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Denise hates her life and takes up drinking once again. Drunk, she damages a car leading to her making a deal to repay her debt.
Denise falls off the wagon and damages the car of a young lawyer. Unable to pay for the repairs, she agrees to a series of twelve alternative payments, each of which she learns to enjoy as time goes on.

This is the story of the first three payments. Story contents include nudity, oral sex, reluctance dominance and masturbation. Comments are welcome. More to come!


A Penance of Twelve
Parts 1-3

Denise sat on the overstuffed chair and swung her feet up onto the sofa beside it. She had just showered and her brown hair was still drying as she fanned it out absent mindedly. The man she was waiting for wasn’t late but Denise was impatient. As she flicked her shoulder length hair the 34 year old woman reflected on the events that led up to this mans third visit to her rundown, second floor apartment.

Two weeks ago…

Gary, Denise’s 35 year old husband, left in a hurry to catch a flight that would take him to his fourth sales convention this year. Denise hated being left alone. She hated the meager income he earned, the ugly apartment that they lived in and the beat up car she had to drive. Worse, she hated Gary. When he wasn’t on a trip he was out with his friends having a good time but never taking her along. The love...and the sex...had left their marriage long ago. Now, the only time she received physical attention from him was when he came home drunk and had his way with her. She despised him for that but secretly longed for the pure, primal sex that he gave her when his mood and the alcohol took control.

Yet, her biggest problem was her own drinking. Although she’d been dry for over a year, her weakness lived on inside of her. Still on probation and having only recently been given her drivers license back, Denise had just now begun to contemplate looking for work once again and she knew the road back to employment was not going to be a smooth one. Her string of firings due to her drinking coupled with the gap in employment as well as her tarnished record and reputation had made the process difficult.

As she listened to her husbands footsteps rushing down the stairs to catch a cab, Denise made the unconscious decision to fall off the wagon. For the next couple of hours she fussed around the apartment, lost in thought and anxious for a change in her life. When her favorite morning show ended at 10:30 AM she showered and combed her hair before standing in front of the closet. Pulling her only good blouse off the hanger – a purple top made of smooth silk, cut to show off plenty of her alluring cleavage, she matched it with her best and only pair of designer jeans. Denise quickly put on panties and a bra before struggling into the tight jeans and slipping on the pretty blouse. A quick brush of her hair and a few minutes of makeup did the trick and she was ready to go.

Taking the back stairs out of the apartment she made her way to the littered parking lot behind the building and found her car. Tossing her pocket book across to the passenger seat, she slid behind the wheel, started the engine and steered her aging ride onto the busy street. Her destination was “Corners Pub”, aptly named for the wide corner that it occupied about three miles from where she lived and in a slightly better part of the city.

Nearing her destination, Denise scanned the area for a parking space and finally found one about two blocks from the pub. She carefully parked behind an expensive BMW that sat across the street from a well known law firm. It took three tries before she managed to squeeze her vehicle into the tight, curbside space. Grabbing her pocketbook, she got out and locked up before walking purposefully towards her destination. The thought of a good stiff drink was already making her feel alive again and she stepped quickly into the pub.

The bar wasn’t empty when she walked in although it had opened only minutes earlier. Two stools near the end were taken up by older men already mostly done with their first drink. Closer to the entrance a younger man was just sitting down and greeted her with a nod and a long stare. Denise sat in the middle and ordered her first drink in a long time. Over the next two and a half hours, she drank more than she would remember, flirted...somewhat seriously...with everyone who visited the establishment and finally called it quits when her wallet was empty. After hugging her new found friends, Denise swayed back to her car, opened the door and sat for a moment collecting herself before starting the engine.

Across the street a man appeared at the doorway of Branson, Jones & Clough, a boutique law firm where he worked as Chief litigator. His eye caught the uncertain gait of the pretty brunette as she opened the door of her decidedly tired car parked directly behind his own. Then, with him watching in surprise, the woman gunned out onto the road, clipping his drivers side mirror and front bumper. Denise slammed on the brakes, uncertain of what had just happened. A man ran up and pounded on the hood of her car, demanding that she pull back into the parking spot she had just left.

It was downhill from there. Clearly drunk, Denise pleaded as the lawyer began to call the police. She knew the consequences if she were to be arrested. She also had no money to offer him; not that she would ever be able to scrape up enough to pay for the repairs on such an expensive car. Looking straight into the mans steely gray eyes, she asked the question that she hoped would solve her problem.

