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Maria, with her mind control daughter, turns her virgin daughter into her lesbian lover.
Lesbian Mind Control Incest
A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research
Chapter Two: Nubile Daughter's Cherry
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this!

My youngest daughter, only eighteen, stared at me, her drunk thoughts struggling to comprehend what I had just told her as I sat naked on the couch in our living room. My eldest daughter, nineteen, hid her head in shame between my thighs. Her face was covered in my pussy juices while her best friend, Lily, still licked at her cunt. Janet, my youngest, blinked her brown eyes, adjusting her glasses on her cute nose.

“What?” she blinked. “Take charge...” She swayed for a moment.

A surge of anger shot through me. Alison, my eldest, had thrown a wild party while I was out of town. I had come home early from my vacation in Las Vegas and found it in full swing. She had allowed Janet to drink so much beer, she had passed out.

Janet blinked again. “But... She's licking your pussy, Mom.”

“Yes, she is,” I moaned, putting my hand on Alison's black hair and pushing her face into my pussy. I still buzzed from the most powerful orgasm ever. It had been so hot making my bratty daughter lick my pussy to orgasm.

Thanks to the strange Halo delivered at my door, I had mind control powers. It was something to do with nanomachines changing my brain waves and allowing me to dominate others. I didn't care how it worked, I just cared that it did. No longer would people walk over me. I wouldn't be a doormat. People, like Bianca my supposed girlfriend, would not get away with hurting me any longer.

I looked down at Alison, her lips nuzzling at my pussy, her humiliated, hazel eyes staring at me. Lily kept tonguing and licking, moaning her enjoyment as she savored my eldest daughter's pussy. Thanks to my powers, I had made both girls into lesbians. They didn't like it, and they were both embarrassed at how much they enjoyed it. Particularly Alison.

“But...” Janet stammered. She rubbed at her head. “Am I drunk? Is this...a dream?”

“It's not a dream,” I told her, smiling at Janet. She was normally a good girl. Getting drunk was her sister's influence. I bet Janet just wanted to fit in, and all of Alison's friends had egged her on. Made her think she had to get drunk to be cool. Then they just left her passed out in her tight shorts and tighter shirt. That garment molded to her round breasts. Though she was three years younger than Alison, her breasts were a full cup-sized larger, well on their way to being as big as my lush tits.

“So...she's licking your pussy?” Janet shook her head. “That's incest, Mom. You shouldn't be doing that!” She stumbled towards us, fighting to hold her balance. “And why are you home? I thought you and Ms. Carter were on your girl's weekend.”

“Bianca turned out to be a whore like your sister and Lily,” I growled. Bianca, Lily's mother, was my secret girlfriend. We were lesbian lovers, or I thought we were. Turned out, Bianca was just “passing time” with me. I left her in Vegas getting double-teamed by a pair of meatheads. She wanted me to join.


“So...” Janet rubbed at her head. “You're having Alison lick your pussy.”

“She loves it,” I groaned, shivering as Alison's tongue slid through my pussy lips. “Right?”

My brain tingled.

“I do,” Alison moaned, her voice so thick with disgust. “I love Mom's pussy, Janet. She made me love it. She's controlling us. She has magic powers or some shit.” Her eyes stared daggers at me. “She made us into lesbians.”

“Mom?” Janet blinked as Alison buried her face back into my pussy. She hated doing it but loved how good I tasted.

“I do have powers,” I moaned, undulating my hips as I stared at my cute daughter. “Come here.” Tingles raced across my thoughts as I held out my hand.

Janet moved towards me, blinking at Lily, whose red hair spread out across her shoulders as she tongued Alison's pussy loudly. She must have her tongue buried deep into my daughter's pussy. Alison moaned into my snatch, her hips wiggling, enjoying her best friend's touch even as she hated being a lesbian.

My youngest took my hand, and I pulled her down onto the couch beside me, my arm going around her shoulders. She sat stiffly, resisting as I pulled her close to me. But not much. She was an obedient girl.

“You're naked, Mom,” she blushed, my breast touching her arm. “This is...wrong. She's licking your pussy!”

“You keep saying that,” I laughed, staring down at Alison's nose pressed into my black curls. “But it feels wonderful.”

“But incest! It's wrong! It's illegal! She's your daughter!”

I stared at Janet. “So? I can do whatever I want. I'm like...a goddess. I tell people what to do, what to feel, what to believe, and they have to do it.” I shivered. It was such a rush. “Isn't that amazing?”

Janet's brow furrowed. “I guess.”

I stared at her. “It is.” My thoughts tingled. “Say it.”

“It's amazing, Mom,” she said, now sounding very convincing.

