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The school year was over, I'm recently single again, time to re-introduce myself to all the single girls
Well, it’s official. School is out! It’s summer! And that means that my friends and I are now all officially… Sophomores! That can only mean one thing, it’s time to throw a party!

This was going to be a blowout to start the summer. I invited everyone. My friends, their friends, pretty much anyone who wanted to come was welcome. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of most of freshman year, so naturally I encouraged all my female friends to bring all of their female friends as well, and they did! There would be other guys there too of course, all my friends from the gym and such, but as far as I was concerned, this was going to be a summer buffet just for me!

The day started off perfectly too. I spent most of the night before making sure everything was ready. The coolers were set, barbecue area was set, pool cleaned. All ready to go, nothing to do now but wait. I started filling the coolers outside with drinks and such. Stocking up on chips and what not. Just about that time my phone beeps, text message. It was Morgan, wanting to know if she could come over early and help. Morgan and I had hooked up a few weeks earlier at another party where, in a drunken/stoned state, I took her virginity. Excuse me, I mean, she GAVE me her virginity, in her words. All I know is, what a great fuck. So I knew “come over and help” actually meant come over and fuck before the crowd got there. She had been dying to get me alone again since that last time. I was all for that! So “yeah! C’mon over now! Everything’s ready!” Especially me.

Fifteen minutes later Morgan is knocking at my door. She looked spectacular as always. The girl knew how to dress for any occasion. Right now she had on just the sexiest little pink sundress that hugged all of her curves just right, and as far as I could tell, nothing else underneath. I introduced her to my mom and dad since no one else was there yet, we didn’t want to be rude. Then we excused ourselves downstairs to the rec room.

Our rec room is practically an arena. It is a big room downstairs just off the deck/back yard. We have gaming systems, big screen TV, pool table, ping pong, and a bunch of couches. It also has floor to ceiling windows all along the patio wall. This is where I anticipated most of the couples hanging out all day, if they weren’t by the pool tanning. It’s perfect for party central. Once we got downstairs, Morgan immediately push me down on one of the couches, jumped on top of me, and planted her mouth on mine. I did the same right back. We had stolen little kisses and touches at school since last time, and had a couple afternoons of making out at friends’ houses, but no time to really get into anything. Wow was she a good kisser. As our tongues were battling, my hands were exploring all over her. I found very quickly that no, she wasn’t wearing anything under that dress. My hands were all over her ass. It was so smooth and firm and perfect. Then I slowly worked them up to her breasts. She started moaning and cooing with every touch. Her nipples were practically ripping through the fabric they were so hard. I wanted that thing off of her but, not here. She apparently had the same idea as she reached down and started to pull her dress up, but I had to stop her. This wasn’t the place, especially not with all those windows, and not while my parents were home. I led her upstairs to my room. I told her I’d be back in a minute, and then went to the living room to make an appearance with my parents. When they asked, I told them I left Morgan downstairs, she was checking out the games. That should satisfy them for a while.

I went back to my room, slipped in quietly, and locked the door behind me. She was covered with one of my blankets but I could see the sundress lying on the floor. Once the door was locked and she was sure it was just me, she pulled the cover off and was lying there totally naked. Like I said, the day was off to a perfect start.

I pulled my shirt off, threw it on the floor. Pushed my shorts down, followed by my briefs, my hard dick popping out and aiming straight for her. She smiled at that. The last time we were both naked we were also half drunk, half stoned, and definitely not seeing straight. She was seeing everything for sure this time. I came over and climbed on the bed next to her. I immediately climbed right up next to her, leaned over, and put my mouth on her nipples, and started sucking and biting and teasing. She giggled and moaned and threw her head back. Her hand went straight to the back of my head and pulled me tight to her chest. I started sucking and biting and licking and squeezing. They weren’t big, but they were magnificent. Morgan slid her hand down my body until she reached my dick, and grabbed right on. She squeezed and started to feel it and pump it and play with it. I continued licking and kissing her whole body.

I was up for some good foreplay. Her body is so beautiful and perfect, I just wanted to lick her from head to toe. Her skin is just so smooth, every inch of her, I love just touching her. She also had some perfume on that was just driving me crazy. Her breasts are probably about a B cup, not that big, but firm and perky, sticking right out for my tongue. They were perfect as far as I was concerned. I was loving taking my time to enjoy them. Morgan however had only one thing in mind. She rolled me over on my back, grabbed hold of my dick, and straddled herself up over me. She said “we can play later, right now… I want to feel this thing in me again”. I told her to stop and let me get a condom, but she just pushed me back down and placed the head to her pussy. As I watched her face, she lowered herself just enough for the head to push between her lips. She was so wet already even without me having touched her at all. I slipped right in. As she slowly pushed herself down on me, her eyes closed, she threw her head back, and took in a long deep breath. She looked back down at me. This was only her second time having sex I knew, and the first time sober, and it was beautiful, watching the exhilaration and pain on her face as she let out a moan with every inch that slipped into her. I could feel her pussy stretch to take me all in. My god she was so tight, even as wet as she was it was hard to push into her. I put my hands on her ass and helped her to slowly take it all inside her. The look on her face the whole time was beautiful.

