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Cowboy plus Dance Hall Girl equals Western Drama

More of Ole' Hoss and Miss Petty Anne

Ole Hoss Returns to Town:

When Hoss returned to the ranch, the owner/manager was very happy about his manner of acquiring the supplies for the ranch. He had used the ranch’s money wisely and brought everything back in fine shape. In appreciation, Boss man gave him a couple of days to rest from the journey and then promptly put him back to work.

Life goals are often delayed or even prevented by unexpected events. His being the broken legs that he got on the Spring Drive, when Ambler his horse threw him because of stepping in to a prairie dog hole with him falling under steers on the move. He could have easily died from a stomping and even from the injuries that he did get, but western toughness and a healthy body enabled him to survive this.

He was bedridden for months while all of the bones healed into workable condition. The doctor from the ugly little city traveled all the way to set them properly. As he packed to leave to go back to his practice, he reflected on his pride over the job that he had done with Hoss and his expectation of Hoss being able to return to town someday. When he got back to town, he simply forgot to tell Petty Anne anything about Hoss’s condition.

In the meantime, the owner had Hoss work with his hands while in bed, repairing riding equipment, shooting irons and any other equipment that they could get up on the bed without disturbing his healing legs. He carried Hoss full on the payroll too for the duration as he was a top hand and they were very hard to find or develop.

A year later found Hoss back on the range on a new horse named Racer and carrying his load of responsibilities near at the level as before. It would probably take another year for everything to get back into his previous level of health. In the meantime, he fantasized about his Petty Anne and how things would be when he got back to town, hoping that the doctor would let her know why he wasn’t coming back after a year like he had promised.

Once when he was out on the trail at a trail camp and trying to down Grubby’s hot tar drink that he insinuated actually was coffee, a fellow trail hand began to relate an experience that he had had recently in the little ugly town. He said that he had met a sporting young lady named, Pretty, and went into some detail on his experience with her. Some of the details seemed to mesh with what Hoss had experienced with Petty Anne. Could these two ladies be the same person?

When Hoss slyly inquired for some details of the lady’s appearance, some of them fit and some didn’t and so Hoss remained unsure of the relationship of his story and the person of his love, Petty Anne.

Finally, two and a half years after his original trip, Boss sent Hoss back to town for more supplies. Other riders had done this service while Hoss was healing up from his broken legs.

They had heard (and reported to the Boss) that the trail to the city was much improved as the town had grown in importance somewhat with the farms around producing food stuffs and the remaining mining ores for shipping. So, to allow a larger load for the ranch and to give Ole Hoss a gentler ride, they let him take the brand new wagon. Ole Hoss being a person who was always prepared, brought his new steed, Racer, along tied to the back of the wagon just in case.

He also brought his new rifles with him to ward off the bandits that occasionally accosted travelers on the road and even sometimes killed them. One of them was a specially prepared rifle with an unusually long range of accurate aim. Just the appearance of it on a person was enough to discourage bandits from bothering them. So, Hoss had it right out in sight, which the bandits would interpret as him being terminally stupid or very dangerous with its use. Since Hoss was still alive, they would lean towards him being very dangerous.

He made the trip in good order without any unpleasant interludes and found himself on the same rise looking at the same ugly little city in the midst of a very fine looking valley. He sighed at his concern about what kind of response he would get from Petty after his extra eighteen month delay in getting back. But, he sucked up his courage and proceeded on to move into the town.

This time he parked the wagon by the side of the general store ready for loading, just before leaving, and walked his wagon team and personal steed to the stables at the end of the city street. They would be taken very good care of there. He then moved to the Chinese Laundry, which was reopened in town and availed himself of the bathing facilities there, with the young daughters of the owners taking the job of washing off the trail dust, real and imagined, before his appearance before Petty.

He also availed himself of a new set of clothes, appropriate to a western city man for his appearance before her. His hair and beard remained the same, to be taken care of by Petty, he hoped. Now spiffed up, he proceeded down the street to the saloon that Petty had worked at on his previous trip to there.

As he progressed down the street, he couldn’t but help noticing that the street, sidewalks and buildings were in a much better condition than before. There weren’t all that many people out and about, but the ones that were looked much more prosperous than before. It occurred to Hoss that this could be bad for his budget, with his rivals being more prosperous. More money, higher prices, an age old rule.

When he looked into the swinging saloon doors, he could see a relatively low level of business, but much higher than in his previous trip. As he entered through them he at first didn’t notice Petty Anne. But, his continued perusal finally settled on an elegant gal in the corner discussing something with three guys. She looked up and didn’t recognize him at first either. But, when he moved to the bar and asked for a drink from the bartender, who was a different person than who had been there before, she finally made the connection of this citified dressed person with the Ole Hoss that she had known two and a half years ago.

She left the three guys standing in surprise as she moved over to the other end of the bar to properly greet Hoss. She gathered him into her arms and he responded to this with his arms around her and general pandemonium arose with the other bar patrons as they excitedly kissed. When the kissing halted and the shouting quieted down, Petty gathered up Hoss and led him to a private corner table reserved for her.

