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A man recounts what led him to the asylum
Undulating Waves
By rutger5 An Original Story Copyright 2017

[Dedicated to and inspired by the shades of those that have gone before. Small, petty minds can’t appreciate greatness but can only attempt to tear it down.]

Of course I’ll tell you my story if you’re willing to listen, though I doubt it will do much good. Still, if there’s even the slightest chance of the truth getting out then it’s worth it. Besides, one gets tired of talking to the same few people all the time. The orderlies aren’t here for their conversational skills, I assure you, and Dr. Phillips spends a lot of time listening to me but never says what he thinks about what I’ve told him.

You say you’re a reporter from a New York newspaper. That’s good, I guess. Perhaps with your help I can warn the world before it’s too late, if it isn’t already though it may well be. Can you tell me today's date? I ask them but they just laugh at me and say it doesn’t matter if you’re never going anywhere again.

July the tenth you say. Hmm, I could be wrong because since I’ve been here my mind acts queerly sometimes. Let me think about it, no that’s right. That means that I’ve been in here for almost eight months now and time is running out. Listen to me; you must get the word out! All of our lives may depend on it! Hell, the stakes may be a lot higher than that!!

Wait, wait. Please don’t go. I’m sorry, please sit back down. Don’t worry. I just get a little excited nowadays. I’m in control again, no need to be alarmed. That’s a good fellow, thank you. I’m not really crazy you know, no matter what anyone says. To tell the truth I wish I was, it would be far better than knowing what I do. Just listen to my story and decide for yourself is all I ask.

It’s funny how things can change so quickly, really in a blink of an eye. A year ago I was on top of the world and now I’m in a madhouse. And to think that I caused it by doing what I thought was best for my family, that’s the hardest part for me to accept.

At the time I was doing well, too well in fact, because that’s what allowed us to move here from the city. I bought a nice house, not as fancy as most here, but still beyond my wildest dreams of ten years earlier when we’d married. Each morning I’d take the train to the city for work and return each evening. The house was close enough to the station that I could walk, making it quite convenient. We had a nice backyard for Jack to play in and Cornelia soon made friends with some of the other neighborhood wives. The only drawback was there weren’t any boys close to Jack’s age on the block to play with, but with him starting school in the fall we assumed he’d make friends, and to my everlasting regret he did.

That brief summer interlude was the last time my mind had a moment’s peace and I find myself reliving those carefree times constantly. Taking a stroll after dinner to get ice cream or teaching Jack to ride his bike, how I wish it could have remained like that forever. But of course things don’t. Progress marches on the fools say. If they only knew where we’re marching to and who is leading us they wouldn’t be so sanguine, I assure you.

I’m fine, just let me collect myself. By any chance do you have a smoke? Very hard to get in here unless someone from the outside brings them to you. Thank you, you’re a good fellow.

Now, where was I? Yes it all started once Jack started school. I even went in late to work on his first day so I could accompany him. He was so proud of being a big boy that we had to take his photo at the schoolhouse door. When I got home that evening Cornelia informed me that Jack loved school and had already made some friends. I wasn’t surprised as he was such a sweet boy and a joy to be around. I’m sorry, give me a minute. I didn’t realize how difficult this would be on me. No, don’t go. I need to tell you this for everybody’s sake.

So life proceeded like normal with me going to the city to work and Jack attending school. Most nights before he went to sleep he’d tell me all about his day – what he learned in class, the games he and the other children played during recess and so forth. As the days went on I heard him mention one name more than the rest, some boy named Peter. My wife told me that he had become our Jack’s dearest friend and the two boys had become inseparable. In fact Peter’s birthday was coming up and we were all invited to his house for the party.

“I’ve met Peter’s mother at school,” Cornelia had told me, “and I’m not sure what to make of her. There’s something odd about her though I can’t quite put my finger on what. Maybe it’s because she’s foreign, I don’t know. She dresses very stylishly and its plain the family has money. She doesn’t walk to school like most of us mothers do but rather she’s driven by a chauffeur.”

“Well it’s to be expected that most here have more money than we do. I’m not doing badly but I suppose by the standards of Greenwich we’re practically destitute. You say she’s foreign dear, where from?”

“Her last name is van Vliet but I suppose that’s her married name. I’m not sure, some European country no doubt. She does have an exotic Mediterranean look about her and a bit of an accent but despite that she is quite charming really. Well you’ll get an opportunity to judge for yourself when you meet her at the party. Of course we’ll have to buy Peter a gift and perhaps Jack can give me an idea on what to get him.”

