Teen girl looking to make some money
Part 1 Photo shoot.

Holly is in her final year of high school, she is eighteen and is looking for a part time sales job over summer holidays..

Holly was walking thru the local shopping plaza and she was wearing her school uniform with her skirt pulled up as high as it could go above her knees and her shirt partly undone showing of her B-cup pink bra. Her big brown eyes and long brown hair falling over her shoulders, she looked lovely and was noticed by several men walking past her..

As she walked thru the shopping plaza looking for staff wanted notices she looked thru the shop windows at the new range of clothes on sale and thought to herself how she wished she had a job and could afford to buy some new clothes that would make her look a lot more sexy.

“Excuse me.” said a woman, “Have you got five minutes to have a chat?”

“What about?” replied Holly.

The smartly-dressed woman handed Holly a business card that read ‘Nikki's Talent Model Agency’.

Then said to Holly. “My names Nikki and my agency is looking for new models with a fresh look and your slim body shape is what we're looking for, do you think you would be interested in doing some modelling work with us?”

Holly answered. “I've never modelled before does that matter?”

Nikki picked up a catalogue from the dress shop Holly had just been looking in and turned to a page and handed it to Holly and pointed at two models. “These are two of our models that we have photographed wearing our clients clothes in these sales catalogues.

“What would I have to do?” Holly asked

“First we need to take some photographs of you and then see how you look in the photographs and show them to our clients. If our clients like the way you look we would then need to take your measurements to make sure we receive the right samples from our clients for you to pose in. All training will be provided free of charge and some clothes you may keep or buy at a discount.

“That sounds fine with me.” Holly replied.

Everything was arranged for Saturday afternoon, Holly turned up wearing pink shorts and yellow tank top that made her breasts look bigger, she rang the doorbell and a older male answered the door.

“Hi you must be Holly.”, I'm Wally, I will be taking your photographs.”

As he showed Holly the way into the studio Holly saw all the large posters of other models hanging on the wall and she wondered if her photo might be put up on the wall someday. As she entered the studio she saw Nikki was sitting at a dressing table in just her bra and pair of panties.

When Nikki saw Holly she came over and said. “Hi I'm glad you were able to come.

“Thanks for inviting me to try out.” Holly replied.

“You just missed my photo session for one of our special clients.” Nikki told her.

Holly stares at Nikki’s breasts the bra she is wearing is completely see thru, when Holly looks at the thong Nikki is wearing she can easily see Nikki’s bald pussy and lips thru the same thin material.

Nikki then explained what was to happen. “We will get you to try on some clothes hanging on the rack first and then take a few photographs of you, how does that sound?”

“Yeah I'm happy with doing that where is the change room” Holly tells her.

“Just change here and hang your clothes on these racks.” Nikki tells her.

Holly is a little nervous at first at undressing in front of two strangers but she is soon standing there in just her panties and bra as Nikki picks out a dress for her to put on. Nikki takes her over to Wally who takes a few photos of her. Nikki asks Holly to remove the dress and try another one on. Holly nervously removes the dress in front of Wally who keeps taking her photo as she pulls the next dress on then removes it and tries on another.

After being photographed wearing several dresses Holly is starting to relax as she stands there in just her underwear. As soon as Wally stops taking her photo Nikki takes Holly back over to the desk.

“Now I need you to remove your underwear, so I can record your measurements.” Nikki Tells Holly.

Holly's face turns a bright red at the thought of being totally naked in front of these two strangers. Nikki notices Holly's discomfort and explains how all the models undress and change clothes around others. Then Nikki reaches around Holly's bra and unclips it and slides it off Holly's shoulders and arms.

Nikki smiles at Holly as she stands there in front of her as she tries to cover her young perky breasts with her arms.

“Your breasts look lovely, don't be embarrassed by them.” Nikki tells her as she removes Holly’s arms from covering her breasts.

“I think they're a bit small.” Holly explains.

Nikki reaches out and cups both of Holly's breasts in the palm of her hands and gives them a squeeze. It's the first time anyone has touched her breasts and Holly is amazed at how it feels and how her body starts to tingle.

“Don't worry about the size they are the now, they will eventually grow bigger.” Nikki tells her.

Nikki dropping to her knees hooks her thumbs into the sides of Holly's panties and pulls them down to the floor, Holly's pussy is only inches away from Nikki's face and she can feel Nikki’s breath against her pussy. As Nikki gazes at the puffy lips and light fur of Holly’s pussy for a few moments. Holly begins to step out of her panties and Nikki's thoughts are brought back to what she is supposed to be doing.

