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When James and his younger sister Jenny witness Clint fucking his little sister Alicia, everything changes.
Doctor's Incestuous Family
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter One: Brother Takes My Cherry
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

James Wilson

I heaved a sigh of relieve when Ms. Samuels's class ended. I wasn't a fan of history, even with the delight at looking at the busty Ms. Samuels, her breasts almost falling out of her low-cut top and bouncing as she moved around. She dressed like such a wanton woman, like she wanted every nineteen-year-old boy in her class ogling her.

I was glad it was time for lunch. I stood with a groan, needing relief. And not the masturbatory kind. Well, I needed that, too, but I wasn't about to jerk off at school. I needed to vape. And I knew just where to do it. I had found the perfect spot in these bushes behind the gym. No one went back there.

“Remember, Chapter 2 needs to be read by the end of the week,” Ms. Samuels said, her black hair spilling about her shoulders, a lush smile on her lips. There were all sorts of rumors about her. That she fucked her nephew, Clint. That he fucked his sisters and his cousins.

Well, everyone knew he fucked his cousin Melody. He had knocked her and Pam Hiragawa up last year. The man had strutted around school with both of them on his arm, a huge grin on his lips. I mean, who wouldn't strut if you had two hotties on your arms. Two girls that let you fuck them together. The fun he must have.

This wasn't helping my cock out.

“James, I hope you do better on the next quiz,” Ms. Samuels said as I walked out, flashing me a grin.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, giving her a nod, my mouth suddenly dry. I didn't know what else to say to her. Those tits... They just swayed back and forth. I swear she wasn't wearing a bra. I knew who I was fapping to the moment I got home.

I moved quickly through the halls of my college, heading down the stairs to the first floor, moving through the tide of students as I headed away from the cafeteria. My stomach growled, but I could eat after I vaped. Ten minutes of peace from the stress of the class. I had a great vanilla-cherry juice already loaded in my vape pen. The nicotine rush would be amazing.

It was almost as good as jacking off.

I burst out the back doors of the school, walking casually across the field. I figured if I walked casually and didn't look like I was sneaking, no one would think it was weird or anything. I nodded to a few classmates as they crossed the field from the gym, heading into the main building I just departed. I walked calmly. I had every right to walk in this direction.

My heart thudded quickly. I still felt like I was doing something wrong. Well, okay, I was doing something wrong. Cigarettes, even e-cigarettes, were not allowed on campus. I mean, I get real cigarettes. Second-hand smoke was nasty. Those things would kill you. But vaping was something else. Something pure. It didn't have all those carcinogens, and there were no health risks to others around you. Or even to myself. But some people saw it as the same as cigarettes.

Narrow-minded idiots.

I moved behind the gym. Here I paused, looking around if anyone saw me. Then I headed into the thick bushes. They were rhododendrons with broad, green leaves. In the spring, they would bloom with large, colorful flowers. But they were perfect to keep me hidden. And there was a little path that moved back here leading to old beer cans.

I wasn't the only student who had ever discovered this perfect spot.

It was peaceful in here. I could just see glimpses of the world outside. I pulled out my phone, popped in my earbuds, and put on nice, mellow R&B. Grooving, I pulled out my vape pen and turned it on. That first inhalation was wonderful. I drew the atomized vapor into my lungs, tasting the vanilla and cherry. I held it then exhaled, my body already tingling.

The nicotine relaxed away all the annoyance of school. I knew school was important, but, damn, it could be stressful. But this... This was heaven. I stared at the green leaves, listening to R. Kelly's crooning. I took another puff as the wind rustled. It was a nice, September day.

I exhaled the atomized vapor right into the face of my younger sister, Jenny.

I jumped in shock, ripping the earbuds out, the sounds of the real world intruding with a violence, staring at Jenny. My younger sister was only an inch or so shorter than me, I had only recently gained height on her after her growth spurt a few years ago, and she had the same shade of soft-brown hair as mine. Though hers was longer, falling down her back, held back from her face by a pink headband. She wore long-sleeved, high-necked blouse that looked far too conservative for any eighteen-year-old girl to wear, white tights clad her legs descending from beneath her knee-length skirt.

“Jesus, Jenny,” I gasped. “What the fuck?”

“What the fudge is that?” she arched an eyebrow, glancing at my e-cig. “This is what you're sneaking off to do? Geez, James, are you an idiot?”

I scowled at my sister. “It's just vaping. Fuck, Jenny, it's not a big deal.”

