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the next page growing into bisexual
my new friend and I keep doing what we like then one day before we spend the night together we were at his house and he told me that he needed to tell me something. OK im thinking the worst and he said i need to tell you that im not gay but i do like what we do. Ok I told him I dont think i am but i had never been with a girl but i do like looking at them and they excite me. He said yea me too I have been with a girl and I do like it to, but if anyone was to find out what we do they would call us names and tell us we a fags. I told him im not telling but if you want to stop i do understand. no no he said we are good just have to be careful i do agree. now i have to tell you something ok you have a lot on your mind, this is good i think if you think it is.......the night we started jacking each other off and i shot it in your face i did it because i wanted to and I didnt know how you would act. Well have you ever done yourslef in the face, yes he said did you like it I think so well i did like it, now im going to tell you something, he said damn we are fucked when you shot in my face and you gave me the towel to wipe it up i tasted it. You did thats fucking awsom i thought i saw you do it but didnt want to say anything. Ok now i ask what now do you want to do, he looked at me and said lets just see were it goes and lets jack each other off, deal lets do it. Now im thinking back to my brothers friend and learning to suck his dick but never agin have i done this and if i do will he go nutts and loose a friend, we start and he does me first and i do shoot in his face but not the best thing i was thinking but ok im up so i start i get close to it like i want to make sure i get it in my face and i get closer and he has ahold of my head and brings it down on his dick then pulls out and says sorry i got excited, i said yea me too, ill try it if you want me to and he said yes please so i did i went all the way deep to his balls and he got a hard as a rock....omg is all he could say and then it happend the hot blast over and over and i took it all left none to drip. He just laid back and could not talk..........i just lay there and then i ask him if he was ok.........a few moments and he said i liked it so much sorry i didnt do you but i waas scared you would freak out. but i own you one. and i got paid back later that night. He told me we could never tell anyone so we agreed. We had a friend that was a girl that we kicked around with and she had so many freckels but we loved her skinny little ass. we did a lot together then one night we were sleeping at my house and she said she had told he dad she was at her girlfriends but she wanted to stay over with us. I have a back door that leads outside so like having my own door so we snuck her in we were laying on the bed talking and got into truth or dare and she ask us have you ever had sex.........well my big mouth just let it out and i said with a girl?......opps she got this look and i think my friend was going to kick my ass so i see we need to talk and you have to fill me in. so i told her we just jacked off together. she bought it so she said only fair i tell you thats my fav thing to do is masterbate. Well way dont we all do it and she didnt even wait she ripped her pants off so fast we looked at each other and said yes lets do this.......watching her masterbate and she us was the best ever she told us to touch her while she did it and we rubbed her leg and her small tits and she climaxed like nothing i had ever seeen she was panting and said cum on me please so we did and we did. We were the best of friends and then it happend she asked us if we would fuck her. I have never and My friend has but are you sure, yes i have to tell you that her brother has been fucking her for a year and she hates it. I just want to know if someone loves me if its diffrent......we started kissing sucking tits fingering then she jumped on me and it just went right in like it knew were to go and it was tight and her rocking back and forth till i cum inside of her and she started to climax and her pussy went so tight on my dick. I laid there and she got on all fours and told our friend go for it and he did like a rabbit....and bam it was over we laid there not talking for a bit........she kissed me and then him and said it was so much better and if we liked we could do this more............i agreed like i won the war. Over the next week she came over a lot to my house even late at night she would sneek out and i would hear tap tap on window and let her in. i told her i dont like leaving our friend out but she told me she would make it up to him........i belived her so we did some wild stoff and i ask her were she was learning this and she told me her brother had all kinds of books and she snuck in and saw stoff she wanted to try so being the nice one i let skinny and so horney a few things like she sucked me off and then she did it and stuck her finger up my ass and worked it in and out till it blew her mouth so full she couldnt get it all down. they she got me to eat her pussy and finger her ass and she loved it. then she ask if i would stick it in her ass to try and i just keep falling in deeper and first it hust bouth of us then we find we needed to lub it up a bit so we did and it was great and she worked that pusssy so hard and i think we cum together couldnt wait to share that with our friend. yes she made it up to him but i got more. the night came we were at my house and she climmed on top of him and then i stuck it in her ass and we dp her so hard and she would not be quite she came so hard and i hear a knock at my door we push her on the floor behind the bed. it was my sister and she looked at me and said please tell her to be quite befor she wakes mom and dad and by the way brother nice very nice.........................
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