Never trust a slut - not even if she is your own slave mother.
Author's introduction: This is a dark fantasy with elements of incest and BDSM. If you do not like these themes, then please read something else on this great site.

CHAPTER 5: Mommy has been unfateful to her own sons and made them cuckolds. As revenge, they punish her hard and forces her into becoming sex slave for a group of perverse teenage girls.

All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

Mommy was not at all happy. Actually, she was in deep agony. Terrible red stripes and marks covered the silky smooth skin of her beautiful body. Especially Mom’s curvy ass, nipples, clitoris and labia were hurting like hell. Her voice was almost gone due to hours of desperate screaming. The floor below the naked MILF was flooded with jizz from her massive squirting. Mommy’s face was red from crying. She was sobbing, shrieking and whimpering.

The boys had received new toys, and sweet little Mommy’s fragile body was subject for their target practice.

Mom was tied up to the buck, this time laying on her back, with her beautiful head hanging down at one end and her pelvis displayed at the other end. Her arms and legs were fixated, so Mom’s knees were wide spread and her pussy unprotected against whipping and rape.

Mommy’s older son Joe was fucking her mouth and gagging her throat, while the younger, Mike, hit her body hard with a riding crop, especially on nipples, labia and clitoris. Joe pulled out of her mouth, and Mommy whimpered:

“I am so sorry, ohhhh god I am so sorry. Please stop, AAAUUUGGGHHH!” Her plea was interrupted by a vicious crop blow on her clitoris. “OOOHHHH NOOOOO, I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. I PROMISE! PLEASE STOOOOPPPPP!”

Mommy had been bad, very bad, and now she received her punishment, administered by her masters and sons. Mike gave Joe the crop and asked him to beat Mom’s tits and nipples very hard. Mike then shoved his cock into Mommy’s warm and wet motherly orifice.

“Mommy’s cunt gets SO TIGHT, when you hit her nipples. OH THIS IS GREAT!” He moaned as he was fucking his own mother.

Mommy had been at the mall and, as usual, met with a group of teenagers. What she did not know was that a girl by the name of Cindy had sneaked unseen into the locker room, where Mom stripped, sucked the teenagers and let them grope her voluptuous naked body. As the gorgeous MILF had the full attention of her male audience, the girl managed to film her performance unnoticed. Later, when Mom went to the bank to deposit her earnings, the teenage girl filmed that as well. She then sent the videos to Mommy’s sons, assuming they did not know about their slave mother’s activities.

Mom had become very unpopular among the teenage girls in the neighborhood. Within a month, she had sucked each and every male teen at least once during her almost daily visits to the mall, doing a much better job than any teenage girls could do. Mommy had become the local cocksucker reference, and the girls had grown sick and tired of being told repeatedly, that they were poor performers compared to the neighborhood slut. They had to stop this unfair competition. Cindy had volunteered for the job.

Alas, the decision to inform her sons that their mother was being unfaithful to them.

When Mom came home from the mall, she was immediately grabbed by her sons, stripped and tied to the buck. A cane viciously made a beautiful red stripe on her naked ass cheeks. She screamed in pain.

“YOU SLUTTY BITCH! SO YOU HAVE A SIDESHOW IN THE MALL SUCKING TEENAGERS!” Joe shouted, as he continued to batter his howling Mom’s ass with the cane.

“NOOOOO!” she yelled, not knowing that her sons had video proof of her cheating. “OHH STOP PLEASE!”

Mommy continued to plead not guilty, until Mike showed her the video he had received from Cindy.

“So you are not only cheating on us, SLUT, you are also a dirty liar! You have made us cuckolds in front of everybody in this town! I am gonna rape your ass SO HARD as punishment, Mom,” Mike said and forced his big cock into Mommy’s dry asshole. He loved to rape his Mom’s tight and dry orifice and make her scream in agony.

Meanwhile, Joe ransacked his mother’s handbag and found the receipt from the bank where Mom had deposited her cocksucker earnings just an hour before. The slip also showed the net balance of her secret account; $20,200! Joe decided to invite Cindy over to get more information about his mother’s side job in the mall.

Cindy turned up within minutes accompanied by three other girls. When they entered the house, they could hear the moaning and sobbing from Mom.

“Hi Cindy. Thank you very much for informing us about Mommy’s cheating.”, Joe said.

