained salty with my cum.

She engulfed my cock, fingering my pussy faster and faster as I tongued her cunny. She squirmed atop me, her nipples hard on my stomach, my breasts rubbing into her belly. She sucked so hard on my cock, her moans humming a pleasure about my dick while her hips squirmed, griding her hot snatch on my lips.

It was wonderful to eat her out. I dove my tongue in, licking, swiping, savoring every bit of pleasure I could from her. I devoured her. My tongue explored her folds, gathering my jizz laced with her tangy cream.

My girl-cum was in her. I fired so much.

“Oh, Keily,” I groaned between licks. “Love your pussy.”

She just moaned about my cock, her mouth bobbing on the end. Her finger pumped faster and faster, stirring up my pussy as I plunged my tongue into her depths. She squealed about my cock as I swirled through her folds, teasing her, gathering every drop of my cum I could find.

I loved the taste of my girl-cum almost as much as her pussy juices. It was so wild. My dick throbbed in her sucking mouth as I rooted through her cunny. I explored her, pleasured her. All those times I dreamed about this moment were paying off.

I was finally eating my little sister's pussy.

Our bed creaked as she squirmed more and more, her pussy growing hotter and hotter. My hands gripped her ass, my fingers darting into her butt-crack. She felt so warm. I pressed deeper as my tongue swirled through her pussy.

I couldn't find any more cum, but I kept licking her.

She took more and more of my dick into her mouth as my fingers explored her butt-crack. She gasped, her butt-cheeks clenching when I brushed her asshole. I circled it with my pointer finger, feeling the puckered sphincter.

Feeling naughty, I pushed my finger into her asshole.

That set her off. I couldn't believe it. She bucked so hard on me. Her juices squirted into my mouth. She moaned about my dick. Her body squirmed, her asshole writhing about my finger. I lapped up her juices, savoring them.

Her finger pumped so fast in and out of my pussy as she came. She sucked so hard. I loved it. I pushed my finger deeper and deeper into her asshole, savoring the velvety grip while my tongue flailed through her pussy folds.

“Keily,” I moaned, her sucking bringing me closer and closer to erupting. “I'm going to cum soon.”

She moaned, grinding her hot cunny on my face, and sucked harder. She wanted me to cum.

Her finger wiggled inside of my pussy as her tongue danced about the crown of my dick. I groaned into her pussy, trembling. The pleasure built and built in me. It was so amazing. I was going to cum into my little sister's mouth.

She sucked so hard, her hand stroking the base of my cock, her finger wiggling and pumping in my pussy. Every little sensation, even belly massaging my nipples as she squirmed, all built in the depths of my body. A growing pressure that had to be released.

“Keily!” I gasped as the pressure exploded out of me.

I bucked and writhed on the bed. My cum spurted hot and hard, gushing into her hungry mouth. My pussy spasmed on her finger. She gasped in shock. Her head snapped off my cock. My cum kept firing, splattering her skin.

“Oh, my god,” she panted. “So much.”

She lowered her mouth, engulfing my cock and catching the last two blasts of cum. I groaned, my body shuddering as my sister gulped down my girl-jizz. It was so hot. So wild. I shivered, lapping at her pussy. She sucked so hard one last time, making me shudder, my pleasure boiling her mind.

Then she released my cock, spun around, straddling my belly. Her pussy and wet pubic hair rubbed on my skin as she loomed over me. My girl-jizz dripped off her face, almost glowing in the silvery moonlight.

“That was awesome.”

And then she kissed me and we shared a very salty kiss.

We explored my new cock for hours. The air grew thick with the scent of our hot pussies and my salty girl-cum. She rode my dick, her little tits bouncing. I fucked her doggy style, her asscheeks jiggling.

We came and came and came until we collapsed in an exhausted, tangled heap. The window grew light. Dawn was approaching. I didn't know what time I had woken up from the dream, but we must have been fucking for at least three or four hours.

“I can't... No more...” my little sister panted, her finger idly stroking my cock.

“Yeah,” I nodded, staring out my window. I could see Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains, the tops glowing as the sun grew nearer and nearer. “Oh, god, that was amazing.”

“I really want to meet this Leanan Sidhe and thank her,” Keily purred, the tip of her finger massaging the tip of my cock.

“Stop that,” I groaned, my eyes heavy. “No more. You said so yourself.”

“Mmm, no more,” she agreed sleepily.

My eyes blinked. They were fluttering close. I couldn't stay awake. The first sliver of the sun's golden light spilled over the flank of Mount Rainier. My cock throbbed, tingled, and then I felt it shrink away.