“Big deal?” She arched her eyebrows in a convincing version of Mom's disapproval. “You're smoking.”

“An e-cigarette. It's not the same thing as the real ones.”

“There's still nicotine in them! Mom will freak out.”

Mom would freak out. She was a doctor and was always going on and on about healthy living and treating our bodies right so we can have long, productive lives. “It's not like real cigarettes. They're healthy.” I took a puff, savoring the cherry-vanilla flavor. “Here, try it. You'll like it.”

“I'm not trying that, James.”

She was acting just like mom, saying my name, putting on a show of disapproval. I was about to shrug and tell her to scram when my stomach twisted in fear. “Are you going to tell Mom?”

“I should tell Mom.” She glanced at the vape pen. “You shouldn't have that at all. And it's against the school rules. No wonder you're sneaking around.”

“And you just had to follow me?” I asked, anger swelling through me. This was stupid. I shouldn't get mad. Not when I had to convince her to keep my e-cig a secret. That was what I should be doing. “You just had to be nosy.”

“I care about you.”

Right. Her false concern turned my anger to a higher heat. “You just like to stick your nose into other people's business. You've always been a tattletale.”

She flushed.

“You're really going to tell Mom, aren't you?”

She bit her lip.


“Why shouldn't I tell her?” she asked, her blue eyes meeting mine. People said we had the same shade of irises. Hers were deeply blue right now, a sparkling ocean that was arresting. My dick throbbed.

Clint fucks his sisters.

The thought wormed through my mind, rising out of the primitive depths as I stared at my sister. She had a pretty face, her eighteen-year-old body losing the gangly awkwardness of adolescence. She wore loose blouses to hide her developing breasts. I had seen her in bras and panties. She was blossoming.

My dick ached badly, still hard from Ms. Samuel's lush breasts she had been showing off to the class with that low-cut blouse. And now my sister's eyes, the color in her cheeks, the plump pinkness of her lips was sending my hormones skyrocketing. My heart beat faster and faster.

“Give me a reason not to tell her,” Jenny said, her voice softening. “Something that you for me?”

“Chores?” I asked, my heart racing. Damn, what kind of pervert wanted to kiss his own sister? I was just so horny, and she was here, and we were in private. It would be so easy to lean forward an inch or two and kiss her.

“Not chores,” she said, squirming.

“You're better at schoolwork than me,” I said. “So it can't be that. What?”

She licked those lips, her entire body trembling.

“Big brother, what are we doing back here?” a familiar, girlish voice asked.

Both of us jumped, our heads whipping to look at the back of the gym. Through the dense leaves, two figures moved. My heart leapt into my throat. Shame flushed over me for lusting after my sister. I felt like Jenny and I had just been caught actually doing something inappropriate, like we actually had been kissing.

“What do you think we're doing back here, princess?” a male voice asked.

I knew both those voices. The girlish voice was Alicia. She was in my PE class last year and this year we shared a math class. She dressed like she was ten in frilly, pink dresses, her light-brown hair in pigtails, her body petite. She hardly had tits at all, flat as a board. Even her glasses only made you think she was too young for college.

The other voice had to be Clint, her older brother.

“Do you need your little sister to take care of you, big brother?” Alicia asked, her voice so high-pitched, girlish. She had to speak that way on purpose.

“Always,” Clint answered. I could see them clearly through a gap in the leaves. He was tall with a build of someone who played sports. He wore jeans, his dark hair short, combed. Jenny leaned against me, peering through the same gap.

She shifted then gasped as Clint leaned down and kissed his younger sister on the lips.

“Oh, my god,” Jenny whispered. “What's going on? She's a kid.”

“She's in my year,” I answered. “She's nineteen. She just looks young and that's...”

“She called him big brother. Are they roleplaying?”

I shook my head, watching in shock as Clint kissed Alicia hard. Her body was almost hidden by his, but her arms were clasped behind his neck, and I could hear the appreciative mewls she made. His hands slid down her sides, holding her.

“He's not really her brother?” Jenny hissed. “Right?”

“He is,” I groaned. “That's Clint Ellison. Last year, he knocked up his cousin Melody and he's always hanging around with his sisters and cousins. Like he has a harem or something. Rumor has it he even fucks his Aunt, Ms. Samuels.”

“My history professor?” gasped Jenny.

“Shhh,” I hissed, cheeks burning, cock throbbing. “Don't let them hear us.”

“He really does things with his family?”

