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Heading for the finish line!

Kelly arrived at the Delaney home at 7:00, wearing her denim miniskirt and a red, spaghetti-strap top that came down just below her breasts. After the events of the day before, she was anticipating another evening of fucking with Mr. Delaney. Although apprehensive, she was looking forward to taking a cock up her ass for the first time in her life. Joe answered the door and greeted her warmly, his gaze drifting down to her top, where her nipples were showing through the thin fabric. He resisted the powerful urge to reach beneath the loose-fitting material and touch her breast, even though he knew she probably wouldn’t resist. “Hi, Kelly, come on in. How’s my favorite babysitter?”

“Hi, Mr. Delaney,” she said cheerfully, grinning at him. “Did you miss me?”

“You’ll never know how much, sweetie. Listen, a bunch of the guys are over here tonight, and we’re gonna play some poker for awhile, okay?”

“Sure, Mr. Delaney. I’ll just watch TV for awhile.” She was a little disappointed that they weren’t going to get right down to business, but tried not to show it. She settled down to watch TV as Joe walked down the stairs to the basement room he used as a rec room.

An hour or so later, Joe came back up the stairs and opened the door at the top. “Kelly, would you mind getting us some beers from the fridge? We’ve run out down here.”

“Okay, Mr. Delaney.” Kelly went to the refrigerator and dug out a half-dozen cold beer bottles, put them on a serving tray she found, and walked to the door, carefully descending the stairs and balancing the tray.

There was no poker game going on, and the poker table was off to the side. The men were sitting on couches that encircled the small room. She knew all of them. Mr. Simpson, Mr. Murdoch, Doctor Akers, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Delaney. It was obvious that they had been talking.

“Is the game over?” asked Kelly, as she served each of them a beer.

“Noo, Kelly,” said Joe. “You might say it’s only getting started.”

“What do you mean,” said Kelly, beginning to sense that something was up.

It was John Simpson that spoke next. “We’ve been talking among ourselves, Kelly, about lots of different things. And it turns out that we all have something surprising in common. Well, not surprising to you, perhaps. But it surprised us.”

Kelly searched their inscrutable faces, but learned nothing from them. “Like what?”

“Well, Kelly,” said Dave Murdoch quietly, “it turns out that we have you in common. It seems that you aren’t quite the innocent little girl many of us thought you were. Well, I might as well get it all out on the table. It turns out that all of us have fucked you. But you already know that, of course.”

Kelly’s mind raced. She had not anticipated this development, and it surprised her that they had found out about each other. But, she quickly decided, it didn’t matter. They couldn’t possibly do anything to her, or tell anyone else. Don’t panic, she thought to herself. Just go with it!

“Okay….so you know,” she said, a hint of a smile beginning to cross her lips. “What now?” Already, she thought she knew where this was leading, and the thought of it excited her.

“Why did you do it, Kelly?” asked Dave Murdoch.

Kelly gazed from one to the other, letting the silence in the room lengthen. She had already decided how she was going to respond. She would tell them the truth. Or, at least, part of the truth. “That’s easy, Mr. Murdoch. I did it because I love to fuck. Because I love dirty sex. Because I loved having all your cocks plunging into my body and filling me with all of your hot come, and I wanted more and more.” She smiled at Dave Murdoch. “Is that what you wanted to hear, Mr. Murdoch?”

They all stared at her in shock, not quite believing what they just heard her say. Joe Delaney was the first to recover himself. “Well, in that case, Kelly, maybe you wouldn’t mind putting on a little show for all of us tonight. Now that we’re all so…..well acquainted and everything. What do you say?”

Kelly looked from man to man, appearing to think it over. But her pussy was already wet with anticipation. Five men! She was going to be the center of attention in an orgy! She smiled slowly. Then she giggled. “Okay! Sure! What do you want me to do?”

“That’s my girl! How about if we get comfortable and put on some music, and you can dance for us. Maybe do a little striptease, huh?” He went to the stereo and flipped on the radio, tuned to a rock station.