Sleep fell away. “Keily!”

I sat up, my sister groaning, and stared as my girl-dick shrank and shrank, becoming pink and smooth before vanishing into my pussy lips. It was a clit once more. I groaned, rubbing at my nub, hoping it would sprout again.

“Where'd it go?” Keily asked.

I shook my head. “I don't know.”

“Was it only for one night?” My sister stared at me, her lower lip trembling.

“I don't know.” I closed my eyes, so tired even with the nervous fright beating through my veins. I had to think. Did Leanan Sidhe mention anything about it being temporary. “She just said it would give me what I desired or my dreams or something like that.”

“Well, you got that,” Keily said, snuggling close to me. She kissed my cheek. “I love you, Deidre. “Even if you don't have a cock.”

“Really?” I asked.

She nodded her head. “I can't think. My brain hurts. I need sleep. We can figure this out in the morning.”

“It is morning,” I groaned. “We have to be up soon.”

“Sleep,” she groaned.

I sighed, my eyes fluttering closed. We had school in an hour. Our alarm set to go off at 5:45 AM. It was almost over. And we would have the entire summer to enjoy each other. But I really, really wish I had my futa-cock back.

I fell right into a dream where I was fucking my little sister with a big, thick futa-dick, reaming in and out of her asshole. She gasped and moaned, screaming out how she loved my big girl-dick thrust into her bowels, stretching out her asshole.

“You've taken all my cherries, big sis!” she screamed.

When I came in her bowels, fireworks went off, beeping so loud, detonating every heartbeat, celebrating our joy. I groaned, loving it so much. Keily kept crying out, “Big sis! Big sis! You have to wake up! Come on, big sis!”

My body shook and quivered as the girl-cum fired out of my futa-cock into her asshole. Her bowels were so hot and tight about my dick. It would be perfect. I groaned, shivering and...

Opened my eyes. My sister was shaking me, her naked breasts jiggling right before my face. They were so small and firm and delicious. I groaned, my head throbbing a moment later. My eyes felt like sandpaper.

“We have to get up. It's time for school.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I groaned. “Damn, I was having such a good dream.”

Keily giggled. “I know. You woke me up with your humping. But we have to get up.” She slapped my alarm clock, the source of the beeping fireworks in my dream. “So get out of bed.”

“I'm too tired to go to school,” I complained, throwing my head down on the pillow. “I don't have my futa-cock any longer. I'm sick.”

“You're not sick,” she said, yanking the pillow off, sunlight flooding into my eyes. “You're just lazy.”

“Tired,” I muttered.

Keily smacked my ass. “Come on, out of bed. I'm the little sister here. I'm the one who's supposed to be lazy. You should be responsible.”


“Ouch,” I gasped. “You little brat.”

“Get up. We have to shower and get dressed.” She gave me a naughty grin. “And since we slept in, we'll have to share our shower.”

“Yes,” I groaned.

Our bedroom connected to the upstairs bathroom. It was Keily and mine's. Mom had the master bathroom all to herself. My sister and I, our bodies covered in dried pussy cream and cum, giggled as we hopped into the shower, the warm water falling across our bodies.

It was exciting washing her nubile body. I lathered my hands with the body wash, not using the soft body sponges like normal, and rubbed my hands all over her sleek body. The water made her glisten and sudsy bubbles clung to her lithe form. She grasped my breasts, squeezing them as she soaped my nipples, pinching and rolling my nipples.

With a mischievous grin, she leaned down and sucked on my nipple. I groaned, shivering, pressing her against the shower wall. My hands moved lower. I had to wash her pussy. I fired so much cum into her depths.

She moaned about my nipple as my fingers fucked into her cunny. I deflowered this pussy. My clit throbbed. Oh, I missed having my futa-cock. It was so amazing. Now I had to use my fingers to fuck her pussy.

She didn't mind. She moaned about my nipple. I shivered, pressing my thighs together. My other hand swept down her back to her ass, soaping it as I fingered her pussy. Her lips nibbled on my nipple, teasing my little nub.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned as her fingers found my pussy. She massaged my clit. “Oh, yes, Keily!”

It was the hottest shower I ever had. We fingered each other to screaming orgasms. We shuddered and writhed together, our soapy, wet bodies slipping against the other's. We kissed, we moaned, we came so hard.

The dying hot water stopped our fun.

We had no time to style our hair this morning. So it was simple ponytails for the both of us, pulled back with matching scrunchies. Then we fled naked into our bedroom, showing off our underwear to each other, looking for the sexiest combination we could find before we dressed.