“He's doing it right now,” I groaned, my mouth dry. It was exciting hearing him kiss his sister. My dick throbbed from the way she moaned, loving her brother's kiss.

Would Jenny moan like that if I kissed her.

Jenny's hips brushed mine as she wiggled. Her cheeks were crimson, her lips so wet, her eyes wide as she watched. I kept glancing at her, watching her hands rub at her skirt. My dick ached and throbbed harder and harder. I wanted to do something.

“Mmm, your lips are sweet,” Clint groaned, breaking the kiss. “But I bet you have even sweeter lips.”

“I do, big brother,” moaned Alicia. “Kissing you made me so tingly...down there.”

“Down where?”

“My cunny... Kissing you made my cunny all tingly and wet...” She let out another mewling moan. “Big brother, please, can you help me? I need it.”

“Need what? To cum?” Alicia didn't answer but Clint laughed. Maybe she nodded her head. “You want your big brother to eat your pussy?”

“Yes.” Her voice was a soft whisper, almost inaudible.

“What was that, princess?”


“Oh, my gosh,” Jenny moaned beside me. “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. This can't be. That's his sister. Oh, that's...” She clamped her jaw shut, squirming more, her hands rubbing on her skirt.

Mine rubbed on my jeans, my palms sweaty. I wanted to slide upward to my bulging crotch, to rub myself as I watched Clint fall to his knees before his little sister. She wore a frilly, pink dress today with a knee-length skirt. It was so cutesy. Like something Jenny had worn when she was in grade school.

And then Clint pushed up Alicia's skirt, his hands sliding up his little sister's pale thighs. The skirt rose higher and higher. My breath caught. My heart beat. I could see all of Alicia right now, Clint kneeling just to the side of her. She trembled, her innocent face twisting. She bit her lip, looking so cute.

“She's not wearing panties,” gasped Jenny.

My eyes widened. Clint had pushed Alicia's skirt up over her hips. There, between her thighs, was a shaved pussy, her slit girlish tight, beads of juices glistening on her plump vulva. I groaned. She looked so innocent but was shaved and didn't even bother wearing panties beneath her dress.

And then Clint leaned in, his head blocking my sight. Alicia shivered, moaning, her hands seizing Clint's dark hair. Her hips writhed as he ate her pussy. Alicia's eyes squeezed shut. She panted, moaned, her brother devouring her cunt.

“Oh, my gosh,” Jenny groaned.

“Yeah,” I nodded, listening to Clint's noisy licks and Alicia's moans.

“Eat my cunny, big brother. So good. I love it.”

My heart raced as I watched them. Alicia's moans grew louder and louder. She groaned and shuddered on her brother's hungry mouth. She humped harder and harder. Her tiny body quivered. It was so hot. So wrong. So sexy.

I licked my lips, imagining Jenny's pussy sliding across them. Would she be shaved bald? Probably not. What would it feel like? What would it taste like? I had never been with a girl, but I had watched lots of porn. I knew girls loved it when you ate their pussies.

And Alicia clearly loved her brother eating hers.

“Love you, big brother,” she moaned. “Oh, you're going to make me cum so hard. Oh, you're the best big brother ever.”

“I love making my little princess explode,” Clint groaned, his right hand moving from her hips to between her thighs.

Alicia gasped, “Yes, yes, finger me, big brother, and lick my ciltty. Oh, you're amazing. Oh, yes! Thank you, thank you for taking me out here!”

His right arm pumped as he fucked his fingers in and out of his little sister's cunt. She gasped and moaned as he licked her again. He must be attacking her clit, the little pink nub peeking out of its hood. I knew that much. She gasped and groaned, not caring if anyone heard her.

And then she exploded.

It was clear she was cumming. She moaned and screamed, her entire body thrashing. Such pleasure crossed her face. I glanced at Jenny, imagining her face twisting in pleasure, looking up past her heaving, naked breasts as she came on my mouth.

I shivered. It was such a wrong thing. Taboo. Incest was disgusting. Right?

Then why was I so hard? Why was Clint devouring his little sister's pussy? Why was she enjoying it so much?

“Big brother!” Alicia groaned, coming down from her heights. “Oh, your cock must be so hard. Let me take care of it.”

“Is she going to blow him?” whispered Jenny, her hips swaying, her hands gripping her skirts like she wanted to yank them up and finger herself.

I wanted to unzip my jeans and stroke myself.

“Maybe,” I whispered, voice hoarse.