I thought it odd that all the attending children’s parents were invited to a party for a six year old but Cornelia explained that since Peter’s parents didn’t know many of his classmate’s parents it seemed a nice way for all to get to know one another in a social situation. It was also strange what Jack said his friend wanted for his present. All he wanted was a leather bound journal that he could write down his thoughts in – I thought he’s just a child, what thoughts would be worth preserving but we dutifully purchased it.

So on a breezy Saturday afternoon in late September we found ourselves driving to the van Vliet house, or mansion to be more accurate. You couldn’t see it from the road for there was a high yew hedge blocking one’s view but once we turned onto the long, tree lined drive we saw it looming up in the distance like a colossus. It was built in the Tudor style with many gables and numerous brick chimneys rising high above the peaked slate roof. The first story was constructed with tan stones while the second story and attic were built in the familiar half-timber style and it appeared to my untrained eye to be quite old, not one of the newly built facsimiles.

There were many automobiles already parked on the circular drive as we pulled up and climbed from the car. A dour looking servant directed our feet onto a stone path that ran along the side of the building which took us to a spacious and well maintained lawn in back of the house. It was filled with groups of people, both adults and children, some standing or moving about and others seated at one of the many tables dotting the green sward.

“It seems like half the town is here,” I said to my wife in a low voice but before she could reply we were approached by our hosts who had been standing nearby greeting the new arrivals.

“Hello Jack, I’m glad you could come. Peter has been anxiously awaiting you,” the woman said with a smile as she ran her fingers through my son’s hair. “Peter, Jack is here. Come over and say hello.”

“Yes Mother,” a pale, blond haired boy replied as he approached. “Hello Jack, thank you for coming.”

“Hi Pete. Happy birthday. Here’s your present,” my son told his friend as he handed him the wrapped package.

“Thank you. May I open it now Mother?”

“All right; but only because Jack is your special friend. You don’t want to offend your other guests by favoring Jack, so do it discreetly.”

“Okay, come on Jack we’ll go inside so I can open it without anyone watching.”

“Don’t take long boys and hurry back,” she said with a smile revealing a perfect set of white teeth which contrasted with her olive complexion.

The two of them hurried toward the house and as they did they were whispering a mile a minute. I had to tear my gaze away from Peter’s mother to watch them go and I couldn’t help but notice that though Peter was taller he appeared frailer than my own solidly built son. Once they’d gone up a wide set of stone steps and through an ornate backdoor I turned back to the others.

“Well met Mr. Dyson if I’m not mistaken. I’m Zeeman van Vliet and this is my wife Helen,” our host said as a way of introduction as he offered me his hand.

He had a very strong grip that made me wince when we shook hands. That wasn’t surprising for though he appeared many years older than I was, with much gray hair showing by his temples offsetting the otherwise dark, slicked back hair, he was a powerfully built specimen of manhood.

“A pleasure to meet you Mr. van Vliet and thanks for the invitation. I’m Ray and this is my better half Cornelia.”

“Charmed my dear,” he said turning his attention towards my lovely wife.

Bowing slightly he took her outstretched hand and kissed it making Cornelia blush and giggle like a schoolgirl. For my part I only shook his wife’s hand but as our eyes met I found myself lost in their scintillating depths for a moment. They were of the most vivid green hue with long, dark lashes and they hinted at great intelligence and unspoken mysteries.

“This is some place you have here,” I said looking between the house and the grounds once I managed to look away from Helen van Vliet.

“Thank you, it suits our needs,” Zeeman said as he guided us toward the tables, his hand on my wife’s upper arm as Helen did the same with me.

“Here we are. You’re seated at the head table due to Peter and Jack being such good friends,” Helen told me in her delightful accent as she indicated our seats, “and you must forgive me for leaving so soon but I have so many things today that need my attention. We will talk later I’m sure.”

She left us then and I found myself staring at her retreating figure until I realized what I was doing and averted my gaze. Fortunately Cornelia was preoccupied in listening to Zeeman speak so she seemed unaware though I noticed him give me a sly look.

“That’s some view,” I said as my eyes looked out away from the house to where I could see the blue waters of the Sound in the distance.

“Yes, there are many interesting sights here,” he replied with a knowing smile.

“Has the house been in your family long? It’s very impressive,” I asked out of genuine curiosity as well as to steer the conversation away from the other sight I’d appreciated.