“I thought you would like to know,” Cindy said with a smile. “Your Mom has been sucking teenagers in the mall almost every day for a long time. 100 bucks per job. She must have made a fortune. You didn’t know that at all?”

“Not at all. We sell Mom’s sexual services ourselves, as you probably know, but she has not been allowed to do her own business. Her cheating is totally unacceptable. As you can hear, Mike is punishing her right now. You want to have a look?”

The girls nodded eagerly. They would certainly like to see that dirty bitch getting what she deserved. Joe led them to the living room, where Mom was tied up naked, bruised from caning and being ass raped by Mike, while he smacked her buttocks. Her wailing and agony pleased the girls immensely.

“Great to see that dirty slut being punished! Can we slap her too?” Cindy asked with gleaming eyes. Mike withdrew from Mom’s ass and made a gesture, inviting the girls to go ahead. “Please help yourself,” Mike said and forced his Mom to clean his smelling cock with her mouth.

Cindy immediately smacked Mommy’s ass with her little hand. What a great feeling to get revenge over this slut! The other girls followed Cindy’s example. Now, Mommy was being spanked violently by a group of women. They were merciless against the humiliated, moaning MILF.

The ever sadistic Mike got an idea. “Hey, girls, would you like to try fist fucking her?” Cindy smiled viciously and stuck a finger into Mommy’s battered pussy.

“Hey, this bitch is completely wet! She likes being treated like a slut!” The other girls also fingered Mom’s tight orifice, and soon one of them was working her way into Mommy’s pussy with her whole hand.

“AAAARGHHH! NOOOOO! PLEAAAASE! DON’T”, Mommy screamed as the hand of the girl disappeared completely into her twat. Her sons watched the show with gleaming eyes. “Push harder! She can take it!”, Mike encouraged them. He LOVED to see his slutty Mom suffer.

The girls took turns fist fucking the desolated MILF, while her sons fucked her mouth, highly excited by seeing their naked mother being abused by four women. They needed relief and filled Mommy’s throat with hot sperm.

“THAT IS PUNISHMENT FOR SUCKING OUR BOY FRIENDS!” Cindy yelled as she was forcing most of her underarm into Joe’s and Mike’s mother.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, Mommy whimpered. “I will never do it again. I promise! OOWWWWW! IT HURTS!”

Mike got another idea. “Hey girls, if Mom has been sucking your boyfriends, then why don’t she suck you as well? That would only be fair. And you can have her for free.”

The girls were hesitant until CIndy pulled her arm out of Mommy’s stretched pussy, and exclaimed: “Why not? All the boys are raving about her skills as cocksucker. I am sure your Mom is also a great pussy eater.”

Shortly after, Mommy was kneeling on the floor, arms handcuffed on her back, and looking in horror at Cindy’s naked crotch. The girl had taken off her trousers and panties and stood before her, legs spread and looking down triumphantly at the humiliated MILF, who was still sobbing from the previous abuse. Mom could smell the musky odeur from Cindy’s shaved pussy and watched, as a drop of cunt juice seeped out between her labias. The skinny teenage girl grabbed Mom’s brown curly hair and forced her face onto her pelvis.

“Start eating my pussy, you bitch! Get on with it!” She smacked Mommy’s ass with the riding crop that Joe had provided for her. Mommy had never been with another woman before and was hesitant, but the cropping of her sore ass cheeks broke the barrier. She started licking the 22 years younger girl with her tongue. She thought the taste was awful.

“Suck on my lips and clit, SLUT!” Mom obediently sucked on Cindy’s swollen labia and rosebud, whimpering when Candy smacked her butt with the crop. The teenage girl began to moan.

“OHHHH, THIS IS SOOOO GOOOD! STICK YOUR TONGUE INTO MY PUSSY, BITCH! Fuck me with your tongue!” Mommy licked, sucked and tongued the best she could, eager to avoid more beating from the crop.


Mommy felt Cindy’s pussy juice flushing out when the girl came in a violent climax. Cindy was holding the head of the brunette firmly with both hands, rubbing her genitals on Mom’s face so hard, that the MILF was almost suffocating.

“DON’T STOP SUCKING, BITCH! I AM CUMMIN’ AGAIN!” This time Cindy squirted, drenching Mommy’s face and hair with her jizz. The girl squirted three times, released Mom’s head, stepped back and threw herself on the couch.