Picking up a tape measure she starts measuring Holly's body and writes everything down in her book waist, hips, outside leg then as she measures the inside leg Nikki's hand brushes Holly's pussy lips causing Holly to let out a soft gasp and a louder gasp as Nikki's finger pushes harder between Holly's pussy lips causing them to partly open and show off her lovely pink insides..

“Is everything ok?” Nikki asks.

“Yes everything is ok.” Holly tells Nikki.

“You have a wonderful looking pussy.” Nikki tells Holly.

Standing up Nikki starts measuring Holly's arms and neck then runs the tape measure around Holly's chest.

“We need your nipples to be erect for this measurement.” Nikki tells her.

She then reaches out and pinches both of Holly's nipples giving them a slight pull and twist, Holly gasps again at the strange feeling she is getting and closes her eyes.
Nikki studying Holly's face sees she has her eyes closed and continues to play with Holly's nipples before squeezing her breasts for a few moments.

Then running the tape around Holly’s chest and over her nipples one more time Nikki announces she has finished taking all her measurements as she writes the final measurement down into her book.

When Holly opens her eyes she sees that Wally has been standing next to them taking photos, he has watched everything that has happened, once again Holly’s face goes bright red with embarrassment as she watches Wally checking out her naked body.

Standing in front of Wally naked she asked. “What do you want me to wear first?”

Holly is handed various bras and panties to wear after putting each pair on she is quickly photographed and asked to change into another pair. She spends a good time being nude waiting to be handed other underwear to try on and be photographed wearing. Wally continues taking her photos as she undresses and changes into the next outfit.

Holly was undressing and was naked as Wally brought the box of swimwear out and placed it on the table, she felt his eyes looking over her naked body, a man older than her father, but in a strange way she was excited letting him see her that way.

Holly takes the bikini from him and holding it up checks it out. It looks far to small for her to wear it's the smallest bikini she has ever seen.

“Here let me help you put it on.” Nikki tells her.

Nikki runs the bikini bottoms between Hollys legs and over her pussy giving the bikini bottoms a rub causing her to show a small cameltoe. Then tying the sides of the bikini bottoms tight she leans back to admire the cameltoe she has caused. Next she tied the bikini top around Holly's neck and back, adjusting the small triangle of material that just covered her nipples, then giving each nipple a squeeze before telling Holly she was ready to be photographed.

Moving over to Wally who had her stand in front of several bright lights and cameras. He told her to move around and look natural, telling her to squat and look at the camera. Holly could tell that Wally was taking photos of her pussy, when he asked her to give her pussy a rub over the top of the material at first she hesitated but gave in and rubbed her fingers over the material several times not knowing she was making the cameltoe bigger.

Nikki standing beside Wally gave Holly instructions on how to pose, telling her to push out her chest and place her hands behind her head and to look sideways.
Wally asked Nikki to adjust the bikini top Holly was wearing and she reached out and pulled the small triangle of material to the side to expose one of Holly's nipples.
Wally smiled at Holly telling her how gorgeous she was looking and how his clients would love how she looked.

After a lot of photos were taken from all angles Holly was told to remove the bikini and put on a pink teddy nighty. As Holly removed the bikini Wally kept taking photos of her, at first she was embarrassed at being photographed nude. But now she was enjoying being photographed. Nikki helped her put on the nighty and clipped the buttons on the gusset, then adjusting the shoulder straps to pull the material tight against her body.

Holly moved back in front of the cameras and once again Wally instructed her on how he wanted her to pose, he took a lot of photos of her with her hands on knees and looking over her shoulder as her cute bottom faced the camera. Then as she faced the camera Nikki told her to let her right shoulder strap slip down and to expose part of her breast, as she did this Nikki moved closer and again twisted and pulled Holly’s nipples causing them to stick further out.

As Holly moved around in front of the camera twisting and turning her body at first she didn't notice that her right breast was now fully exposed, she stopped for a second and thought about covering it back up. But with encouragement from Nikki and Wally she left it exposed, when they suggested she drop the other shoulder strap, Holly didn't hesitate and soon both of her young B cup breasts were on show. Wally loved how she looked and he moved closer and took close up photographs of each of her breasts.