My arm slipped off her shoulders, reaching around her side and bushing the side of her round breast through her shirt. I didn't feel a bra beneath her top. She stiffened, glancing down at my hand pressing against her breast. She bit her lip, her cheeks growing so pink.

“She's going to make you a lesbian, too,” Alison said. “She's going to make you her slut!”

I laughed, my hand growing bolder, cupping my youngest daughter's firm, round breast through her t-shirt. I gave it a squeeze, loving how pliant it was. Barely legal tits felt lovely. “She's not my slut. She's my princess. She's a good girl. Unlike you, Alison. You're my slut. You're my pussy-licking slave. Right?”

“Yes, Mom,” Alison moaned, shuddering.

“Mom,” Janet whimpered as I massaged her breast. “You shouldn't touch me there.”

“Because you're my daughter?”

“Yeah, and you're my mom.” She bit her lip. “This is illegal, Mom. You can't do this.”

I stared into her brown eyes, her face trembling. It was so cute. My thoughts tingling, I informed her, “Honey, I can do whatever I want. I'm a Goddess, remember? And you're my princess. You love it when I touch you. It makes your pussy tingle and your entire body feel so good. Because you like girls, especially your mother. I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. And you love me so much. Don't you, Janet?”

“I do, Mom,” she gushed, a smile crossing her lips. She squirmed, and I knew her pussy was growing wet as my fingers massaged her round breast. She relaxed.

“See,” Alison said. “Can you feel her controlling you?”

“I can feel her making me feel good,” Janet said. She touched her head. “In here.”

“She's a witch!” Alison's tongue licked through my pussy, flicking my folds. “You're a horrible mother.”

“For making my daughter feel good?” I moaned, my fingers finding Janet's nipple. It dimpled her t-shirt. I rubbed it through the cotton. She shuddered and the cutest whimper escaped her lips. “You feel good, too, Alison. Don't you? You love Lily licking your pussy.”

“I do,” she groaned. “I shouldn't. I don't want to. But...”

“But you taste so good,” Lily moaned. “Oh, Alison, I love licking your pussy. It's not so bad, I guess.”

“We're her slaves!”

“And obedient slaves don't call their goddesses witches,” I commanded. “They only say nice things. Right?” Tingles.

“Yes, Mom,” Alison groaned, her eyes going wide. “You're...” Her jaw worked. She wanted to disparage me again. But she couldn't. “You're... Fuck! Your pussy tastes wonderful!”

Then she buried her lips back into my pussy and tongued me hard like the good, little slave she was. I groaned, rolling Janet's nipple harder, pulling my youngest daughter closer against me as I savored Alison's tongue sliding through my folds.

Incest was so amazing. Having mind control powers was stupendous. I could do anything. No one would ever take advantage of me any longer. I would give my Janet so many wonderful things. I would spoil her. She was such a good girl.

“Mom,” whimpered Janet, her head resting on my shoulder. “You're making You know. Down there.”

“Your pussy?” I asked.

She blushed, squirming and nodding her head.

“You weren't shy talking about my pussy.” I loved how hard her nipple was through her t-shirt. I rolled it again. “So why are you shy when it comes to talking about your own pussy?”

“Because your my mom,” she groaned. “And...and I'm so wet. Your touch is making my cunny all tingly and... and...”

“You want to masturbate?”

She nodded her head.

“Then what's stopping you?” I whispered. “You can do whatever you want. You're my princess. Alison and Lily are your slaves, too. Right?”

“Yes, Ms. Talon,” moaned Lily as Alison moaned, “Yeah, Mom,” into my juicy pussy.

I shuddered, Alison's tongue swirling around my clit, as Janet shoved her hands down to her shorts. She unsnapped the fastener. The zipper rasped down as she shoved her hands into them. She groaned, her head leaning back against the couch as she rubbed at her pussy through her panties.

I licked my lips, watching her hands bulge her shorts as she rubbed herself, her sweet moans echoing through the room along with the two lesbian sluts licking. I shivered, humping against Alison's wonderful tongue as I watched my youngest daughter pleasure herself.

“I bet Alison wants to see what you're doing,” I groaned. “She's such a lesbian slut. She gets so turned on by girls now. Don't you, Alison?”

“Yes, Mom,” she moaned. “I love girls.”

“You do?” Janet moaned. “Even me? Am I sexy, Alison?”

Alison's eyes flicked to her sister. “Yes! You have those wonderful boobs. And your legs. And those glasses. You're very sexy.”

Janet beamed. She loved getting praise from Alison. Probably why she let her sister push beer after beer on her until she drank herself to unconsciousness. My youngest lifted her ass off the couch, pushing down her shorts, revealing a cute pair of yellow panties, the crotch damp with her excitement.

