Sonia is introduced to lesbian and bestial sex by a perverted female customer.
Author's introduction: WARNING! This is a dark fantasy with elements of animal sex, BDSM and incest. If you do not like these themes, then please read something else on this great site.


All characters in this story are 18 years or older. Even the dog.

This evening, Sonia's sons had sold their mother as a sex slave to a VIP customer, a dominatrix, who had strict demands for Mom’s appearance and condition. Sonia had to be completely shaven in her crotch, her asshole should be cleaned with three enemas and she was not to have sex in any way for 24 hours before the encounter. Neither, the slave must have swallowed piss or rimmed ass. She should be completely naked, only wearing light perfume, a dog collar around her neck, red nail polish, a ball gag in her pretty mouth and a blindfold before her big blue eyes.

24 hours without sex had made Mommy extremely horny, as she had gotten used to be fucked innumerable times every day by her sons, their friends and customers. They had, though, interpretated the “no sex” not to include oral sex, so Mom had been sucking cock all day, but without getting any satisfaction herself.

The boys had told her that the VIP customer was demanding, meaning BDSM, which Mom had learned to appreciate to some extent. In fact, Mom would orgasm instantly by any kind of pain inflicted on her body, except for caning and anal sex which she detested. But her perverted sons had not told her that the customer was lesbian and that the dominatrix would bring along a Great Dane. A monster big dog used to fuck women.

Joe and Mike were extremely excited about the fact that their mother was about to be fucked by a huge dog, and that the lesbian customer would pay $8000 for using their slave slut. Especially Mike, who loved to rape, humiliate and torture his own Mom, looked forward to see his Mom being humiliated like never before.

At 7 PM, Mom was kneeling naked in the hall, head on the floor, blindfolded, arms shackled on her back and ass pointing upwards. She had just received a complete intimate shave and three huge enemas administered by her youngest son Mike, who now groped her pussy.

“You are SO WET, Mom! You are really a SLUT, aren’t you”, he said just before the doorbell rang. Mommy jolted by the sudden sound, fearful and excited at the same time. She had no idea of what awaited her, except that it would be painful but hopefully also bring her a lot of orgasms. Tears emerged in her eyes. But her cock hungry maternal cavity contracted, pulsed and wetted in hope of finally getting a fill. Her rather innocent wish would soon be fulfilled to an extent she could not even imagine.

Joe opened the door, and in went a classy lady in her late fifties, grey haired but still beautiful. She wore a long coat and high heels, and in one of her hands was a dog lead connected to the biggest hound the boys had ever seen. In the other hand she carried a suitcase. Joe closed the door behind her.

The customer took a look at the naked woman kneeling on the floor and then at the boys.

“Well, it seems that I have arrived at the right place. This must be the slave slut I have rented for the evening?” Both boys nodded, still flabbergastered by the sight of the huge dog. Joe came to his senses.

“Yes, Ma’am, you are right. This slut is at your service. Should we care about the financial matters before you start?”

The customer put her suitcase on the floor, opened it and took out an envelope which she handed to Joe. “8000 bucks as agreed upon. She is mine for four hours, right?”. Joe confirmed.

Listening to the conversation, Mom was shaking from fear. She had a very bad feeling about this woman, and she could smell something strange, like some sort of animal.

The lady opened and removed her coat, handing it over to Mike. She wore a leather corsage and nothing more. From the suitcase she took a cane. Slowly she approached Mom, still kneeling in her slave position.

Laying on the marble floor, Mom could hear the high heels clacking closer and closer, before stopping right in front of her head. She felt a cane caressing her buttocks. OH NO! NOT A CANE! A small whimper emerged from behind her ball gag.

“Oh, this little slut doesn’t like the cane, now does she?”, the lesbian said in a mocking voice. Then she let her left hand caress Mommy's very shapely buttocks, padding her little brown twinkie for a few seconds and pushing just a tip of a finger inside the anus.

"Uhmmm, what a beautiful nice and tight little arsehole we have here. I really look forward to explore that later." She pulled her fingertip out and smacked Mommy's butt hard, leaving a red hand mark on the skin and Mommy whimpering.

The dominatrix then let her hand travel further down to her rented MILF slave's glistening wet pussy lips. Another finger explored Mom's swollen clitoris and went inside between the labias.

