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reluctant but tried it anyway
So I have found a new one that a guy friend told me about. I was kind of afraid to go there alone, and didn't want him to take me but after thinking about it for a week. I decided to try, alone, after all it was a public theater. Don't get it wrong though, not a porn theater.
We have this old film venue in our town. A theater with a basic ground floor, lots of lower seats with two aisles. And a balcony above it all. The theater has been in operation since the 1940s and now only plays older movies that you can see on regular TV. So not a huge crowd. Sometimes it plays semi erotic films like the Emmanuel ones with Silvia Crystal. Tastefully done soft core. So it has become a meeting place for various types who want to play a bit in the darkness.

My guy told me that Friday nights and Saturdays attract people who explore sexual fun there. He wanted to take me but I said I was not interested. Partly because I don't trust any guy to behave himself in a dark theater with a woman. haha I met him in my job and allowed him into my booth for some oral fun for me. Mmm it is so sexy having orgasms while at work!
I thought about the theater for a week before thinking I might go there. Still a little frightened of going alone but it was only a movie and not specifically a porn show. My friend said the balcony has all kinds of action going on so I swallowed my fear and went.

Waited until darkness, shopped around the area and then slipped into the theater. Checked out the lower seats first, just to get a feel for the place. Only about 20 people there, mostly men alone. I found the stairs to the balcony and went up, through an open doorway and into the darkness. Stood just inside until my eyes adjusted. About 20 rows of seats with one aisle between them. I made out several men sitting alone or in pairs but no women. I almost retreated but thought why not just watch the movie for a bit.

Slipped into a mid row seat and watched. Wasn't long before I noticed a guy move to the back, then come to sit in the row behind me. I felt pretty threatened at that and was nervous. Now I kind of wished I had come with my male friend. He stayed where he was and another guy moved closer. I was still apprehensive but thought what would come of this? Maybe only me cuming! And began to relax more. The guy behind was in my peripheral vision and I could clearly see the guy about 10 seats away, who now had his cock out and was stroking it. I pretended I didn't notice. The man behind me started the same thing and my heart started pumping harder and I felt a little moisture down there. The man close behind me moved so he was even closer and I could see he was about 30 and had a nice thick cock out!

I was pretty sure I didn't want to fuck anyone or even suck these guys off. But how could I get them to know what I wanted and get them to do it? I squirmed a bit in my seat until I successfully and furtively pulled off my panties. Now I had that wonderful lust in my lower regions and my pussy was tingling again. I could touch myself in the darkness at will. I do love that feeling. Was now looking over at the guy behind and letting him see me watching his cock, very hard now. But he made no moves on me. Seemed more delighted that he could show it to me.
The guy nearby in my row finally just moved into the seat right beside me. And my heart jumped as he just pretended to watch the film. I still don't know what the movie was! haha. I was thinking he had blocked my view of the nice hard cock behind me when his hand just slipped to the armrest and touched mine. I had a small electric shocked and was not sure what to do. Then his fingers began stroking my arm, until they slipped off the armrest and onto my thigh. We both knew what was happening but seemed to be playing some kind of game. No problem for me, I would start masturbating myself soon if he was too slow!

I sighed and just relaxed back in the seat. Thrilling as his bare fingers found my bare skin. I offered no resistance. This was something I never have had control over when a sexy guy touches me like that. I simply let it happen. My lust becomes so strong and so exciting when my heart beats like that. It has been that way for years since my uncle started it when I was like eight or nine! It felt so good I just couldn't tell my Mom for fear it would stop. After that time my uncle babysat me regularly and we continued my sexual training. Me very willing, by the way. It was Uncle Harry's tongue that first licked my innocent pink clit, addicting me forever.
Now the man's fingers were stroking the inside of my thigh and we both caught our breath when they went upward and touched my pussy and he realized I had no panties on. Whatever was about to happen it was exciting to think that this man was stroking my puss and I had no idea who he was. A complete stranger! I am sure my clit was pulsing on its own with anticipation.
The younger guy behind was now sitting on the edge of his seat trying to see what my seatmate was doing. His fingers were now sliding up and down on my slit and sending chills through me. I had my first orgasm right then and it spurred on my man as he grinned with pleasure too. It was totally involuntary and I could do nothing but sigh aloud.

He whispered, "Can I use my tongue on you there instead of the fingers?" The magic word I longed to hear!
I only lifted my leg up onto the armrest and he immediately slid to the floor between my legs. Oh my gawd this was too exciting! I faintly realized a couple of other men had moved closer. Expecting a show. But now I was lost and didn't care. When his wet mouth closed on my pussy I came again! I was in sexual heaven right then. Laid my head back against the seat and he licked me softly and sensually and sucked on my clit gently. I could feel it pulsing between his lips! Gawd how lucky was I to have come here this night!?
I had a series of convulsive orgasms from his mouth. Making me delirious with pleasure. He brought me up to cuming then slowed until he started in again.
And I felt the heat of the young cock now on my cheek. Opened my eyes to see it so strong and hard. What else could I do but let it slip into my mouth?

Now I had my legs up on the seats ahead while my older guy continued dining on me. His tongue and sucking were marvelous and sensitive to my movements. He was expert at cunnilingus! And the thrill of doing it in a public theater added to the orgasmic pleasure! Another guy moved into the other seat beside me and began caressing my breasts and I still had no resistance. It was all to wonderful to have all this attention to my pleasures.
I began sucking on the cock, taking it in and feeling the throbbing. Sucked it in and slowly out in such a few rhythmic strokes and he came right away. It was the lust of the scene. He thanked me and said I was beautiful. I held my older guys head and just went wild and fucked his face, writhing and bucking with orgasm after throbbing orgasm. Now there were several guys watching.

I sat there for maybe ten more intense orgasms but now too many guys were surrounding me and I began feeling too nervous. I pushed my mans head out of my crotch and said I had to leave now. He slid back into his seat and thanked me a dozen times for letting him suck me off! I thanked him too.
As I got up to leave he put two twenty dollar bills in my pocket and said he was always here Friday nights and wanted to pay my entry next time. I grinned at the other voyeurs and said good night!

When I exited the theater I had to pause and catch my breath in the cool air. Could not believe how my venture had turned out. I am addicted to having my pussy sucked and my first time in that movie was exactly what I wished for? My addiction drove me there and I knew I would be back.

I only noticed the bit of cum on my cheek as I looked into a store window. Didn't wipe it off, so what if a guy saw it?

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