“Panties, too,” I moaned. “We want to see that cute cunny.”

“Yes,” Lily moaned, her blue eyes watching from above my eldest's butt-cheeks. “Let's see your cute pussy.”

“Lily,” groaned Alison.

“Don't be jealous,” I smiled. “Lily loves you just as much as you love her. You're both my lesbian slaves and love each other so much.” My thoughts prickled hard.

“I'll always love you, Alison,” Lily groaned.

“Because my mom made you,” objected Alison.

“So you don't love me?” Lily sounded hurt.

Alison squeezed her eyes shut. “I do. I do love you, Lily. So much.”

“Oh, that's beautiful,” Janet said, pushing down her yellow panties.

“It is,” I smiled, licking my lips with greedy hunger as the wispy, black hairs of my youngest daughter's pubic mound came into view. She had such a sparse bush, hardly hiding her tight slit. Her vulva was plump with excitement. She was so tight not even her clit peeked out, let alone her inner pussy lips. “What a pretty pussy, honey. Play with it for Mommy.”

“Yes,” she said eagerly.

I grabbed Alison's black hair, pulling her face tight against my pussy, humping against her wonderful, licking lips. Pleasure shuddered through me as I watched my youngest run her fingers up and down her plump vulva, stroking and massaging her slit. Then she spread herself open, exposing her pink depths, a little clit peeking out of its hood.

She was so cute and sexy all at the same time. My fingers tightened on her nipple, rolling it through her t-shirt as she moaned, rubbing up and down her flesh. Her legs parted more, pressing on my thigh. Her breathing quickened. Her little nose twitched as she rubbed her clit.

“I love touching it right here,” Janet moaned. “On my clit. Oooh, that makes me feel the best.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, Alison's tongue brushing my own clit, sparking incestuous pleasure through my body.

“I rub it in circles, like this, Mom.” She demonstrated, the tip of her finger rubbing on her clit in slow circles, her body twitching. “Ooh, it feels even better when you watch. It makes me feel so naughty, Mom. We're doing something so bad.”

“We are,” I groaned. “Keep rubbing it. Show Mommy how you cum.”

She nodded her head, rubbing her clit faster. The fingers of her other hand stroked up and down her slit, brushing her silky pubic hair. Juices coated her fingers. I inhaled, breathing in the new, sweet musk pervading the living room, adding to the other smells of hot pussy pervading the house.

I clenched my fingers into Alison's hair, shivering as her tongue thrust into my pussy's depths. She swirled it around, moaning, her nose rubbing into my clit. Her eyes grew glossy, savoring Lily's lapping tongue. The redhead's hands gripped Alison's butt-cheeks, squeezing them as she tongued my daughter. It made her swirl her tongue faster through my depths, wiggling in as deep as possible as she tasted me.

“Do you finger your cunny?” I groaned to my youngest. “How many fingers do you push into your pussy when you masturbate?”

“None,” she moaned. “I still have my hymen.”

“Oh, god,” I groaned. “You're a virgin, baby?”

She nodded her head.

“Not a dirty, cock-fucking slut like your sister used to be?”

“No, Mom!” she moaned, rubbing her fingers faster on her clit and pussy lips. “No, I'm not! I'm a good girl, Mommy!”

She squealed, bucking and trembling. I savored her orgasm. Her legs kicked out. Juices flooded out of her pussy. They smelled so sweet. A hot surge of incestuous lust shot through me as I watched her cum. Her little nose wrinkled. Her glasses slid down her nose. Her eyes fluttered.

She was so cute. She was so scrumptious.

I loved my new powers.

“Yes, baby, enjoy your cum,” I moaned, my pussy clenching on Alison's tongue. “Orgasms are amazing!”

“Yes, Mommy!” she moaned.

I leaned in and planted a hot kiss on her lips. She melted into it as she kept masturbating her pussy. My tongue thrust into her mouth. She was so pliant. So ready to be loved by me. It was so wrong to kiss my daughter. So taboo.

But I was special.

My orgasm exploded.

I bucked against Alison's licking mouth once more. I savored her tongue lapping at my folds as my juices flooded out. My eldest drank them down. Every swipe of her tongue through my folds kept me cumming. Kept the pleasure bursting through me. I drank it in. I embraced the forbidden desires, moaning into my daughter's mouth.

She was a virgin. I pinched her nipple through her t-shirt. She was a virgin, and I had a closet full of toys to change that.

I broke the kiss. “Oh, baby, Mommy's going to make such sweet love to you and pop your cherry. I'll make you into a woman.”