“Hoss, you ole’ devil, how are you? I have missed you all this time that you have been gone. And a little disappointed at you not returning as you said that you would.” Her eyes remained fixed upon him as he prepared to excuse such unfeeling conduct.

“I’m sorry Petty, I was gravely hurt out on the trail and it took most of year before I could even walk right. The town doctor came to set my broken bones. I was hopeful that he would tell you what had happened.”

“Oh, Hoss, I didn’t hear a single thing about it from him or anyone else, either. I am so sorry to have thought so badly of you over this.”

“It’s alright Miss Petty, I felt really bad that I couldn’t keep my promise to you to return after a year.” With this his head sagged down with his shoulders drooped, and she thought that she could hear a little sigh in his breath.

“Hoss, life happens and there is no use in grieving over spilt milk as my granny used to say. We just need to pick up what we can and move on with it.”

With this Hoss looked up hopefully to whatever might now happen between him and Petty.

“Hoss, why don’t you leave here and find some things to occupy your time until I will be ready to give you my full attention at ten o’clock. Then come back and we can spend some time together and talk about things privately.”

“Okay, Miss Petty, I will.” And he did. This time he lost half of his considerable hoard of funds, but had a great time doing it with his newly met town friends. And they had nothing but positive things to say about Mrs. Snyder as she was now known for her new status. Evidently her uncle, the old letch, had died leaving the saloon to Petty. And she had gone into business with a fury. She was very responsible with her money. She first fixed up the saloon to attract more travelers and a wider range of locals. And then she had hired girls, some local to take care of the new and old customers, so that she didn’t have to do so herself unless she wanted to, and so that she could concentrate on her business affairs. She was prospering so well, that she owned half of the town and had loaned monies to the rest so that the town could spiff itself up.

She had loaned money to the local community church under the instruction to not bring in some ‘fire and brimstone’ preacher that would interfere with her businesses. And they found a very proper, but accommodating, young preacher from a liberal Baptist church from the South as a pastor. He brought his wife and children with him and fit in immediately with his helpful manner, modest living expenses and tolerance of the local scene including Petty’s business affairs.

Thus fortified with these revelations, Hoss made it back to her saloon and wondered what he could possibly add to her already full life. She was being very successful, and had all of the men that she could desire. What place could he find in that life?

When he reentered her saloon, the guys and girls looked around to him and watched as Mrs. Snyder took his arm and led him up the grand staircase to her rooms. She occupied a third of the upstairs now, with the rest subdivided into small cribs for the working girls. The same two wood stoves with heated water were still in the same place in the hallway, though. And she again asked him to bring two of them with them into her study. It was well decorated and had no bed, just a very fancy couch with a high back.

She now removed her outer dress to show her fancy undies and then asked him to unfurl his clothes as she now put it. While he was busy with that she dumped the two heated buckets of water and added from the cool ones she kept on hand in her study to again get the proper temperature in the iron bathtub. No use scalding him before he had served his purpose, she smiled in her heart about.

He entered the water and settled back to enjoy her attentions. She moved right on to trimming his hair and his beard to being like what she remembered from his previous very pleasant visit. This time he didn’t flinch at the appearance of the straight razor, or at least not as much as the first time. And he enjoyed her practical and affectionate attentions. After finishing washing and rinsing him off, she asked him to stand and she then uncovered her breasts and serviced his member. She gently handled it in her search for sensual excitement, stroked it while it was still wet and then took it into her mouth to first gently and then with wild abandon to bring him off into her mouth. With his long absence from being with a woman, it took no time at all, and she showed him his production in her mouth and then swallowed it to his deeply felt pleasure.

She then covered the couch with a blanket and invited him to take a place on it so that they could converse about’ matters of mutual interest,’ as she put it. He was still naked, but she laid one of her shawls over his shoulders. She removed all of the undies that remained on her and sat next to him in that manner.

“Hoss, I know that you have many questions about things between us, but I want you to know that I very much value you as a friend and lover. As a token of that, I am asking for no contribution from you this time. And probably never will again. As you can see I don’t need your money anymore, just your friendship and perhaps,………,more.”

“My dear Petty”, he choked out, “I don’t know what I could add to your life, you seem to have it all. And without any help of mine.”

“Not entirely true, Hoss. I took the extra funds that you gave me that day and put them into the bank. I added to that total with extra funds as I earned them. When a building or property became available at reduced rates, I bought them up and then rented them out. The new sheriff, who is the brother of our new pastor is a ‘dear’ friend of mine, so I had no difficulty in having my rents collected. And then the barkeep, my lecherous uncle, suddenly died leaving the saloon to me as his only living relative. Yes, I know that I told you about my family living nearby, but I will cover that latter. When the smoke cleared, I owned half of the town and the other half owes me on loans, on generous terms but enforced payments. I have invested much into the town and am very stable here. I have also squirreled funds in another city under an assumed name, so if things should ever go badly here, I will have another stake to start elsewhere with. And the girls that work here with the guys or not, do actually help their families in the valley to get ahead to self-sufficiency. Many of them hang on afterwards anyway because they actually prefer the guys who come here to those who might marry, beat and over produce children on them.”

