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the next page growing into bisexual
so as everything times change and so do we. My friend moved away and my girl friend also moved because her dad was a prison cop and got transferd to somewere in texas. lots of crying and to beet it all my sister moved in with her boyfriend about 45 mins away. only one here now is mom dad and me. getting into stports and had no idea how to find a new fuck buddy. At school a older boy ask me if I would like to go sand dunes with him and drink some wine. sure why not so after football I meet him at his car and off we went no idea what was going to happen. we are driving and he showed me the wine it was ripple wine hell I liked it. we are parked drinking and he ask me if I knew he was gay and I told him no I didn't. does that scare you and I told him no don't at all then he ask can I suck your dick.......not wanting to look to excited I said sure ill do that. so out of my pants and his were off in a min. He started sucking me and I could see his dick and it was huge inside his underware I told him you better let that think out and he did. you want to play with it. sure why not and as I thought it was the biggest dick I had ever seen big balls also he was a great dick sucker too. I'm stroke him and he ask me you want to try sucking it he had no idea how bad I did. he moved over and I went to town and I had him so excited he said I cant believe how deep you can take it. I didnt want him to know I have done this before then he ask me if I would ass fuck him. not this is new I have done a girl but never a boy but hell why not so he reach in and takes out a lube and tells me to put it on my ass and finger it first so I did and slip in and out so easy then he bent over the seat and I slipped right into his ass I'm not the biggest thing but it made him roll and buck then I reached around and stroked his cock and he shot off and was breathing hard and said tks I love that never been done like that. what to try mine I'm thinking you have a big dick and I have never done that he told me ill go easy just to see if you like it. Ill finger it to get it loose ok but if it hurts you stop ok he said I told him I would never do this any more if you don't. so he lube it up and felt kind of good like when my girlfriend had fingered it when she sucked me this I felt more fingers in me and it was different but still I did like it then another one now its stretching me good and I'm ready to tap out and he stopped an got behind me and put the head in and I was hard as a rock he said little at a time and I said I'm ok I like it more and he did and he pumped it slowly and ask deeper and yes deeper and then I felt his legs slam into my ass and he told me I'm all the way in and your have never done this no just keep going feel like I'm on fire strange feeling he was pumping me hard now and I started cumming not knowing how this was so. he ask do you want me to cum in you yes I do harder had he shot his hot load deep in my ass and I was still cumming couldn't stop. he pulled out and fell back he saw how I was cumming and thought it was cool. only a few guys can do that when getting fuck in the ass. I don't know what you mean am I broken he smiled and told me my prostrate was getting hit by his dick I had no idea what he was saying just knew I liked it. We had hooked up a few other times but he was a senior and leaving to navy so it was just a passing deal buy had my wonder of why and what had happen to me and yea every time we hooked up it happened so it was me and I loved it. Then another friend came to me ask if I wanted to go on a date and I looked at him like what but he hit me and said don't be girlfriend and I cant go out alone her sister has to go on a double date o hell here it is I get the ugly one then he told me her name and I about fell over one of the best girls in school and I ask she knows you ask me and he told me it was her that choose you. yea I'm in so we are going out and it got hot quick his idea of a date was parking I like this we started kissing and looked up front and they were already necked and she was young and nice but her sister was way better and in the back seat with me. I was easy to start and she ask me unhook my bra and I said ok and I found she didn't hove one she took her top off and the best set of tits I had ever seen. she had a little skirt on and it went off just as easy we were hooked up in a min she sucked like a vacuum and I got three finger up her wet pussy and then she was on top rocking and rolling I did cum like a dog don't think she did so I asked she told me only when she gets eaten and she is bisexual and her sister and her so it all the time. nice want me to eat you and she ask you know how little did she know I had been schooled by the best and she about broke my neck when she climaxed. we went out for the next two years and it was fucking sweet. just once I got to taste her sister with her ass hole broke up with her so my gf had me show her how good I was eating pussy and she ask me to marry her on the
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