It was suggested for Holly to try on another teddy and when she was handed it Holly noticed it was see thru.

Holly giggled and asked Nikki. “You want me to wear this? it's see thru, it will be like i'm wearing nothing.”

Nikki smiled at Holly and told her how good she will look wearing it and not to worry about being seen nude, we have already seen your body naked when you changed outfits. Not waiting for Holly to answer Nikki lifted the pink teddy over Holly’s head and then helped her put on the new see thru teddy. Once again Nikki squeezed and pinched her nipples causing Holly to moan.

“Do you like me touching your breasts?” Nikki asked her.

“I have never had my breasts touched by anyone the way you do, it feels so strange when you pinch my nipples.” Holly tells Nikki.

“What about boyfriends, do you any?” Asks Nikki.

“I had a boyfriend but we recently broke up.” Holly explains.

“Do you ever play with your pussy?” Nikki asks.

Holly’s face turns bright red and she nods her head then explains. “Sometimes at night I do.”

“Don't be embarrassed I still play with mine all the time.” Nikki tells her.

Holly starts to open her mouth to say something and Nikki gives her another kiss this time on the lips and their tongues explore each others mouths. Holly has never been kissed like this before and she finds it exciting and doesn't want to stop.

“Let's have some more photos taken of you.” Nikki says to Holly as she leads her towards the cameras.

The cameras and photo area has been rearranged, there is now a white leather couch in the middle of the area. Holly is asked to sit on the couch and lean back, again Wally moves around her taking more photos of her, the see thru nighty is transparent under the lights. Nikki gives her encouragement and tells her what pose is best. Nikki moves in and adjusts the teddy Holly is wearing. Nikki undoes the clips on the gusset of the teddy and lifts it up around Holly’s waist. Holly's pussy is totally exposed as Nikki runs her finger between Holly’s pussy lips, Holly lets out a loud moan.

Nikki asks Holly. “Show us how you play with your pussy in your bed at night.”

Holly closes her eyes and her fingers begin to play with her pussy, her body is squirming and her pussy starts to hump her fingers, she begins to moan out. She had no idea she could feel this good and how excited it would be to play with herself in front of others as they watched her. Holly's screams were now getting louder she was about to have her first orgasm.

Nikki was so turned on she removed her panties and bra she had been wearing, her panties were soaked with her own juices. Nikki pushed her fingers deep into her own pussy pumping in and out at a quick pace. With her knees becoming weak, Nikki sat down on the couch, Holly opened her eyes to see what was happening only to see Nikki fingering her own pussy wildly,

As Holly continued fingering her own pussy she watched Nikki fingering hers, Holly had never masturbated in front of anyone before, or watched someone else masturbating. Holly was really excited and could feel the wetness of her pussy as she pushed her fingers deeper into her pussy. Suddenly Holly’s body started to shake and she scream out that she was having an orgasm.

Nikki watched as Holly started squirting her juices everywhere when she had finished squirting Holly sat up and watched Nikki continue to finger herself, when Holly reached out and pulled Nikki's nipples then twisted them Nikki screamed and her juices started to flow out her pussy. Both females just laid back into the couch and gave each other a smile.

Holly says to Nikki. “I've never been so wet, I’ve never felt like this before.”

“You have just had your first orgasm, you will be able to have plenty more.” Nikki tells her.

Wally was snapping photos of Holly as fast as he could take them, especially close ups of Holly’s pussy, his cock was throbbing inside his pants as he watched the females fingering their pussys. He thinks to himself how lucky Nikki had been in finding Holly. He moved beside Nikki and starts undoing his pants when his pants and underwear dropped to the floor, his large cock springs out, after removing his shirt he stands there naked next to Nikki.

Holly let out another loud gasp as her eyes were transfixed onto Wally's large cock,

“Do you know what a head job is?” Nikki asks Holly.

“I've heard other girls talking about it.” She told Nikki.

“Would you like to watch me give Wally a head job.” Nikki smiling asks Holly.

Even before Holly could nod her head Nikki took Wally's large mushroom head of his cock into her mouth then let the shaft slip further down her throat then she pulled her mouth up and then pushed it back down taking it deep into her mouth. Holly watched as Nikki's head bounced up and down on Wally's cock.

He must love this Holly thought to herself as she heard him moan and pleaded for Nikki not to stop. Nikki stop just long enough to take hold of Holly's hand and place it on her pussy and told her to play with her pussy. As Holly's fingers pushed in and out of Nikki's pussy, she felt Nikki's pussy muscles gripping her fingers.