I was just pulling on a spaghetti-strapped halter top when our mom banged on the door. “Come on, girls, you're going to be late.”

“Yes, Mom,” we both chorused. Keily wore a short skirt and a flowery tank top, the straps of her bra visible. They were lacy and cute.

Dressed, we bounded down the stairs, giggling and holding hands, bursting into the kitchen. “Hey, Mom,” I said to our busty, brunette mother. She wore a pair of sweat pants and a loose shirt that stretched over her big tits. She worked from home, so she didn't have to get dressed up except on Wednesdays. And today was Friday.

“Morning, Mom,” Keily said.

My mom, sipping her cup of coffee, arched an eyebrow. “Late start, girls?”

“Slept in,” I blushed.

“Up all night talking about boys?” The smile on Mom's lips was suggestive and naughty.

“Mom,” Keily gasped, wiggling in embarrassment.

“Something like that,” I said, opening the cabinet and grabbing two breakfast bars. The city bus would be here soon to take us to our community college.

I tossed Keily the other one and took her hand. “Bye, Mom!” she called as I hauled her out of the house.

“Have fun,” she called. “Learn a lot.”

The door banged shut and we ran out to the bus stop. I dozed on the ride to our college. We parted, going to our separate classes. Which was a shame. I wanted to keep holding her hand. I was glad girls could hold hands in public and no one thought it was weird. And it felt so nice. Her hand so small and warm in mine.

The day passed in a daze. I hardly paid attention to any of my teachers' lessons. I was sure I had homework to do this weekend, but I couldn't remember what it was. My eyes were so leaden. During my lunch break, I laid my head down on my arms and napped despite how noisy it was in the cafeteria. My friend, Jennifer, had to shake me awake.

“What were you doing all night?” she had asked as we hurried to our math class.

“Nothing,” I blushed. She was my closest friend, but I couldn't tell her that I had spent the night making love to my sister, let alone that I had a magical cock which sprouted from my clit. “Just had trouble sleeping.”

“Sucks,” she said.

She didn't know the half of it. I really missed my futa-cock. I only had it for one night, but what a glorious one it was. It was worth the sleep deprivation that plagued me.

I managed to make it through the rest of class, then Keily and I rode the bus back home. I dozed on it again. When we got home, flopped on the couch and fell asleep. Mom woke me up for our Friday dinner of take-out Chinese food. I found myself ravenous for chow mein and mushu pork. It was late May, so the day was still so bright as we cleaned up the mess around seven.

“Okay, what movie are we watching?” my mom asked.

Friday night, since we were kids and our dad was still alive, had been family movie night. You'd think at our age we'd have stopped, but we still did it most Friday nights. We changed into our sleeping wear—nightgowns without bra or panties for Keily and me, pajama bottoms and a tank top for Mom—and headed to the living room. Keily and I snuggled under a blanket a little closer than we would have last week, Keily sitting between my legs, pressed right up to my crotch, her ass wiggling against me.

I couldn't help sliding my hands up beneath her nightgown to rub her belly.

“You two look cozy,” Mom said as she browsed Netflix, searching for a movie we could all agree to watch.

“Uh-huh,” I said, trying to keep my voice sounding natural.

“Ooh, they have the singing movie with Anna Kendrick,” my little sister cooed. “Let's watch that.”

I shrugged. “Sure.”

I absently rubbed my sister's belly, loving how warm and soft she was, as the movie played. Out the bay window to the right of our TV, the sun set, half-hidden by the pine tree growing in our backyard. The sky grew more and more orange as the sun slid lower and lower. It vanished behind our fence and a strange tingle ran through me.

I felt the change the moment the sun set.

My clit sprouted into a futa-cock.

My eyes widened as I felt the little nub grow wider and wider, pressing up against the hem of my nightgown. The silky fabric caressed the sensitive tip of my cock. As it sprouted, it forced the fabric aside and nudged into the naked ass of my little sister. The throbbing tip slid across her butt-cheeks and popped into her crack.

It was sandwiched between her butt-cheeks. My sister stiffened. She let out a gasp of shock, squirming, feeling that throbbing futa-dick pressed into her butt-crack. My hands tightened on her quivering belly as her head turned around to look at me over her shoulder, her auburn hair brushing my cheek.

Her eyebrows arched.

My eyes wide in shock, I nodded. “Just happened. Sunset.”

“And dawn,” my sister whispered back. “Do you only get it at night?”

“What are you two whispering about?” Mom asked, glancing at us, her knees folded up before her, her large tits stretching out her tank top.

