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My wife Jill is 20 years old blond stripper who has one of the most sexy bodies I have ever seen. I met my wife after I bought a strip club on the darkside of town. Since my club was in such a bad part of town I had my 2 huge bouncers hook up an elaborate security system. Rick and Brad wired up 30 hidden sercurity cameras in every room in my club which included, the bathroom stalls, both bar areas, all 6 stages, and in every room that the prostitutes conducted their trade.

The hadden cameras were then connected to the 30 color monitors in my private office. I have always been a voyeur and with my hidden cameras I could watch sex acts going on 24-7. My favorite sex acts to watch involed sexy young white girls getting dicked down by well hung blackmen.

When Jill applied for a job at my club she had her loser boyfriend Carl with her. carl was more her pimp then boyfriend and I noticed that he was only letting her fuck my white customers. Since Jill was such an excellent stripper who always wore is skimmpy red top and panties I decided to overlook Carls disrespect towards my black costomers.

One night I saw Jill going out to the parking lot with one of her Johns so I went to my office to watch. I watched as Jill and her john got into the backseat of his car and as soon as he was seated he undid his pants. Jill got on all fours next to him and the john grabbed the back of Jills neck and pulled her face down to his crotch. I could see the top of Jills head bobbing up & down as she sucked on this strangers dick. The guy moved his hand from Jills neck down to her ass and pulled her g-string aside and began fingering her wet slit. Jill pulled her mouth off of his dick and climbed into his lap and lowered her wet pussy down on his throbbing cock.Jill was bouncing up & down on this guys dick and after a few mintues I guess he had came because she was sitting motionless in his lap.

Jill got off his lap and as soon as she got out of the car Carl walked up and collected his money. I didnt mind Carl was pimping Jill out because its part of the business but when I saw him slapping her around later that night I decided that Carl had to go.

I pulled Rick aside and asked him what he knew about Carl and Jill. He told me that carl was a coke-head who had gotten Jill addicted so that she could work longer to support his ever growing dope habit. Rick also said that Carl was always slapping Jill around and was taking all of her money. Rick and Brad are not just my boncers but my best friends and partners and I told them to make sure that nobody sold Carl or Jill any coke that night.

After Jills set she came up to me and asked if I could find her some coke. I escorted out to the parking lot and opened my trucks passenger door and leaned my back against the trucks doorwell. I told Jill that I had feelings for her and that she needed to dumb Carl and start going out with me. I explained to her that she could still work in the club if she wanted too but she nolonger needed to pick up johns. She liked the idea of being my girl because she was tried of Carl slapping her around but she said he would kill her before he wouls let her go. I pulled her close to me and after I reassured that Carl would never hurt her again I kissed her. After our kiss I told Jill that if she wanted some coke that she would have to earn it. She got a huge smile on her face when I unzipped my pants and my limp 9 inch dick flopped out. "You got one of those big ones" Jill cooed and dropped down to her knees on the hard concrete ground and sucked my limp dick into her mouth. My cock didnt stay soft for long and as jill was giving me the best blowjob I have hafd in a long time I saw Carl walking out of the club.

When Carl saw me standing by my truck with some chick down on her knees in front of me he headed my way. Carl couldnt see who was giving me some head and when he reached the car next to my truck I pulled out my 9 mm pistol and pointed at his face. Carl stopped in his tracks and as he raised his hands in the air I could see the fear in his weak eyes.

"Carl what the fuck do you think your doin' punk, dont you see Im busy over here" I yelled as Carls exgirlfriends lips were bobbing up & down on my dick. I guess Carl had been so busy looking for coke and another john to fuck Jill that he hadnt seen her leaving with me." Hey man dont shoot me Im just lookin for my whore have you seen Jill anywhere",Carl asked and even though I wanted to tell him that it was his whore who was gobbling my dick down her throat but I didnt. Instead i told him that Jill wasnt his whore anymore and if I ever saw him in my club ever again I shoot his bitch ass.

Carl just stood there as Rick and brad came up behind him and preceeded to beat the living shit out of him. While Carls ex girlfriend was swallowing my cum he was lying on the ground as my boys were taking turns kicking him in the face. I stepped out from behind my trucks door and right in front of Carl I hoisted my spent dick back in my pants and as I was zipping up my fly I told jill to go back into the club. When Carl glared at Jill as she walked passed him I kicked him in the nutts as hard as I could.

We threw carl in the back of my truck and drove to Carls house. As my boys were packing up Jills stuff I told Carl that not only was I going to be fucking Jill everynight but I was going to pimp her out to every big dicked nigger in my club. I thought Carl was going to cry and before we left we beat the crap out of him one last time. A weel later I read in the newspaper that Carl had killed himself.