"So little Mommy here is as wet as a river of lust in her little tight pussy. You are really a lecherous BITCH, aren't you Mommy?"

Several smacks landed on Momm'y protruding ass, while the Mistress massaged Sonia's hard clitoral button with the other hand, almost making her cum. But the dominating woman stopped just before her climax.

"Oh no, little bitch, this is not for YOUR enjoyment, just for mine", she said mockingly.

The cane wandered around Mommy’s voluptuous body, up and down her long legs, along her arms on her back and ending up by her big tits, making her beautiful body shake from fear. The lady grabbed Mom’s hair and lifted her op in upright, kneeling position in one fast, brutal movement.

“Boys, I want you to hold your mother tight, while I make it clear to her who is the mistress tonight.”

Joe and Mike grabbed their Mom by her hair and arms, as ordered. The mistress caressed Sonia’s big firm tits with the cane, making Mommy shiver and sob. OH NO NO, DON’t CANE MY TITS, she thought.

AAAHHHHHHH!!! The first blow was SO HARD! It was difficult for the boys to hold their own mother in position, as the next red stripe formed on the other breast. Mommy was screaming behind the gag, shaking her head and begging the strange woman to stop and her sons to let her GO, but only babble emerged on the other side of the gag.

After four more strokes on each tit Mom was devastated, sobbing and babbling incoherently, tears running down her cheeks, onto her big breasts which sported some glowing red stripes from the cane. The terribly evil woman kneeled in front of the helpless, crying Mom and groped her sore tits with both hands, seemingly very satisfied with her cruel work. Then she took hold of the nipples and squeezed them hard, making Mom scream loudly.

“Now, bitch, do you understand who is the mistress tonight?” Another wicked squeeze on the nips made Mom scream once more. She nodded desperately, confirming her submission, begging her to stop the pain.

“Boys, please lay your mother down on the floor, on her stomach, and hold her still. I need to make another impression on this lecherous slut.”

NOOOOOOOO! PLEEEEEAAASE! Mommy tried to say while her own sons forced her down on the floor, one holding her legs and another her arms. She could not move.

WHAM! A vicious blow of the cane landed on her ass. AAAIIIIEEEEE! OOOOOWWWWWW!


Ten times Mommy was spanked hard with the cane on her sore ass. Her boys grew huge erections looking at their mother’s painful ordeal. Whimpering, sobbing and crying, red stripes flowering on her beautiful ass, Mommy was SO SEXY.

The dominatrix grapped a leather belt from her suitcase, one with two big dildos attached. She ordered the boys to keep holding their naked Mom tight and stretched out on the floor. Fascinated, Joe and Mike watched the dominatrix stick one of the dildos inside herself and fasten the belt around her waist. The other, outer dildo was enormous, made of black rubber it seemed and shaped like a real cock. It protruded at least 15 inches from her body and was very wide in diameter. The boys had never seen a strap-on before, and this was a most formidable one. As Mommy was still gagged and blindfolded, she could not see what was awaiting her poor cavities.

The dominatrix (or mistress) squatted over Mommy's long legs, sat down and pointed the huge strap-on towards her litte pussy. The woman smiled viciously, clearly enjoying the situation.

"Now, boys, I am going to rape your Mom in her tight holes. Hold her steady. This will make her a bit restless, I hope".

She placed the tip of the monster dildo on Mommy's pussy and pushed forward, hard and swift. The reaction from the rape victim was immediate. She screamed and squirmed, as her sensitive private parts were brutally invaded by something that felt as big as a school bus. Sonia's tight little pussy was being stretched to extremes in just a second, and the pain was terrible.

"NGGOOOO! UMMMPPHHHHHH! PNNEEAASEEE!", Mommy screamed through her gag in pain, but the vaginal invasion continued, and her own perverted sons held her arms and legs so firm that she could only wriggle her tormented body a little bit.

"Now, my little slave mom, you do not seem entirely happy with my treatment. I can promise you that it will only get worse," the smiling tormenter said in a vicious voice.

She worked hard to penetrate Mom's tight, but luckily also still very wet cunt, making only slow progress. After five minutes and a lot of hard effort, the huge dildo was almost buried inside the wailing rape victim. The tip of the weapon knocked against her cervix. Never had Mommy's orifice been so extremely expanded, only when she gave birth to her sons. The very sons that now happily participated in her rape and torture.