God, those were lovely tits. My dick throbbed between my sister's asscheeks as I stared at them. What would those feel like wrapped around my girl-cock. I bet they would be so silky smooth sliding up and down. My hips moved, sliding my cock up and down through my sister's crack.

“Um...” Keily said. “We were...”

“Boys,” I said, my voice tight. “We were talking about boys.”

“Finally getting interested in them?” Mom asked.

Did she know I liked girls?

“Yeah,” I laughed as Keily squirmed, sliding her butt-cheeks along my cock, the tip throbbing. Precum leaked out. My pussy clenched, juices flooding out. I was probably making a wet spot on the couch now.

It would stain.

“So, anyone in particular?” Mom asked, leaning her head forward.

“No,” Keily said, shaking her head. “ general.”

“You two are so cute,” she said with a smile. “Oh, I remember when I was your age. I was a little boy crazy.”

I swallowed, nodding my head. “It's so easy to be,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. I had to cum. There was this powerful urge. “They're just so...cute.”

“Cute,” groaned Keily, her butt-cheeks clenching. I felt moisture on my thighs. She was getting wet, too, her pussy growing hot as she squirmed back into me.

My right hand crept higher from her belly. Mom gave us a smile and turned back to the movie. There was another singing number. I looked at the screen trembling as my right hand climbed higher and higher. My sister shook in my arms.

“Deidre?” she whispered as I found her breast, cupping the small cone. “Deidre, what are you doing?”

“Shhhh,” I whispered, my left hand moving lower, pressing between her thighs. I brushed her soft curls and wet pussy. I reached deeper, grasping the base of my cock. “Just relax.”

I shifted my hips back, pressing my ass into the couch as I laid us down onto our sides, the blanket shifting, still covering us. I pulled my cock down between her thighs, the tip rubbing on her hot pussy. She stiffened as I slid it up and down her pussy lips.

“Deidre,” she hissed again, keeping her voice low, the loud singing drowning her out from Mom's ears. “What are you doing?”

I leaned in to her ear. “I need you so badly. My cock aches.”

“But...” She glanced at Mom.

I knew this was so wrong, so dangerous. We would get caught if we weren't careful. If we were too loud, moved too much, but I couldn't help myself. This dick ached so much. The tip throbbed. It demanded to be buried in my little sister's hot, tight cunny. I was too weak to resist.

And the thrill of fucking her underneath Mom's nose made me so wet. My pussy clenched, juices dribbling out.

I pushed slowly into my sister. No fast movement, sinking my dick inch-by-inch into her hot depths. She quivered, her pussy clenching on my cock. Her hot flesh engulfed my dick. It was such a welcome embrace. The silky caress sent pleasure shivering down my cock. She groaned and hissed as more and more of my dick filled her.

A whimper escaped her lips. Her body trembled in my arms. My finger traced her areola, loving the feel of her puckered nipple as I finally bottomed out in her pussy. I was all the way in her tight glove.

“Isn't that nice?” I whispered into her ear.

“Yes,” she whimpered. “But Mom...”

“Shhh...” Then, feeling bold, I licked her ear real quick.

Her pussy clenched hard on my dick.

I didn't fuck her. I just let my dick marinate in her depths as my left hand found her clit. My fingers massaged her throbbing clit, her juices coating it. I rubbed it in slow circles, making her tremble on the couch, her pussy clenching and shifting on my dick.

My heart raced. My pussy ached. Mom was just feet away oblivious to the truth about her daughters. We were committing incest beneath her nose. That one of her daughters had an impossible cock buried in the other daughter's pussy.

My nipples throbbed against my nightie. Through the fabric, they rubbed on my sister's back. She squirmed more, the couch creaking. My toes curled as her hot pussy slid a fraction of an inch up and down my shaft, her silky flesh clenching and relaxing. Massaging me. Driving me wild.

“Oh, wow,” my sister groaned.

“Yeah, it's getting good,” my mom agreed, watching the TV intently. Then she laughed at a joke.

“Yes,” I moaned, rubbing harder, faster on my little sister's clit. I wanted to make her cum under our Mom's nose. And then I wanted to flood her pussy with my cum.

Or her ass.

My eyes widened as the dream I had this morning spiked through my thoughts. The idea of sliding into my sister's bowels, lubed by her copious pussy juices, made me throb so hard. I massaged her clit faster and faster.

She groaned, spasmed. Mom kept laughing as my sister groaned through clenched teeth as she came. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. I savored the writhing flesh of her tight, hot cunny. The tangy musk of her pussy filling my nose.

“That's it,” I whispered as she whimpered. “Cum, you naughty, little sister.”