Her eyes were wide. “Really?”

“Really,” I smiled, nuzzling my nose against hers. “I love you so much. You're my good girl. You're not a dirty, lesbian slut like Alison.”

“Just a sexy, lesbian daughter,” she smiled. “I love you, Mommy.”

And then she kissed me. Oh, what a sweet thing she was.

I shivered when I broke the kiss, my pussy still buzzing with pleasure, stirred by Alison's licking. “You can stop for now,” I told my daughter. “You, too, Lily.”

“But I didn't make her cum,” Lily pouted, lifting her face, Alison's juices dripping down her chin and neck. One clear line had even reached her freckled breasts. They were big like her mother's, but far firmer.

“You will,” I promise. “Come on, let's go to my bedroom and have fun.”

“Yay!” Janet said, the alcohol giving her more enthusiasm than normal.

She bounded to her feet in her t-shirt, her firm breasts jiggling, and raced down the hall. I loved the sight of her naked ass as she vanished out of sight. I stood and stretched, my skirt still bunched around my waist. I pushed that off of me as Alison and Lily stood. I smiled as the redhead kissed my daughter. Alison shuddered, eyes shut. She looked like she wanted to fight it, but couldn't, and returned the kiss to her lover, tasting her own pussy on Lily's lips.

It was beautiful. And unlike Bianca, Lily would never break my daughter's heart by being a whore. Alison was a bratty slut, but she was still my daughter. My slave deserved some happiness as she made up for how horrible she acted the last few years.

Like my what she did to my poor house tonight. I shook my head. It was a disaster. If I didn't have a cute, eighteen-year-old daughter waiting in my bedroom eager to have her cherry popped, I would have us all get to cleaning. But it could wait until morning.

“Come along,” I commanded, a slight tingle racing around my thoughts. It didn't take much to get those two to obey me any longer. They were being conditioned.


The dot matrix printer whirled to life again, chugging along and printing out the next report on Subject 1. So far, Deidre Icke was ecstatic with the results. The Halo had never been tested before. They were created for the twelve special individuals, discovered by channeling the spirit of her dead guru, to wield. They would change the world. Deidre had faith in Henry Blavatsky's vision. She would make it a reality.

She turned and rose from her expensive computer chair in the heart of the Institute of Apotheosis Research. She waited for the printer to finish it laborious task and ripped it off, her hands trembling in anticipation. Subject 1 had engaged the Halo on three persons so far with the anticipated results: the Subject's brainwaves dominating the targets.

Proving her divinity.

STATUS: Drones have installed four pinhole cameras at SUBJECT 1 residence at 2134 PST.

CAMERA 1: ACTIVE, Living Room

CAMERA 2: ACTIVE, Bedroom 1

CAMERA 3: ACTIVE, Bedroom 2

CAMERA 4: ACTIVE, Bedroom 3

Drones on standby for further actions.

A shiver ran through Deidre. She hurried back to her desk, sitting down and turning on the monitor. She glanced once at the silver framed picture of her dead guru and his wife, Alicia, before logging onto the camera feed on her computer. In moments, an image of a living room, messy from a party, appeared. The camera was installed in the ceiling, peering down, and broadcast with HD clarity despite it being only as thick as a candle wick. Fiber optics were remarkable, and the Institute had pioneered many technologies to pay for its true research.

She spotted a pair of naked, young women just disappearing down a hallway holding hands.

Deidre blinked. Clothing lay scattered around the living room. She turned to Camera 2. It showed a girl's room, neat and tidy, stuffed animals on a bed covered in a pink comforter, a desk with a computer beneath the window. Camera 3 showed another girl's room, but this one messier, clothing strewn about, bed unmade, posters of various teen heartthrobs on the wall.

She gasped at what Camera 4 showed. A barely legal girl, perhaps eighteen, peeling off her t-shirt, her firm, round breasts bouncing free. She had black hair and looked so similar to the picture of Subject 1, Maria Talon.

“Oh, Mom, take my cherry! Make me a woman.”

A hot shudder ran through Deidre, her cheeks flushing. She had not expected this revelation from the first new god of the modern era. She rubbed her thighs together, her eyes growing wider and wider as she watched the lesbian incest unfold between mother and daughter.

If this was her Divinity's will, Deidre would embrace it. Her guru could not be mistaken in his choices.


“Oh, I'm going to eat you up,” I purred as I walked into my bedroom, staring at my daughter stretched out naked on my bed. She looked so eager for this. “Just let me give Alison and Lily something to amuse themselves.”

Janet nodded with eager enthusiasm.