Finally she took all of my cock inside her, it felt so good, so amazingly tight. Her pussy gripped me every time she moved. It was like a vise. With every move of her body her pussy would twitch and spasm around me more. She stopped for a moment and let out a long moan. She said “this is the most incredible feeling”. It feels like it’s all the way up in my stomach. She just stayed like that for a moment feeling herself completely full. She definitely loved that feeling. I held her hips and started to rock a little. Slowly she began the same motion. We continued like that and built up a slow rocking motion that provided just enough friction in and out to drive her wild. With that, I reached my hand down and ran a finger along her pussy until I found her clit. Immediately upon touching it, her eyes flew open, she let out a scream, and she pulled up a little bit away from my hand. I grabbed her hips with my hands and pulled her back down on me. That set her off. She pushed my hand back to where it was and started to go up and down on my cock. I continued to work her clit. She was going insane. A long stream of “oh oh oh my god”. In no time at all I was ready to blow. I grabbed her hips and held her tight, and started to shoot my load up inside her. I thrust up and into her as hard as I could, shooting deep up inside her pussy. I don’t know that she even noticed, she was in such ecstasy. As I finished, I returned my fingers to her clit and started to work it again, with my cum added to her juices, she was even wetter and it was only seconds until she clamped her legs tight around me and started to orgasm as well. I can’t say for sure, but that may well have been the first orgasm she’d ever had. It was certainly a reaction like I’d never seen. She closed her legs on me hard and held me there as she more whimpered than moaned, until she just completely let go. I have to say I liked it.

She rolled off me and lay back on the bed, breathing heavy and touching herself. She couldn’t even talk at first. She just lay there almost crying. I rolled over next to her and asked her what was wrong? She slowly managed to get out that “it’s just that you’re so… much. I can still feel you inside me” Which is the same thing she had said last time. I started kissing her and nibbling her ears. She loved that, but was still recovering. Then I saw the clock, uh oh! We had to get moving. I quickly got up and put my clothes back on. I told her how amazing that was, because it REALLY was, and that she could stay here until she was ready to come out. I suggested she put her bathing suit on before she came out. Then I unlocked the door and slipped back out. I was outside no more than ten minutes when the other guests started arriving. My best friend Mark and his girlfriend, plus John, and Glenn. We all went outside on the deck and the festivities kicked off. My mom asked me where Morgan had gone so I just told her she went to change, she would be out soon.

About ten minutes later Morgan emerged wearing her little bikini, and a huge smile. A tiny little two piece, the top was a single white piece, like a tube top, that seemed to be held up by nothing but her tits. The bottoms were a sexy little red piece maybe one step up from a thong that clung to her perfect little ass like it was painted there. Holy cow, she looked as hot with her clothes ON. I wanted to take her back in my room and fuck her again. Who knows, the day was just beginning. She came over, leaned down and planted a big kiss on me in front of all of them. John and Glenn were staring just waiting for her top to fall off. Then she sat down on my lap, wrapped her arms around me and did it again. I could see them just staring at her. Then Mark said “Looks like the breakup is official!” Everyone was howling already. This girl was going to be SO much fun.

Eventually more guests started to arrive. Morgans friends started to show up. Maya, Kayla, Tara, Vanessa, Natalie, all beautiful athletic girls, all wearing as little as the summer would allow. Then more of my friends, my neighbor Julie showed up, even my now ex Alyssa showed up with her BFF Kassidy. I love those girls. There were probably about 30 people there by noon, if you count my brother and his friends. My brother was just finishing his sophomore year in college so he was on break as well. I didn’t expect him and his friends to stay around for long since they all had cars now and would rather be out cruising than hanging out with the little high school kids, although all the girls in their tiny bikinis did hold their attention for a while. My brother took one look at Morgan sitting on my lap and gave me a very approving look. I asked him when they were planning on leaving. He gave me some wise ass answer and went back to his friends. They were annoying, however, they did provide some of the booze so they were welcome as far as I was concerned. I also actually got along with my brother and his friends for the most part so it was all good.

By 1pm, the party was in full swing. All the girls were tanning, all the guys were trying to impress all the girls. Some of them were succeeding and taking themselves to the rec room so they could stake out their position on the couches. Others were in there trying to play beer pong, but my mom kept popping downstairs so it became sort of a pot luck game, some of the cups had beer, and some had soda. Nothing was ever normal at my house. There were a few couples staked out on the couches making out already, always fun to walk in there and see who is trying to undress who. You could already see bikini tops that had discretely been unhooked, or hands slipping inside them. Some of the girls’ hands you couldn’t see at all, I wonder what THEY were doing? Unfortunately for them all the bedrooms were upstairs and off limits, my mom was keeping a close watch on anyone who made it up there. If they were going to get any action, they were going to have to be creative about it.

About this time, another friend of mine showed up with a little gang of friends. This is when I met Katie. I was instantly smitten. This was the cutest girl I had ever met. At least I thought so at the moment. Katie was an incoming freshman. She was going to be on the diving team as well. The thing about Katie is, she is tiny. She might hit 4’ll, but only maybe. She had short blond hair, maybe to her shoulders but tied back in a short ponytail today. She has these big brown eyes, great dimples, the biggest smile and just the greatest laugh. She had these big chipmunk cheeks that were just so cute. Her body, although small, was amazing. She was tight and toned. She was a former dancer as well but I guess had knee problems so switched to diving, so her legs were so toned. Her breasts, though small, were perfect for her size. She was perfectly proportioned for her height, and the cutest little bubble butt. You might look at her and think she was tiny, but you did not think she was just a little girl. Again, I was smitten.

