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first of many
It all started a long long time ago growing up. The night we had come home from a night out everyone went to there rooms after showers. was late went to bathroom could hear sound coming from brothers room, open door and did not know what I was seeing so I sat down outside the door and watched. He was doing something I had never seen before he was pulling at his dick. I was watching like never before anything I had seen, something happened and he stopped. I closed the door and went to bed thinking of what I had seen. The next night I was just waiting to go to door and watch again. everyone was asleep and sure enough I open door and he was doing the same thing this time he had a flashlight looking at a book so I could see and it was cool. He pulled on it, it got very big and he grabbed something put over his dick and gave out a mourn, I was off to bed still not really know what I was watching. He was gone for a few days and I was so excited when he came home. He ask me if I was ok, thinking I was the night came and I was back to waiting for the sound I was waiting for, and here it came so a cracked the door and flashlight was on this time it was manly on his dick so I watched, he was making it big when he scared the crap out of me, Hank(that's me) if you want to watch come in and close the fucking door so you don't get caught. I walked into the dark room and up to his bed. He was stroking his cock and said you been watching a bit haven't you. yes I said, do you know what I'm doing, no I said well I'm masterbating , why I asked he said watch and I did and I saw it for the first time hot cum rolling out and shooting over and over, wow that was so cool I said, hi said I could come watch anytime. They he had a sleepover with his friend, he walks by me and said later my room we will be doing it together. wow he told his friend but I didn't care, so I went into his room after everyone was asleep and they were in his bed not in the bunk bed they were waiting on me. they started playing with there dicks and they got hugh then they stopped and grabbed the other ones dicks and started jacking it off I was loving it. they did cum way faster than before. cum all over they did a good job. they said wait a few and we can do it agin so you know me I waited. they started and off they went this time my brother did his friend first and then his friend did him different but it liked it. being brave by now being around it I ask the question can I do that and make it cum, yes it will be a bit but if you really want to you can try. so I waited with so much excitement , and they got hard and started so I was standing next to the bed and I put my hand on my brothers cock it was hot and large he got me started and never thought I could do the same thing they did, but dam if he didn't cum all over my hand it was hot so hot so I grabbed his friends dick and bam in no time he shot everywere. this goes on for a bit then I was crushed my brother was leaving, moving away with his friend, time goes by and my own masturbation started, lots of time it happened thinking about what I had be a part of. Then one night my brothers friend was at my house he had gotten in some trouble and needed a place to stay and we were like a half way house for boys and girls. so he was in my room with me I had bunk beds but split not on top of the other. went to bed little excited being older able to masterbate myself not know what he remembered. I had closed the door that I never do but I said it was for him. We heard the snores from the other rooms meaning all He ask me do you still like doing what you use to. Yes I do haven't done it to anyone but myself in a long time. Do you want to, yea I do so I went over and he was already rock hard, I started and he cum like he had not done it for a while, he ask me do you want me to do you didn't know what to say never had it done to me before told him mine is not a big as yours he said no worries and he made me cum like I had not cum before. we did this for a few nights every night was nice I liked it. Then one night he ask me if I had ever tasted a dick, no never even thought of it really, he said just act like your trying suck something out of a straw, ok ill try never did this, you will like it so as I jacked it off I put it in my mouth and sucked your a natural go deep as you can and I did first I chocked a bit but got the hang of it, then in no time I felt it for the first time ever hot cum in my mouth thought of lifting my head but the two hands holding my head down didn't let I lifted my head and ask a stupid question did I do ok. Yea you did so good you like it, yea I did never thought of it before but I do like it. He told me he and my brother did it all the time. He sucked me off and wow I was floored so good. we did this for a few weeks and off he went into the Army. Not I was left with just me and my hand, but lots of memories and tons of cum. first of many this is the first and new story if anybody reads them ill post more I'm 63 now so lots of stories to tell


2017-03-17 20:08:02
this is from my memory and I am sorry I'm not a very good author but its from real memories and I relive it as I tell it its been over 48 years so if you don't like it I'm sorry hope someone does. I still will wright more as I tell my story.


2017-03-17 17:46:42
your ideas are good but your story is hard to read. spacing and wording are important

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