I opened my closet, revealing a shelf covered in sexy toys half-hidden in the recess. The closet was wider than the doors, with nooks on both sides with built in shelves for shoes and other accessories. Or sex toys. I pushed my dresses and outfits to the right, scrunching them together, giving me a full view of my toys. I smiled and grabbed the red, flexible double-headed dildo. It wiggled as I tossed it to Alison. “Fuck each other with that and enjoy.”

Her eyes widened. Lily gave a wicked giggle.

I studied my toys. I spotted a clit rocket mini-vibrator, a purple, plastic bullet perfect to give Janet a hard cum. Then I grabbed a thin, blue dildo with little bumps and a harness of black vinyl. It was the perfect toy to take my daughter's virginity.

Janet's eyes widened when she saw the sex toys I grabbed. I threw the dildo and harness on the bed as I sauntered to her, my large tits bouncing. My daughter rubbed her thighs together, biting her lips. She looked at once both cute and seductive at the same time.

It was an intoxicating combination.

Alison and Lily fumbled with the double-headed dildo, struggling to figure out how to use it. I was sure the pair would figure it out. I crawled onto the bed, my tits dangling, my youngest daughter's eyes fixated on my swaying tits.

“Oh, Mom, you have such gorgeous tits,” she purred as I reached her legs.

“Thanks,” I smiled. “But yours are so cute.”

She giggled as I kissed at her knee, my nipples bushing her calves. Then I kissed up her thigh, loving the feel of her silky skin as I worked higher and higher. She squirmed, giggling, her fingers rubbing at her stomach while her dusky nipples swayed, her boobs jiggling.

The scent of her sweet pussy grew stronger and stronger the higher up her thighs I climbed. I breathed in the musk. Part of me wanted to push her thighs apart and go to town on her pussy. But not yet. I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to make her first time so special.

Every girl should have her first time at the hands of her loving mother. Pity Alison was such a slut, robbing us of that moment.

“Oh, yes, Lily,” my eldest moaned in the background. “Oh, I think that's it. Oh, yes, let's fuck each other.”

“Uh-huh,” Lily moaned. “Oh, I like it when you do that. Oh, that shoved it so deep into my pussy. This is so hot.”

“It is! Oh, I love you so much, Lily!”

“You don't care your mom forced us?”

“Not right now. Fuck me back. Oh, yes, we're going to cum so hard.”

I smiled between kisses. I knew they would figure it out.

My lips reached Janet's stomach. She sucked in a breath as I nuzzled at her sensitive flesh. I stared up at her rising and falling breasts as I smooched around her bellybutton. I spiraled into it, breathing in how fresh she smelled, loving the salty flavor of her skin.

“Mom,” she gasped as I swirled my tongue through her little innie bellybutton. Right here is where we were attached for nine months as she grew inside me. And now she was grown up, quivering, ready to give her mother such pleasure.

I licked up from her bellybutton, dragging my tongue across her silky skin. I reached the start of her ribs and then nuzzled at the base of her breasts. I licked at her underboob, savoring the salty flavor of her skin. I moved from her right to her left, clutching her breasts, the clit rocket still in my right hand, pressing into her pliant flesh.

She groaned and trembled as I nuzzled back and forth, lathering her boobs with my tongue. I made this beautiful creature. It was like I created her just so I could lick her breasts and savor her body. My pussy clenched, my tongue licking higher and higher, my nipples throbbing as they rubbed against her squirming stomach.

“Oh, Mom,” she moaned as my tongue reached her dusky areola. It wasn't wide, a small, pink circle around her puckered nipple. “You're amazing. It was so sexy feeling you lick me.”

“Everything women do in bed is sexy.” I smiled at her. “Your entire body is an erogenous zone if your lover knows what she's doing. And your mother does.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned as my tongue flicked her nipple. “Oh, that's nice.”

“It gets better.”

Her eyes were so wide behind her glasses as I engulfed her nipple and areola with my lips, sucking so hard. She whimpered and trembled, squirming, her stomach massaging my throbbing nipples. Excitement raced straight to my pussy. My cunt clenched. Juices trickled down my thighs as I savored my daughter's small nipple in my mouth.

This was amazing.

I sucked on her nipple, swirling my tongue around the nub, making her gasp, while my right hand twisted the clit rocket to its lowest setting. The toy hummed to life in my hand. I stared into her eyes as I brought it to her left nipple.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” she gasped as she felt the vibration on her nipple.

She squirmed and bucked as I circled her areola with the vibrator. I nudged her nub, making her groan and gasp. Her moans sang through the living room. I loved it. I licked and nuzzled at her tit, sliding my tongue up and down and driving her wild. She humped against me, panting, groaning, her tongue flicking across her lips.