And then Clint rose. Alicia's hands fumbled at his pants. I couldn't see what she was doing, but a moment later, his jeans slipped down his ass revealing his dark boxers. Those were then yanked down by Alicia's eager hands. I didn't need to see Clint's butt, but Jenny let out a moan of approval.

And then Clint lifted his sister and pinned her against the gym's back wall. His hips thrust forward as her thighs locked about his hips. I groaned. His dick was in her. Alicia let out a mewling moan of delight as her big brother's cock fucked her pussy.

My sister moaned something almost inaudible. It sounded like “lucky.”

I glanced at her. She glanced at me. We both trembled, our chests heaving. And then something passed between us, words unspoken, and our hands moved. We were both so turned on watching Alicia writhe on her brother's hungry lips, unable to fight our desires.

I fumbled at my fly, unsnapping my jeans and yanking down my zipper. At the same moment, my sister hauled up her skirt over her white tights, drawing them higher and higher until she held her dress over her waist. I could see the bright red of her panties bleeding through her tights. I blinked in shock. Jenny's panties were a daring cut, almost like a thong. I had no idea she had such sexy panties.

I pulled my cock out, too horny to be embarrassed about jerking off before my sister as she shoved her hand into her tights and panties, bulging the stretchy fabric as she slid down to her own pussy. She let out a sigh, her blue eyes hot as she stared at Alicia.

My dick throbbed in my hand as I stroked it.

Clint fucked his sister hard, pounding her. She moaned and gasped, humping against him. Her pigtails flew about her head as he rammed into her. He fucked her with such passion, his hands holding onto her ass. My dick throbbed as I stroked faster and faster.

“Damn,” I groaned. “Damn, I would love to be Clint right now.”

“She sounds so happy,” moaned Jenny. “She's loving it. This is so hot.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, my balls aching.

“Fuck me, big brother,” moaned Alicia. “Oh, yes. Oh, that's it. Clint!”

Her hands dug into his t-shirt, gripping it tight. Her moans were so loud. She was cumming again on her big brother's dick. He churned her pussy to a froth. I groaned. Damn, Clint was such a stud. I worked my dick harder, faster, my balls boiling, the pressure building and building.

Jenny trembled beside me, her hand frigging her pussy faster and faster, bulging out her tights and panties. She groaned softly, her face so flushed. She was so beautiful. I studied her profile, listening to Clint and Alicia's flesh slapping together.

I wanted to kiss my sister. I wanted to lean over right now and claim her lips. I wanted to bury my cock into her pussy. We didn't have to use our hands to pleasure ourselves. We could pleasure each other. We could be like Clint and his sister.

“Damn, you're pussy is driving me wild, princess,” groaned Clint.

“Are you going to cum in me, big brother?” Alicia moaned. “Please, please. Cum in me. Breed your little sister.”

“Yes!” Jenny hissed, her body trembling. She clamped her jaw tight, whimpering.

My sister was cumming beside me. She was getting off watching a brother and sister fuck. My dick throbbed. My balls boiled. I was so close. Jenny shivered, her entire body trembling. The pleasure overwhelmed her. She fell to her knees, groaning through clenched teeth.

“Cum in me, big brother!” Alicia screamed like she was having another orgasm. “Breed me! Please, Clint!”

“Yes!” he growled, slamming so hard into her. “Take it!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Alicia moaned.

He was cumming in her. My dick throbbed. He was trying to breed his own little sister. My eyes shot down to Jenny kneeling beside me, her tongue licking her pink lips. Her head twisted, her blue eyes, glossy with her orgasm, met mine.

An electric charge passed between us. Communication.

My body turned, my cock aiming at her. Jenny opened her mouth and sucked the tip past her lips. I groaned, my hand freezing on my cock as her warm, wet tongue slid across the crown of my dick, the pressure boiling in my balls.

“Jenny,” I groaned, a powerful convulsion shuddering through my body. My dick throbbed in her mouth. “I'm going to cum!”

Instead of pulling away, she sucked harder, her hand still buried in her panties, but the other one snagged my belt loop, pulling me tight against her, not letting me go. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such lust and adoration.

My balls clenched.

I came into my little sister's mouth.

I clamped my jaw to keep from screaming out my pleasure. Rapture shot out of my cock with every blast of cum into her mouth. My balls boiled. Spurt after spurt shot down my cock while the pleasure speared into my mind.

My sister swallowed my cum.

My little sister swallowed my cum.