With Carl gone Jill seemed a lot happier and I quickly realized that she had a strong sexual appetite.One night as i was watching my sercurey cam I saw Jill down on her knees in front of a black man in a stall in the mens bathroom. She had unzipped his pants and hauled out his huge 10 inch black dick. Jill sucked his long black dick into her mouth and began wildly slurping on his black hose until he exploed in her mouth. Jill swallowed all of his cum and when she was done she zipped his pants back up and went back to work.

Although she had just cheated on me my dick was rock hard and I wondered if she would do it again if given the chance. Jim and Leroy are a couple weathy blackmen who had asked for Jill to give them a private show but because of Carl dislike of blacks she had to say no. But now that carl was out of the way I decided to give Jill the opportunity to get another taste of black dick. I told Jim and Leroy that for 400 dollars Jill would put on a private show for them. When they paid me I led them to one of my private party rooms in the back of my club.

Jills eyes widened when I led her into the party room and found that she was going to be stripping for two huge blackmen. The guys were sitting at the table next to the stage and as Jill began to strip for them I went to my office to watch my sexy blond girlfriend dance for these two black studs.

Jill was gyrating her hips while her hands were rubbing up & down on her big tities. Jim jumped up and yelled "Take it all off white girl" . Jill then shocked me by saying "I will but I want you guys to take off all of your clothes too.". Jill got her answer quick because in a flash she had two big dicked black men standing naked in front of her.
Jill then slid her hands down to her hips and caught her thumbs in the drawstrings of her red panties and slowly eased them down exposing her blond pussy to the two horny naked black men. Jill stepped out of her panties and as she walked to the edge of the stage she pulled her red top to the sides of her chest and freed her big meaty tits from their confinement.

Jill got down on her knees and elbows at the end of the stage and reached her hand out and grabbed Jims rock hard 10 inch black cock. Jill began stroking Jims fat black shaft which looked thicker then a coke can and as Leroy walked up the stages stairs his long soft black cock swung back & forth in between his muscular legs. leroy knelt down behind Jill and lowered his mouth between her legs and started licking her pink pussy. Jill had to pull Jim by his big pecker to get him close enough to suck his huge black dick into her mouth.At first she was just sucking and twirling her tongue around Jims purple swollen dickhead but then gulped down almost all of his throbbing black cock. As Jill maked love to Jims stout black cock Leroy was eating her out and stroking on his fully hard 12 inch dick.

Leroy eased Jill down on her belly and straddled her creamy white thighs and slowly worked his enormous 12 inch black dick into her pink pussy. When he had finally buried himself balls deep in Jill he started sliding his long black snake in & out of her overstuffed cunt. Jill was still sucking on Jims huge black cock while Leroy began pounding his oversized black dick. Jim grabbed the back of Jills neck and jetted his hips forward,forcing even more of his huge black cock down her gulping throat. The 2 big dicked blackmen began pumping their huge black cocks into Jills fuckholes in unison causing her to climax violently. As she shook wildly Leroy shoved his enormous black cock to the hilt into her where he exploded sending wad after wad of his thick white cum into the deepest parts of her quivering cunt. When his cock softened he pulled his spent black hose out of Jill and flipped her over on her back.

Jim jumped up on the stage and mounted Jills lily white body. Jills eyes opened wide as Jim slid his giant black cock into her cum-filled pussy. He began fucking Jill really hard and fast and the harder he fucked her the louder she moaned. For 15 mintues Jim horse fucked Jill with his huge black cock until he too unloaded deep inside her sucking pussy.

Jills legs collapsed spread-eagle on the stage and when Jim withdrew his shrinking black cock from her gaping hole, his & Leroys cum flowed down the crack of her ass leaving a huge pool of thick white sperm on the stages floor. The guys then got dressed and made their way to the main bar room.

It really turned me on seeing those two big dicked blackmen fuck Jill but what amazed me was how bold Jill was while they were puttin the dick too her. Anybody could have walked in and caught her being dicked down by her two black customers but she did it anyway. Even after the guys had finished fucking her instead of getting dressed she remained laying naked on the stage with her legs spread wide apart for over 20 minutes while she recovered from the hard dickin her 2 black studs had given her. We got married 3 weeks later.

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2014-07-30 10:50:54
that last line sent me over the edge. i have alwasy wanted to marry a stripper/whore/slut

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2012-07-17 00:37:34
damn, the one thing I never would have done is marry that pig......... pimp her out, ok, but, marry her????? no way........... any white woman who will fuck a black has no self respect, so, I would never marry her knowing this

hard core manReport

2008-11-23 08:17:16
i use to pimp my wife to black men too i know how exciting that can be. great story brings back memories!


2006-08-10 00:41:10
I guess the reader before me did not see that this was a fantasy story. Ive read other stories like this but I really liked this one. I give it a 7


2006-08-09 09:14:15
What a load of fucking shit!!!!!!!!

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