Kelly began to move to the music, swinging her hips, instinctively wanting to tease these men. She ran her hands up over her breasts, squeezing them a little as her body undulated sensuously. Then she turned her back to them, bending over with her hands on her knees as her hips writhed, providing them with a glimpse of her pussy, barely concealed by her red thong. Straightening up again and turning back toward them, she slid her hand up her torso, raising her top and cupping her breast in her palm. Her face was a picture of lust, her eyes narrowed, her lips parted, glistening with her fresh lipstick. She extended her tongue-tip and slowly traced her lips with it as she danced, then raised her arms over her head, lifting her top enough so that they could see her breasts almost up to her nipples.

“Jeezus,” said John Simpson, watching the obscene exhibition. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting out of these clothes!” said John Simpson. He got up from the couch and began taking his clothes off, eager to free his already rigid cock from its confinement. The other men quickly followed suit, and soon all five were back on the couches, watching her as they reached down and slowly stroked their cocks.

Kelly kept her clothes on for the moment, but her dancing became more and more wild and abandoned as she provided them frequent glimpses of her pussy, her ass, and her titties. The men cheered wildly as each cut ended, and pretty soon they were shouting at her to “take it off!”

She smiled at them with her best sultry look, inspired by the sight of five big cocks, all for her. And then reached up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, bringing it up over her head. Flinging it aside, she raised her hands and squeezed her breasts together, pinching her erect nipples with her fingers. The men howled like wolves.

Kelly kept moving, a saucy smile on her face, as she slid her hands down, reaching behind her back to unfasten her miniskirt, then unzipping it and slowly wriggling it down her ass. In a moment it was down at her ankles, and she stepped out of it, now clad only in her thong. She turned away from them, bending forward at the waist as she reached back and grasped her firm ass cheeks with her hands, then raised one hand and brought the flat of her palm down on her cheek. She turned her head and winked as the men groaned in agony.

“C’mon, Kelly, show us your cute little pussy!” said Don Gregory from the couch. She smiled as she turned around, her hips undulating toward the men. She reached down and caught the front of her thong in her fingers, and slowly, teasingly, pulled it aside, revealing her glistening, dewy labia. She touched her clit with her fingertip, rubbing it gently. She was at least as aroused as the men by her erotic dance, at least as eager as they were to feel their cocks plunging deep inside her body.

She let go of her thong and once again slid her hands up over her naked breasts, bringing her finger to her mouth and sucking on the tip. Then she turned around, hooking her fingers in her thong, and slowly slid it down over her ass. It clung wetly to her pussy lips, but finally pulled away, and she let it fall to her feet. Now she danced wearing only her high-heeled platform sandals, reaching down to rub her pussy as she turned to face them again.

Joe Delaney had gotten up and walked to a wall cabinet as she danced, and had returned to the couch with something in his hand. “Here, Kelly, use this!” He tossed it toward her and she grabbed it in the air. It was a dildo, flesh colored, eight inches long, with a big set of balls at the base.

Kelly held it in her hands, smiling at the men. She’d seen dildoes before – her mother owned several, although not this big. She first held it between her breasts, squeezing them around it with her elbows. Then she raised it to her lips, and extended her tongue, licking all around the flared head.

“You guys are bad, making me do nasty things with fake cocks!” she said teasingly. And then her lips slid down over the head, sucking on it as they watched her, fascinated. She tilted it up and slid it deeper into her mouth. Every man in the room imagined his cock lodged far down her throat.

Joe Delaney got up from the couch again. “Don, let’s get the day bed out there!” Don got up and the two of them quickly moved the day bed out into the center of the room, behind Kelly.

Kelly sucked eagerly on the big dildo, taking it as deep as she could into her mouth. As Joe and Don sat back down on the couch, Dave Murdoch called out to her. “C’mon, Kelly, let’s see you fuck yourself with that thing!”

Kelly grinned lewdly at him, and sat down on the bed. Lying back, she raised her legs up, bent at the knee, and spread them obscenely, providing a clear view of her parted labia. As the men watched, she guided the tip of the dildo to her pussy, rubbing it along her labia. Finally, she positioned it at the entrance to her vagina, and slowly eased it inside, gripping it at the base with both of her hands. Slowly, tantalizingly, she fucked herself with it, forcing it a little deeper each time it penetrated her, stretching her vaginal opening.

“Jeezus!” said John Simpson, gripping his cock tightly. “I’ve got to fuck her!”