“WAUW! That was the best orgasm I have ever had!”, Cindy exclaimed while breathing hard. “Your Mommy is certainly a great pussy eater! I would love to pay 100 bucks for that!”

“Well, thank you”, Joe smiled. “Perhaps we should consider women as a new customer group”.

“Can I use your Mommy once more,” Cindy asked. Joe nodded. The girl leaned forward, grabbed Mom’s hair and pulled the plaintive MILF towards the couch, crawling on her knees.

“My pussy is dirty after all the cummin’. Clean it up, bitch, with your tongue.” The teenager smacked Mommy’s face and forced her tearful face onto her crotch. Obediently, Mommy started licking the girl’s labia and their surroundings clean.

“The thighs also”, Cindy commanded. Her squirt was coagulating on her soft skin. Mommy lapped and lapped with her little tongue, making Cindy’s long thighs spitting clean.

“Good Mommy. Good Mommy”, Cindy mocked the Milf. “Now move down to my feet. Clean my feet. NOW, BITCH!” The tiny young girl slapped the face of the sobbing big titted and humilated MILF again.

“Noooo, please, nooo, that is so gross”, Mommy whimpered.

SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! Sonia's ass was hit hard by the cane, mastered by her own son Joe. Her desperate screams of pain filled the room full of horny teenagers, loving to see the complete humiliation and degradation of the 40-year old mother.

“MOVE IT, BITCH! CLEAN HER DIRTY FEET! YOU ARE A DIRTY SLUT WHO DESERVES NO BETTER!”, Joe shouted. Weeping, Mommy bent her head and started licking the ankles, which was least smelly.

“CLEAN MY TOES, BITCH. SUCK ON THAT BIG TOE!” Cindy smacked Mommy’s ass with the riding crop that Mike had given her back. Joe gave his Mommy another hard whack with the cane, making her jump.

Desolated, the mature mother began sucking on the teenage girl’s smelly toes. It was HORRID!

“Use your tongue to clean up between the toes, slut!”

Feeling utterly degraded, Mommy cleaned Cindy’s small well shaped feet, almost choking by the taste and smell.

“Good little Mommy. Now clean my ass. I have always wanted to try a rim job,” Cindy said and changed position on the couch, standing on her knees so her ass was facing Mom.

WHACK! Again, Joe hit his naked, helpless Mom hard with the cane. She shrieked and shivered, but obediently began to lick the brown rose of the teenage girl. Cindy was so aroused that she wanted another orgasm. Again, after just a few seconds of lapping teenage pussy, Mommy was drenched in her squirt.

Of course, Mommy had to be nice to the three other girls. None of them had ever tried sex with a woman before, but watching Cindy’s performance and satisfaction turned them all bisexual, and with a vengeance. Luckily for Mom, the show had made them so horny that they climaxed very fast.

“Well, girls, how about getting some cock inside those tight pussies, so you won’t turn all lesbian?”, Mike asked. “I am sure my Mom would love to eat you while we fuck you.”

Mike fucked Cindy doggy style, while Mommy was laying on her back, head on pillows, sucking and licking the teenage clitoris and her son’s cock, as he stuffed the moaning girl. In between, Mike withdrew from Cindy’s pussy and forced his cock into Mommy’s mouth. Each time Cindy came, her squirting washed Mom’s face.

Joe was busy fucking the other girls. They moved around, so all the girls had the opportunity of being licked by Mommy, as her own sons were fucking them. The teenage wenches all squirted, something they claimed they had never done before. But never before had they been so horny and had so violently huge orgasms.

This is sick, Mommy thought as she obediently licked the last girl to climax, watching Joe’s big cock pumping in and out of the teenage vagina. How did I end up like this?

Suddenly, Mommy felt something with a lot of hair between her legs. A girl was fingering her maternal pussy. OMG THIS FEELS SO GOOD Sonia thought.

“She is SO WET, this old SLUT”, Cindy exclaimed. “Better clean her up”.

Mommy felt the lips suck hard on her clitoris, and a soft tongue lapping on the entrance of her pussy. Fingers started fucking her orifice, while the wonderful mouth was slurping loudly on her most sensitive parts. Mom went ballistic and climaxed with a roar, screaming and convulsing, almost choking Cindy with her enormous repeated squirts.

The room felt silent, as Mommy slowly came down from the orgasmic sky.

“Can we come back tomorrow for more?”, the girls asked the sons of the slutty mother.
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