I spent a great deal of the afternoon flirting with Katie. When we would play games, I want her on my side. I even had her come sit on my lap a few times, which she seemed to take to right away. How had I never met this girl before? Now, Morgan was definitely jealous of me spending time flirting with Katie instead of her. I told Morgan look, I just got out of an exclusive relationship, so I’m not going to be in a hurry to get into a new one, not with her, not with anyone else. If she had a problem with that, then things weren’t going to work out. But I do still want to spend a LOT of time in you, I mean… WITH you, and yes I did say it that way. That got her grinning again.

Just about that moment, I heard a little scream. People started scrambling around over on the deck, girls were screaming and running around, guys were quick to grab the girls to protect them, don’t ask me from what. I had to check this out so I made my way over there to see what happened. It seemed that Maya had gotten stung by a bee. Luckily she wasn’t allergic, so she was going to be okay, but it still hurt. I set everyone back to having a good time and Maya and I went into the house to take care of the sting. We looked for my mom but her car was gone so obviously she had slipped out without saying anything. She probably wouldn’t be gone too long. Fortunately I knew how to take care of bee stings having gotten a few the previous summer, I had a fair amount of experience treating them.

I took her to the bathroom across from my room and we washed it off, got the stinger out, put some cream on it and bandaged it up. She was okay but still a bit irritated. I lifted her arm up and gave her a little kiss on her bee sting. Then I looked in her eyes and asked if she was okay. She just smiled bashfully. She seemed to be a little bit flushed, but I figured that was from getting stung. She dropped her head, looked up at me from under her hair, then she leaned forward and gave me a little kiss on the lips and said “thanks”

Oh my! That was unexpected. Of course Alyssa and Kassidy had both told me at some point that Maya was interested in me, and that in the right situation, she might be interested in…. Hmmmmmm. I lifted her head up and kissed her back. She smiled some more. Well well, let’s play then! I leaned in and started kissing her for real. In no time our tongues were attacking each other. I was leaning into her over the bathroom sink and she just wrapped her hands around my waist. I stopped, looked out the bathroom door to see if anyone was around, then I took her hand and pulled her quickly across the hall into my bedroom. She giggled and followed me quickly. I quietly locked the door behind us.

Let me describe Maya now. Maya is a redhead. Not the flaming orange that you’re thinking, but a very dark red, almost brunette. In fact most people would think she is brunette until she is laying by the pool in a bikini in the bright sun, then the red streaks and highlights shine. Her complexion matches what you think. Very white, pale skin, some incredibly cute freckles that really only show up after a day in the sun. Beautiful bright green eyes. A truly beautiful but seemingly shy girl.

I walked over to her and asked her again if she was sure she was okay, then kissed her arm again. She smiled and said “oh I feel a lot better”. I said “Good” and then wrapped my hands around her waist, pulled her hips to mine, leaned forward and kissed her again. Almost instantly our tongues were together. She put her hands up to my face and held me as we kissed. I held my hands on her hips, but started to slide them over her ass. Mmmmmm. I stopped, then led her over to the bed so we could sit and continue kissing. She hesitated for a moment when she saw I wanted her on my bed, but she sat right down with me anyway and we continued where we left off. Slowly we leaned down and laid on the bed continuing kissing this way for a long time.

Maya was wearing a very sexy little bikini. The top was a bit weird but still amazingly sexy. It looked like a halter top but split down the middle. The two sides were laced together and you could see practically every inch of cleavage. I was drooling. The bottoms formed a perfect “Y” as they rested on the top of her hips. It was all white stars on a dark blue background. Not a string bikini by any means but dam was that sexy. As we kissed, my hands started up her back, along her sides until they finally reached her breasts. She shuddered for a moment as I touched them, then started to caress and squeeze and fondle them. Her eyes were closed, and she was making the tiniest little moans as I felt her up. I teased her nipples through the fabric and they kept getting harder and harder. I had to see them. I reached my hand up behind her head and found the strings tying the top and started to pull. Her top was sexy, but not something you could really slide your hands under. I looked into her eyes and asked “Can I take this off?”

Maya bit her lip just a bit, then sat up and reached behind her. She undid the tie on the bottom, as she did, I reached up and undid the tie at the top. I pulled her top off and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were beautiful. For someone who always looked so small she had to be a full B cup at least, maybe more. My hand went right back to her naked breast. My mouth then went to the other. When I put my mouth on her nipple she started to moan and put her hand on the back of my head. She held my head there as I started sucking and nibbling on her nipples. She was moaning a lot now, obviously enjoying the attention to her body.