“Easy, John, we’ve got plenty of time, and we’ll all get to fuck her,” said Dave. “Let’s have her suck our cocks first. Come on, Kelly, get down on your knees over here and let’s see how much you’ve learned about giving head.”

Kelly raised her head, slid the big dildo out of her juicy pussy, and looked at the men arrayed on the couches. “Mmmmm, I can’t wait!”

She got up from the bed, walked over to Dave Murdoch, and knelt between his spread legs. His cock was throbbingly erect. She moved it up with her fingers, so that it rested against his flat stomach, and lowered her head. Sliding her tongue forward, she began to slowly trace around his balls, fringed with curly grey hairs, as she stroked the underside of his cock with her fingertip. He groaned as she licked his balls, encircling them with her tongue, and finally sucked them, one by one, into her mouth.

After making love to his balls for awhile, she let them go and looked up, a saucy smile on her lips as she reached up and held his cock to her lips. “Do you think I’ve learned anything, Mr. Murdoch?” With that, she let her lips part and slowly took him into her mouth.

“Ohhh, jeezus, yes!” said Dave as the precocious teen began to suck his cock, her head slowly bobbing. Her mouth was pure heaven, filled with saliva, her lips stretched tightly around the thick shaft.

She sucked him for a few minutes, thoroughly enjoying herself, and then moved to Don Gregory, sitting next to him. His big, ebony cock was rigidly erect, and she eagerly took him into her mouth, her lips and tongue teasing and sucking him as her fingers stroked and caressed the trunk-like shaft. After a bit, she let him escape and moved lower, making love to his heavy black balls as she had Dave Murdoch’s.

And so she proceeded, sucking on all the men in turn, feeling marvelously slutty, loving the feeling of their cocks in her mouth. When she finished with Joe Delaney, he pulled her up to her feet, as he also got up and led her to the center of the room. She obediently kneeled again before him and took his cock in her mouth, slurping hungrily on it. The other men gathered around her, until she was surrounded by their erect, wet cocks. They filled her vision, and she began to suck on them alternately, stroking two others with her hands. When she spit one cock out, another one would be thrust into her mouth, until she didn’t know whose was whose. She didn’t care, they were all just cocks for her to suck. She knew that she would soon feel them thrusting deep into every orifice of her body. She lost herself in her sucking.

Soon, the men again grew impatient to fuck her. She felt herself being lifted up by several arms and deposited on the day bed. Dave Murdoch moved between her legs and guided his cock to the opening of her pussy, and slowly slid inside, filling her with it’s rigid length. She gazed up into his face as he withdrew, then thrust into her. “Ohhhh, yesssss, fuck me, Mr. Murdoch. All of you, fuck me!”

Dave skewered his cock in and out of her, loving they way her tight little pussy gripped his aching shaft, bringing back vivid memories of his marathon fuck session with her at the Simpsons’. “Ohhh, Kelly, you’re gonna get all the cock you ever dreamed of tonight!”

Kelly was in a state of near-delirium, lost in the sheer wickedness of being fucked by so many men, and being watched by those whose cocks were not yet buried inside her. She felt like she was starring in a porn video, with an entire crew watching her being savagely fucked.

After a few minutes, Michael Akers tapped on Dave’s shoulder, and he withdrew his cock reluctantly. Immediately, Michael took his place and drove his cock into Kelly all the way to the hilt, and she grinned up at him. “Mmmmm, fuck me, Doctor Akers. I’ve missed your big cock in me so much!”

He thrust slowly in and out of her, loving the sensations of her vaginal walls as they squeezed every inch of his cock. “And I’ve missed your tight little cunt, Kelly.”

The third man in line to fuck her was Don Gregory. Each of the men seemed to be trying to outdo each other, and it was Don’s deeply embedded cock that drove Kelly into her first orgasm of the evening. Her hips thrust upward against his driving cock, and she clawed his back with her fingernails as her body exploded, her pussy spasming around him. She was still trembling from her powerful climax when he pulled out and John Simpson skewered his cock inside her, filling the void again. He fucked her hard, jolting her body with each thrust, until she came again, crying out ecstatically as her orgasm seized her in it’s delicious, white-hot grip. Finally, Joe Delaney fucked his throbbing cock into her, and he slowed the pace down a little, wanting to enjoy her thirteen-year-old pussy to the fullest.