Now, the mistress began to fuck Mom, first slowly but then increasing the speed, seemingly only enjoying the sceaming and howling from the suffering rape victim. Suddenly, the rapist came hard herself, stimulated by the dildo inside her own vagina. A lot of squirt wetted Mom's legs. The deep, painful pounding of the unhappy slave's battered orifice slowly stopped, and Mistress withdrew the huge cock with a slurp from her sobbing and highly relieved victim's damaged pussy.

"AAAHHH, that was so good, my little slave. I always get the best orgasms when I rape a naughty mature bitch like you. Now, boys, hold your little Mommy really firm, for now I will rape her tight little brownie. I will ram this cock all the way up her arse and fuck her really hard. Wait a minute, Mommy. I just need to fetch something."

Mom screamed in agony by the thought of getting the huge cock inside her little asshole. Fascinated, her own sons doubled their effforts of holding their own Mom firm and ready for the next brutal rape. Meanwhile, the mistress fetched a tube with lube from her suitcase and rubbed it on the big black rubber phallos. Then she once again sat on Mommy's long tanned legs, put some lube on her fingers.

"Here we go, Mommy!"

The Mistress forced the two lubed fingers into Mom's asshole, moving them around to make sure the anal entrance would properly prepared. Sonia squealed like a pig being slaughtered.

"Now now, Mommy, I am just being good to you by lubing your little sphincter. You would not like to be rammed by my cock in a dry asshole, now would you? God, you have an extremely tight arse, girl. Try to relax and stop complaining. I WILL rape your ass, rest assured on that. That is my favourite treament for snotty bitches like you. My monster cock will soon be all the way up your little ass."

The mistress knew that she had to prepare Mommy's anus for the huge dildo, otherwise it would be impossible to get it inside her. She fucked Mommy hard with two, then three and finally four fingers. OH GOD IT HURTS SO MUCH, Mom thought. The bare thought of the brutal invasion coming soon made her absolutely terrified. When she was anally fingerraped, she could feel her sphincter relax a little, though. After one more thorough lubing of the soon-to-be-raped asshole, ignoring the crying and pleading of the victim, the mistress placed the tip of her monster dildo on Mom's anus and pushed forward.

"NNGGGHHHH! NOOOOOOGGGGHHH" The terrified victim screamed in pain and agony, as the huge pole was forced inside her tight brown hole. It took a minute for the rapist to push through the tight sphincter and enter Mom's colon. Now, Mom was constantly screaming loudly, her tormented body shaking and wriggling as the big cock was forced longer and longer up her extremely expanded asshole. Her boys watched the show intensely, both sporting a huge erection. Seeing and participating in their own Mom being raped so brutally really turned them on.

Slowly, the mistress worked her way into Sonia's innards, truly enjoying the exciting resistance and complaints from her poor victim. At the same time, her own twat was being fucked hard by the internal dildo on her strap-on. THIS WAS SO GREAT. Finally, after some minutes and a lot of hard work, dripping from sweat, she was all the way up Mommy's battered arse.

For Sonia, the brutal rape and extremely wide stretching like never before of her anal cavity, felt like her body was cut into two as the enormous pole was brutally forced 15 inches up her innards. IT WAS SO PAINFUL. She sobbed, screamed and protested, begging them to STOP, PLEEEAASE OHHH NOOOO IT HURTS SO MUCH but the gag blocked her voice.

"Now, bitch, I told you I would rape your tight little ass. Now you havre 15 inches of big black cock inside your tight hole. How does it fell, Mommy?" The mistress asked mockingly.

Mommy could only shake her tearful head vehemently and produce incomprehensible babble through the gag. She could feel every inch of the invading pole as DEEP PAIN and was desperate to get it out.

"You do not seem happy, Mommy? Now, you might like it better when I start to fuck your little ass, don't you think so?"

Again, Sonia could only respond by shaking her pretty head intensely and squeal, but to no avail. Her tormenter slowly pulled the rape instrument backwards until only the tip was inside the battered anus. Sonia sighed in relief, but screamed in desperation and pain when the big cock brutally was pushed back inside her very sore asshole. All of it. Now, the mistress fucked Mommy's battered hole first slowly, pulling all the way out and pushing the whole length back inside in one brutal movement. Mommy was crying and sobbing as the rape continued. OMG IT HURT!