I kept my mouth on her breasts, licking and sucking and biting. It was so sensual. At the same time I started to slide my hand down her body. Her hands were still on my head, holding me tight and directing me to where she wanted my attention. My hand slid down over her bottoms, right over her mound. I barely touched her, but her moaning got louder. I slid down a little farther, pushing between her legs. At first she didn’t seem to want to, then I started rubbing my fingers over her and her legs started to move apart. I stopped for a moment because I was so hard, I needed to re-arrange. Instead I just pushed my shorts down and let it out. My hand went right back between her legs and I started rubbing her pussy through her suit. Her breathing was so heavy now and her legs opened even more. She started rubbing the rest of my body, her hand slid down over my naked ass. She let out an approving little “ooooh” at that. She looked at me and smile a huge smile as she ran her hand over my ass. Then I took her hand and moved it around to the front. When she found her hand touching my naked cock her eyes got wide, and her mouth opened in a little gasp, and she sat up to see.

I kept on touching and teasing between her legs. She let go of my cock for a moment and said “Oh my god Zane I…” I interrupted her and told her it was okay. I took her hand and put it right back where it was. She was very cautiously touching it, then started to stroke it a little. She explored with her hand while still moaning and breathing heavy from what my hand was doing. Her hand was all over my cock, then down over my balls, exploring. She seemed to be liking how it felt. I know I did. I slid my hand up, and slowly slid inside her bottoms. If she noticed, she didn’t say anything. I pushed my hand farther down until my fingers touched her naked pussy. She took in a quick breath and said high and fast “oh my god!” I started touching her lips, finding her clit. She said “no no don’t”. Honestly I just kept going. She let go of my dick, leaned back and started moaning again. I kept on touching, making her moan more, and then I slowly slid a finger into her. She was so hot, so wet. I continued to finger her for a while, and gently guided her hand back to my cock. She had her eyes closed as I worked inside of her and just kept on stroking my cock. I started to pull her bottoms down, which she didn’t seem to mind. I got them down far enough to see that patch of dark red hair, which made me instantly harder, but I couldn’t get them down over her ass. I got up between her now wide open legs, reached up and grabbed her bottoms by the sides and started to pull. I got them just to the point where we needed to lift her ass up for a moment. I looked at her again and asked her “Can I take THESE off?” she sat up, then hesitated for a moment. She suddenly seemed to realize that she was laying on my bed, about to be completely naked, with me kneeling naked between her legs, and my hard cock just inches away from her virginity. She pulled back away from me and said “No, I can’t do this right now. I mean I can’t do THAT right now! And then she pulled one of my blankets up over her.

Naturally I was disappointed, frustrated even. I shouldn’t have asked, I should have just pulled them right down. But I just climbed on the bed and sat next to her and held her. I said “It’s okay, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I just thought you were enjoying it”. She said “I was, I AM, oh my god you’re so beautiful and sexy and no one has ever made me feel like that, but I’ve never done that before. I’ve never even let anyone touch me like that before, I can’t have sex with you right now, I’m just not ready” I put my arm around her, pulled her close and kissed her again. I said ‘Maya it’s okay, I was just getting carried away I’m sorry. But you seemed really into it. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to”. She said “I DO want to, Oh my god I do, and you’re so sexy and sweet, and just… well LOOK (as she said this she reached over and started touching my cock again) but I wasn’t expecting this right now, I’m just not ready”. We sat for a few moments comforting her and getting her to calm down a bit. We talked a bit. Her hand was still on my cock, stroking it, mmmmm. I told her “Maya unless you’re ready to do SOMEthing, you might want to stop that”. She pulled her hand away quickly as if I’d told her it was going to explode. Finally I just said “Look, why don’t we get dressed and go back out to the party. They’re probably thinking you died from a bee sting at this point anyway. We got up, I helped her tie her suit back up, after one or two more licks on those nipples, and then we kissed a little more and headed back outside. Before we did I asked her if we could go out sometime next week, just the two of us, no pressure. She agreed.

We returned to the party, her friends all came running over to see that she was okay from the bee sting. Then everything returned to normal, although I did find Maya a lot closer to me all afternoon, and not as shy as she had always seemed. So did Morgan. Surprisingly, so did Alyssa, she had her hands all over me whenever she could, which surprised me. I however was still intrigued with Katie. I took every opportunity to flirt with her, talk to her, touch any part of her. We had piggy back fights in the pool, I made sure she was on my shoulders every time. She might have weighed 80 pounds at best, no one could knock her off. I couldn’t help myself. The thing is though, I wasn’t all over her trying to get her in bed, and at no point did I even offer to take her into the house at all. I just couldn’t keep her off my mind. At one point she was sitting on my lap on one of the couches and I said to her “You and I have to go out sometime”. She laughed and said “I wish, my mom won’t let me date”. I said “What? She won’t let you date? At all? What the hell? Why not?” She just let out an exasperated shrug and said “because she’s a bitch! She says I’m not old enough to date”. That was disappointing. I wanted to date this girl. We were going to have to find a way to make it work. I had to spend more time with her. I told her that will just not do, I’m going to need to have a lot more parties for her to come to.

