Info for the story I'm working on currently
Omega Prologue by B.Sparks
This is simply to give a little bit of information about the kind of dynamics you'll encounter in the story.You may choose to read this or continue without reading it, it won't take anything away from the story.It just adds context to a few things.
There is one trait that all of the secondary genders share no matter their primary gender.They all share the physical charateristics of wold tails,ears,fangs,and claws depending on the mood.These traits are influenced heavily by there emotions such as anger,fear,passion,etc.
This will give a little information about the dynamics I'm going for in the story with the title of OMEGA.
In what is considered an alternate universe (world differing in some slight way from ours)in the differing feature here will be Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics.
The caste or heirarchy falls like this with Alphas being at the top of the food chain,Betas being a harmless neutral (for the most part),and Omegas being on the bottom of the food chain so to speak.
Being one of the three castes is defined as a second gender. One could be primary gender male with a secondary gender of alpha,beta,or omega. The same goes for women they could have a primary gender of alpha,beta,or omega.
Now I would like to explain further the three secondary genders and the genetics behind these genders.
Alpha Male and Females
An alpha male usually has the same physical appearance as a human male excluding his penis.The size naturally varies in size depending on the individual but they all have the same trait.Much like a canine male during mating a knot forms at the base of the penis locking the male to the mate.
They have great physical strength,along with a dominant personality,they also have a very protective personality over their mates,and are generally well liked among peers.
Alphas generally mate with either of the three classes but tend to go for available omegas.
Upon reaching sexual maturity males go into what is called rut.They begin to crave sexual satisfaction with any of the secondary genders that are compatable to them.Most of the time they cannot control their urges when around an omega.Depending on the male depends on his moral standing regarding forced bonding.
Female alphas have more strength then the other gender females and most of the males of other genders.Their bodies are much like any womans except the ovaries and uterus which are less functional then others.Leaving them with a 25% chance of getting pregnant and when they do it will be with only one baby.
Alpha females do not experience a regular heat (or a rut which is only experienced by males).
They also have a dominant personality,the strength,and are flocked to by others who consider them superior.
They generally mate with other alphas or omegas.
Beta Males and Females
Beta males do have a few differences from the alpha males and omega males.Though they will all appear as much like the other males as before they do have a few differences.For one they have a functional penis that will become erect but they do not have functioning testes.They will not produce sperm or be able to aid a female in producing offspring.
Beta males depending on the genetic background of the family line can have a none functioning uterus without ovaries.
Beta males do not go through rut upon sexual maturity they simply experience slight changes upon physical appearance.
Beta males can't bond with any of the other genders.
Female betas are neutral and would rather have an alpha take charge of a situation then take charge themselves.They have ovaries and a uterus that are functional enough for them to have children though it is uncommon for them to have more then one.They will most likely have only child in their entire lives.
The chances of that happening are 50%.
They may experience heat at a mid teen age of around 16 and it will come around every four months.
Betas are not overly successful but do tend towards the business side of the world.
They tend to mate with other betas or alphas.
Omega males and females
Omega males physical appearances are different then the other males when it comes to capabilities and general physical looks.The omega males are quite feminine in looks they are hairless everywhere but their heads.They have no facial hair,body hair,or pubic hair on there bodies just head hair.Their facial features are more of a gentle genderless shape then the other secondary genders.
The omega males tend to have smaller penises then betas or alphas that are functional,though they will not produce offspring.They also have fully functioning ovaries and uterus that is large enough to carry up to four children (refered to as pups) at a time.
They have zero chance to father children but they can be 'mothers'.
(Often omega males are called bitch males.)
Omega females
Omega females tend to appear more attractive to the alpha males who are sexually attracted to females.They have no physical differences then the other females on the outside but they do have a few differences on the inside.Their ovaries and uterus are bigger to accomadate up to four children at a time.
They are hairless over all of their body except their heads where they have the usual hair.The features they have are more delicate then the average person with them appearing as tiny individuals.
Omegas tend to go into heat at the age of 14 or 15.Although it is rare sometimes it takes longer for the Omegas to present a secondary gender though they all present by 19.
Omegas tend to mate with alphas or maybe an attentive beta.
I would explain things like bonding,forced bonding, and unpresenteds but that will come up in its own time in the story.The above information is here because I don't know if it will come up in the actual story with as much detail.
I will be happy to answer any questions about what I may have left out if you leave a comment and give me time to read them.
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