Her thighs widened. Her hot, young pussy rubbed on my stomach, smearing hot juices. Her wispy curls tickled my flesh, sending more thrills down to my cunt. I pressed the vibrator harder into her nipple, dimpling her breast as I sucked on the other.

“That's amazing! Oh, my god! I heard about sex toys but... Oh, wow, Mom! Yes, yes, yes. That's so hot!”

I sucked and nibbled, circling her other nub with the vibrator. I stared into her eyes, drinking in the pleasure I gave my youngest daughter. My fingers twisted the base, kicking the humming to its middle setting.

Her face contorted. She moaned louder, squirming and bucking. Her hands grasped my side, her slender fingers squeezing as she stroked me. Her face contorted in rapture. I pressed the vibrator so hard into her left nipple, sucking on the right. My cheeks hollowed.

“Mom!” she squealed. “Oh, my god! I think... I think...”

My eyes widened. I had heard it was possible to make a girl cum with just breast play. But I had never seen it until now. My daughter screamed out, “Mommy!” as the pleasure exploded through her. Juices squirted across my stomach as she thrashed beneath me. She humped me, moaning, groaning, drinking in the pleasure.

“Oh, my god! Mommy! I'm cumming! This is awesome! You're the best Mom ever!”

I shivered. “I know. “Such a cool mom.” I slid up her body, my breasts dragging as she shivered. “And I'm going to keep making you cum. Do you want that?”

She nodded her head. Her eyes were bright and eager to experience more pleasure. She craved it. She wanted it it. She was addicted to lesbian incest. I kissed her lips, my breasts nuzzling into hers, my nipples throbbing as her tongue shot into my mouth. She ran her hand through my black hair then gripped the back of my head, holding me tight against the kiss.

She was growing up so fast.

I broke the kiss, holding up the vibrator. “This is called a clit rocket. Imagine what this feels like used in the right spot.”

Her eyes shot wide open. A hot shiver raced through her. She nodded with eager excitement.

I pushed down her body, kissing as I went. I nuzzled between her breasts. Behind me, Alison and Lily had definitely figured out the toy, moaning and gasping as they humped each other to explosive orgasms.

My nipples ached as they slid down her body. Her skin was so silky. My pussy grew hotter and hotter the lower and lower I ventured. She kept her legs spread wide, eager and ready for Mommy to make her feel amazing.

I reached her silky curls. Kissing them, loving how they felt on my lips. I moved lower, her musk growing stronger and stronger. She grew wetter. Hotter. And then I reached her feverish pussy lips. I groaned, nuzzling against barely legal, virgin snatch.

My daughter's virgin snatch.

“Oh, Mommy, yes,” she groaned as my tongue slid through her tight slit, caressing her inner folds and brushing her cute clit. She shivered, humping against me, her voice so throaty as she whimpered.

And she tasted amazing. So sweet. So fresh. I hadn't been with a lot of women. But none of them had tasted as wonderful as Janet. Maybe it was her age, maybe it was the thrill of licking my daughter's pussy, or maybe she had a great tasting cunt.

Either way, I was in heaven.

I licked and lapped, my tongue brushing her hymen, pressing on the barrier I would soon penetrate. I brought my vibrator to her plump vulva, rubbing on the side as my tongue flicked through her folds, climbing higher, heading for her clit with the humming tip.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mommy,” she gasped, bucking into me. “Rub it on my clit! You're such an awesome Mom and... Oh, god, yes!”

She thrashed hard when I placed the clit rocket right on her pink nub. Her entire body convulsed. Her breasts bounced. Her glasses almost flew off her head. Black hair tossed to and fro as she writhed. Her moans screamed through the room. My tongue lapped at her pussy, drinking in her sweet folds as I attacked her clit with the vibrator.

And then I turned it onto highest setting.

She exploded.

Janet, it seemed, came like a rocket. Fast and hard.

Her sweet juices gushed into my hungry mouth.

“Mommy!” howled from her voice.

It was such sweet music to my ears. My pussy clenched, anticipating the thrill of taking her virginity as she bucked and spasmed. I drank down the juices flooding out of her, gulping them down with such hungry need. I kept massaging her clit, making her thrash and moan. My bed creaked, springs rasping.

“Mommy! Mommy! Yes!”

Her face turned red. Pleasure scrunched up her features as she savored it. I worked the bullet vibrator in slow circles on her nub, savoring her thrashing. My tongue pressed on her hymen, my own clit throbbing, eager to feel that special moment when I popped her cherry.

“Mommy!” she gasped. “Oh, Mommy. I need to... I need to taste you. I need to make you feel good, too.”

My pussy clenched.