Holly's fingers were doing wonders to Nikki pussy as she started to moan. Holly heard Wally grunt that he was cumming and watched as he squirt load after load into Nikki's mouth and then pulled out of her mouth and covered her face with his cum. Not wanting to miss a great photo Wally picked up his camera and started talking photos of them again. He nearly blew another load when he watched Holly licking up his cum of Nikki's face. The camera snapped and snapped these photos will be great he thought.

As the three of them sat on the couch Nikki asked Holly. “Was everything alright were you happy with what has happened today?”

Holly giggled as she told them. “Oh yes I’ve enjoyed myself.”

Nikki gave her another kiss and their mouths opened letting them explored each other's mouth with their tongues.

“What time do you have to be home? Nikki asks.

“I told my parents I'm staying overnight at my friends.” Holly tells them.

“Do you want to spend more time with us?” Nikki asks.

“If that's ok with you, yes I would like too.” Holly replies.

“Let's have Wally take a few personal photos of us together.” Nikki says.

As she lifts the see thru nighty completely off Holly, now both females are now completely naked.

“You want Wally to take our photos when were both nude?” Holly asks.

Nikki tells Holly. “You will be fine, think of all the fun we will have together.”

Nikki’s holds Holly’s hand and leads her towards the next room inside there is a large bed in the middle of the room with a lot more lights and video cameras. Nikki lays Holly onto the bed and gives her a kiss, Holly breaks the kiss to ask a question but they kiss again this time longer Holly darts her tongue into Nikki’s mouth and they begin kissing passionately. When Nikki squeezes Hollys tiny breasts, Holly starts to moan, and when Nikki breaks their kiss and takes Holly's nipple into her mouth Holly moans louder.

Both woman fondle and run their hands over each other’s body Nikki is seducing Holly as Wally continues walking around the bed taking their photos.

Nikki was squeezing and fondling Holly's breast, pulling and twisting her nipples. Holly was loving how her body was reacting to Nikki's touches, no one had ever touched her so soft and so sexual as Nikki was doing. When Nikki took Holly's nipple into her mouth and began sucking it, Holly moaned this time it wasn't a soft moan but very audible loud moan.

Wally had a chuckle to himself as he continued to take their photos. When Nikki's hand rubbed over Holly's inner thigh Holly opened her legs further apart letting Nikki fingers rub over her wet pussy Nikki began to run her finger up and down Holly's dripping wet pussy crack.

Holly was still holding Nikki's head against her breast, as she moaned out. “I've never felt this way before it's fantastic.”

As Nikki's finger entered Holly's vagina her juices started to leak out and Nikki pushed her finger in and out faster and faster, then as she applied a little pressure to the top of Holly's pussy slit, out popped Holly's clit from under its hood.

As Nikki flicked Holly's clit with her fingers, Holly body started to shudder and shake, then her pussy started to squirt again.

Nikki crawls down between Holly's legs and gives her wet slit a kiss and flick of her tongue.

“Oh oh what are you doing to me?” Holly asks as her breathing increases.

“Hasn't anyone ate your pussy before?” Nikki asks her.

“No one has ever done this to me.” Holly tells her.

“Wonderful, I have so much to teach you.” Nikki excitedly tells her.

Nikki gives Holly's pussy another lick pushing her tongue as deep into her young pussy as she can.

Holly begins to scream out as her pussy becomes wetter. “Oh oh oh this is incredible.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Nikki asks her.

“Oh please don't stop it feels so wonderful.” Holly begs..

“Well lay back and enjoy yourself, as I send you to a place you won't believe.” Nikki tells her as she leans in and kisses Holly's pussy once more.

With her tongue running up and down Holly's slit, Nikki pulls Holly's pussy lips apart and then begins to tongue fuck Holly's sweet hole, pushing her tongue in as far as she could, sucking up and licking Holly's juices that covered her pussy. Holly reached out and pushed Nikki's face harder against her pussy as she started to scream.

With her pussy starting to squirt again Holly moaned loud and louder. She had totally forgot about Wally and his camera, he was continuing to take their photos and when she caught sight of him, he was still naked and taking photos but this time he was also stroking his cock with his other hand.

Nikki noticed her looking at Wally's thick cock and whispered. “Do you want to feel his cock, do you want him to join us?”

