We all have needs.
The Return of OBG.

My return may cause dismay to some and joy to others - so be it !!!

A fantasy to wet the appetite, this is actually a combination of truth and fantasy

Ben from Australia was a shy teenager, who spent most of his time on the internet, and as with most young males his curiosity ventured into the guile's of girls and women on various internet sites.

Ben loved and appreciated smart, intelligent, attractive women - his upbringing in a caring family, promoted respect for others - treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, no prejudgment. Ben although shy, was athletic and a good student, having the respect of his family/friends - his father being a good role model, his mother protective and loving, his older sisters close and caring. It was in this household where he witnessed/watched his mother and sisters as he was growing up, the provocative clothing that they wore, barely covering their delicious bodies ( his mother and 2 sisters were graced with model bodies).

Ben would on many occasions catch glimpses of a naked body, a breast, nipple, buttock as he grew up, often wanking in his bedroom or in the shower at the sight he had just seen. Ben of course learnt the routines of his mother and sisters, allowing him to plan when was the best opportunity to secretly observe them.

God how he loved to imagine seducing his mother or sisters, depending whom he had just secretly perved upon. Ben would hold his lubricated cock in his hand, his eyes closed, his mind seducing his victim - stripping them naked - hungrily gorging on their breasts, nipples, pussy and finally his huge cock entering their wanting cunt - fucking them over and over again.Ben's hand feverishly pumping up and down on his pulsating cock, his back arching, his body shaking, his cry of triumph - exploding cum into the air ( his mind imagining his victim cumming with force at the same time) "Oh Fuck Yeah" he cries. Ben opens his eyes, he is by himself, but that felt oh so good, it is time to clean up.

Ben often wondered if his mother or sisters had any idea that he fantasized over them, he didn't think so because he was discreet. God how he wished he was confident with girls/women, but alas he was not, he got all tongue tied with fellow female students/friends. Ben could say anything with his male friends, but when it came to women he went into a shell.
Hence he had no real or long term relationship with members of the opposite sex, but he longed to break this barrier, he knew cock in pussy was far more exciting than cock in hand - Ben had fucked a drunk female at a party, and fucked a prostitute. Ben was not a virgin, but he was sure sex was far more exciting with the right partner.

Ben had delved into internet porn, looking at various sites, finding some horrendous /disgusting sites, and sites to appease his palette for sex. Imagine Live was an internet site that he found of particular interest, there was a reasonable fee charged. There were women of various cultures/backgrounds, sexual tastes and degrees of beauty.

Bryanna and Anna were two particular women whom excited him with their personalities, charm, intelligence and of course their natural sexual appeal and beauty. They were his cyber buddies although he actually paid for their time, not only did the sexual activity please him , the conversations were interesting, invigorating and down to earth - giving Ben confidence.

It may sound strange, but Ben found Bryanna to be the kind of woman he would love to befriend in the real world. Bryanna wasn't overly beautiful - but had natural mannerisms, smiles, quirks that he found really appealing and sexy, her body was curvaceous. The real appeal was how Bryanna stimulated him, the way she moved her body and engaged in conversation, her sense of humor. They had so many things in common, a love for romance and adventure, liking the simple things in life. Another huge plus was the natural way Bryanna could seduce in her movements to music - their was no need to have her naked when she danced, her movements were extremely erotic and seductive - Ben being immediately aroused with an erect cock needing some attention.

Ben would usually enter the internet site at around midnight, Bryanna's working time, she was from Romania, and when he logged in Bryanna was so excited - she loved Ben's visits, because he showed respect and provided foreplay, resulting in a mutually orgasmic time.

Ben would always insist that Bryanna had prepared for their encounters, and she never failed in complying with his requests. Role play was a good tease, a particular outfit ( tight dress, schoolgirl outfit, nurses uniform etc). Music - the right music was essential in seduction, as Bryanna was an expert in arousal with music, and of course a wine before hand helped - sharing a wine from a great distance.