Finally, the mistress fucked Mommy hard and fast. Her loins smacked against Mom's firm bobble butt, every time the whole length of the cock was penetrating the screaming mother, who was held firm by her own erigated sons. It was Mommy's worst ordeal ever. The hard and brutal pounding of her poor aching butthole only stopped when the mistress came in a roaring orgasm. At this point, Mommy was reduced to a sobbing heap of pain, completely devastated by the extremely evil and harsh anal rape. Oh God, pull it out! pull it out, she begged in her mind. Slowly, her prayer became reality, as Mistress withdrew her rape instrument from mommy's sore asshole. With a slurp, the whole dildo was out, and Mom farted tremendously. The violent dildo rape had compressed a lot of air up her innards.

"Have a look at Mommy's asshole, boys. Let go of her", the mistress said, deeply satisfied after her second intense orgasm. God how depraved this is, she thought. Two sons selling their own mother for rape, and even holding her while it happens. Judging from their erections, they were very happy about watching the maltreatment of their own Mom. She opened Mom's gaping asshole even further with her fingers, so the boys could see deep inside their own mother's battered orifice.

"Now, boys, I want to fist fuck this big sloppy asshole. Please hold on to your Mom again."

Desperately, Sonia tried to escape, but the heavy weight of the mistress blocked her attempt. Seconds after, her own sons held her firm once more, making their own Mom ready for yet another painful and degrading sexual torture. Escape was impossible. Now, the mistress lubed both her hands and began pushing one of them inside Mommy's asshole, fingers first. Mommy's voice was hoarse, her throath was sore due to all the previous vocal efforts, but yet she managed to squeal loudly, as the third lesbian rape of her aching body began.

Actually, the hands and arms of the mistress were about the same size as the monster dildo which had just expanded Mommy's ass like never before, so within a few minutes she had worked her left arm inside Mommy almost all the way up to her elbow. Now, she slowly fucked Mom with her arm, making her scream and howl in deep pain and desperation. Now and then, she pulled out completely, her hand clenched into a fist, and forced the fist and most of her arm back into the sobbing rape victim's sore back door.

Then, the mistress put her hands together and slowly forced first all her fingers, then both hands inside Mom.

The boys watched in awe, as more and more of the two arms disappeared into their squealing, howling and tormented mother.

Sonia felt immense pain as she was so extremely brutally raped in her ass, which was no longer tight in any way. The sphincter was expanded 6-7 inches and the suffering almost made her faint.

Now the mistress fucked Sonia' sore opening with both hands, accompanied by slurping sounds and desperate, muttered screaming. In one last effort, before she withdrew her arms from the wailing victim, she pushed both arms deep into Sonia's brutalized arse almost up to the elbows. Then she pulled out in one fast and painful movement. THANK YOU GOD, Sonia thought. Her battered asshole felt completely destroyed, and so it almost seemed, as the boys admired the end result of the brutal double fist rape of their own mother. The anus was wide open, and you could see what looked like a mile inside Mommy's battered, swollen and flappering asshole.

Her evil tormenter was not finished, through. She grabbed Mom’s hair and forced the desolated MILF up in kneeling position. Tears and saliva filled her face. The dominatrix slapped Mom hard on each cheek with her hands.

“Now, bitch, I want you to show me some SUBMISSION! I want you to kiss my feet, suck on my toes and then lick my pussy. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, SLUT?” Two more slabs landed on Mom’s cheeks. She nodded desperately. Her ball gag was removed.

“PLEASE Don’t hurt me! Please!” Suddenly her mouth was filled by the mistress’ hand, while the other slabbed her right cheek once more.


Joe grabbed Mommy's arms and forced them behind her back.


Mommy screamed desperately as her big tits were once more hit hard several times by the vicious cane. Then her head was forced down and she could smell her mistress’ feet. Sobbing and desperate to avoid further caning, Mommy kissed the feet intensively.


Obediently, Mommy sucked on all toes on both feet, eager to please this evil woman and to avoid more torment. The hand holding her hair then lifted her head up into the crotch of the woman.

“NOW SUCK MY MUFF, DIRTY BITCH! GET ON WITH IT!” Another cane blow hit Mom’s ass and she started sucking and licking the shaved pussy of the stranger. It was very wet and had a bitter taste. One more blow landed on her buttocks, so she increased her efforts in satisfying the vicious lesbian. She licked and sucked the labia and clitoris, pushed her tongue inside the pussy and worked hard. NO MORE CANE, she thought.