I trembled, my heart screaming as the pleasure wreathed my mind. My knees buckled. I almost collapsed as she sucked so hard, her tongue playing with the tip, working out every drop of my jizz while I swayed.

My thoughts boiled.

“Jenny,” I groaned. “Oh, my god, Jenny, that was amazing.”

Her eyes squeezed shut. Her body trembled. She moaned about my dick, cumming again on her fingers. The vibrations tingled about my sensitive dick. I groaned, the crown of my cock almost aching in her mouth as she sucked so hard.

“Jesus,” I breathed. “Jesus, that just happened.”


Dr. Bernice Wilson

“Doctor,” Ayesha said, popping into my office, “patient's ready for you in exam room 2.”

“Okay, thanks,” I said to Ayesha, a Black woman wearing pink scrubs, one of the three nurses who worked for my gynecological clinic.

I finished typing into my computer. My office was neat, tidy, everything in its proper place. I kept my desk free of clutter. There was only my computer, a coffee mug full of pens, and a photo of me and my two children, James and Jenny. They were both smiling in it, younger than they were now.

I couldn't believe they were both in college. They grow up so fast. I should get Jenny on birth control. But I didn't want to think about my baby girl being sexually active yet.

I pushed that out of my mind as I stood up, my heels clicking on the floor. I liked working in my gynecologist office. Unlike when I was at the hospital delivering babies for my patients, I didn't have to wear my scrubs here. I could wear nice skirts and blouses, feeling like a woman. My only concession was my white doctor's jacket with my name and specialty monogrammed above my heart.

I grabbed it, pulling it over my silk blouse, and walked out of my office, adjusting it. My heels clicked down the linoleum as I headed to exam room 2. Ayesha had left the patient's chart in the holder on the door. I pulled it out, looking at it.

And groaned at the name: Cheryl Elliston.

The Elliston family had me out-of-sorts. Over the summer, I delivered twenty-year-old Melody Samuels's daughter. She was Cheryl's niece, and the father of Melody's child was Cheryl's only son, Clint. Now Melody's younger sister, Lee, was also pregnant by Clint.

Both his first cousins.

It wasn't illegal in the state of California for first cousins to have children, but it was still...weird. And now Cheryl was coming in to visit me. I half expected her to tell me that Zoey or Alicia, her two daughters, were pregnant and that she thought Clint knocked them up.

I couldn't handle that. Brothers and sisters definitely should not be having sex.

But I couldn't stand out here in the corridor forever. I had to get in there and talk to my patient. So I took a deep breath, opened the door, and put on a smile. “Hi, Cheryl.”

“Hi, Bernice,” Cheryl answered. She had been my patient since she was pregnant with Zoey, both of us so young. For twenty-one years she had been my patient. We knew each other well. I attended her husband's funeral last year. She was a gorgeous lady with a body women in their thirties would kill for. Her bleached-blonde hair spilled about a mature but flawless face, her dark eyes fluttering. “How are things?”

“Jenny started college this year,” I said, trying not to think about Clint and what he was up to. “She's eighteen.”

“Right,” Cheryl nodded. “Vicky mentioned she's teaching both your kids this semester. She says Jenny's very bright.”

“But James...”

Cheryl licked her lips then diplomatically said, “He could focus better on his schooling.”

“He could. He's smart, but he just doesn't want to try.” I sighed. “And your kids?” I winced. I didn't want to talk about that.

“They're doing wonderfully. I love being a grandmother. I just dote on Hikaru and Christie. And we're all so glad Zoey graduated so Melody and Pam can keep going to school while there's someone at home to watch over the babies. Zoey and her girlfriend, Stefani, are wonderful nannies. And Lee's just glowing. She's not showing, yet, but she's so energetic and happy.”

“So no friction between the three girls?” I asked. Three girls. It was like something out of Utah. And two were sisters. I gathered that Melody and Pam were also lovers, but did things with her sister Lee? A strange, itching heat radiated out of me.

“No, no. Pam and Melody love each other, and Lee's just a good slave to all three,” Cheryl said, sounding proud of her niece for being Clint's sex slave. I knew Cheryl had a similar BDSM relationship with her late husband. After knowing her a few years, she had confided to me she was her husband's devoted sex slave.

My cheeks burning, I glanced down at the chart. “So, it's not time for your yearly check-up. What brought you in?”

“I just learned I was pregnant yesterday,” she said, a big smile on her lips. “But I know there are some risks for a woman my age having a child.”

