First the back and then........


The Asiatic light brown and slim lady welcomed Mr. Harris into her massage lounge and indicated to him where he should hang his clothes. As George admired the therapist, he noticed the very scant clothing that she wore, the very toned arms that she possessed and that she was evidently about thirty years of age.

He had found THE BIG CITY PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE STUDIO listed in the Big City phone book. Yes he still used one even though he used a cell phone. And he had checked out the lady on the local ‘hooker board’ and found out that she is very professional and unlikely to go beyond her professional bounds. No problem, he needed a good massage anyway. His back had been a bother for years along with especially his right hand hip. Along with that, he was getting night cramps in the calves of his legs and the soles of his feet. Add to that an occasional headache centered right at the top of his neck. He very much needed this treatment.

With his clothing put up and away, he moved to lay naked with his head mounted in the face stirrup ready for her attentions. Before starting, she asked for what type of music that he would like in the background. He opted for some Enya, which is appropriate to almost anyone at any time. She then asked about background scents. And she filled up the electric atomizer with a paradise forest array. She asked what kind of oils that he preferred and he responded with, whatever she thought was appropriate for the kind of massage that she was going to give him.

Lastly she mentioned the various types of massage that she could produce on him. He again left the decision up to her because he didn’t know what all of the types entailed, but no hot cups, please. He didn’t want the bruises that accompanied them no matter how effective that they were. He had memories of Michael Phelps the Olympic swimmer, with the prominent appearance of them on his back. She did mention the type that she was going to use, and proceeded with it right away, and he could tell right away that she had made the appropriate choice.

As she had prepared to work on him, he could hear the slapping of her hands as she anointed them and then his back with her fragrant oils. She also mentioned that she would store the background setting for him on his report, so that she would just automatically use that info unless he offered a variant mode in future visits.

“I am a very good listener if you have anything that you would like to vent on while I work on you, Mr. Harris. And I am conversant on a variety of topics, too. Nothing is beyond my interest, unless it is hateful in content.”

“Thank you for that info, Marsha. I will avoid my usual topics then,” said with some very mild sarcasm.

He didn’t see the smile that that generated, but he could feel it in her hands.

“And your stated charge for 90 minutes is in an envelope that you are free to check up on over on the table. F.Y.I. I also carry extra cash in case the massage artist decides for some reason to extend the extent of her services. No guilt if you don’t, though.”

“No guilt for you?”

“Good one Marsha, I think that we will get along just fine.”

“I usually do!”

The massage continued with her playing her hands up and down the long muscles of his body. The short ones and muscle knots would come later. But, the silence worried her, since the massage wasn’t just a medical procedure, but it was also intended as a social opportunity for a man to vent in the presence of a scantily clad woman. A privilege all too rare in today’s world.

“Any subjects that you would like to discuss as I proceed on you?”

“Well, in order for me to be interactive as you advertise, it would be nice of you to move up to my head to allow my hands some freedom on you,” he suggested.

“Not to worry, I will be up there shortly.”

He then heard what sounded like wind blowing through very light drapes. It was actually her doffing the remaining clothing off of herself to present herself to him totally nude and ready for his attentions while she gave him hers.

When she finally moved to his head, his hands reached out blind with his face firmly ensconced into the face stirrup and first found a pair of delightfully full and toned butt cheeks. His fingers began to search the area for interesting features, one finger accidently (?) found itself probing up her anus. “Her response was, careful there, that isn’t lubricated yet.”


“No problem, lubrication will come soon. And eventually so will you.”
He smiled at that thought.

“In the meantime, there are other places and orifices for you to search out aren’t there?”

“Yes, I believe that that is a great idea!”

And so he moved his attentions now to her pussy area. She sighed as he used his fingers to slip up and down in her pussy slit and when lube from the vagina became evident, one of his fingers probed up into the interior searching for ‘THE SPOT.’

She whispered, “One finger please.”

And he readily complied. And when she moved to his side, his hand was better positioned to finger fuck her, which caused a free flow on her lady cum. After a few minutes of that he moved his attentions to her clit and things began to escalate rather rapidly then.

She had him move to his back and moved on rapidly to address any issues apparent on the front side.

After only a half hour of the appointment, he found her mounted above him belly to belly, each mouth to the other’s privates in orientation. Soon, his member was installed into her very active mouth and his mouth was licking, kissing and tonguing from her clit clear up to her anus. This was obviously causing her to elevate her efforts and to display her pleasure with her body movements against his face.

Then she reversed herself and installed his waiting dick up into her waiting pussy for a serious ride. The solid table didn’t even quiver under her pounding onto George’s lap area and on his cock. And soon enough, he came very vigorously, with her then moving off of him to catch the last of his offering into her mouth for swallowing. She then mounted his face while he was recovering, to have her pussy cleaned also

After that, she informed him that it was time for a brief break to get everything back under control. So, as he watched her sipping at her Chai while lounging still naked against her raised supplies table, he used the opportunity to close his eyes for a moment’s nap. Soon, he felt her hands again active on him and he again let his hands roam around on her now sweaty body and her magnificent breasts. She smiled at this, too.

A little later his hand and probing finger came close to her anus again. She leaned back and waved her finger ‘no,’ at this. “Maybe next time, George.”

“It is okay, Marsha. You have been very generous to me a ‘newbie’ customer. I have nothing to complain about. But, I am surprised at your generosity.”

“Well, you have been very nice to me today, and I do have a car payment due after work. The extra funds that you offered will help greatly in that. Can I pencil you in again for next month? I have a payment due then too and perhaps we can let that finger and your member visit the other orifice next time,” she said with a smile.

“Sure enough!”
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