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Denise licks Rockys nuts as he watches the 3some on the televison screen
Denise The Submissive Mom Chapter 3- 6 months Later.
Rocky was on summer vacation just relaxing in his room , lying on his bed at the frat house. He was drinking a beer as his 50something sex slave Denise sucked & licked his balls . He had allowed Denise to visit her husband last week but for the last five days she had hardly left the room
they had gone to the mall to buy her new pink thong bikini &matching pink 6 inch spiked heels which she was now wearing .Her cuckold husband had given her the money for both (Rocky just had the pleasure of using her while she wore it ).
Anyways as Denise slurped away on his nuts , Rocky pressed play on the remote and images of the 3way he had two days ago appeared on the screen. Rocky wore a hood to conceal his identity. Denise was ballgagged, collared, leashed, had a nose ring and tit clamps on She was tied to a chair and the camera focused on her for only a minute, Til it swung over to Rockys latest conquest.Rocky was roughly facefucking Nina Rogers..She worked as a bank teller and was Cindy his girlfriends mother . She was only wearing 3 inch heels (recently had finished work at the bank ).Completely nude except for the heels , Nina bobbed her head up and down Rockys 11inch rod,her 36dd tits barely sagged. She was aware Cindy was filming the whole thing on Rockys orders. Also she realized that Denise was definitely a submissive as she spotted the 53 year old whore for the first time. " suck it Mrs Rogers , you are good" Rocky said "im gonna paint your face with my cum" He did just that'Nina , Cindy is gonna give you a photo she just took, i want you to frame it and put it beside your marital bed so Ernie can also see it .Ok Nina said meekly & in a quiet manner (Ernie was Nina s 2nd husband who like Bill was a wimpy cuckold , who got off only when he watched Nina with other men and women. Ernie was 62 years old & 140 pounds soaking wet but he was wealthy. Thats why Nina married , both Nina & her daughter treated Ernie like shit but he loved it )
As Rocky took the ballgag out of Denise's mouth, he untied her from the chair and fingered the wench & felt her soaking wet cunt. This threesome was gonna be fun he thought.
Rocky had an extra collar & leash that Denise wore sometimes,so now he put the dog collar and leash on Nina. His cum was still dripping off her face so he had Denise lick it off, no need to need to waste the goo. Rocky smiled, these two old hags were real fuckpigs.What would he do next with these mommy sluts?
Part 2- Denise And Nina Get To Know Each Other Better
Rocky lit a joint as Nina & Denise went to shower & clean up a bit . He had plans for the both of them , in the meantime Cindy came over and they started smooching a bit, after all she was his girlfriend , Soon though she'd be filming her mother and Denise getting it on Lezzie style. . Both ladies returned from his bathroom & now Denise was only her 7 inch hooker boots & collar on and Nina ( cuz she had come from work )had her collar & 3 inch heels on.
Cindy began filming, Rocky instructed Nina to get in the doggy postion on his kingsize bed & then he told the very experienced Denise to lick Ninas ass & cunt. Of course Denise went at the pussy like it was steak . Nina was moaning away mmmm , oooooo, aaaah,like her daughter Cindy( who she would soon find out was Denise's femdom)she enjoyed Denise's tongue and pussy licking skills . Denise's face was full of Nina's cunt , SMOTHERED IN PUSSY Rocky took a picture & sent that title in a text to Bill (that cuckold wimp loves to see his wife eating pussy pie ). As soon as Nina had her first orgasm , Cindy handed Denise a big 9 inch dildo which she shoved up Ninas cunt . 'oh dont stop please im gonna cum again " screamed Nina .Denise added 2 fingers also & Nina came twice in 5 minutes. After resting for a couple minutes Denise spread her legs wide & grabbed Nina's head & shoved the blondes face into her pussy saying "eat me you dumb cunt " Nina slurped away at Rocky & Nina's slave pussy not realizing that she was now the low woman on the totem pole.Denise had declared ownership of Cindys mom. Rocky would never have thought of that but now he realized that that to control his three submissives there had to be some order of importance structure. As Denise starting having an orgasming she started saying " keep licking my clit you bitch , aaah im almost theeere im cuuuuuming" As it ended .He told Cindy to stop filming .he had to explain nuance of this foursome relationship to them.
Part 3 - The Sexual Arrangement
Rocky handed Cindy , Denise & Nina a beer & told them to relax on the sofa in his room . All 3 ladies were naked with heels but only the milfs wore collars. Rocky began to speak Nina you should now that i am you daughters master & boyfiend but Cindy is also Denise's mistress and of course i also own Denise , as of today though i have accepted you as a submissive Nina but you must accept that both Cindy & Denise are now your Mistresses.If you accept you must first kiss your daughters ass, this Denise's ass & follow up by giving me a rimjob? Do you accept Nina Rogers?


2017-03-20 12:29:52
should Nina accept ? yes or no & why !??

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