“Increased risk of down syndrome,” I admitted, “or other forms of autism. You are nearing the end of your reproductive cycle.” I licked my lips. “I thought you went back on the pill last year. Did you...stop?”

“Oh, I guess it was an accident. Like with Lee,” she laughed. “Oh, god, and it was with a one-night stand. I don't even know how to contact him.” She blushed. “I went on vacation at the end of August, met him on the beaches of Cancun, and come back with this surprise.”

I blinked. She looked so pale to have been down in Mexico on vacation. “Well, that can happen. We should also check you out for STD's.”

“I doubt that's necessary. He looked clean.”

“Let's just be safe,” I said, frowning. “You're taking this really well. I've had plenty of women in your position, and they are all freaking out with an unplanned pregnancy from a man they had a fling with. Especially when they can't contact him. But you're...”

“Happy!” Cheryl beamed, rubbing her stomach. “I am. I am so happy. Maybe it's jealousy seeing Melody and Pam give birth. And probably from Lee's pregnancy, too. Maybe I wanted another baby of my own.”

There was something in her eyes. Something deep that made my stomach twist. An image of Clint, a handsome nineteen-year-old, on top of his mother, fucking her hard, her big breasts bouncing as he plowed her, flashed through my mind.

Was Clint fucking his mother? Had he knocked her up?

Another hot flush raced out of my pussy. My cheeks warmed at the deviant image. Incest was wrong. And with her own son. I could never do that with James. An image of my son floated through my mind. Only he was naked. He was athletic from playing soccer, with a fit frame, his face the same boyish handsomeness his father had at that age, with those blue eyes and great smile.

I shook my head. What was wrong with me?

“Cheryl?” I said, swallowing. “I'm your doctor. You can tell me the truth about the father.”

Cheryl leaned forward. “What are you asking, Bernice?”

“Nothing,” I flushed. “Let's get started with the exam. Get in the stirrups.”

But the idea that Clint had impregnated his own mother wouldn't leave me as I did the pelvic exam. I kept imagining his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, my own growing hotter and hotter with every heartbeat.

I was so glad my kids weren't deviants.


Jenny Wilson

I trembled, staring up at my brother, his salty cum in my mouth. It tasted different than I ever imagined, not as nasty as some of my friends claimed. It had felt so naughty as his jizz had slid down my throat to my stomach. My clit throbbed beneath my rubbing fingers as my orgasm died.

I finally did it. I finally sucked my brother's cock. He was so handsome and cool. As much as I tried to pretend otherwise, seeing him puffing on the e-cig, not caring that I disapproved, made me so wet.

“Jenny,” he groaned, his voice thick with pleasure, his blue eyes shiny with passion. A smile crossed his handsome face. He was so cute. “Damn, Jenny. That was hot.”

I sucked again, my tongue caressing his cock's spongy crown.

“Oh, big brother,” Alicia groaned, reminding me why this had all happened. I wasn't the only little sister who lusted for her big brother. “When will you breed me for real?”

“Maybe next year,” Clint said. “We have two more babies on the way.”

“Oh, that bratty Lee! I should spank her again,” Alicia huffed. “I can't believe she 'forgot' to take her pills. I was supposed to have your baby before her.”

Their voices dwindled as they walked off. Watching them was so hot. But what would happen now between me and my brother?

I pulled my lips off James's cock, trembling as I stared up at him. My heart thudded beneath my breasts. When I saw him slipping out here, I hoped something like this would happen, that I would catch him jacking off. I knew he lusted after Ms. Samuels's huge tits.

Mine were just so small compared to hers. But I hoped that maybe...I could still please him.

“Jenny,” he said, breathing heavily. “Do you...?”

I nodded my head quickly, understanding.


Again, I nodded my head, pulling my hand out of my tights and panties, my fingers coated in my juices. I could smell my tart musk. I trembled, holding my hand up to him, my heart racing. I wanted to do so much more.

James fell to his knees, his half-hard cock bouncing before him. He seized my fingers, pulling them to his lips. I groaned, loving how he was just seizing me, taking charge, being so strong and sexy. Like an older brother should.

“James,” I moaned as he popped my pointer and middle fingers into his mouth, sucking on them, tasting my pussy juices. “Do I taste good?”

He let out a growling moan around my fingers, his eyes burning. My pussy clenched. I did taste good to him. He loved my flavor. He sucked so hard. Then he popped my fingers out of my mouth and pushed me backwards. I didn't fight it. I reclined onto the ground, not caring about getting my clothes dirty.