“AAARRRR! You are a good cunt licker, bitch, I have to give you that. AAAHHHHH, I’M CUMMIN’!”

Sonia felt a lot of hot jizz hitting her face and she tried to lab up and swallow as much as possible. After the orgasm, the mistress removed Sonia’s blindfold. Kneeling on the floor, her beautiful face full of cum juice, she looked up at her tormenter and mistress for the first time. From that perspective, the Mistress looked just a vicious and depraved as what she had done to Sonia so far.

“CLEAN THE FLOOR, BITCH! WITH YOUR MOUTH!” Obediently, Sonia licked up the woman’s squirt on the marble floor. She sensed something big moving on the edge of her vision. A huge DOG! OH NO! The dog sniffed her crotch and started licking her intimate parts with a big, rough tongue.

“Now, bitch, I want you to satisfy my partner Viking. He loves human mouth and pussy.” Mommy looked desolated and beggingly at her and then on her sons. Nowhere did she find any mercy. On the contrary, Mommy could see both her sons sporting huge erections. The mistress asked for the keys and unlocked Mommy’s handcuffs, freeing her arms and ordering her to stand on all fours.

Meanwhile, the enormous dog licked Mommy’s ass and pussy hard and it was getting to her. Instinctively, she spread her knees more, allowing the tongue to reach her clitoris. OOUUUHHH!

“Look at your horny mother, boys! She loves to get licked by a dog! What a true bitch! Do you want to see Mommy getting fucked by a big dog?” They nodded in unison, eagerly watching their naked, whipped mother getting more and more turned on by the canine cunnilingus.

“Viking, FUCK THE BITCH!” She ordered. The dog was so big that it simply towered above Mommy, as it moved in and stood over her. The mistress grabbed the balls of the animal and caressed them, which made the canine cock grow rapidly. The mistress guided the huge throbbing member into Mom’s pussy and the dog started humping her.

“OOOOHHHHHH!” Mommy groaned as the big dog forced its huge, hot cock inside her wet and sore pussy. GOD IT IS SO BIG! She thought as the enormous organ filled her up completely. Without any hesitation, the animal started fucking her like in a frenzy, much faster than any man had ever fucked her before. Soon, the soreness in her battered pussy from the dildo rape was replaced by a growing pleasure.


24 hours of celibacy and the extremely satisfying feeling of the HUGE COCK moving in and out of her wet pussy SO FAST made Mommy climax again and again. Her moaning and screaming filled the hall and her squirting made a big pool below the loving couple.

Mike and Joe watched their Mom getting fucked by the big dog with absolute fascination. Mike started filming with his iPhone, speculating how he could turn his mother’s animal sex into money. He went nearer and got a good close-up of the huge canine cock ramming his mother’s widely expanded pussy with the speed of a jackhammer. He also filmed his lecherous Mommy’s face as she received orgasm after orgasm, turning the white out of her eyes, moaning and screaming like a dirty whore. THIS WAS SO GREAT!

Without further thought, he took out his erect cock and forced it into his mother’s open mouth, all the way down her throat, and started force fucking her face, still filming. Mike did not need to move, at the big dog pounded his Mom so hard that her body moved back and forth by several inches, like a perfect blow job.

He handed over the phone to Joe, who continued videoing the fabulous sight of his beautiful mother getting fucked violently by a huge Great Dane, while she was sucking cock on her own 18 year old son. This was SO DEPRAVED.

Suddenly Mommy felt something even bigger than the canine cock filling her stretched pussy. The dog stopped fucking her and pressed hard on her ass, as the huge knot continued to grow inside her already extremely stretched love canal. The bulge continued to expand, which was both very painful and extremely stimulating at the same time. Never before had Mommy’s tight pussy been stretched into such extremes. Then the dog came inside her, filling her womb completely with hot jizz. It felt like a fire hose gone wild inside her.

She came SO HARD all the time while knotted by the great dane and hardly noticed that her youngest son filled her mouth and throat with cum and was released by her older son, who continued fucking her face until he came too. Then the mistress lay down on front of her and forced Mommy’s face down on her muff. Obediently, Mommy started licking the wet pussy, as her own orgasm went on and on. The big dog, still locked to the human bitch, watched the two women making sex in front of him.