After a few minutes, he rolled her over on top of him and she straddled him, his cock still deep inside her pussy. “Michael, go over to the cabinet over there and get that bottle of oil. I think it’s time that we initiated Kelly into the joys of ass-fucking.” Kelly moaned, nervous about what was to come next, but she continued to move up and down on his cock.

Michael Akers retrieved the bottle from the cabinet, walked over and climbed up on the bed behind Kelly. “No, just relax, Kelly, and everything will be fine. We’ll go nice and slow.” He unsnapped the lid, and poured a liberal quantity of the oil into the crevice between Kelly’s ass cheeks. Then he slid his finger down her cleft, seeking her tight little asshole and spreading the oil over it. No need for gloves, he thought to himself, as his finger pressed against the tight, resistant opening, easing slowly inside it. Kelly gasped, but quickly adjusted to the unnatural invasion of his digit. He slid it in and out, coating her anus with the slippery oil, and then eased another finger in with the first, slowly stretching her.

“Do you think you can take my cock now, Kelly?” said Michael, slowly fucking her ass with his two fingers.

“Y..yes….I think so, Doctor Akers. I’ll try! Just go slow, okay?”

Michael smiled, withdrew his fingers, and poured more of the slippery oil on his erect cock. Moving up close to Kelly’s ass, he guided the head of it to her entrance, and pushed against it. “All right, Kelly, take a deep breath, and I’ll put a little of it inside you, okay?”

“Okay!” she gasped, feeling his cock forcing it’s way past the tight ring of muscle. She sucked air quickly into her longs, and felt the head of his cock suddenly slip past it, lodging inside her!

“OH!! OHGOD, STOP!!!” she groaned, the intense pain of the unnatural invasion causing her to almost pass out. Michael paused, and Kelly remained motionless, with Joe Delaney’s cock still inside her pussy.

“Easy, sweetie, easy…it’s okay…it’s okay,” said Michael, soothingly. “It’ll be okay in a minute.”

“Ohhhh, god, it’s so BIG!” she cried. “It won’t fit!” But even now, Kelly felt her body adjusting to the cock in her ass. She could do this, she told herself. She was glad it was the Doctor doing this for her first time.

“It’ll fit, honey…just relax. Is it better now?”

“Ohhhhhhh….I think so,” gasped Kelly. “Push it in a little more.”

“Good girl,” said Michael, slowly thrusting into her, a little at a time. “Mmmmmm, your ass is so fucking tight, Kelly!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss…it’s okay now,” she said, breathlessly. She was beginning to like the feeling of being sandwiched between these two men, stuffed full of cock, so close together that they pressed against each other inside her depths. “Mmmmm, fuck me now, both of you.”

Slowly, they began to move in and out of both of her holes. First Michael held still while Joe fucked her pussy, and then he paused as Michael fucked her ass. After a few moments, both of them pushed into her, and she groaned. “Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn….do it!”

At that moment, John Simpson climbed up on the bed and faced Kelly, presenting his cock to her to suck. While Michael and Joe began to fuck her at a slow, steady pace, she raised her head and eagerly took John’s cock into her mouth. He held her head with his hands and slowly thrust in and out of her mouth.

Kelly’s excitement soared – she was completely full of cock!! She had never felt so wickedly obscene, so adult. She wanted them all to fuck her now, for as long as they could! She moved with them, working with them as they fucked her, establishing a rhythm, as all four built gradually toward a climax.

Suddenly, Joe Delaney groaned and drove his cock upward, burying it deep inside Kelly’s welcoming cunt. OHHHH, FUCK, I’M COMING!!!!” he shoulted as his balls erupted, sending pulse after pulse of hot come into her, bathing her vagina with it.

Michael Akers felt the flourish of Joe’s cock against his and heard his strangled cry, and it triggered his own long-withheld climax. He shoved his cock all the way into Kelly’s tight ass and unleashed a hot, thick torrent of sperm into her bowels. “UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” he growled as he flooded her ass with his come.

Kelly felt herself being filled full of come, pressed tightly between the two men, and her own body convulsed yet again in a powerful climax. She would have screamed, but for John Simpson’s cock stuck deep in her throat.