Sometimes Bryanna was so eager to start, Ben had to say " whoa..hold on princess..good things come to those that wait". Bryanna would reply " I have been performing for my guests, they enjoy themselves and cum, they do not consider me like you do, I am horny, I love cumming for you". Ben's reply "sip your wine princess, take a deep breath, you know I never disappoint, put the music on please".

Bryanna dressed in a tight silk dress, and drank some wine, the music starts , immediately the rhythm of the music sifts into her mind, she moves her legs, her body, her hands in a seductive swaying motion. Ben is watching at his computer from afar and starts to instruct Bryanna with his suggestions, he loves it when she closes her eyes and listens to the music, it allows her hands to explore her body, she loves this as well entering an erotic world with Ben.

The tight silk dress accentuates her wonderful curves, her hands slipping over the smooth material exciting her body, and immediately arousing Ben, he can see her nipples getting taut wanting to get free of the material ( no bra or panties). Ben was sitting engrossed with the performance at his computer, he decides to free his cock allowing it to stand erect and pulsate fixated with Bryanna's performance. A comforting hand applies lubricant to his cock as he intently watches her seductive moves.

Bryanna is in an erotic zone, encouraged by Ben, with her eyes closed she listens to the music and Ben's subtle words of encouragement, her hands loving the feeling of the silk, her body responding - her lips tingling - her taut nipples - firm breasts - the nervous excitement of her body - the stirring of her stomach/mound - oh yes, yes her pussy is getting wet. Bryanna's movements are more pronounced dancing with the music, her desires grow by the second.

Ben has his hand stroking the shaft of his cock, he cannot take his eyes off her. Ben says " Bryanna, I want to rip off your dress". Bryanna smiles and begins to do a strip tease, she excels at this, not missing a beat to the music she parades seductively. A hand slowly moves one strap off her shoulder, then another - a kiss blown, a cheeky smile, the silk material moves over her breast. Ben utters " Oh Oh yes" his fingers touching the head of his cock.
A taut nipple breaks free from the descending material, then another, Bryanna feels the exposed freedom, aware that Ben would be loving her delicious nipples.

Bryanna doesn't miss a beat to the music, further encouraging the dress to fall down over her stomach with one hand as the other manipulates her breasts.

Ben is totally engrossed with the screen, he wishes he could reach out and touch her, he imagines her hands being his hands, mmmmm he is so horny.

Bryanna wiggles her curvaceous buttock, allowing the dress to slip over it onto the floor, she continues to dance to the music, her hands roaming her body, sending erotic sensations to her entire body - but especially to her clit and pussy .
Bryanna can see Ben stroking his large cock, her pussy aches to have his cock inside her ravenous cunt, it is so, so wet.
Ben can see Bryanna's hands move down her body with intent/anticipation, finding her mound, parting her pussy lips, finding her clit. "Oh My God' she says, her legs shake not to the music but to the mini orgasm that erupted.

Bryanna gasps for breath, she opens her eyes and watches Ben working feverishly on his cock, then sits in a position so that Ben can see her beautifully cum soaked pussy, spreading her legs, she uses her favorite dildo teasing her clit and entering her pussy, saying " this is your cock Ben fucking me, oh yes fuck me , fuck me Ben, fill me ". Bryanna fucks her cunt sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body, as Ben rapidly pounds his cock - imagining cumming in her cunt.
They work in unison, perspiring, their bodies shaking, backs arching, frantic penetrations and thrusts ....... oh oh yes....yes magnificent orgasms explode from Bryanna and Ben, her cunt oozing a river of juices, her fingers swimming in it, it so sensitive, and from Ben a continuous stream of cum shooting from the eye his cock. mmmmmmmmm oh yes ...
Bryanna wishes she could catch his cum in her mouth.

They both relax, very lightly touching their pulsating/sensitive pussy and cock, enjoying the experience, content for the moment. Bryanna and Ben wish they were not opposite sides of the world.

A moment of appreciation/admiration is expressed, some chatter and a signing off until the next time.

Ben is unaware of movement outside his door, which was slightly open, it was 2 a.m. sleep time.


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