Finally, the dog withdrew from Mommy's pussy with a PLOP, releasing a flood of sperm from her battered cunt and uterus. The mistress climaxed simultaneously, releasing a flood of jizz into Mom’s face and mouth. The grey haired woman stood up and towered above her slave, swinging a riding crop in one of her hands. It landed with a hard SMACK on Mommy’s striped popo. She screamed from pain and surprise.

“Now, bitch, clean up all that dog sperm you have wasted on the floor. GET GOING!” Another whip blow on her ass woke up Mom, and she started sweeping the floor with her little tongue. While she was licking with her ass pointing upwards, the lesbian licked Mommy’s pussy clean from all the dog cum still oozing out of her battered orifice.

It took a while for the submissive MILF to clean the floor, even though she received several beatings with the whip. Suddenly, she felt fingers grapping her clitoris and squeezing it hard and painfully. Immediately, she exploded in another orgasm, squirting on the floor she had just cleaned with her tongue.

AAAAHHHH. OOOOUUUUWWWW! NOOOOOO! Again and again, the mistress forced Mommy to cum hard, soaking the marble floor with her own jizz. Then the woman delivered a series of really hard crop blows on Mom’s ass, making her moan and whimper. She was then forced to kneel in upright position with her hands behind her neck, so her big tits were protruding like balloons.

The mistress took hold of Mom’s sensitive nipples and squeezed them hard between her long nails. Mommy came with a roar and squirted even more on the floor, screaming from both pain and pleasure.

“You’re a true pain slut, bitch! Your sons have taught you well. Now I will learn you something new. I bet that you have never sucked a dog before, you SLUT?” She slapped Mommys big tits viciously, making her whimper. Terrified, Mom looked up into her mistress’ eyes.

“PLEASE! Don’t make me do that! Anything else, pleeeaaase, Ma’am”, Mommy sobbed heartbreakingly.
The mistress slapped her face twice and looked at the boys.

“What do you say, boys? Would you like to see our own little Mommy dearest suck a huge animal cock?”

YYEEAARRR, was the response. Devastated, Mommy looked at her children with tears rolling down her cheeks. This has gone too far, she thought. They get more and more perverted. They love to see me suffer and to get humiliated. And this is the worst ever. When will it stop?

“Boys, grab your mother by her arms and legs, so I can spank her. She needs some motivation it seems”.

Within seconds, Mommy’s boys had taken hold of their own naked mother, stretching her body on the floor and allowing the lesbian to abuse her once more.

“NOOOOO! PLEASE LET ME GOOOOO! PLEEAASE! I AM YOUR MOM, DON’T DO THIS TO MEEEEE!!” The boys ignored their mother’s pityful pleading and held her firm, as the beating of her beautiful naked body started.

The mistress had chosen a bull whip, which she administered with great elegance. Painful blow after blow hit Mommy’s shaking body, making her scream incessantly. Mom’s back, ass and loins were red hot glowing, some places even with blood seeping out. This was the worst whipping she had ever received. Her screaming would have softened the hearts of anybody else than her own sons and the sadistic lesbian abusing her body.


“So bitch, are you ready to suck cock?”



“Will you suck the dog, bitch?”


“I think this bitch is lying. Turn her around, boys, so I can take care of her big fat tits.” The boys turned their mother around, so her front was open for whipping. Sonia started screaming in a high pitch, until Mistress forced the ball gang back into her mouth.

“Hold her firm and spread her legs a bit, so I can hit her cunt,” the evil lesbian ordered and placed the first whip blow across Mommy’s sore nipples. Blow after blow hit her body, making her scream and convulse, only limited by her son’s firm grip on her arms and legs. They watched their mother’s painful ordeal and heard her scream her heart out in agony with extreme fascination, while they themselves took part in her torture.

Finally, Mistress stopped the vicious beating of the sobbing, naked woman. Dark red stripes covered her body. Never had Sonia felt so much PAIN.

“Well, boys, do you enjoy watching your mother getting whipped?” They surely did. “OK. Look at this pathetic crying bitch. She is such a WHORE. Why don’t you rape her right now? She deserves it, doesn’t she, for being such a SLUT?”