I rolled onto my back, my big tits heaving. “Straddle me. Let's sixty-nine. You know what that is?”

“Yeah, I'm a virgin not a kid.” She popped up, her entire body flushed pink by her orgasm. With the energy of youth, she bounded to me, straddling my face, so eager to sixty-nine with her mother, to taste my pussy. I had made her into such a loving lesbian.

“Oh, yes, baby,” I moaned as she took her first, bold lick through my pussy. “That's the very pussy that birthed you.”

“Mommy,” she groaned, licking and lapping at my folds, her tongue creasing down my slit from my clit to my taint. “Oh, Mommy, you taste amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, rubbing the clit rocket up and down her slit, staring at her tight pussy. I couldn't wait to pop her cherry.

I was on the edge, so excited to play with my youngest daughter's body. I knew it wouldn't take much licking from my daughter to make me cum. I savored her sweet tongue sliding through my folds, caressing me, driving me wild.

And then she did something I hadn't expected. She shoved the blue dildo, with all its naughty bumps, deep into my pussy.

“Oh, my god, baby!” I moaned as my pussy clenched on the invading toy. “Oh, yes, you naughty girl. Fuck Mommy's pussy! Get the dildo nice and wet for your pussy!”

“Yes,” she said with such gleeful joy, pumping the toy in and out of my snatch.

My pussy clenched on the toy, savoring the bumps. They caressed my depths, increasing the friction. Her tongue flew on my clit as she fucked me hard with it. I trembled, rubbing the vibrator up and down her slit as my body shuddered.

The toy pumped so fast. Every inch of motion sent pleasure burning to the depths of my pussy. I groaned, breathing in her sweet musk. My eyes fluttered as my youngest daughter rammed the dildo over and over into my depths.

Teasing me. Driving me wild. I couldn't believe this was happening. This was amazing. It was the absolute best. One daughter as my lover, the other as my sex slave. My toes curled at the thought of all the fun I would have.

The life I would live with my daughters.

“Yes, yes, yes, baby girl,” I moaned as my pussy spasmed about the toy.

“Oh, my god, Mom, did you just cum?” she asked between licks around my pussy lips, gathering the juices flooding out.

“Yes!” I moaned, pleasure racing through my body.

I bucked beneath her while she squirmed her pussy on the vibrator. I licked at her clit, flicking it as she kept fucking me. Every time she thrust the bumpy dildo into me, pleasure burst through my body. Over and over I groaned, rapture hammering my mind.

My daughter made me cum.

I was such a wicked mom.

“So good,” I groaned, the pleasure peaking in me. “Oh, that's so good, baby girl. You made Mommy so happy.”

“Yes!” she cheered. Then she rolled off of me onto her back. Her legs spread wide. “Fuck me, Mommy! Take my cherry. I want that so badly. I love you so much! You're such an awesome mom. Right, Alison?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” my oldest daughter howled, clearly cumming as she and Lily fucked each other.

I sat up, spotting Alison and Lily leaning back on their hands, their legs entwined, their hips bucking as they fucked their pussies at each other, the glistening shaft of the dildo between them. Both their breasts bounced, even Alison's small boobs.

“Aren't they such sluts?” I grinned at Janet.

She nodded her head, greedy excitement in her eyes.

I grabbed the vinyl harness and pulled the dildo out of my pussy. I groaned. My juices coated it, the spicy musk of my passion perfuming the air. I secured it to the harness and pulled it up my legs. With a few deft tugs on the straps, I had it tightened, the toy's base pressing on my clit.

“You ready?” I asked, moving to my youngest daughter.

Her arms were outstretched, reaching for me. Eager to have her cherry popped. She grabbed my shoulders as I mounted her, my hand guiding the toy to her virgin pussy. I slid it up and down her folds then found the entrance, pressing the dildo on her hymen.

I stared into her eyes behind her glasses and thrust.

Her hymen held for a valiant second. The base of the dildo pressed tight into my clit as I pushed against the barrier. Then she popped. Pain winced across her face as half the dildo slipped into her pussy. I drew back an inch and thrust in.

Pain blossomed into pleasure across her expression.

“Oh, Mommy, you took my cherry!”

“Yes,” I panted, leaning over her. I drew back my hips and thrust into her depths, groaning as the dildo pressed on my clit so hard. “How do you like it?”

“I love it!” she gasped, squirming. And then her legs wrapped about my hips. “Fuck me, Mommy! Let's cum together.”

“Yes,” I grinned.

My thrusts were hard but slow. She was so tight. Her pussy resisted with each thrust. She groaned and gasped, her body twitching and convulsing. She reached up, her hands grasping the back of my neck. She stared into my eyes as she squirmed, pleasure dancing on her lips.