Holly just continued to stare at Wally's cock, not saying anything as she continues to watch him stroking it. As Wally moves closer to her, Holly reached out for his cock, Holly was soon stroking his thick cock she could feel it pulsating as she tried to wrap her hand around it. She loved how it felt and throbbed in her hands she watched the veins on the shaft pulsate.

“What about giving Wally a blow job like I did before?” Nikki whispered to Holly.

Holly replied. “I’ve never done that before I don't know how too .”

“Would you like me to teach you?” asked Nikki

“Oh Yes please.” was Holly's response.

As Wally brought his cock to Holly's face.

“To begin with just lick around the cocks mushroom head and then lick up and down the shaft , just copy what I do.” Nikki tells Holly.

Holly watches Nikki lick Wally's cock around its mushroom head, then lick up and down his shaft before letting it slip into her mouth.

“Now you have a try.” Nikki tells her.

Holly copies what Nikki has done and notices how wally's cock begins to twitch.

“See your having an effect on Wally already, the tip of the cock is the most sensitive part, now just take the cocks head into your mouth and use your tongue to play with it.” Nikki tells her.

As Holly opens her mouth wide, Wally’s cock head slips inside her mouth.

Wally starts to scream out. “Fuck yeah oh fuck yeah that's fucking good suck me baby girl.”

Holly takes more of Wally's cock into her mouth, and with Nikki holding Holly's head by her hair guides Holly’s mouth up and down on the cock. As Holly keeps bobbing her head, Wally starts to begin a pumping action and with each stroke his cock goes further into Holly's mouth.

Holly starts to gag. Nikki tells her. “Just relax and let the cock go in further, try swallowing, it will make it easier .”

Holly gags again but keeps trying and soon Wally has more of his cock in Holly's mouth with another swallow her gag reflex becomes used to having a cock inside her mouth and down her throat, Wally's balls are now against Holly's chin she has taken all of his seven and a half inches.

“Now Holly start bobbing your head up and down Wally's cock.” Nikki tells her.

Wally can't wait for Holly to finish he now holds the back off Holly's head as he begins to thrust in and out her mouth quickening his thrusts. Wally yells that he is cumming and holds Holly's head down onto his cock.

“Just swallow what you can and enjoy the taste.” Nikki tells her.

Holly feels the first load squirt out, hitting the back of her throat as she swallows Wally's salty cum and feels it running down her throat, then another squirt is followed quickly by another, too much for Holly to swallow and it drips out the sides of her mouth as she gasps for a breath.

As Wally withdraws his cock from her mouth he shoots a load over her face.

Nikki asks Holly. “How did that feel?”

Holly replied. “Strange but I liked doing it and it was a lot more fun once I got used the size of it.”

The three of them sat on the bed with Holly in the middle Nikki's playing with Holly's young breasts and Wally playing with her pussy pushing his finger inside until he feels her cherry. He then leans down and gives her pussy a kiss and few licks with his tongue. Nikki brings Holly's face towards her breast and Holly takes Nikki's nipple into her mouth and begins sucking on it, like a child would be feed by her mother.

When Nikki notices Wally's cock is getting hard once more she parts her legs wide and Holly sits up and watches Wally rubbing his cock up and down Nikki's pussy slit then pushing the large mushroom head of his cock into her love hole then pushes it further into Nikki's tight pussy. Holly is excited it's the first time she has seen anyone fucking.

Holly begins to rub her own pussy as she watches Wally begin to pump his cock in and out of Nikki's pussy with long slow strokes. Holly hears the slapping sound of Wally's balls hitting Nikki's pussy and she moves closer to watch as Nikki wraps her legs around Wally's shoulders.

When Wally's thrust begin getting quicker Holly knows that it means he is about to blow his load into Nikki's pussy. With one large thrust Wally pushes his cock deep into Nikki's pussy as his cock starts erupting and filling Nikki's pussy. Nikki starts moaning and screams out that she is having a orgasm.

Wally lays on top of Nikki with his cock still buried inside Nikki's pussy, when he finally pulls his soft cock out, Holly watches as Nikki's pussy gapes open and her juices and Wally's cum running out her hole.

Nikki gives Holly a smile then tells Wally. “That felt incredible I love having your cock inside me.”

Holly asks Nikki. “Does it hurt having Wally's fat cock in your pussy?”

“It doesn't hurt as much as the first time you had sex, once your pussy stretches to take his cock it will feel fantastic.” Nikki explains.