The deal was struck. He would visit her now and then once a week for eleven more times. Twelve visits in total. Her penance. Twelve trips to her knees. Twelve blowjobs. She was careful to reach an agreement on the time of his future visits – 11:00 AM. No one but her would be at home at that time of the day and it happened to be the fateful hour that she had chosen to begin drinking again. It was fitting that she sentenced herself to these “payments” at that hour.

Minutes later, after having turned over her drivers license so that the man could take her information, she led him up the back stairs and into the small apartment. She motioned silently towards the living room letting the man choose the armchair or sofa to make himself comfortable. Denise was nervous watching the man undress and she was surprised as he neatly folded his clothing and stacked them on a nearby end table. Naked, he sat down on the armchair, opened his legs a little letting her gaze at his semi-erect penis which dangled handsomely from his tightly corded pelvis.

Denise sighed and wiped a small tear from her eye before kneeling down between the mans thick thighs and then grasping his shaved cock and balls. She was finished in a few minutes, struggling a little to swallow his semen as he splattered the back of her mouth. Overall, she felt that she’d done a reasonably good job and the light sweat that had formed on the mans chest and stomach seemed to affirm her opinion.

She removed his still hard cock from her mouth and noticed the ring of pink lipstick that she’d left around the base of his dick near his groin. Without a thought, she swirled her thumb over the smear and pulled her hand up to wipe it off. The action milked the mans prick and a small but thick glob of jism sprang from the tip and landed on the purple, silk blouse.

“SHIT”, muttered Denise angrily. “You asshole” she continued, “It was my only decent blouse!”

“Well”, said the man as he stood up and reached for his clothing. “Next time, be sure to wear nothing at all. Be sure of it! Understood?”

He leaned forward a little and wiped his cock on her blouse, staining it again with her saliva, his cum and her lipstick. He finished dressing quickly and turned to leave. Denise was still on her knees.

“See you next week. 11:00 AM sharp. Remember… clothes.”. The door shut behind him leaving a now sober woman weeping alone on the floor.

Last week…

As soon as he arrived, she quietly stripped as he had ordered after making her first oral payment. She watched the man’s face turn into a disappointing stare.

“I said to have no clothing on. Not to strip. You should learn to listen” said the man.

She watched uncomfortably while he meticulously removed his expensive clothing, once again folding it neatly before sitting down in the chair beside the sofa.

As before, Denise took stock in his long, powerful frame, perfectly tanned and toned. Even from three feet away she could smell the unmistakable fragrance of Durham – an expensive male cologne and body wash which, mixed with his own earthy scent made her excited to be near him. Her eyes fixed on his turgid penis. It was “interested” now and showed some thickening but it wasn’t yet completely hard. It was just the way she liked it when she gave head. Not that anyone knew that, in particular her good for nothing husband. He barely acknowledged her oral skills with one memorable session ending when he fell asleep midway through her efforts despite her skillful attention. Booze and drugs had long before shut down his desire for her offerings.

Caught staring at the man’s cock, she felt guilty when he addressed her.

“ I know you give good head but I’ve never got off by having a woman stare at it. You have ten more dates after today. I think you’ll have plenty of time to look at my cock.”

Denise needed no more urging and she quickly knelt in front of the seated figure and grabbed the smooth, warm cock at its base, stroking the mans balls once before wrapping her lips over the head of his shaft and slipping it into her mouth.

As before, she was done in a few minutes, this time leaving nothing outside her mouth. She was careful to stroke his pulsing shaft all the way up to its tip while swirling her tongue around capturing the last few drops of seed. And she had left her lipstick off that morning so that she wouldn’t leave a ring of pink on the base of his member.

The man took a deep breath as his cock re-appeared from inside her mouth. He had a slight glaze of perspiration on his loins and she could smell the musky scent that he emitted as she had worked his thickened cock.

“Stand up now”, he demanded.

Denise stood, wiping her mouth to be sure no semen was on her lips. The man reached up and, for the first time, touched her breasts and nipples. He reached behind her and stroked her ass before brusquely pushing his hand between her legs and touching her pussy.

“You’re warm. And a little wet. You like to give head”, he stated.

It wasn’t a question.

“Shave this bald”, he continued, pulling at her short, curly hair that barely covered her neatly trimmed pussy. Then, dressing quickly, he left.

