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the next page growing into bisexual
the next chapter in growing into a bisexual life. After the friend of the family friend has gone it was just me lost to myslef and masterbation. I did turn into a peeper lol, my sister little older than me was now growing into a fine young lady. She would shower then off to her room i would sneek into her room open the curtain just enough to peek in. At first was just her using stoff she would rub all over her body. Then the light was off and i would go jack off. Then I think she knew i was watching, she would look outside I would hide and she closed the curtain, then one night I was home alone she came in from a date, she calles me to her room high boots short mini, damn fine. She ask can you help me get these fucking boots off, sure sis no problem she fell back on the bed lifted her leg and i truned put her boot between my leg and she pushed me with the othe boot and pop it came off we giggled and she said next, so i did the same then i noticed she has on stockings with a garder belt. Can you help me i drank to much i cant get anything off. Yea sis no problem what do you need me to do, Unzip this skirt please and pull. So with the hardest dick i have ever had i did what she ask and it was tight but i got it, undo my stocking please unhook here and unroll please. ok i did thought i was going to pop a load now she is laying there in her underware and shirt. help me out of this shirt, ok sis and then she floored me when she said not like you havent seen me necked is it. I could not belive she knew it, do you jack off after peeking. Yes I do Im sorry, dont worry my brother its ok not like i didnt know what you were doing with our brother. OMG you know, yea we use to talk about it, i was amazed you were doing that. I to was too young for our brother to fuck but didnt keep him from trying, then his friend tryed but i wouldnt let him, Did he try stuff with you, yes he did but our brother told him it was ok so i didnt know. that fucker i dont like him well he is back in jail so he is getting his ass pumped......we laughed. Un hook my bra i have to sleep now and mom and dad will be home soon so get to bed and enjoy yourslef. good night sis i love you and tks. we had many more nights of talking and sitting around saw her necked all the time when we were alone i know she teased me but we never fucked, I saw her fuck a few boys and one really nice chick. Then I got a friend that moved up the street and we hung out a lot. I didnt know if i could tell him the things I have done, what if he thinks im sick cause of things I have done. So I will just be silent, then he slept over and we were outside and my sisters light came on, he said damn your sister is fucking hot. Dude thats my sister, he said sorry didnt mean anything, sure let me show you something now im going to be a hero, so i told him to be quite we sneeked up to the window curtain cracked just like she knew i liked but she had no idea he was with me. He watched she got necked was getting ready for bed and i look down and he has his dick in his hand. Do I say something or just let it be, i do nothing cant see anything he wont let me lol..........the light goes out and we head for the back door to my room. we were laying there and he said damn you get to live with that, yea i said its nice she is sweet dont get me in trouble.........then he said i have to jack off im going to blow up. Do you also going to, yea i can do that he said i do all the time ,,,,,,,me to i told him so i got him a wipe and i bet it took him 60 sec to cum i giggled he said damn that was quick.....yea it was so i got done and to sleep but no i heard him agin and agin i was smirking he was then standing over me dareing me to giggle agin and ill cum all over you. you have no idea how much i wanted to dare him but thought i should not push it. the next day he went home and i had a talk with my sister and told her what i had done and ask her not to be mad at me, she hugged me and told me its ok ill do more if you want me to he is a little cutie but to young for me but love to tease him. ok deal we will set it up next time he sleeps over. deal she said. the next day he called and ask if i could stay over to his house and i ask and yep we were cool. over there he has two brothers younger and one younger sister mom was hot his dad was gone all the time driving a truck. we are watching tv and his sister comes in and lays in front of us looks like underware on buy thin I look at my friend and he just shook his head. his mom comes out and sits down in a robe but lets it open a bit, she sees me looking and opened it up more damn i thought i had it good, off to bed and he only has one bed so we are in the same bed then he said lets jack off and i couldnt wait im ready. are we going to talk about your sister in her panties he told me she is a slut and did it just because i was there but she is to young for me he said yea but she is still a know if i should say anything about his mom and i didnt then he ask if i wanted to swap,,,swap what im thinking so i wait and i wait then he said dont think im crazy but you can jack me off and ill jack you off ..........i dont know i said as my boner shoots up.....he said if you dont want to its no its ok think that will be fun, how do we do this like i needed that but i want it to be his idea now so you want to do me first and ill do you or other way no ill go first if you like he said yea so off come his pants and he does have a really nice dick so as i cup it i can feel the heart beat in it or its mine who knows i start slow and use my other hand to feel his balls and they are hot he is moning like a monstor so now im on my knees just strocking it like its alive and it shot up and splat right in my face twice he saw that and said sorry and i just said its ok he hand me towel and i go to wipe it off but you got it i just had to taste it and yep just as i remembered i like it. wiped up and he did me didnt take me long at all missed his face damn it but he said what you thinking about my sister....yep that was it........his mom stopped open the door and said you boys being good i hear a lot of sounds comming out of here sorry we said and we were off to sleep. in the middle of the night i found him spooning me with a hard on but i just lay there and we fell asleep.


2017-03-17 20:31:42
sorry I'm not the best story teller but its me my memories my be slow and not put in better words and misspelled a lot but it the best I can do

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