Michael pulled his spent cock out of Kelly’s ass, and John eased his glistening cock from her mouth. He had not come yet. “It’s my turn to fuck that juicy pussy, Kelly,” he said.

Kelly raised herself off of Joe Delaney’s shrinking cock, and he climbed off of the bed. John immediately took his place, on his back, and Kelly obediently guided his cock to her sperm-drenched pussy, sliding down on it. Dave Murdoch, meanwhile, was oiling his cock, and now he climbed up and pressed the head against her freshly-fucked asshole. He slid his cock into her easily, lubricated by Michael’s slippery come as well as the oil.

Kelly sighed happily, her body once again stuffed full of cock. “Uhhhhh, yeah, FUCK me!! Oh, god, I love to fuck!!”

Don Gregory climbed up on the bed and fed Kelly his glistening black cock to suck. She eagerly took it into her mouth and sucked it, her fingers holding it tightly around the base.

On and on they fucked. When one man came, emptying his spurting come into Kelly’s willing, receptive body, another man took his place. When one hole was left empty, another man stuffed his resurgent cock into it. If a stiff cock was temporarily unavailable, they rammed the dildo into her pussy, or into her ass. When her mouth was free momentarily, she begged for them to fuck her more. They seemed tireless, so aroused by the opportunity to gang-fuck a thirteen-year-old Lolita that they were reliving their youth.

Kelly thought she would never stop coming. Again and again her body was pummeled by her repeated orgasms, seized by powerful, crashing waves of ecstasy. She lost count of the number of times she had come, lost count of the number of times the men had poured their sperm into her, the number of loads of come she had swallowed. All she knew is that she didn’t want it to stop. Not ever. She wanted everything these men could give her, and more.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she found herself on her back on the bed, with all five men above her. Her vision was full of five stiff cocks, being stroked by five hands. She watched as a thick spurt of come erupted from one of them, as if in slow motion, draping itself across her face. It was followed by a second spurt, and a third, covering her face with viscous semen. A second cock spewed come, covering Kelly’s breasts with hot syrup. She reached down between her parted, upraised legs, and delved her fingers into the slippery come oozing from her sperm-soaked pussy. Gathering it up in her fingers, she smeared it over her clit and rubbed herself frantically, driving herself toward a final, frenzied climax.

Another of the men came all over her face, jerking it out with his fingers, covering her with his copious come. Some if it slid down past her parted, spermy lips into her mouth, and she gulped it down to keep from drowning in it. At that moment, her frantic fingers drove her over the edge into her shattering orgasm, and she threw her head back against the bed and screamed in ecstasy as she came. Her body convulsed again and again as she whimpered and sobbed, her body trembling, nearing exhaustion. The last two cocks erupted, their come splattering on her cheeks, her forehead, her chin, her neck. It oozed slowly down her face and pooled in her ears. When they finally finished, it looked like a bowl full of come had been turned over on her face. Some of the men smeared the come around with their flagging cocks, or their fingers, guiding the gooey fluid to her mouth. She swallowed, then licked and sucked hungrily on their wet fingers.

It was over. Kelly lay back, utterly spent and gasping for breath. She stayed that way for a long time, here eyes closed, only dimly aware of the activity in the room.

When she finally opened her eyes again and turned her head, the five men were dressed and sitting at the poker table, playing. Joe Delaney, noticing her after a moment, got up and picked up a nearby hand towel, tossing it over to her without a word. He went back to the poker game.

Kelly stared at them. “You fucking pigs,” she murmured, under her breath. “Enjoy yourselves while you still can.”

“Dear Diary:

Tonight I went to the Delaney’s to babysit, and I ended up being gang-fucked. They were all there, all five of them. Mr. Simpson, Doctor Akers, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Delaney, Mr. Murdoch. All of them except my dad. They made me take my clothes off and dance for them, and suck on a fake rubber cock. Then they made me stick it in my pussy and fuck myself with it while they watched me and jerked off. I had to suck on their cocks, and then they all stuck their cocks in me, in every one of my holes, even my asshole, over and over again, for what seemed like forever.

It’s like they’ve made me their own plaything, their little teenage fuck-toy, a receptacle for them to shoot their come into, anytime they want. I hate them.”

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