I went faster and faster as her pussy stretched and relaxed, taking the girth of the toy. She shuddered every time I drew the toy back, really feeling the bumps rubbing on her pussy walls. Then I groaned when I thrust in, my clit throbbing against the toy's base.

“Oh, yes. Mommy loves fucking her little girl.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped. “Oh, Alison, she's fucking me. She took my cherry. Isn't that awesome!”

“So awesome,” Alison moaned, humping so hard into Lily. “Oh, we can cum again, baby. We can cum again!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the redheaded Lily moaned.

My clit ached and throbbed as I fucked my youngest daughter faster and faster. My breasts bounced and jiggled. Pleasure rippled through my body as I groaned. My butt clenched with each thrust, and Janet gasped her pleasure.

Her cute nose wiggled as she shivered. Her thighs clenched so tight about my waist. She humped back, meeting my thrusts, increasing the pleasure on my clit. Every time I bottomed out in her, the dildo pressed so hard on my clit.

And sparks of rapture shot through my pussy.

“Oh, Mommy, yes,” she moaned. “Oh, I love it. I'm going to cum so hard. You're amazing, Mommy! Awesome!”

“And you're such a beautiful princess,” I groaned. “So cute and fuckable.”

Her hands pulled me down. I didn't fight, pressing our tits together. Our lips met in a hot kiss, our lips stained with each other's pussies. Sweet and spicy musk seasoned our passion. Our tongues dueled as our bodies bucked and spasmed together, driving towards our shared goal of cumming.

I loved the feel of my daughter's lithe body beneath mine. My fat nipples slid across her round breasts, bushing her hard nipples. Sensations built in the depths of my pussy. My cunt clenched and my clit ached.

I groaned into the kiss, staring into her eyes.

She broke the kiss, moaning, “Oh, my god, Mommy! Yes!”

She thrashed beneath me as she came, bursting like a firecracker. I pounded her hard, thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy. Her moans sang through the air as she clung to me with her arms and legs. She held me tight, bucking beneath me.

“Cum, too, Mommy! Please! You need this, too!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, driving the dildo in deep. I groaned, slamming deeper and deeper into her pussy. “I'm going to.”

“Do it, Mommy! Cum!”

I buried into her cunt. The dildo pressed on my clit.

Pleasure exploded through me.

Incestuous, lesbian passion surged through my body. An orgasm hard enough to rival cumming on Alison's lips the first time shot through me. Stars burst before my vision. The world fuzzed on the edges as ecstasy washed through my mind.

I trembled on my youngest daughter. I felt her beneath me, quivering as she writhed through her passion. I kissed her hard, sharing this wonderful, taboo moment with her. I loved my new powers. They had given me such pleasure, such intimacy, with my daughters.

The pleasure boiled through my mind. I groaned, shuddering. It retreated. I kept kissing my daughter. It grew softer, gentler, as we just held each other, savoring what we shared while Alison and Lily howled their pleasure in the background.

I was so lucky to be sent the Halo!


The beeping of the proximity alarm awoke Deidre Icke at her desk. Her clothing was disheveled from her night masturbating, watching Subject 1 make love to her youngest daughter while using her oldest daughter and a redhead named Lily as sex slaves. After a dozen orgasms herself, her pussy growing sore from watching the new goddess frolic in taboo delight, Deidre had passed out.

She blinked, groggy, staring at her computer monitor. A red icon flashed on the security feed. Someone had arrived at Subject 1's house. She clicked on the red icon. The camera feed switched to Drone 17 orbiting over the residence's house in Thousand Oaks, California. She rubbed her eyes, blinking, struggling to focus on the screen.

It was morning. The sun was shining in California, the shadows long. A yellow cab waited at the curb, a redheaded woman in a slinky, black dress talking to the driver through the open passenger door window. Deidre frowned as the woman stalked away from the cab and marched to the house's front door.

She was clearly angry.

Deidre switched to Camera 1 as the redhead burst into the house. “Where are you, Maria? I can't believe you left me in Vegas! You are paying the damn cabbie the $507 dollars it cost me to get home!”

Deidre's stomach tightened as the woman marched down the hallway. How would the new goddess react to such hostility? She had dominated the three girls, but this was a mature woman. A furious woman. Would the goddess have the courage to be assertive?

With a mouse click, Deidre brought up Camera 4. Subject 1 and her youngest daughter were on their hands and knees, the eldest daughter and the redhead licking their assholes as the angry woman burst into the bedroom.

Deidre watched with baited breath to see what truths the goddess would reveal.

To be continued...
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