He looked like an animal, so horny and eager as his fingers hooked into the waistband of my tights and panties. He pulled them down my legs, unveiling my trimmed, brown bush hiding my virgin pussy. My naked ass touched the dirt and leaves as he peeled my tights and panties down to my ankles, leaving them bunched there.

“Jenny,” he moaned pushing open my thighs.

A rush of embarrassed lust washed through me as he stared at my pussy. I was so exposed. I felt my tight slit parted as he pushed my legs further and further apart, bending at the knees. I wanted to thrust my hands between my thighs, to hide my virgin pussy from his hungry gaze.

But I didn't. Instead, I moaned his name.

And he answered by leaning down and devouring me. Just like Clint did to his little sister. My eyes rolled back into my head as his tongue slid across my slit, caressing my virgin twat. I groaned, my butt-clenching as he caressed my intimate flesh.

Only my fingers had touched there.

His hands wrapped around my thighs, pulling me into his face. My curly pubic hairs brushed his cheeks and nose as he licked faster, lapping at my folds. I gasped, loving the feel of my brother's tongue stirring fresh pleasure through my pussy.

“Oh, James,” I groaned. “Oh, James, that's wonderful. Oh, yes, my big brother's licking me.”

His eyes caught mine, my breasts heaving beneath my loose blouse as I trembled. There was such heat in them. He liked hearing me call him big brother. He licked harder, his tongue diving through my folds, brushing from my hymen to my clit.

I moaned out “big brother” every time he brushed my clit. It was so hot feeling his tongue slide across my nub, to touch my virgin lips. Even though I had just cum twice, I wanted more. I wanted to cum on my brother's mouth.

My hands squeezed my breasts through my top and bra, my nipples aching as he devoured me. I humped against him, groaning as he lapped at my pussy, driving me wilder and wilder with every lick. He was amazing. My big brother was amazing.

He loved my pussy.

“Oh, big brother, yes,” I gasped. “Lick my pussy. I'm going to cum so hard on your face. Oh, yes. I'm so hot and wet. You're driving me wild.”

“And you taste so good, sis,” he groaned. “So tart. And you're a virgin!”

“Yes!” I hissed as his tongue pressed on the membrane, full of small holes, covering the entrance to my pussy. My unexplored depths. “Oh, big brother, yes!”

My excitement built and built. My legs waved back and forth, closing about his head and opening again, my ankles trapped together by my tights and panties. My butt-clenched, writhing on the cold dirt as he devoured me. Above, leaves rustled and swayed, hiding our incestuous passion from prying eyes.

No one could ever know what we were doing. That we were now lovers. I had dreamed of this since I was a girl. I had been in love with James for as long as I could remember. And now he finally loved me back. He finally noticed me instead of being annoyed that I wanted to spend time with him.

All my teasing, all my spying, all my tattling was all to get him to notice me. And now I had it.

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother,” I moaned, bucking, grinding on him. “Keep licking my clit. I'm going to... cum!”

My orgasm burst through me as his tongue flicked at my aching nub. Sparks showered through my body, igniting a dozen different fires that raged through me. My pussy convulsed. Juices flooded out of me into my brother's hungry mouth.

My big brother made me cum.

Just thinking that sent my orgasm to new heights. Pleasure I had never experienced shot through me. I groaned and gasped. Stars burst before my eyes as I savored this joy filling my body, driving me wild.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled. “Oh, my god, that's it. That's what I need. You're amazing, big brother. Amazing.”

“So are you, sis,” he groaned, rising, grasping his still hard cock as he moved over me.

I shuddered as his body crushed against mine, his lips kissing me, hot and stained with my tart passion. I moaned into his lips as I felt something rub on my pussy. Something hard sliding up and down my slit.

His cock.

He shouldn't do this. There was a reason he shouldn't fuck me. But I didn't care. I thrust my tongue into my brother's mouth, shuddering as his cock slid up and down my pussy. My bent legs tightened on his hips as he found my hymen.

He pressed on it. My big brother's cock pressed on my cherry.

I clutched to him, my nipples aching, crushed against his chest, separated by our clothing. My orgasm still buzzed through me as he thrust forward. Pain flared as my cherry stretched before his big, thick dick.

And then my brother popped my cherry.

His big cock slipped into my wet pussy. There was a pinch of pain, hot and sharp, and then pleasure soothed it away. I groaned, kissing him so hard as his cock slid deeper and deeper into my incestuous depths.

