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the next page growing into bisexual
number 4 as we left off older sister made us be quite and made me blush is was so cool and we giggled till we had to pee. The next AM my friends were gone and I was in my room and my door flew open and my sister came in and sat on the chair and told me spill the beans about last night and you know I do tell her everything so I spelled the beans and she was like fuck brother I haven't even done that....I told her how hard she cum and she wanted it more and more. She ask if we were using a comdom and by the look in my face she slapped me up side the head. well if I was going to get something I already have it. I looked and the door was open and I freaked out thought someone could hear us. She told me we are alone mom and dad went out to the track. cool you going out sis no I'm here for the day fucking bf is out being a dick. good didn't like him anyway. So she went to her room and I put on music and cranked it up. went to get a snack and sister was on her bed door open and she was working her pussy hard not knowing I was watching or so I thought. she was working it so good and she started her climax and she looked at me and told me why are you not jacking off so I did and we looked and let it go. I was walking away and she came out of her room nude and told me if I would let her know next time my friend was over. I just looked at her and she told me she just wanted to fuck him. ok sis if that's what you want. ok sis but I did like this we should do it more she said yes we will. So the night came friend was over I had not told him a thing so he came walking in with our girl friend and said what we going to do. I don't know mom and dad are gone for the night. the door knocks and it opens. my sister is standing in the door stockings garder belt panties and little bra. and called my friend over and said cum with me, he looked back and I thought hi would cum right you kinow we had to go look and see if we can see and the door was open and we stood a bit back and watched my girl friend was in front of me and could feel my dick in her back. she rolled around and started sucking me off.then the front door opens and we dive into my sisters room like we are robbers. sis what the fuck is wrong with you two. Someone just came in the door I'm getting ready to jump out the window sis said we can be in her stop freaking out.. so she puts her robe on and out she goes you can hear someone talking and I said what the hell I live here I'm going out there. so I go out and there she was my sisters friend I had watched her with. How you get in here I ask I have the key silly boy. Ok so I go get my friends and off we go to my room. in a few the door opens and she told my friend we were not done and like a little puppy he was off and we were behind him and my sis said stay you two and do what you do. So I'm thinking her friend left. so we were messing around and had sex and had it one more time and our friend never came back so we waited and waited and finely he comes thru the door and falls on the chair and said I died and went to heaven. damn she is that good that's my friend said it was two......two times two girls your sister and her friend she did me and then she did me and then they did each other and I left they went to sleep. and we all just lost it. He said I'm going home I have to babysit and you too got to catch up he smiled.........and was gone we lay on the bed talking and fell asleep we woke up and she had to leave so off she went. I went out the door and sat outside and just felt alone then my sisters friend sat beside me and put her arm around me and told me she knows how I feel. what do you mean she said top of the wourld but all alone yea I said fells that way sometimes. we just sat and talked then out of the blue she ask me want to make love.......hmmmmmmm yea not fucking just love and she schooled me in the art of making love and my life would never be the same. the next day I made love to my girlfriend and I broke the news to here that I also like boys and she told me its ok I will always love you to and were did you learn to do that love making and I giggled told her my sisters friend took me to school......she told me when she sees her she is going to kiss her right on the lips. it told her be carful she likes that and she told me maybe I will to. well I'm floored but you go for it. so I ask my sister if her friend would be open to teaching my little girl friend how to do a girl. my sister ask me were is she I'm my room ok stay here she went down the hall and my door closed in a few the door open my sister had her hand and was leading her down the hall they come in the room and my sister tells me out leave us we will let you know later.......really my idea and I don't get to watch..........out of I go to my room like a wiped puppy that peed the floor so I sat there for a long time and then I went to the door put my ear on it and omg the sounds I wish I could make a girl do were coming out of there I go back to my room and wait soon they came to my room and she sat down my sister looked at me and told me who do you think taught her friend so she was the teacher. but she showed me how to make love my sister told me she had never been with a boy I talked into it for you. I got up want over to my sister and gave here a hug and kiss and she left. My little girlfriend sat there and looked at me and jumped on me slapping me in fun and crying and told me it was so good I know I was at the door. I never could get you to make that sound she told me you will ill teach you to eat pussy right so it started.


2017-03-17 20:32:48
sorry I'm not the best story teller but its me my memories my be slow and not put in better words and misspelled a lot but it the best I can do

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