“Wow, the little girl that I met not so long ago has really grown up and become a substantial lady. I am truly impressed Petty. But, I wonder what I could possibly add to that situation.”

“Well, here is how it is, my dear Hoss, in all of my times renting out my body, I have met a lot of guys ….some of them very nice. But, no one like you. You were so very respectful to a self-professed whore and so very gentle and accommodating in our love making. Even though I lied to you about having a family nearby, actually my uncle (Mr. Snyder) brought me out west with a promise of marriage which never worked out, I came to think very seriously about you when you left.

You know, don’t you, that all of the proposals of us being together and having a life together were just puffing you up in appreciation for your donations to my welfare and in hope of more. It is all part of an act that we prostitutes use to help to sponsor a feeling of guilt and generosity in the men we bed. It works very well, too.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, rarely at that, we might actually spend time and our body with a man who pleases and intrigues us enough to take another look at things between them and us. You, my dear Hoss, are one of those.”

Hoss, just sat there dumbfounded at what he had just heard. Of course it all fit together with what he had actually experienced with this lovely young woman, and fit up to what he knew about pro’s matters. But, even so he had been really fooled this time and was more than a bit hurt by her admissions.

Petty recognized the turmoil in Hoss’s heart and decided to do something to deaden those concerns, so she lowered herself to the floor on her knees and then again took his member into her mouth. Not to bring him off again that way, but to pave the way for what was to follow. She kept her eyes on his face as she worked over his cock with much spittle and more energy. When it got up to full mast, she indicated for him to stand up. She then indicated the lard jar and when he noticed it, she took her place on the couch, with her head pointing towards the window on the street, her hands bracing her on the back of the couch, her ass elevated to his cock’s height and her knees spread widely apart on the seat of the couch.

He took the cue and proceeded to use his tongue and lips to stimulate up her pussy and rear entry. She responded with shimmying of her hips and thrusting back on his face as he licked and probed her two lower orifices. Finally she barked at him, “Now Hoss, Now!”

So, he moved up to engage his member with her pussy and began to thrust into her with a surplus of energy. The ‘cum’ from her body plus the lard on his cock, allowed him to ease his way into her rear entry and he probed to the deepest that he could. She sighed and then turned to smile at him. With this he began to thrust and retract from her anal tunnel with energy and rhythm. She joined into the rhythm herself and they soon each came to their joint pleasure and satisfaction.

They then unengaged their bodies and laid back on the couch with her on top and them belly to belly. They rested for a bit and then:

“That was mighty fine, Mr. Hoss. As good, or better, than I can remember.”

“I truly favor you too, Miss Petty and always will.”

“Then you are probably wondering how you might fit into my life then. While you were gone and especially since you were gone so long, I began to reassess what you might mean to me. And I came to the conclusion that whatever I felt for you, I wanted you in some kind of permanent place in my life, if you wanted it.”

“Well, Miss petty, that is all well and good and very tempting, but I have been a man of the field, not the city, and you seem to have everything your way here, so what could I add?”

“Well, Mr. Outdoors, how many years will you be able to continue with this, especially after your injuries to your legs? And as to what you can add to my life, if you want it we can marry and you can give me what I have refused to give to any other man, the privilege of making babies on me. It just isn’t worth having it all as you have said, without having someone to share it with and someone else to leave it to.”

“I see, Miss Petty. But how about the other guys? How will they take it? Would they leave us alone to our happiness?”

“Oh, I see now! A little jealousy rears its head!”

Hoss bows his head at this.

“They will treat me as I instruct them to. I have the power in this town. And I will have to have enough freedom with you to do what I need to do to keep my key men in their place and of continued help to me and us? You will truly own me except for that and in recognition of your sacrifice in this matter, you will have free access to any of the girls that you fancy in any way that you want!”

“Wow, this is a lot to consider, My Love. I will ponder it and let you know.”

“Don’t wait too long, my dear Hoss. I have other options if you falter or refuse me.”

Hoss got very angry with that statement from her and stormed out of her study while throwing his clothes back on. No one bothered to look as he stormed out of the saloon and were very quiet as she returned to the saloons main hall where Miss Petty pondered the damage done to their relationship. ‘Not too bad’ she thought to herself. ‘He will fret over it and then come to his senses and be with me for the rest of our lives.’

The next morning she got a report from one of her gals that he was loading the wagon for the return trip to the ranch. ‘Oh, Oh, have I overdone it,’ she worried.

But she walked out in her best finery to the end of the street and waved at him, when he passed by. He looked over to her and nodded, nothing else. But, when he got to the ridge on the road before disappearing over it, he turned around, shouted wildly and waved his hat around in the air. And then resettled on the wagon for his trip to the ranch.

She knew then that he would be back, and permanently. The pastor would marry them, they would have a boy and a girl and would live together for the rest of their lives. She felt very assured of this.

(to be continued)

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