A prequel. Have fun.
This happened 2 months before her accident. Please PLEASE remeber that. I cant stress that enough. Enjoy.

"Nope rerun.... No not the news.... Come on fuck just give me the remote!" Allie moaned.

"Why? All you pick is girly shit. Like Laguna Beach or some girly shit I dont care about."

"All you pick is guy shit!"

"So. I like explosions. Theyre fun."

"Shutup." Allie said.


"Just shut the fu--" Allie was cut off by me kissing her.

"Ck up." I finished after I pulled away.

"Yeah.... and fuck me."

"Moi?" I said smiling and blushing slightly.

"Yeah you. Now shutup and fuck me!" Allie moaned.

"Zat I vill do!" I said in a french accent. She likes french dudes. French was my launage in high school. (Lucky me.)

I turned off the TV and we ran to my room. She turned around in the middle of the room and threw herself on me. Wrapping her arms and legs all around my body kissing me as I walked. I went to the bed and slowly lowered her there.

"Fuck me hard.. please..." She was begging me. No need to be told twice.

I took off my shirt my pants and my boxers. She took off her (which was really mine) shirt and skimpy panties (no not the panties) I got on the bed with her.

I looked at the clock. 2:30 am.. This should be fun.


She nodded and moaned. I looked down and saw her fingering herself.

"Whats with you tonight? Your really horny." I said and plowed my dick into her.

"Mmmm...... fuuuuck meeeee......" She moaned.

Man she was so wet and turned on. I think she drank some spanish fly or something. I asked her many times but she only moaned in response.

I started rocking harder and harder. Something like a jack hammer. She wanted soe deep dicking and thats what I was going to do. My cock was slipping in and out of her pussy so fast it was making loud slurping noises. Allie was moaning loudly turning me on even more in the process.

"Faster!!" Allie moaned. I gladly accepted.

By this time I was going really fast. And Allie was moaning. "OHHH YESSS!!!! RIGHT THERE!!! GOOOOOO!!!!"

Withen seconds her pussy tightened and she came. I looked down and saw her pussy juices just covering my cock. I felt my nuts tighten and shot my load.

"Mmmm......." Allie cooed.

"Ugh...." I replied.

I pulled my dick out and lay next Allie.


"Yes?" I said panting.

"I went to a sex shop today."

I nearly choked. "You what?!" I asked a sound of extreme happiness in my voice.

"Yeah. I bought these." She said and opened up her drawer in my nightstand. She moved some things around and pulled out some hand cuffs.

"You are the most incredible woman ever." I said laughing.

"Your the most incredible man ever." She said. "I love you and mean that."

"I love you and mean that too." I said and kissed her.

"Now put them on me.. And fuck me in the ass." She went to her drawer again and pulled out a tube of KY.

My mouth opened and slurred the words "Okaaaay...." And muttered under my breath "Thank you god."

She heard it and laughed. She handed me the cuffs and the KY.

I was unable to speak. Allie got on her knees and said "Well?"

"Uhh....mphhuhh...." Is basicly what I said. I took both of her arms and paused. "You have the keys right?"

"You dont need them. You push down that lever and they come off."

Duh. I had these when I was a kid and played cops and robbers. But no time for life history. Time for sex.

I pulled her arms back again and said "You have the right to remain silent. Spread em." I said and cuffed her hands. I took a pillow out and put it in front of her. Lowered her tits on the pillows. She put her weight down on them and rested. She was ready.

I took off the cap and eased the tip of the tube into her asshole. I squeezed out some of the jelly in her hole and let it sit.

"Adam its so cold... It feels nice..."

I reached up to her and grabbed her tits. She moaned in pleasure. "Likey?"

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm...." she purred.

"Well how about this?" I said and put the tip of my cock in her ass.

"Ahh!" Allie cried. "Holy fuck!"

"Is that good or bad?"

"Good.... It feels like I have to shit. A big huge power dump."

I laughed. I slowly eased my dick in. It took some time but eventually I was in.

"Jackpot." I said. Allie moaned. She liked it but told me to stay there.

"Stay there let me get used to it."

"Okay sure." I said and waited.As I waited I took my hands away from her tits and pinched her nipples on the way down. I went to her pussy and put in 3 fingers.

"Holy shit I didnt know that was coming!" She exclaimed.


As I worked in my fingers she moaned to me "Okay nooooww.... Fuck me in the ass."

I kept rubbing her pussy. I slowly pulled out my cock. All the way this time nothing left in.

I waited for a few seconds to let her rest then I went back in. She moaned and her cuffs jingled.

"Ha ha I forgot those were here." I laughed.

"Not meeee..." She was close to orgasm. So I shut the fuck up and let her cum in peace.

Her asshole was so tight. I was close to cumming again and so was she.

"Adam.... IM.... GOING.... TO....CUUUUUMMMM!!!" She screamed that through my room.