Mommy’s sons didn’t hesitate. Completely ignoring his mother’s pain and suffering, Joe let go of her long striped legs and threw himself upon the sobbing, moaning woman. He forced his big cock into her pussy and raped her hard, while she was crying in complete despair. Mike continued holding her arms tight, so she could not move.

Once Joe has finished his rape of his abused Mom and mixed his sperm with the canine jizz already inside her, Mike took over. He turned his sobbing, suffering Mom onto her stomach and penetrated her asshole with extreme brutality. It was not nearly as tight as usual, but still it was a great feeling to fuck his mother's are hard.

“NOOOO! NOOOOOO, PLEAAAAASE STOP. OWWWW IT HURTS! PLEEEEEEASE”, Mommy screamed and begged, but to no avail. Her own sons raped her relentlessly, adding more pain to her sufferings.

In the meantime, the Mistress let her dog fuck herself, firstly in her cunt and then in her ass. Just before the dog was about to knot her, she withdrew and focused her attention on Mommy. She was lying on the floor, crying after the brutal whipping and raping. The Mistress grabbed Mommy’s hair and forced her up on all fours. Then she smacked her cheeks several times to get her attention.

“Now bitch, do you want more bull whip or caning?” Mommy shook her head, horrified, and started sobbing again. Mistress took hold of the dog and pulled him over in front of Mommy’s tear stricken face. Mom looked terrified at the monstrous cock dangling in front of her. It smelled of shit, as it had recently been inside Mistress’ asshole.

“Now, boys, why don’t you make your Mommy clean this cock with her beautiful mouth?”

Immediately, Mike smacked Mommy’s striped ass hard several times and grabbed her hair.

“SUCK THAT COCK, BITCH! SUCK IT!” He forced his own mother closer to the dog member. The mistress took hold of the cock and pointed towards Mommy’s mouth. Her son forced her face onto the cock and into her mouth. The foul taste nearly made her vomit. Again, Mike entered Mom’s sore asshole with his big cock and fucked her relentlessly, making her mouth move back and forth on the huge canine pile driver, returning the favor from before.

The dog started humping her too, and the combined efforts from the dog and her son forced the huge cock all the way down Mommy’s throat, making her gag and gag.

The Mistress looked with satisfaction on the menagerie; A beautiful, sobbing MILF sucking ass dirty dog cock while being ass raped by her own son. It was so humiliating. When Mike had come inside his mother’s bowels, Joe took over his Mom’s battered asshole. Mike filmed the event, sure that this would bring in a huge load of money on the internet.

The lesbian held Mommy’s head firm, not allowing her to avoid the huge cock fucking her little mouth. With terror, the impaled woman watched the knot grow on the dog’s organ just in front of her eyes. The Great Dane, following instinct, forcefully tried to push the knot onto the woman’s cavity, but she could not contain the full length of the cock. Her own son fucked her hard from behind and added to the pressure. The violent oral rape made her gag and vomit until hot, sticky sperm suddenly flooded her throat and mouth.

Even though it was the second time the dog came, it produced an overwhelming amount of jizz. Her tormentors held her firm, so there was no escape, and she had to swallow and swallow sperm just to avoid suffocation. Finally, she was released and felt Joe withdraw his cock from her sore ass. What relief!

But more torment was waiting for the exhausted MILF. The mistress forced Mommy to turn around, still on all fours, so the still erect dog could fuck her again. Sonia felt the big cock pushing on her very sore asshole and protested, but was interrupted by Mike who forced his cock into her mouth. At the same time, the dog started humping her and managed to slip his cock inside her tight spinchter.


Mommy’s protests were muffled by her own son’s cock in her mouth. Without mercy, the huge hound penetrated her ass more and more. It felt like a pole was splitting her apart. OUCH THIS HURTS! OOUUHHH NOOOOO! Finally, she felt the balls of the Great Dane bumping against her loins, and she knew he was deeply buried in her small body.

Again, the powerful dog started humping Mom like a jackhammer, incredibly fast and painful. Her howling was only subdued by the familiar cock in her mouth. Gradually, the pain in her ass changed into pleasure. Being severely fucked always had an effect on her.


The Great Dane continued fucking her incredibly fast. The huge cock felt like a freight train in her tight, sore orifice, but it was SO GOOD! Suddenly, she felt fingers pinching her clitoris and nipples, which made her orgasms even wilder. This was the best anal rape she had ever had!

She woke up by the slam of a riding crop landing on her ass. OUCH! All her holes were sore and flushing out sperm, dog and human.


