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College girl gets Raped by Bums
[b]It was Late when i got Off and Forgetting it was a holiday i had to Find a PayPhone to get a Cab!
College girls Usually Dont Come to the Library on golidays but i had extra Work i had to Catch up on.
i just turned 19..full figured..Travelled here from Lexington where my Family was,
Lousiville was kinda spooky this late..1230am if i figured right..
I rounded a Split in the Sidewalk by a Statue when i saw abunch of People Standing around a was blazing up and keeping them warm i suppose..
picking p my pace i grew abit nervious as i saw them Looking at was mid Decemeber and the Skirt i had on didnt do much for the breeze blowing it up high enuff for them to see my pink panties.
i had been in a rush and ran out to get the cab..i didnt even have a jacket on which made the chill bring up my nipples pushing against my white shirt.
all of a Sudden i Bumped ito this Women standing bya Bench smoing a cigeratte,..Stupid Bitch she yelled Sorry i said and waled even faster..droping my books a few feet further i bent over to pick them up!..the wind caught my skirt and sent it to my shoulders...showing all of my bottom and white socks..
this was enuff for the old men standing nearby..
the Black Womens Companion Grabbed my Arm and jerked me up!
why aint you saying your sorry to my girlfriend girliee...
i said i was sorry and tried to pull away...a few others gatheed around me as he kept jerking my arm, you aint sorr as your gonna be girl said the black women...that was my last cigarete, walking over to a tree she pulled down a branch and said bend her over gonna teach her to respect us abit more...slappng the branch across my thighs..i yelped as she put marks on my legs...i started to cry which excited the men even more..
let me try this one said jimmy.undong his belt..2 of the others grabed my arms and held me with my butt stuck out,jimmy pulled my panties down to my ankles and swung the belt across my butt cheeks!..SMACK!
went the belt..again and then all the men had undone their belts...i was crying hard..the women pulled my sobbing 1/2 naked body over to the grasss and pushed me to the ground..undoing her belt she tied my hands and pulled of her jeans..i want some of this white sugar jimmy... she pushed her pussy onto my wet tear soaked face..i felt my legs being pulled apart as my skirt was ripped off...jimmy started pushing his cock into me,
i gasped as i felt him slamming my innocent pussy..altho i was starting to get wet..
almost smothering me the women was grinding her hips into my mouth..
groaning..she dumped her cumm into my mouth and crawled off me..jimmy had dumped a load in me and one of the other men pulled me to my feet..pulled of my shirt and had me butt naked i cntral park in 40 degree weather with a strong wind blowing..i shivvered fro the tittys standing straight up firm..pulling me to a tree..i was pushed to it and pulled my hips out while my hands were fastened around the tree...shes cold one guy guys come over here and help me warm her up!
4 or 5 men stood in a circle around me..swingig their belts and slapping my ass over and over..i cried louder and louder but it made them swing faster..
finally 1 man said shes warm enuff..grabbing the black women by the hair he said you started this..pushed his dick into her mouth..she didnt resist too much..and sucked him to a stiff position...
steppng up behind me, leaned forward grabbig my tittys and whispered...your ass aint done gonna have some more fun
he pulled aprt my butt cheeks and pushehis salic=va soaked dick into my rectum...pulling my hips to him he buried his dick i me..i screamed which made the men all next i heard i the back..
as i was feeling him growing bigger and ready to cumm he slaped my red blistered butt 1 last time and pumped my butt full of cumm.
then i saw some red and blue lights flashing...thank God i thought...
all the bums went runnng away as fast as they could...the policeman came to me and untied me...he gathered what clothing i had left and put me in his car...taking me to a nerby hospitable he asked me what these bums looked like...theres one of them i said as i pointed to a guy in an alley trying to hide..he stopped the car..jumped out and chased the bum..
then in jumped jimmy and slammed the door of the still running car...i was stuck in the back..
he parked the car in an ally farther into the west side of town and pulled me out!
heres where you get to meet some of my friends he said!
i was still naked mostly having only a white button shirt panties to cover my cumm soaked ass, was close to 2am and i stumbled up the stairs as he knocked on a door and heard alot of cussing..opening the door his friend yelled..its 2 am you #$%%#
look what i got buster!!
pulling me into the light..cumm still on my face fro the womens all in the air..i looked like ten doller hooker..
come one in he said with a big grin...i tried to protest but got slap across the mouth..shut up hole your my christmas present..