All week long Denise thought about his last visit. Shamed that she had been moist between her pussy lips because of seeing and being with this man she still found herself more than a little aroused thinking about shaving. She had never been completely bald down there. She’d certainly trimmed very close in years past and enjoyed the sensation especially when she went out in a skirt without panties. The cool air on her pussy lips felt colder when she started to get wet, thinking that she was barely hiding a salacious secret while she shopped at the grocery store. Her husband had enjoyed her too, laying her down on the bed and lifting her legs high in the air letting the short skirt pool around her waist as he licked, and ultimately fucked her almost nude snatch. But that was years ago. She still trimmed herself nicely, just not so close. And now this man, whose name she didn’t know, had told her to shave herself smooth. The thought that on Tuesday, this man would see her close up did nothing but make her squirm. She hadn’t been fully exposed there since she was a little girl and the thought of it made her feel like a child again. A very adult child.

Obediently, on Saturday night, she filled the tub after her husband fell asleep and sank her nude body down into the hot water. Enjoying the luxury of the warm, soapy water she carefully shaved every bit of her pussy at times holding a small hand mirror so that she reached every inch of her bottom including around her rosebud asshole.

After the bath, she dried off and re-examined her baldness, taking a safety razor to the few spots that she had missed. Her pussy lips were bright pink, almost red and she applied a soothing body lotion to herself, paying particular attention to the upper part of her slit before giving in and fingering herself to a shuddering orgasm as she leaned over the bathroom sink.

Denise was beginning to enjoy her penance.


The woman stood and walked to the window overlooking the rear parking lot. With perfect timing the black BMW, fully repaired, pulled in and rolled to an open space near the back of the property. The man got out and stretched before removing his suit coat and gently hanging it on the hook inside the car. Locking the door, he headed for the entrance to the building that would take him to the second floor stairway.

Denise moved away from the window and walked into the tiny bedroom where she slipped the t-shirt off over her head and pulled the lightweight cotton pajama pants down to her ankles before stepping out of them. Turning to the closet door she glanced at her naked figure in the full length mirror focusing on her silky smooth mound and pussy lips and then examining her brown, rock hard nipples.

Hearing his footsteps near the door at the top of the stairs, she walked quickly over and opened the door a crack just as the man reached up to knock. He glanced at her nude body and she opened the door the rest of the way allowing him to enter her apartment.

Wordlessly, he removed his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt before pulling it off, his back still towards her before tugging his t-shirt over his head.

Denise stared at the mans back, admiring the strips of meaty muscle that held his shoulders high and straight. She watched his hands move in front of his waist and heard the unmistakable clink of a belt being unfastened. Seeing the waist of his pants loosen and begin to fall from his waist she felt her knees tremble a little and she squeezed them tightly together as she heard his zipper open.

Now conscious of her own very wet pussy and aching nipples, Denise bit her lower lip as the man stepped out of his expensive shoes before letting his trousers drop to the floor. With his back still towards her, he pulled his socks off and picked up his pants in one motion before folding his discarded clothing carefully and placing them on the small table as he had done in the past. Finally, he tugged his jockey shorts down, revealing a strong, muscled ass.

Denise purred quietly to herself wondering now how erect his cock was. Although she was by now quite familiar with the mans member, she couldn’t stop thinking about it and could barely wait for him to turn around and let her get to work. She loved the smell of his prick; the salty taste of his precum and the thick, sweet taste of his semen. She loved to hold his heavy balls and roll them gently in her hands. Shaven as he was, he was easy to take into her mouth although she needed a little work to slide him into her throat. She loved how her lips and nose bumped into his groin and she adored feeling him part her lips even though her jaw hurt a little from stretching her mouth over his shaft. The best was feeling him swell in her mouth knowing that her warmth and slippery lips was the cause of his erection and ultimately, his climax.

She wanted to touch this man now. Unlike the first time when she simply got on her knees to suck his dick and keep him from damaging the rest of her life, she now wanted to be on her knees and consume him. She wanted to hold his muscled buttocks and stroke the inside of his thick thighs. If he were to allow it, she would leave him facing away from him but would walk to him and circle her arms around his waist, finding his waiting penis so that she could stroke and lift and pull and twist the muscle that would soon find its way into her waiting mouth.

Whimpering in excitement now, she watched as the man turned – his hand on his thickening penis – before sitting down and spreading his legs. Denise stepped forward and began to kneel, silently eager to put her head in his lap and suck the mans dick.

“Wait”, he said.

She stopped, half stooping before him. The man laughed and reached up to play with her small, firm dangling breasts. He pulled at her taut nipples and admired how they wrinkled under his touch. Denise was drawing short, shallow breaths as he played with her body.