James broke the kiss, staring into my eyes, his cock buried to the hilt in me. “Jenny.”

“James,” I breathed, smiling up at him. “I love you.”

“Yes,” he groaned, kissing me hard.

And then he moved.

It. Was. Amazing.

The friction of his cock sliding through my once virgin depths sent rapture buzzing through me. Heat burned between us as my hips humped, eager for every incestuous sensation. My big brother's cock was in me.

And it felt so right.

We were meant to experience this. To have this pleasure. I groaned, my pussy clenching down on him as he pumped his cock over and over into my depths. I groaned, my fingers digging into his back as I humped against him, my clit rubbing into his pubic bone every time he buried into me.

I broke the kiss, gasping, “Oh, yes, fuck your little sister. Cum in me! Just like Clint did in his.”

“Yes,” he groaned. “I should breed you.”

That was so hot but accompanied by a stab of fear. We really shouldn't be doing this. I wasn't on the pill. “Fuck me. Cum in me. Breed your little sister.” But the words tumbled out of my mouth anyways. They were so hot. My cunt clenched on his dick as it pumped harder and faster, sending such pleasure through me. “Breed your little sister!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” he growled, fucking me so hard, his balls smacking into my body, so full of his cum.

My thighs tightened about him, my orgasm building in the depths of my body. His cock was amazing. So hard. So thick. So long. He filled me every time he plunged into my body. I clung to him. The friction was intense. Every stroke sent shudders through me and brought me closer and closer to cumming on his dick.

My brother's dick.

He grunted and groaned, savoring the pleasure of my pussy. I shivered beneath him, back arching as the pleasure built and built within me. My fingers clawed at his t-shirt, trying to rip at the fabric as he drove harder and harder into me.

We moved together, working towards our common goal: cumming. We both wanted to explode. My pussy clung to his dick, clamping down as he drove in, increasing the friction. I trembled, the pleasure swelling.

“Big brother!” I gasped, my eyes so wide. “It's...”

“Yes!” he growled. “Cum! Cum on my cock, sis!”

He slammed into me.

I came.

Incestuous passion burst through me. My back arched as the rapture howled through me. So much pleasure shot through my body. Wave after wave of taboo ecstasy splashed against my mind. My vision fuzzed. Stars danced and pulsed across my vision.

It was so wrong. So hot. So amazing. I clung to my brother as he fucked through my spasming depths, groaning as my fertile pussy massaged his cock. His heavy balls smacked over and over into me. Full of his cum.

“Do it!” I moaned, bucking. “Cum in me! Breed your little sister!” I came harder saying those words, my mind rushing to new heights of bliss. “Breed me!” I didn't care about the consequences right then. I just wanted the pleasure. “Flood me!”

“Yes!” he growled.

His cock erupted.

I felt the hot jizz splash against my cervix. His cum spilled through my pussy. I trembled, writhing beneath him. He kissed me hard as we shared this amazing moment. We were born to experience this. Brother and sister united as one flesh for one amazing moment.

And then he collapsed on me, groaning. I shivered beneath him, coming down from my orgasmic high, savoring his weight on me. I felt so safe and loved in my brother's strong arms. I groaned as we broke the kiss.

“Jenny,” he whispered in awe. “That was amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “I...” My eyes widened. “Oh, shoot!”

“What?” he asked. “Didn't you cum hard enough?”

“No, no, I'm in the middle of my cycle.”


“And that's when a girl's egg is ready to be fertilized,” I groaned. Mom had made that clear. “I'm not on birth control!”

“Mom is going to kill us,” James groaned. And then he grinned. “But it would be worth it?”

And then he kissed me again and my fluttering fear at actually being bred by my brother vanished as my heart beat faster. I didn't know if it was too late, if he had bred me, but I did know what we did was amazing.

We had a new life now. I couldn't wait to explore more of it with my big brother.

To be continued...


2017-04-01 01:37:11
so great at switching perspective.
before I found you I hated switching perspectives
so awsome


2017-03-18 20:05:16
Great story loved it. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you do. Hope Clint and the girls grow in this story as well.


2017-03-16 23:52:03
This was just as good as you're last story about Clint and his family. I hope that you will follow the same idea.


2017-03-16 23:51:56
This was just as good as you're last story about Clint and his family. I hope that you will follow the same idea.


2017-03-16 01:42:24
i came in my panties while reading and rubbing

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