Obediently, Mommy licked the wet pussy of the Mistress and afterwards her asshole.

“Stick that motherly tongue inside my ass, bitch!”

Hesitantly, she penetrated the tight asshole with her little tongue. The taste was horrid, but Mommy got excited anyway. She licked, slubbered and penetrated her Mistress into a roaring anal orgasm. Her sons watched their Mom’s anal expertise unfold with great interest. She had to do the same to them as soon as possible.

The customer had 60 minutes left of her time. She asked the boys to tie up their mother on the buck, on her back, so her tits and crotch was freely accessible. The Mistress then produced a box full of antiseptic needles. She picked up some with her fingers and showed them to the helpless MILF.

Extremely terrified, Sonia watched the long needles in front of her face and the sadistic grin of her tormentress. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Mistress had put the ball gag into Mommy’s sobbing mouth and closed her lips with duct tape. The tied up woman could still howl and move her head, but she was otherwise completely helpless. The torture started with her toes.

“You have such beautiful feet, my dear. They would benefit from some decoration. Now what do you think of these?” The Mistress showed her five small needles. NOOOOOOOO!!!!

The first needle penetrated her left little toe. The mistress not only stuck the needle into the toe, but all the way through the soft part below the nail. It took time and the pain was excrutiating. This was real torture without any sexual benefit for Mommy.

After ten minutes, all ten toes had needles through them. OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Then the tormenter concentrated on Mommy’s beautiful face. Needles went onto her ears, the nose between the nostrils and in each eye brow.

The Mistress then focused on Mommy’s big firm tits. She produced some 30 cm long needles intended to penetrate both breasts, but Joe feared that they might leave scars and denied the use of them. Mommy had pissed herself in fear by the mere sight of the terrible items.

Twenty minutes later, each of Mommy’s tits were decorated with 20 needles, four of them in each nipple. Mommy was howling, shaking and convulsing by the horrible pain, but no one took mercy on her. Her tear stained eyes begged her sons to stop the torture, but they seemed completely obsessed by the torment of their own mother.

She felt fingers on her cunt lips. NOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO!

The needle penetrated her labia, first the left and then the right. It was extremely painful. Mike watched in excitement, as his Mommy’s pussy was effectively closed by six needles going through both cunt lips. Mike and Joe had to hold Mom firmly down, as she was struggling violently, otherwise the Mistress would have had problems putting in the needles.

Finally, the Mistress took hold of the clitoris. MMMMGGGHHHHHH! MGHHHHHHHHH! Mommy tried in vain to avoid the terrible fate. Needle after needle went into Mom’s most sensitive part, making her scream and struggle like never before. Finally, the pain became unbearable and she fainted into a blissful darkness.

Mike filmed the whole torture session and was allowed by the Mistress to withdraw the 75 needles she had put into his Mom. He started with the six long ones blocking her pussy. Before he continued with the clitoris, he simply had to fuck Mommy’s cunt even though she was still unconscious. He rammed her so hard that she woke up and looked terrified at her own son raping her, still with all the needles inside her body.

Mike had great fun by slowly – very slowly – pulling out the six needles in Mommy’s rosebud. Her screaming and struggling turned him on immensely. Joe started pulling out the needles in her toes, then her face. They took one breast each. Mike licked up the blood from the many holes. Finally, Mom was free from the torture devices.

Mistress bought Mom for one more hour. She had to suck first the dog once more, then suck the mistress while the dog was fucking her pussy and once more knotted her. In spite of the recent horrible torture, Mommy managed to come many times, especially while her pussy was extremely expanded by the canine knot.
Finally, the Mistress forced Mom into the bathroom, told her to lie down on the floor and pissed in her mouth. Then, the grey haired customer gave herself an enema. She flushed Mom with her shit from face and down to her crotch. She told the boys to clean their Mom with their piss. She even brought the dog, who gave Mom a very long piss in her face. The bathroom was a complete mess.

$9000 in just one evening. And the lecherous sons had learned new ways of how to sexually torture their own mother. The boys were ecstatic, as the customer and her dog took their absence. Mommy had to clean up the bathroom and herself, before she could service her sons with her painful, sore body. Even though she begged them to let her sleep, they fucked her hard for hours to let out the steam from the torture session. Rape and torture was so great.
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