“Stand up”, he ordered.

Denise stood, watching the mans stare at her body, his gaze finally stopping between her legs.

“Open them” he demanded.

Denise spread her legs six inches or so, feeling the cool air wisp around her hot, bald and wet pussy.

“My now, you’ve done a great job down here’, he said as he gently fingered her partially open and deliciously slick cunt lips.

“Isn’t that better”, he asked.

“Yes… is….”, she replied, the hitch in her voice no longer disguising the highly aroused state that she found herself in.

“Ohhh...yes…..”, she blurted.

Her gaze, though now through half shut eyes, was still on the mans ample cock when she got his order.

“Now, suck it”, he said, opening his legs a little wider as if to draw her attention to the floor between his feet where she would soon be kneeling and bobbing her head into his musky lap.

Instantly, Denise found her place on the floor and leaned down to aim her mouth on his penis. She took the familiar shaft of flesh in her hand and opened her lips to receive him. She first darted her tongue across his thick but spongy cock head before wrapping her lips around his muscle and sucking him deep into her mouth.

She altered her position a little for the next stroke, adjusting her angle to take him into her throat, hesitating only long enough to get accustomed again to his width and his presence at the back of her mouth before swallowing his nearly erect shaft.

From there, she followed her heart although this morning it seemed that her heart was firmly attached to her aching pussy and swelling clit. Alternating between short hard thrusts along his dick and deep, long, lip sealing mouth strokes, she doubled the size of the mans ample cock while her hands hungrily explored his tightening balls. Without hesitation, she ran her fingers between his widely parted thighs; up and across his muscled stomach and lightly but firmly pinched his small nipples.

Out of sight to his eyes, she felt hot, sticky liquid pour from between her pussy lips and run down her slightly parted thighs. Denise was opening and closing her pretty legs, almost wishing that she had someone behind her with a thick and stiff cock that would now rape her hungry sex while she continued to orally reduce her indebtedness.

As the man neared his climax, Denise took liberties freely. Her fingers gently scratched the inside of his thighs and she ran one hand under his tight ass, squeezing his butt cheeks and sliding over to his asshole where she lingered a moment feeling its surprising heat. From time to time, she allowed his giant cock to spring out from her lips before greedily licking the fat helmet that glistened with her spit before sliding it back into her mouth, tongue still swirling frantically as she poured pleasure onto his penis. Her throat well opened by now, he groaned as she deep throated him again and again before tightening her lips as she slipped his sensitive skin through her plump lips.

Impossibly, he swelled again as she enjoyed herself sucking this mans erect and quivering member. As she felt her mouth widen by his thickening cock, she instinctively prepared herself for his impending climax and within a few seconds, she took his cum.

His first spurt went directly into her throat. Prepared, she had already begun swallowing. The next spasm caught her off guard a little as her throat closed to drain the cum into her belly. Instead, his jism filled the back of her mouth and she quickly circled her tongue to sweep the mans hot cream into the space between her teeth and cheeks. The necessary swirl of her delightful tongue caused him to jerk once again into her mouth and the next few spasms filled her from throat to lips.
Pulling off of his jumping cock, Denise looked up. Her eyes were watery and thick streams of cum dripped from the corners of her mouth. She swallowed once, then again and finally a third time as his pearly semen continued to drain from her cheeks and into the floor of her tired mouth.

“I’m sorry”, she gurgled as her hand unconsciously milked the mans slippery cock. He smiled warmly, sweat running down his brow.

“Get up”, he said.

Standing, Denise allowed the man to part her thighs before he pushed a finger into her pussy and pinch her swollen and exposed clit before reaching back to rub her asshole.

“Clean me up”, he said watching her drop back down to her knees and suck his slightly shrinking member.

“And next week, be wet when I get here”.

Denise nodded her head as best she could given that she was throating his still fat meat and mumbled her agreement as she cleaned the mans big cock with her tongue and lips. Satisfied that his prick was as clean as it was shiny, she drew off him and he got to his feet. Moments later, he was dressed and gone.

It was noon.

By three, Denise...still naked and dangerously close to being surprised by her husband coming home from work, was laying on her bed, legs wide apart and grinding out her third orgasm since she got off her knees. Her swollen clit was being fingered with her right hand while her left slipped in and out of her gaping pussy and occasionally explored her butt-hole.

Tuesday couldn’t come soon enough.
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