As we were in the pool swimming all afternoon, I made my way from one girl to the next flirting and copping feels everywhere I could. I got Alyssa into a nice tight hug at one point and she whispered into my ear “So did you fuck Maya? You two were in there for an awful long time, I told you she wanted you” and then she gave me an evil evil grin. I said “No, I definitely want to, but no, she backed out when it came time to take her clothes off. But she does seem to want it.” Alyssa said “yeah she does, she’s been watching you every second since you came back out here”. Alyssa just sees everything that goes on. Maybe that’s a girl thing. She then said “I see Morgan’s been all over you all day too. Did you finally fuck HER?” I didn’t say anything, but just a big smile. She said “Jeez dude we JUST broke up! Now you’re off fucking every little slut you can lure into your bed! You don’t waste anytime do you” I told her “Hey watch who you’re calling a slut, you spent a lot of time in that bed yourself, what does that make you? And I seem to recall you liked it quite a bit. Besides it’s not my fault, you see what she’s wearing! Well... she wasn’t wearing that when we were in my room this morning, so, yeah” Alyssa just laughed at me and said “the difference is that I was your official girlfriend at the time, you were SUPPOSED to be fucking me”. I didn’t ask if she had fucked the guy I had seen her with that broke us up. I really didn’t want to know. Then she said to me “So who’s the little baby you’ve been hanging all over all day? She’s cute, for a toddler” I told her “That’s Katie, and she’s not a toddler, she’s a freshman now, and you have to admit she is fucking adorable”. Alyssa said “you just want to fuck her”. I replied “Actually, no, she’s just really cute, and funny, and fun, you should get to know her. I really hadn’t thought about getting her in bed yet. But now that you mention it…” She said “Awwwww, is Zane falling in love? With the little tiny freshman baby? ”Then she hit me and tried to dunk me underwater. I finally got her wrapped up in my arms again and whispered in her ear “you know, you and I could make our way to my room if you want” As I said that I slid my hand right down her belly and into her bikini. She smiled and pulled me close as my finger found its way inside her, she never made even the slightest move to stop me. She just closed her eyes, leaned her head back for a moment and took in a deep breath. We were up to our shoulders in water at the moment so no one was seeing anything unless they were swimming up beneath us. She leaned against me for a few minutes as I started to work her clit as only I knew how. Then after a few moments that she was clearly enjoying, she grabbed my hand and made me stop, took a deep breath, and said “I’d really love that, honest I would, but Kassidy and I have to leave in about 20 minutes. I said “that’s a shame, I was all ready just for you”. Alyssa smiled and looked at me and said “Sorry baby” and gave me a kiss. Then she said “Maybe you should try that one over there, she wants you too” as she pointed at Vanessa tanning over on the grass. She did look pretty tasty.

As I was making my way to get out of the pool, Kassidy swam up under me and started to pull my suit off. I naturally panicked at first wondering who the hell this was, but once she came up for air and I realized it was her I stopped struggling and said “Oh keep going girl! Don’t stop now” She laughed. She didn’t pull them off, but she did slip her hand down inside them and wrap it around my cock. I smiled. She said “so are you and Alyssa gonna go meet in your room for a quickie? Is that why she slipped inside, alone, with no one watching?” Then she gave me that evil grin of hers. I said “no, she says you two are leaving soon. Is that true?” As I said that I leaned back against the edge of the pool and put my hands down around her and over her ass. I could see Morgan over on the deck watching. That was kind of funny. I don't think Morgan knew about Kassidy and I, or that we had any history, so she must have been thinking “jeez, now he’s groping another one!” Morgan was clearly a little jealous. That’s when it dawned on me that I had already fucked three of the girls here! Alyssa, Kassidy, and Morgan. Oh wait, AND Julie! Can’t forget Julie. A big smile crossed my face as I came to that realization. Kassidy asked me what the shit eating grin is all about. I rubbed my hand over her ass and said “This is what it’s all about. I’m just thinking about fucking this sexy ass” Kassidy really did have the most amazing ass. I never really tried or even thought of doing anal, but dressed, or undressed, her ass just drove me absolutely crazy! She looked at me and said “Yeah dude, that’s not gonna happen, so don’t get too excited”. I said “Too late!” as I thrusted my cock into her hands, and my hand under her suit, down over her ass. She pulled her hand out of my pants, pulled my hand out of her pants, and said “Sorry Zane, Alyssa and I are leaving now. Good luck with little Katie. I see you trying to hit that”. I just smiled. She said, all this virgin meat around here and you’re after the little baby freshman. So I asked her “well then who SHOULD I be going after”. She looked around, finally pointed at Alex and said “try that one, she’s always talking about how cute you are, and she’s single! I’ll bet you could lure her up to your room.” With that she just laughed and pushed off. I watched as her and Alyssa said good bye, gathered up their things and headed out the gate. Then I just relaxed there in the pool for a moment thinking “Dam, I fucked BOTH of them”.

At this point it was probably around 4pm or so. My dad had shown up and taken over as king of the barbecue. Burgers, hot dogs, veggies, sausage, all sorts of food. Morgan and I sat over at one of the tables having something to eat. She of course cuddling up close to me again. She leaned forward and started kissing my ears and nibbling my neck. That really drives me fucking nuts. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear “I wanna do it again!” I smiled then whispered in her ear “wait just a minute and then follow me up to my room”. I pushed her off me, got up and headed up the stairs. I got to the top and my mom was there in the kitchen. Morgan came up right behind me. My mom said hi, asked what we were doing up here? I couldn’t very well say we came upstairs to fuck, so I had to think fast. I told her Morgan left her bag up here and wanted to put her dress back on. I pointed, then she went down to my room, grabbed her little pink sundress and pulled it back on over her bikini. So much for that idea. I went down to my room, stepped in and we started kissing a little. Soon my mom came around the corner, saw we were still there, and still had our clothes on luckily, and said “Alright love birds, take it downstairs”.

