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she got caught spying on the master

She knew she was in trouble when Sir caught her spying on him
through the curtains.
Well what do we have here, he smiled wickedly? He grabbed her by
her dress and dragged her out from her hiding place.
Please Sir let me go she entreated.
You spy on me and you want me to let you go? No, I don't think so.
He looked at her, a mere wisp of a girl, just budding, his mouth
watered. He ran his hand over her budding breasts licking his lips. He
reached up and ripped her shift from her body, leaving her totally
naked before his eyes.
Oh, please Sir no, let me go, I'll not tell!
He laughed, I know you won't as he palmed her breasts. Small but
the nipples were swelling under his ministrations. You like this, don't
you? He pulled her with him across the room, sitting in a chair he threw
her across his lap. I will paddle your ass for your behavior! He looked
down at her naked ass, the cheeks so smooth and pink, he felt his cock
Oh Sir please no, please don't.
Oh yes you must learn who's master here. Smack, his hand landed
across her ass.
She cried out in pain, please stop I'll be good.
I know you will! With every slap came a rub on her inflamed cheeks.
She felt his hand slide down her backside into her crack.
Oh Sir what do you do? He spread his legs further, spreading her
legs in the process. His finger delved down between her globes, she was
hot. He cock grew harder, and he ran his finger up and down her
virginal slit.
Please oh please Sir, stop! She struggled but was caught in his vise
like grip. He probed deeper into her, feeling the heat and moisture
build and flow.
You like me touching you like this, don't you?
No, please no Sir! Placing his hand on the small of her back to hold
her still, he slid his finger into her virgin pussy slowly. She screamed and
wriggled trying to get free of this torment. Deeper his finger went and
withdrew. Her pussy was tight and hot. He could barely contain himself.
She was about to learn the facts of life and him her teacher. He sat her
up so she sat in his lap facing away from him. One hand on her nipples
as he licked her neck, whispering in her ear all he was going to do to her.
She cried, the sobs becoming jerky. Oh please Sir, let me go, I'll be
good, I swear!
Look, do you see my pet over there? Over in the corner she could
barely make out an outline of shape, it moved closer, what it was she
didn't know. It looked like a man but it was hairy and it smelled. It sat in
front of them silently, waiting. Again he pushed his finger into her tight
little pussy going even deeper. Her scream echoed in the room as he
stroked his finger in and out of her. With his thumb he massaged her
clit, while licking and nipping her neck. She started feeling funny inside,
it scared her, what he was doing was wrong but it was starting to feel
good. See. My pet he likes licking little pussies. She looked at it and it
licked its lips, never taking its eyes off the finger plunging in and out of
her pussy. Slowly moving closer.
She looks at this thing, a man but like a wild animal. She opens her
mouth to scream and he sticks part of her dress in it, gagging her. As he
finger fucks her, she gets wetter and wetter. He rubs her little clit and
she almost falls off his lap, because it feels so good. The thing doesn't
take his eyes off the finger in her pussy. It licks its lips. Sir pulls his
finger out, letting her see evidence of her innocence and her juices on it.
The thing's nostrils flare at the scent of pussy. Sir holds his finger out, It
comes closer, It licks the finger, long tongue coming out of its mouth
engulfing the entire finger, licking all the juices from it.
See he likes the way you taste, he wants to lick and suck your pretty
pussy. The whole time the thing is licking the finger its eyes never leave
her swollen pussy. Closer it moves, closer. Sir's hands move back to her
nipples, pulling them, twisting them, whispering in her ear, what will be
done to her. He wickedly licks her necking, biting her. She can feel its
breath on her thighs. It looks up at her and smiles with serrated teeth.
Its tongue comes out and licks her, she screams through her gag. It licks
her again. Sir spreads her legs wider. It opens its mouth and she thinks
its going to bite her, instead it covers her pussy with its mouth. She hears
the slurping noises and feels It sucking her. She feels its tongue trying to
push its way into to her pussy. It spreads her thighs, she sees the razor
sharp nails on its fingers. It fucks her with its tongue. Sir tells her how
its preparing her for him to fuck. How Its going to make her wet. Ready
for him to stick his cock in. She frantically tries to wiggle away to no
Suddenly the mouth is gone. She felt a loss. She looks down and sees
it licking Sir's cock, sucking on it, deep throating it. It's nose rubbing
against her clit with every move.
I'm going to fuck that little pussy girl! Oh yes, I'm going to enjoy
fucking you. It sucks my cock so good, It knows what I like, and I let it
have my leftovers. It wants to suck my cum out of your sweet little pussy,
then its going to fuck you! You wanted to know, now you'll find out,
won't you? Your pussy is so juicy, its running down on my cock. Look at
him lick it off. Sir lifts her, his cock springing up. She feels it brush
against her backside. She's shaking her head, no! It grabs Sir's cock and
puts it at her pussy entrance, rubbing it back and forth. She felt pressure
as the head tried to squeeze in, oh how it hurt her. Gravity pulled her
down on his cock. Yesss, so tight, so hot, so wet, you feel good. His cock
was splitting her in two. He grabbed her hips and thrust upwards.
Searing pain, she screamed and struggled for naught.
When he was seated fully in her, she was barely aware of It's tongue
on her clit licking and sucking her. Sir started thrusting slowly. You are
so tight, so tight. With every lick of It's tongue, it licked Sir's balls. It got
more and more excited. Sir stood up holding her against him like a doll
hanging on his cock. Pushing into her body over and over, pounding her.
He fell to his knees fucking her doggie style, laying on her back going
deeper. He reached around and rubbed her inflamed clit while he thrust
into her faster. All she could do is whimper from the pain and pleasure
of his intrusion. Faster and faster he pumped, then he was cumming.
Jack hammering her young pussy. When he was spent, he lay on her
back breathing hard. He pulled out and left her on her knees with her
backside in the air. She was breathless. She couldn't move. She hear It
breathing heavily behind her. Looking between her legs she saw a huge
cock hanging down between hairy thighs.
She felt It's long tongue lick her thighs, all she could do was shake
her head back and forth, No! She felt the wet tongue slide between her
legs and glide over her sopping wet ravished pussy. Hands on her hips
holding her in place while the tongue licked and sucked her. Cleaning all
of Sir's cum out of her. She feebly struggled and she heard it growl, she
stilled. The tongue thrust into her sore pussy like a cock. Sucking on her
tender lips and up between her ass cheeks. She could not help but moan,
what was she feeling? She was feeling so strange, like a tickling in her
lower belly. Again she looked between her legs and saw the huge weapon
It intended to use on her body. It seemed to get bigger and bigger. It was
pressing itself against her body, rubbing Itself against her. She felt
something poking at her, prodding, trying to get in. She struggled. She
felt it, hard and big pushing in. Hands on her hips keeping her in place,
hot breath on her back. A long rough tongue licked her back and neck as
the huge cock slide deeper and deeper into her. She was being impaled.
It withdrew and she was able to breathe. It thrust back in deeper, and
she screamed her silent scream. It stroked faster, deeper pulling on her
nipples and rubbing her slit. It felt so good, and she started thrusting
back on it. It fucked her faster, her tight little pussy grabbing and
sucking on Its cock. Milking it, squeezing it. Growling louder it howled
as It's cum splashed into her, flooding her tight channel.

Moral of this story curiosity fucked this pussy!!!!!

Peace out Momiloco


2006-08-15 20:03:51
i hate it a lot and wat was fucking her at the end


2006-08-10 02:59:14
Great little story. My too young gf(38) loved it.
Too short but more please.

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