“Deidre,” she groaned, my finger pinching her nipple.

Her face was red and flushed. She clenched her teeth, fighting to keep from screaming out her pleasure. It was so hot watching her squirm, feeling her pussy spasm on my cock. I almost came in her depths. I wanted to. But there was another hole I wanted to plunder.

She let out an explosive gasp, drawing a look from Mom. I gave her a smile. “It's such a good movie.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Ooh, I think they're about to sing again.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, drawing back my hips, sliding my cock out ever so slowly as my sister's orgasm died.

She looked at me over her shoulder, arching an eyebrow. “You didn't...”

“I will.”

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as my cock plopped out of her pussy. It was soaked by her juices. I just grinned at her and slid my cock up her taint and between her butt-cheeks. I found her sphincter, pressing on it.

Her eyes widened. She shook her head.

I nodded.

“Deidre,” she hissed.

“Mom will catch us if you're too noisy,” I whispered back. “Be quiet and enjoy.”

I pressed forward.

Oh, her sphincter was so tight. I fought the urge to groan as I pushed against it. She shivered, head snapping away, locking on the screen. She trembled in my arms as her asshole slowly gave way. Bit by bit, my cock forced past the tight opening and into the hot, velvety grip of her asshole.

She bit her hand, muffling her groan as I pushed deeper and deeper into her bowels. Her juices lubed the way. Which was good, because she was tight. Tighter than her virgin cunny had been last night.

Her body spasmed. Her asshole clenching on my dick. I nuzzled to her ear, whispering, “I love you so much, Keily.”

“Big sis,” she groaned, moving her hand away as I sank more and more of my cock into her. “You're...” She cut off her words, glancing at Mom. She was caught up in the drama of the singing number. “In my butt.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my groin pressing into her soft butt-cheeks. I was in her all the way. “Just enjoy.”

I diddled her clit as I slowly pumped my hips. I couldn't be passive this time. I had to fuck my sister. I knew it was even greater risk, but I needed to cum so badly. I needed to flood my sister's ass. I glanced at Mom, watching her as I worked my cock in and out of my sister's bowels.

She hadn't noticed the movement.

I kept my pumping slow. Well, I tried to keep it slow, but my little sister's asshole was just so tight and hot wrapped about my cock. I groaned, pumping a little faster. The couch creaked, but it was barely audible over the loud singing on the TV.

So I went faster.

Keily shivered, shuddered as I pumped my cock in and out of her asshole. The incestuous thrill of fucking my little sister's bowels gripped me. My right hand squeezed her breast as my left danced over her clit. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter.

“I'm going to cum so hard into your asshole,” I whispered into her voice, growing more and more bold. Our mom was oblivious. “I'm going to flood it.”

“Big sis,” she whimpered, her bowels clenching on my dick.

Oh, the friction was intense. My girl-dick ached in her bowels. I shivered, working my hips faster, my groin smacking into her ass beneath the blanket. It was soft, muffled by the thin blanket. This was so hot. My pussy clenched, the pressure building in my ovaries.

I bit my lip, fighting against the moan as I worked my hips faster, harder. I was so close to cumming. My sister let out a gasp, shaking, shivering. Then she clamped her hand over her mouth and spasmed in my arms.

Her bowels writhed about my cock as she came.

I plunged into her spasming asshole. My girl-dick ached in her hot bowels. The friction burned down my cock into the depths of my pussy. The fire reached my ovaries and detonated the explosion. My orgasm burst through me.

My cum fired into my sister's asshole. “Yes!” I hissed as the first, powerful pulse of girl-jizz fired from my cock. “Keily!”

And then our mother was over us. “What are you two doing beneath the blanket?”

She grabbed it, ripping it away revealing our nightgowns hiked over hips, my hand between Keily's thighs rubbing at her naked pussy, my hips pumping away. I groaned, a second blast of cum firing into my sister's asshole.

“No!” Mom gasped in horror at the sight of our incestuous passion. She grabbed my sister by the arm and yanked her out of my embrace.

Keily tumbled off the couch. My still cumming girl-cock popped out of her asshole just in time to fire off a third blast of jizz. It shot into the air and splattered my outraged mother right in the face. Her jaw dropped as I groaned again, my cock firing more cum that splattered across her tank top, soaking through to her big boobs.

“What the fuck is going on!” she snarled. Our mom never swore unless she was pissed.

“I...” I shrank beneath her gaze. “Well...”

We were in so much trouble. She caught us having sex with each other. Tears formed in my eyes as I trembled beneath my mother's wrath.

To be continued...
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