Morgan of course was disappointed but what could we do. Nothing was going on in my room as long as my mom was standing guard upstairs. I said “Sorry, maybe we can try again later” Instead we had to settle for claiming a piece of couch in the rec room for some serious kissing and groping. She seemed satisfied enough with that for now. There was a lot of that going on in this room too. There was an ongoing fight between the “gropers” who wanted to turn the lights out, and the gamers who wanted to play pool and beer pong and what not. I’m not sure how they worked that out exactly but I did notice some couples disappearing every now and then. I’m not sure if they were using the bathroom, or the changing stalls outside, or maybe sneaking off to some one’s car, but there was definitely more action than just what I had going on.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent playing games, swimming, tanning, and the usual. I went over and sat with Julie and her cheerleader friends, as they were all gathered as a group tanning at the far end of the pool. My god they all looked incredible in their tiny little bikinis. I flirted and played with them all but they weren’t buying it, and Julie was just laughing at me, so eventually I just gave up and left them alone. An extremely high spirited volleyball game had broken out and both Vanessa and Alex were playing. I had to stand by and watch that one for a while. The two of them were both incredibly athletic and just killing the ball. It was so much fun to watch them spiking and digging into the grass. I could watch this all afternoon. After it finished we all jumped into the pool. There was lots of dunking, and splashing. All the gymnasts were doing flips off the diving board. All the divers were showing off. Most of the guys were doing cannonballs or belly flops. It was so much fun.

During that time I managed to get some more flirting in with both Vanessa and Alex. I grabbed Vanessa a few times. Copped a feel of those tits and her ass. Vanessa is at least my height, and strong. She is a gymnast and it shows, but her body is still soft and perfect to grab on to. Of course for every grope I got of her I also got a good slap, but she got a few good handfuls of my ass as well. I could tell she was liking it.

At the same time, I would shoot across to the other side of the pool and grab onto Alex. I snuck up behind her and did the “guess who” game. She had no idea. Alex and I talked but not a lot. We saw each other a lot but we really hung out in different groups, so she was having a hard time guessing it was me. I kept her eyes covered with one hand, spun her around and kissed her real quick. Then I said ‘NOW guess”. She said “nope, no idea, need to try that again”. So I said okay, then I put my mouth on hers and started a nice long tongue kiss. She clearly approved so I just dropped my hand, she opened her eyes, which she’d had closed, and stopped and said “OOOOh Zane! I wasn’t expecting you!” I just smiled. I said “who were you expecting?” She laughed and said “I don’t know, nobody actually, maybe one of those college guys!” as she pointed over to my brother and his friends. I said “sorry, they’re all too old for you. You’ll have to settle for me”. She said “That’s okay, I LIKE you”, and then she started kissing me again. We made small talk between kisses in the pool. I kept trying to get my hands all over her anywhere I could, but she just laughed and pushed them away. Still there was a lot of kissing. I counted it as progress made.

People came and left the party all day. Some came early, some came late. Some left early, some left and came back. Katie had left earlier unfortunately. Morgan had to leave for a while but told me she would try to come back, I wonder why. As much fun as Alex and I were having, I couldn’t lure her to my room, or even to the rec room for a good make out session. Couples were gathering out on the patio chairs around the pool. We gathered a bunch of the chairs around the fire pit and that became our big romantic outside setting. I somehow found myself in one of the big patio chairs with none other than Maya again! She had climbed up on my lap and started whispering in my ear, apologizing for earlier. She said she got kind of freaked out when she found herself naked in my bed, she’s never been naked with a guy before, but now she wished we had kept going. Believe me, so did I! So we kissed a little, talked a little, and made plans to go out the next week. Then she got up and was gone. That will be an ongoing story.

Once Maya left, I sat there in my big comfy deck chair chatting with the rest of the group around the fire pit. All of a sudden, here comes Alex again, making herself comfortable sitting across my lap and leaning up against me saying “is this seat taken?” To be honest I was a bit surprised, and uncomfortable but hey, if she wants to sit on my lap, I’m not going to say no. I said “It was, but for you I’ll make an exception”. She said to me, in a teasing tone “So I’ve seen you sitting over here making out with every girl who’s showed up today, that makes it my turn right?” I said “What can I say, everyone wants to kiss the host”. She said “That’s kiss the cook stupid, not kiss the host”. I said “Fine, you don’t have to kiss me then.” She laughed and then leaned over and kissed me. I was a bit confused with this since she kept pushing me off earlier and acting like she wasn’t interested, If I didn’t know better I’d say she had found the booze. (I only knew better because her kisses didn’t taste like booze).