"SHIT!!! ME.... TOOOOO....." I moaned that loudly through the room as well.

I stopped pumping my cock in her ass and took off her cuffs. "Shhh.....We gotta be quiet.. I think we got a little loud."

Thump....thump.... whiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr...... Thump.. Thump.. The sound of the water upstairs. Someone had to use the bathroom. "Whew..... Shit that was close." I stood up and grabbed some klenex and cleaned off the remaining KY.

"Yeah....Have you heard of ATM?" She asked.

"The thing I get money out of?"

"No dumbass. Ass to mouth."

"Oh.. Yeah. Wanna try it?"

"Yeah." Allie said. "Put your dick back in my ass and Ill suck you off."

I looked at my now soft dick. "I cant just get a boner."

"Really?" She said. She got to her knees and slowly put my cock in her mouth. It took a little time but she finally got it back up. Joy!

"This is gonna take longer you know that right? Im almost on E" I told her.

"Which is why I want to do it."

"Alright" I said feeling hornier.

I put my fingers in a kleenex and slowly put them in her ass. I pulled out and saw the KY. "Dont want ya to get sick now would we?" I laughed. But I really didnt want her to get sick. I cleaned her out a few more times.

"Okay I think its all good." I said.

I slid my cock into her pussy. I pumped a few times then went to her ass. From there I went in. Slowly. I didnt want to hurt her. Her juice was basicly the only lube so I was trying to be careful.

"Mmmm.... Go in more." She moaned.

I went in more. But not too much I was paranoid about her still having KY in her ass. I slowly went in a little more. The pulled out. I continued to keep my cock in that place as I pushed in and out.

"Mmm.... Adam this is so much better without the lube..... ahh...... mmmmmm...."

She was moaning in a higher pitch of voice. I knew I was going to last longer so I sped up my pace.

"Jesuss..... ohh fuuuuck......." She liked. "Adam.... Im gonna cum soon."

"Im not" I had about 7 minutes left. 10 minutes had passed.

"ADAM!! IM CUUUMMMMINGGG!!!! OH FUUUUCK!!!!" She screamed. I watched her as she shook. Her entire body shaking. She was so sexy. I was ready for some head.

"Oh... oh... mmmm...." She was moaning afterwards. "Now Ill give you the blowjob."

I pulled out my rock hard cock now and lay down. Allie got on top of me.

"Wait... Before you do.... do you want to do a 69 position?"

"I havent been eaten out tonight..." She thought for a moment. "Sure what the hell," and eased her pussy to my face.

"Mmmm.... You smell niiiiishiiiiit!!" I said as she put my cock in her mouth. I felt her warm mouth envelope my dick. But then I just realized it was in her ass. Kinda sick but it turned me on.

"Man I taste like shiiiiiiit" She moaned. I put my tongue in her cunt and lapped.

I began licking her pussy. Licking up and down trying to find her clit. Then in mid lap I hear her moan louder than before. "Bingo." I said. I had found that sumbitch. I began the infamous tongue roll as I opened my mouth all the way and made a purring sound like a cat. I knew shed go mad from this.

Meanwhile Allie was sucking and slurping on my cock. She came up for air every once in awhile but she wouldnt deep throat. Not again. But she did, however, take in all of my cock that my dick had been in. She would once in awhile come up from my cock and put in the tip of my cock in her mouth and swirl it in her mouth with her tongue.

After minutes of us in the 69 position doing the same thing over and over (Me doing the tongue roll, lick her pussy and find her clit, lick and repeat. Her with take half of my cock in her mouth, come up swirl it with her tongue and repeat.) we eventually told each other "Im gonna cum."

She came first. I licked up as much as I could letting some get on the pillow. Eh well. I came next. Only about 2 spurts but she swallowed it all.

We were spent. I looked at the clock. 7:30am. "Thank God Im off today" I laughed.

"Same here." she said and giggled. She yawned afterwards.

"Fuck Im spent" I yawned.

"Me too." She said. She curled up next to me and kissed me. We started frenching and she eventually broke the kiss. "I love you...."

"I love you too..." I kissed her again. But I pulled away and pulled up a blanket and let her wrap her arms around me. I pulled up the blanket and wrapped us up in it. We both fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Like? Allie and me part 5 will be here in about 3 weeks. Allie is healing quick. But "Allie and me part 4 prequel No. 2" will be up soon. Fuck thats a long title. Hope you liked it.


2007-07-14 06:30:55
wooooooooooooooooooooow 10


2007-06-10 02:29:12
Wish you would have wrote this before the arm break.


2006-08-10 01:01:25
Yeah. She was the one who had the idea to put them on here!


2006-08-08 05:07:30
love the stories, hope you 2 stay together. (does she know that you are writing these stories.)


2006-08-06 03:45:44
yeah, like your stories too, there are great. remembers me of my gf, she's almost as open-mided as allie, i love that

z from berlin, germany

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