“When could I try being fucked by Wally’s fat cock?” Holly asks.

Wally gives Nikki a smile as Nikki tells her. “When you think you can handle having his thick cock stretching your pussy.”

“Could Wally fuck me now?” Holly asks.

“Wally's cock might be too big for your tight pussy, it might hurt you too much.” Nikki tells her.

“Can I please try, all my boyfriend’s had small cocks.” Holly begs.

Wally says to Holly. “Let's see how tight your pussy is and if it will stretch enough for my cock.”

Pushing Holly's legs as far apart as he can Wally pushes one finger into her pussy and moves it in and out then he adds another one of his fat fingers and continues to move them in and out.

Nikki holding Holly's hand asks. “Are you ok let us know if you want Wally to stop?”

Holly nods her head as Wally keeps finger fucking her tight pussy, with her juices beginning to flow Wally pushes another finger into her pussy. Holly can feel her pussy being stretched as Wally tries pushing a fourth of his fat fingers into her pussy. Holly squeezes Nikki's hand tight as she feels the fingers moving around her pussy.

Holly begins thinking that Nikki is right and Wally's cock is too big for her to take in her pussy, Wally's cock is a lot bigger than his four fingers. With his cock throbbing and dripping precum there is no turning back. he wants to fuck Holly his lust for her tight pussy shows in his eyes. Holly looks at him and knows she can't say no there is no stopping him now.

Wally removes his fingers and begins rubbing his large mushroom head of his cock up and down Holly's slit as her pussy lips start to open he pushes his cock tip harder against her hole he then pulls back and rubs up and down her slit and then pushes against her hole again Holly can feel her pussy being stretched with each push of Wally's cock.

Nikki tells Holly. “Just relax it will make it easier and it will soon be over.”

Feeling sorry for Holly and knowing how she would not have been able to take Wally's cock in her pussy at Holly's age she looks at Wally what she sees is his lust and determination when she looks at Holly she sees tears beginning to run down her cheeks.

Wally keeps pushing the tip of his cock into Holly's pussy and then with a plop the head of his cock goes inside. Holly's pussy lips grip the shaft of Wally's cock each time his cock is pushed further into the tightest pussy he has ever been in. When he feels the tip of his cock hitting the wall of her hymen he smiles knowing he is about to take her cherry.

Holly has relaxed a little, it's not as painful for her as it was at the start, she feels Wally's cock being pushed in and pulled out over and over then as Wally feels his cock about to erupt he thrust his cock deep inside Holly's pussy breaking her hymen. Holly screams out in pain and begins to cry, Nikki tries to comfort her as Wally keeps thrusting in and pulling back Holly can feel her pussy being stretched as it fills up with his cum.

Wally continues pumping his cock in and out letting Holly's pussy muscles milk his cock. Nikki watches as Holly begins to humping her pussy against Wally's cock as he slows down.

“Please don't stop oh keep fucking me it feels so good having your cock inside me.” Holly screams to Wally.

Wally looks at Holly and smiles and tells her. “I knew you would love my cock in your pussy.”

“Yes I do please keep going.” Holly tells him.

Wally with his cock beginning to become soft pushes it in deep and leaves it inside Holly's pussy. Giving Holly a kiss on her lips and squeezing her breasts he pinches her nipples hard causing her to squeal in pain he then smiles at her.

“I knew you would be a great fuck he tells her, did you like having my fat cock in your pussy?” Wally asks.

“Yes.” Holly tells Wally.

When Wally pulls his limp cock out of her pussy and sits down on the side of the bed, Holly watches the mixture of Wally’s cum and her juices running out of her pussy, she runs her fingers through the mixture and then brings her fingers to her mouth to taste she sucks her fingers clean before dipping her fingers back into the mixture of male cum and pussy juices for another taste.

Nikki begins to wipe up Holly's pussy and gently rubs it with her fingers let's go have a shower together and wash each other. Then we can discuss what has just happened to you and how you can't tell anyone what goes on in the studio.

“You can sleep here tonight with me if you want too.” Nikki tells Holly.

“Yes I want to be with you, I have so many questions to ask.” Holly tells her.

When they finish showering together, they find that Wally has left them to be alone. They both hop into bed naked. Holly falls asleep as she cuddled up to Nikki. Running her hands over Holly's body and stroking her hair Nikki thinks of all the fun they will have together.


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