We sat there like that for a while, with her across my lap, talking with everybody and occasionally stopping for more kissing. After a while my friend Mark spoke up and said “Alright you two get a room already will ya”. I just said “Jealous” His girlfriend, who was sitting right there with him, spoke right up and said “he better not be” and then shot him a look. It was funny. Alex however piped right up and said “Yeah like I wanna be the next one to visit his little love den” and then just laughed. I said “HEY, no one has visited my love den today”. They all laughed, but I know that nobody knew about Morgan and me that morning, because that happened before anyone else arrived. She said “What about Maya, you went upstairs with her for a long time.” I explained “Yeah, she got stung by bee. We were up there for a while because we were putting ice on it, besides my mom was right there with us the whole time”. She said “What about Morgan? I saw you and her go upstairs a couple times”. I said “Yeah well, if you saw that then you also saw us come right back down. I told you my mom was upstairs all day, nothing was happening up there.” She said “yeah whatever you say. I know you’ve got your secret hideaway somewhere”. I said “You want to go see my secret hideaway? You wanna see how fast we get kicked back downstairs? Let’s go”. She just laughed and said “Shut up” and then kissed me some more. I did like the way she kissed. Of course in my head was thinking God I wanna get her upstairs to my “love den”

We just kept on making out for a while. I discretely had my hand on the inside of one thigh and was rubbing and caressing. She still only had her bikini on so it was a bit scandalous. She kept adjusting her legs, I assume not wanting anyone to see where my hand was going. Every now and then she would slap my hand and tell me to stop it. Now Mark, being a good wingman, spoke right up again. “Just go already we’re sick of watching the two of you, at least go hide in the rec room with all the other pervs”. That actually made ME laugh because there had to be four or five couples in there with their hands all over each other covered up with light blankets so no one could see what clothes they had off. I looked at Alex, grinned and said very sarcastically “you wanna go see my secret love den?”. She sat up and said “Fine, since we’re only gonna get kicked out anyway”
She got up, then I stood up, took her by the hand, and up the stairs we went. We got to the top and opened the door, I fully expected my parents to be around to tell us to take it downstairs, but they were nowhere to be seen. It was only about 7pm so they must have gone out for something and just not told me. I looked around, didn’t find them anywhere and looked back to see Alex smiling at me. She said “Yeah you’re mom’s pretty scary”. I decided I had to take advantage of the moment. I walked over, took her by the hand and said “c’mon”, and led her to my bedroom, and once again, locked the door behind me.

I said “Congratulations! You’re the first one to make it to my secret love den”. She said “Sweet, now what?” I said “well if we’re gonna call it a love den then…” and I started kissing her again and led her over to the bed. We lied down and I started kissing her and nibbling her ears and neck. I slid my hand down her side and down over her ass. So sweet. I wasn’t wasting time this time. I pushed her hips over flat and returned my hand to where it had been between her thighs when we were out by the fire. She moaned and kissed back and nibbled on my ears and neck too, it was so good. I pushed my hand up higher, pushing her thighs apart a little. She did spread them apart, but then stopped and looked at me, gave me the sweetest smile and said “Zane…” I said “Yeah?” She kept that same smile and said “I’m not having sex with you”

In my mind of course I thought “yes you are, why else did you come up to my love den?”, in reality I just said “Whatever you say”. I smiled and went back to the kissing. We kept going for a few minutes, and I kept my hand right where it was, and her legs just pushed a little wider. I slid my hand right up until I was touching her pussy. She closed her eyes for a moment. I started rubbing through her bikini. I could feel she was already wet. She had her arms around me now also and was half caressing, half scratching my back, which was driving me crazy. She lay back with her eyes closed, and started to moan a little more. I kept my fingers working. After a while, in the middle of the moans, she was whispering “I’m still not having sex with you, I’m still not having sex with you”. I just grinned at her.

I turned the kissing up and started to really rub her through her bikini. I could feel the definition of her lips through the suit. I kissed my way down her chest until I reached her bikini top, it was one of those one piece strapless numbers that just about held her up. I tried to keep my hand where it was down below, but this required fingers, so I reached up and started to pull her top down, at least enough for me to get my mouth on her nipples. She had great tits. Nice full size with perfect little nipples. I started sucking on them. She started to moan even more. She also started rubbing my back and the back of my head and holding me tight against her tits. “MMMMM that’s nice” she said. I slid my hand back down her belly, this time sliding my hand into her bottoms, right down over that little patch of hair, and started stroking her naked pussy. She let out a loud “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” As I ran my fingers along her lips. I continued my attention to her nipples and slowly slid my fingers inside her. Her moaning started turning into a little chant of “I’m not gonna fuck you, I’m not gonna fuck you”. She was sounding less convincing.

As I kept working my fingers inside her, she let out a long loud ‘Oooooh my god I love that” I thought, good! I kept fingering her for a while and then set my thumb to her clit. That set her off. She started thrashing a little and bucking up against my hand. Her hands were all over my ass and sliding down my shorts. She was grabbing and feeling. Finally the bikini bottoms were just in the way so they had to go. I stood up, pulled her sideways across the bed and pulled her right up to the edge. I then reached down and grabbed her suit and started to pull it off. I wasn’t asking permission this time, learned my lesson already. She hesitated for a moment but then lifted her ass up off the bed enough for that suit to slide right down her legs. She was so beautiful laying there. Those beautiful eyes staring at me, her perfect tits just begging for attention, and that little patch of hair just above her sweet pussy. I pushed her legs nice and wide thinking I would kneel down and dive in. She looked up at me again and “Zane…”. “Yeah?…” I replied. She said “I really want to have sex with you”

