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An unusual competitor enters a erotic TV show
I went to film the next sequence of a special competition like every other day. Today the competitor was we were filming a Taiwanese girl. She was on there for the money and she looked gorgeous. She started stripping down to swimming underwear and then she went on to start the perverse tournament. It was basically a one that would get you through a lot of pain and suffering in order to get five thousand USD prize.
It started with water slide into a mud . Then there was a climbing up staircases and jumping from a hook to another each one more difficult then the other. The move that caught the attention of the producers was when she had to direct her body away from a hard rubber pole, before the end of the slide slide, but instead she just clashed her groin first the obstacle. Despite the visible pain she continued limping to the next challenge which was climbing up slippery stairs and trying to move from one swinging hook and to another. They were extremely slippery, because there was constantly jets of dirty water erupting underneath plus their surface was smooth. The mud from the previous challenge she brought with herself did not help and soon on her second jump she slipped and fell. She once again hurt her sore private area, but she continued on. Her face was distorted from the pain and it was amazing to watch her determination to finish the game, despite being clearly in severe pain. And there she goes once again, loosing her balance, she must have dropped multiple times - each time clashing and crushing her pussy. When the hooks were finally over, she had to move on immediately to the next challenge if she was to keep up with the previous competitors. It was a tour through a narrow edge while mechanical hands covered in boxing gloves bashed at you through holes in the wall. She fell one time pushed by the menacing arms, but instead of going back to the beginning, she decided to climb up the steep wall. She could not and she fell into the mud and tried again. This time she managed to cling onto the edge and creep her way forward. The referees were ready to whistle at her, but the management stopped them and waited to see what her unusual way of thinking would lead her to. Soon a jet of dirty black oil splattered from underneath her and she fell off the slippery cliff from the top. Once again though she climbed back on top and started moving to the right towards the end of the otherwise hard challenge. She turned it to a horrific endeavor by choosing this patch. At the end she had to climb up to make the final jump on the platform for the next challenge, but it seemed too difficult for her with all the slippery oil. She also lacked the strength and the technique by the looks of it but not the vigor. In the end the Taiwanese managed to put one of her foot up and get up, but the boxing hand kept jabbing into the air above her head so she kept on ducking.
Eventually she jumped, but as she did a boxing glove hit her behind so she flew to the side and hit badly on the edge, held onto something for a moment then flow down. At the last moment she saw a small ledge serving as part of a support beam and she swan in it's direction, then fell badly onto the shelving. The judges watched in amazement at her dedication and readiness to hurt her groin as she landed squarely on the rocky bump and despite the almost unbearable pain her face expressed, managed to clutch onto the wall. Not wasting much time he got on her now shaky legs and started climbing up. At this point her tiny bikini were torn in multiple places and her pussy was clearly visible. It looked badly bruised and was starting to swell. It looked as if her legs were not so strong as well, because of the pain in her crotch, so she almost lost control and was about to fall. To counter he imbalance, she stopped for a moment, took a deep breath. After few long seconds, she regained her confidence and strength enough to climb up the last meter of the cliff. There she jumped immediately to the next challenge.
For this she had to put on a harness through her sore groin and it was visible she was in pain when it touched her privates so she let it a bit loose. The challenge was walking on rotating rubber balls and this was a comparatively painless, but much more difficult. The girl kept on falling into the mud due to all the black oil that made it difficult to cling onto the rotating rubber balls. Each time she lost balance and fell she was pulled up by the harness and yelped in pain from her sore pussy. At the end her legs visibly getting limp from the intense pain, she started rolling on the ball spreading eagle for maximum impact. On a few occasions she dragged groin first and made incredible almost 180 degree splits. At the end almost crying but keeping good timing she landed on a second and last rotating ball before the first one hit a walled dead end. She had to jump afterwards and she did so hastily. As a result the girl landed in something like a small pit. The referees and produced watched once more amazed anew while the incredible Taiwanese girl spread her legs to see where she was going and let her poor pussy be crushed by the solid rubber of a ledge at the bottom. It was lid well and she could have tried to avoid it, but it did not look like she tried to do so. It's purpose was to hurt the competitors and she apparently decided to obey it. Tears of anguish and pain covered her face as she drooped her pussy on the obstacle. After a silent moment of unimaginable pain written on her face, she grabbed her crotch in a moment, laid down into a fetal position . In the meantime the producers re rolled the footage to see if she spread her legs on purpose and it was indeed so. The obstacle was made indeed to be jumped into because there was a pit with water a few centimeters behind but no one so far had crushed his/her crotch onto the ledge on purpose like this Taiwanese girl did.
