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A boys story or gettin screwed in more ways than one
Justin was 14 and a freshman at Brenbrook High School. he was an average american teen with a great tight 5' 9" 140lb body and a nice sized 6in cock. He was every girls dream, but he had a secret, he didnt like girls he wanted guys and lots of them!

One day after gym he sat down on the small bench and watched all the boys change tryin to hide his large hardon growin in his underwear. He looked around slyly as everyone changed, but he got noticed. Clint the star pointguard for th JV team noticed him and exclaimed to everyone " Hey Justin is checkin us out"

Justin blushed and tried to run out the door but was cut off by one of the other boys. "You aint goin nowhere" he said as he unbuttoned his shirt reveiling a 6 pack. "We're gonna make u pay for staring".

Justin began to get scared and nervous but also aroused even more. A small skinny boy named JT immediatly pushed Justin to the ground, and as soon as he hit the ground everybody there stripped ot there underwear. Clint stood over him in nothing but a tight fitting bikinni and said "I get him first" with that said he jumped on top of Justin and began to strip him. He slowly pulled off Justin's shirt and then his pants. To his surprise Justin was wearing a bright pink girls thong. This made everyone there pop boners. Slowly Clint pushed the thong aside from Justins crack and slowly pulled off his own underwear. he the inserted his cock into the tight white ass in front him.

Everyone in the locker room now had there cocks out and was slowly stroking them watching Clint fuck Justin Hard and listening to Justin moan. Jt layed down in front of justin and made him take his 8in cock in his mouth, Justin slowly began to suck his cock and JT started to face fuck him slowly, then harder.

Meanwhile CLint started to buck his hips wildly as he shot his thick load of cum inside of Justins tight ass. This made Justin's cock shoot a load of cum onto the floor. His eyes wandered around and what he saw surprised him. Every where guys were fuckin and suckin adn he wanted MORE! He pulled JT's cock out of his mouth and yelled "FUCK ME & Blow me" with that a nerd and a black Football player came over and got in position. The nerd slowly took Justin's hard cock into his small mouth and began suck, and jack off his small cock. The football player came behind justin and pulled out the most enourmous cock he had ever seen. it was 11in and really thick, he whimpered at the sight but no sooner than he seen it it was gone. The black guy shoved it in his ass ruthlussly. The black guy didnt last long and shot a Huge load into his already cum soaked ass. and pulled out. This sent Justin over the edge and he came into the nerds mouth. and JT cam in his mouth which he greedly drank up.

He stood up and began to stroke his cock to an erection. He then went over to the nerd that had just blown him and made him bend over. As soon as he bent over he began to fuck him long and hard with his 6 in dick. a guy came behind him and stuck his dick into justins ass . so now everytime justin pounded the nerd he pounded himself with the other guys dick He loved it. they all came at once. Justin collapesed in Sexual exhaustion. Every one sees him fall and stop wat there doin and walk over to him. "Everybody cum on him" with that everybody started to jerk off until they had covered Justin in cum. Cum was all over him in his eyes mouth and on his dick.

Clint looked at him and said " Grab his clothes and lets get out of here" Everybody quickly got dressed and began to grab justin's clothes. "Wait" clint exclaimed "Leave the thong" the all snickered and did what he said.

When Justin came to he seen what they had done and began to get scared. he looked at the clock and it said 4:30, the buses where gone and he was forced to walk home. Since his school was poor they didnt have a sink or shower in the locker room. He looked for his clothes but only found the thong which he slowly slid on. He couldnt get any of the dried cum off of his smooth body. So he knew it was goin to be a long walk home. He slowly opened the gym door and ran outside tryin not to be seen, but to no avail. A bunch of midle schoolers seen him and ran and cought him. There was 7 of them so he knew he couldnt fight them off.

The middle schoolers were all in extremely good shape having 6 packs and defined bodys. They all had long hair and were wearing tight fittin shirts and pants. The leader of the group grabbed justin and forced him into the nearby woods and forced him to walk into its thickest part where he threw Justin down and said "Strip us all" which justin did willingly. Theye all had on thongs, and had no pubic hair at all. they all had thongs on because they were surfers and only wore thongs under their wet suits. They all began strokin and covered Justin in cum once again. Justin began to sob knowin that he was goin to have to walk home like this. One of the young boys bent Justin over, pulled the strap of Justins thong over and began to fuck him roughly. he didnt last long and shot a load of cum in Justins ass. All of the other boys followed. Until Justins ass was sore and begining to bleed. The boys looked at him approvingly. and put their clothes on and left him. All but one of them left. He looked at him and said "we arent done, I want fucked with that he pushed Justin down and began to ride his cock until Justin cummed. With that he stood up put on his clothes and pulled out a camera and took pictures of Justin lyin there covered in come. "If u tell anyone bout this these pictures will be released got it." Justin shook his head weekly as he put on his thong. The boy took some more pictures and walked away. Leavin Justin alone

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2013-04-09 23:35:55
u do know Justin Bieber is Canadian right? How can he be an "average AMERICAN teen"????

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2011-04-01 23:42:59
Hahahhaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha v

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2011-03-02 04:29:41
Uh huh, suuure, like EVERYone in the lockerroom would be into doing that! Plus, very unrealistic that a freshman would be wearing a thong, and and even more fantastical that middle schoolers would be! AND, extremely unlikely there'd be no showers in a school lockerroom. As for no sink? Come on! The health department wouldn't allow that to even happen. Nice, interesting story, but write stories that are realistically believable and you'll capture your audience's attention and imagination much more, and gain their admiration.


2010-03-20 15:44:08
I wished I was there to see the action, stroking my hard uncut monster. As I was reading thios story, I was so hard and while pumping hand and cock to a blinding blur, cum flying all over the place, I soon wished I was sucking someone's cock. Great story, I had extream sex on it, ooh baby I need some more, anyone interested in some sex, fort lauderdal, florida, e-mail me, ,,,,lets exchange pictures and hook up for real live sex.

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2008-05-13 02:17:36
Well that was kind of mean
but you should make a second part
or something else don't end there; what if he tells?
Hmm . . you end a reader with questions, answer them !
And I didn't quite like it make a second one to make me more
impressed with your writing skills .
But I do like how it made me cum but next time; write more detailed storys.

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