I thought, whoa! She just jumped a few steps ahead of me, but okay. I smiled and said “Okay” She said “we can’t, not like this”. (UUUUgh!) “What do you mean like this? She said “Hiding in your bedroom, with all those people downstairs, and after you’ve had every other girl all day up here. … I don’t want to be just another one that you fucked today”. I told her “Alex, I told you no one else has been up here all day. I swear.” Then I added “You’re the only one who’s even seen the inside of my room”

She rubbed her hand across my abs, looked up at me and said “mmm you’re so hot, I really do want to fuck you” So I replied “Then let’s do it” She started rubbing her hands over my ass, I knew I had her now. Instead of saying anything, I reached down and pulled my swimsuit down and let my cock pop out right in her face. She took one look and said “Holy shit!” (to be fair, I was hard as stone by now) I put my hands on her shoulder and started to push her down onto the bed and move up closer between her legs. She grabbed hold of my cock and said “No I can’t do this, this thing will never fit inside me”. I said “it’ll fit, trust me, besides you don’t have to take it all” She started to sit back up again (again, arghhhhhh) and said “No, we can’t, I don’t want to get pregnant”. I reached over into my desk drawer and grabbed a condom. I held it up in front of her and said “Well???” She didn’t say anything, but wrapped both her hands around my dick. She started to stroke it slowly, I was so hard. Since she wasn’t saying anything, I opened the package then moved her hands and started to roll it on. She was fascinated by the process. I pushed her back down on the bed again, pulled her right to the edge, and leaned up over her.

I reached down and started to rub my cock up against her pussy, along her lips, and slowly in between. She started moaning again. I put it right up against her entrance and leaned down to her and asked if she was ready. She half spoke, half moaned and managed to say “I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t…” I started to push, pushing just the head into her, oh it was wonderful. Finally she said “Oh my god this is… uh... uh….” And then very quietly “oh fuck me…. Fuck me…”. So I did. I started to push into her. Slowly. She was so tight, but so wet that I slid right into her easily. I had to start a little pumping action to go into her deeper, just a little at a time. I could tell she was really uncomfortable with it. She seemed to be liking it, but also having a lot of pain. I told her to try to relax and it would feel better. I kept slowly pushing a little farther forward. Finally I gave one good hard push and I could feel her cherry burst. She let out a gasp, and a little shriek, and I pushed into her all the way. I stopped there, deep inside her, waiting. She lay back and looked at me and tried to say something but nothing came out. I pulled back and started to push into her again.

Just then, BANG BANG BANG! Three knocks on my door. Alex pulled back and I came right out of her. She quickly grabbed a blanket and covered herself over. I said “shhhhhhh, be quiet” and then answered the knock. “Yeah?” It was my dad, “Are you alone in there?” I could see he tried the door but it was locked. I answered “um… No”. He hesitated, and then said “well you two put your clothes back on and get back downstairs, you still have other guests here”. On my side of the door I was gritting my teeth and making fists at this interruption, but I just answered “Okay, be right there”. Then I heard him walk away. I turned back to Alex, pulled the blanket away and tried to get back into her. I said “c’mon let’s keep going, we can take a few minutes more” I tried to pull her back to position and get back between those sexy legs and keep going. She just said “no no we have to get back downstairs”. AAAAAAAAAAAgh. Can you tell I was frustrated? She got up, put her bottoms on, made me hook her top behind her, but I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her from behind. I said to her “C’mon don’t you want to keep going? That’s no way to finish your first time?” She said “No, I don’t want your dad coming in and catching us!” I said “He already caught us, he wouldn’t walk in”. She said “No, we’ll just have to try again next time”. We got dressed and went back downstairs.

When we got back down to the party, everyone was still groping and swimming and playing pool, you never would have known we had been gone. Mark of course was all up on me “did you fuck her?” Sorry to disappoint you dude but “No”. At least that’s what I told him. I mean yes, but no. I did just take her virginity, but we just didn’t have time to really fuck. My dad came by and just asked me “is everything safe?” which is my dad’s code for “I hope you’re using condoms”. I heard him say it to my brother a million times. This is the first time he had said it to me. “Yes dad, everything is fine”. That’s the last I heard of it from him. Surprisingly, she was still sticking close by me. I told her we HAVE to get together very very soon and finish that. She looked at me and said “I am NOT having sex you Zane, don’t get all excited”. I said to her “that’s what you said earlier” and smiled. She just smiled back at me and said “and we didn’t have sex did we?” I said “we didn’t FUCK, but you’re not a virgin anymore are you?” She said “no I guess I’m not, thanks!” I told her “the next time I see you, you ARE going to have sex with me”. She smiled and said “We’ll see”

Eventually everyone started to leave and the party wound down. A few people actually crashed on the floor for the night. Separated by my mom of course. Girls upstairs in the living room, boys downstairs in the rec room. Before she left, Alex came over and gave me a big kiss, grabbed my ass and whispered in my ear “call me Friday”.

It’s going to be a great summer!


2017-03-15 04:21:32
Fun story, didn't feel like everyone just wanted to sleep with him.

Grammatically, I recommend you make your paragraphs smaller and separate the dialogue so that it's easier to see in the wall of text.

Also, it would help if you kept mentioning their names, rather than just using pronouns, that way we can keep track of which girl he's with.


2017-03-14 02:43:52
Great read as always

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