After a minute of waiting, the referees warned the girl she was falling behind in terms of time and the determined female competitor got up on her shaky legs and approached the penultimate challenge. In order to overcome it, she had to climbing up a rocky wall horizontally, while being splattered by freezing cold water from bellow and oily mud from the top. She had to use her harness once more and since her legs were visibly numb, she depended on it quite heavily. She did not made even two meters before falling off and almost falling off the protective equipment. As a result she was advised to tighten the harness around her crotch, because the referees could not allow her to continue hurting herself. She did so much so far though, that the allowed the rough material to protribute her vulnerable private parts till they bled. The Taiwanese girl tightened it to the last notch through tears while in mid air and continued her torturous journey. After a few long minutes by using mainly her hand and her left foot she reached the end where she had to climb a wall with only rough sharp ledges to hold on to. Each one was bent at an angel, so that if you fall off one, you end up on the previous one bellow you, most likely landing on your crotch. After the female competitor did exactly that a few times, the producers and judges were surprised once more when she started carefully getting up on her shaky legs, leap up and land on the ledge ahead and above her. This way she was skipping one or two ledges in exchange for ten seconds of extreme pain in her groin, but managing to cling onto the only support on the wall without falling. As the time went by she started to try and land on her butt, but there was not always enough space to hold on the side. She ended up experiencing another painful fall off one slippery ledge. After which she returned to abusing her crotch by spreading her legs eagle on impact.
At the very end there were a few thorns at the edge of the cliff and since she was too exhausted to pull herself, she just put one leg up the cliff and ignored the excruciating pain in her pussy as she dragged herself up with thorns. Many of which embedded deeply in her sensitive swollen labia and made most of us turn away in disbelieve. Once she got up and experienced this barbaric self inflicted torture to her pussy, she laid exhausted on the ground for a few moments moment, holding her groin in pain. By now it was so swollen that it was getting the dark shade of purple, not to mention the massive scratches and the blood dropping out of the sensitive skin. Through tears, she finally managed to get up, nobody disturbed her anymore and got ready for the last challenge - the wheel of misfortune. It was a wheel where she had to run while different obstacles got into the way, smashing into her below waist level. The harassed girl held her determination and kept on moving her feet to keep up with the wheel speed, despite the many wet rubber sticks, boxing gloves, whips and thorns that got in the way. It was amazing to look how she did her best all these terrible things hit her battered, bruised and crushed pussy. The last challenge to complete this unexpectedly arousing tournament, was to jump from the moving wheel onto the platform and twist in the air to sit on a bench. The producers by now have seen enough of the Taiwanese girl to know she had no problem hurting her pussy in order to win this competition, so they made up a new set up. First they flipped the bench upside down, next they set up a sharp triangular beam and fixed it on top of it. Then they and said to the incredible girl that if she was behind her opponents, she already lost, but if she manages to jump on top of it groin first, she will be given the money as long as she accepts a contract. The beautiful Taiwanese girl carefully aimed, then when she made her leap and landed successfully onto the sharp edge of the beam, completely crushing her soft clitoris in the process and splattering a bit more blood onto it. She yelped in obviously unbearable pain while the referees congratulated her. But that was not all, some of the producers were horny form this show of masochism and offered a thousand each time she could stand up on top of the beam and let herself fall once again, pussy first onto in. When the Taiwanese girl heard this she agreed to try it. She could not get up on her own however and had to ask the referees to lift her up and drop her. After they consulted with the producers it was decided she had enough and let her off the triangular beam. She was in so much pain she could not walk at all and just kept her knees together. We the cameramen kept on focusing on her demolished pussy lips while she was touching it gently with her fingers. For the most part she let us and the views free look at her harassed groin by tying not to cover it entirely and it was super hot! Her pussy lips were so bruised they looked like huge horse balls between her slender legs. Blood was pouring from her swollen clitoris which was cut in multiple places. Her entire groin was a mess of pain, black and blue lumps and lopsided inner broken labia.
Soon she was offered ta piece of paper which was the new contract and after she sighed it with a waving hands and through tears, she was finally given the paycheck with the money and sent to an ambulance.

To be continued......
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