throwing me on the couch buster threw a pillow on the floor with a blanket and tied my arms to a couch and my legs to a table i was in between, with all the commotion bustrs wife stumbled in and saw me...your a sick fucker was all she had to say and went back to bed..
buster sat down by the fireplace he had going to keep the room warm and unzipped his pants..i need to intoduce my self..he said as he pushed his dick into my mouth..puttig his ciggerette against my arms spread apart he got a squeel!!
suck it good girlee or im gonna brn you some more...jimmy go wake up the boys he yelled as he started grinding ino my mouth..his long black cock and balls bouncing against my he came into my mouth and face!
look boys your 1st white girlhe said as he pulled up my shirt showing my red butt and wet pussy lips soaking the rug..
they all laughed and the boys both around 15 pulled off their pajammas and started rubbing their hands on my nipples and ass...
smacking my butt they crawled behind me and pushed his little 5 inch cock into my soaked pussy..
i dint want to admit it but sex is sex and i had already cummed twice..yippie the boy chirped as he pushed faster into me...sucking on my nipples the other boy said hurry up,i want some too.
groaning the boy came into me and then pulled out for the other boy!
mama by this time couldnt sleep with all the commotion..yelled at the boys to get to bed..made the men let me up and with my crying face buried in her shoulder took me to her bed room and pulle me to the bed...your a mess girl...but ill keep them boys off u...lay down here with me and calm down..
pulling er robe open she put her mound size nipple into my mouth,,suck this baby,,,it will calm you down...she rubbed my back and pushed my face harder into her tittys...she started to moan and undid her robe..pulling it off she laid down and told me to eat her pussy..get your tounge in there i stared to run..she said the boys are in there..
with a bitter sigh..i licked her black pussy of this huge women..her large thighs wrapped around me suffocating me...she came into my face..twice and had me lick her pussy clean...your a good girl..she said as she pushed me to the floor with the dog by the bed..butt naked soaked in every hoe with cumm over and i fell into sleep more passing out i felt the dog licking the juice from my legs running out of my asshole..i opened my legs and let him clean felt nice...the dog nuzzled me wih his nose pushing me on my stomich...growling he scared me and i tried to get soon as i goto my knees he ran behind me put his paws on my back and started huping me..i felt his now stiff dogcock pumping me..i was in never fucked a dog!
as the dog got faster rocking the bed frame as we slammed into the side of it...mama woke little whore..why u fucking my dog!
she grabbed me by the hair dragged me past the passedout men and tossed me butt naked into the street!
it was snowing now...i was in ,but i still wasnt that cold...too much cumm still running down my legs!
the cop had found his car and was crusing by when he foud me shivering by a lamp post in shock,
he put his jacket around me and listend to my story...
i was next to him and saw in the dim light his cock getti bigge..he liked this story!
i smelled like cumm..had nothing on,ass was red striped..
he pulled me closer to comfort me and then by instinct pushed my head into his lap..i unzipped his pants fucked everything else..bobbing my head up and down on to his dick i felt him cumm into my i lifted up and saw the gratutude he did the other cops in the parking lot where he had just parked..
gettig out of the car with his cumm still dripping out of my mouth iwas taken into the back where i was showered and cleaned up!
before i got to shower tho a cop took some evidence photos as he called them of me butt naked..dof hair in my pussy..cumm seeping out of every hole..butt a bright red..
it had been along night..
i didnt even have my books anymore.
i cleaned up and was driven home!
...but every time i went down to central park would remember the rape and whipping i got...i also later got blackmailed into giving head at every policemans get togeather in the 5th district..or he would show the photos to all my friends..i even had to suck a few wifes pussys when they heard about!..i gave up down on 5th and broadway...75 bucks and ill make your dreams come true!
the cops dont even bust me...just put me on the side of the car and let me blow them from time to time!
the end.


2013-04-15 23:44:16
I got lost halfway through and I was gonna say the same thing too! Don't write while high, doesn't tend to work out Hahah


2006-08-09 20:36:39
That story made absolutely no sense at all. you didn't know where to go with your story line (lines); and I would suggest you enroll in adult education english classes.


2006-08-09 12:31:35
what is this guy on tablets? he should have his computer taken off him or be told never to write again. 2/10

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