“No, I bought it after selling the family business. I wanted someplace where I could have seclusion while remaining relatively close to the city.”

“It must be nice to be retired so young,” Cornelia replied, “I’m sure it allows you to enjoy watching your son as he grows up.”

“Quite, though I’m older than I look my dear. However it does allow me to be there for my family as well as to indulge in my little hobby.”

“Your hobby?”

“Yes, I have a passion for collecting antiquities among other things. And due to my old business contacts and the closeness of New York harbor I’m able to import any new find my agents may come across wherever they discover it.”

While he spoke he gestured for a servant who took our drink order before bowing slightly and departing. Zeeman regaled us with tales of the many exotic places he had traveled to during his life for his family had owned an import company that’s roots stretched back to Amsterdam before they’d immigrated to the new world during the Dutch colonial period.

“In fact it was during one of my buying trips to London that I acquired my most valuable possession – my beautiful wife Helen,” he said as she returned and sat beside him.

She smiled at his comment before turning to us and began to speak about how wonderful it was that Peter and Jack were such good friends. Soon she and Cornelia were laughing as they gaily discussed the children and school and such. After a minute of this domestic talk Zeeman excused himself and headed into the house as I sat and listened.

But no matter how I tried to pay attention to what they were saying I found myself staring at Helen van Vliet and thinking about what I desired to do to her. On more than one occasion I was asked my opinion about what had been said but I demurred for I had no idea where the conversation had gone. It got to the point that I found myself focusing on her mouth as she spoke as I imagined her full, red lips performing unnatural acts on me. It was when I began to harden in my trousers that I realized I had to put some distance between us if I hoped to reign in my sudden uncontrollable lust.

I whispered into Cornelia’s ear that I needed to stretch my legs and I’d be back soon. As I kissed her cheek I could feel Helen’s eyes upon me. When I turned toward her to excuse myself I couldn’t help but notice that as she acknowledged me with a smile her twinkling eyes lingered on the growing bulge in my trousers. I strode away as quickly as I was able to but more than once I found myself turning and looking back and it wasn’t my pretty wife that my eyes sought.

While I crossed the lawn I stopped a few times to exchange brief pleasantries with people who I’d met previously at school functions. Still I didn’t linger and soon found myself standing alone looking out at the Long Island Sound. Just beyond me the ground sloped down gently for a few hundred feet until reaching a verdant shelf that was so wide in places it was almost a plateau. At one end of this shelf I noticed what appeared to be a rocky grotto with a footpath that began there then wound up the slope until reaching the crest a bit further down from where I stood. Below this shelf the ground dropped precipitously until meeting the rocky Connecticut beach. As I watched the mighty Atlantic crashed into the shore repeatedly, deluging the coast with wave upon wave and even up where I stood the sound was almost deafening.

Though I found the view splendid and for a moment I wondered about the grotto it was another thought that soon occupied my mind. What was it about Helen van Vliet that was so obsessing me? While I’d noticed other attractive women, even in the presence of my wife, never before had one had such a profound effect on me to the degree that Helen had. And while she was certainly attractive, beautiful even, it still didn’t answer how she’d so overwhelmed my brain to the point that I’d become physically aroused.

Even with me standing far away I could almost hear her throaty voice and smell her musky perfume while my erection still strained against the fabric of my trousers. Get a grip I thought to myself, she must unconsciously remind me of someone from the past. Perhaps one of the fancy French whores I’d sampled back while serving overseas in the army. Yes, that had to be it. That would also explain why I’d thought about her sensual mouth on my hard member, the only time I’d experienced such perversions had been back then. It certainly wasn’t something I could ask my respectable wife to do or imagine that she’d consider even if I had tried.

After a time my erection subsided enough that I could work my way back to the occupied section of the lawn. By this time the majority of the children, including Jack and Peter, were playing games in a group with many parents watching from the fringes. So I stood for a time as they played tag and blind man’s bluff and other such childish amusements until Cornelia came up to me. We walked hand in hand back to the table where we sat and sipped cocktails until Zeeman and Helen returned.

No sooner had she sat down then I again felt my body responding to the mere presence of her. It was as if invisible waves of desire emanated from her to collide against my receptive form. In no time at all I was rigid again in my trousers and I could feel my pulse and heart rate quicken. After a minute of trying to resist these urges and failing miserably I knew I needed to escape from Helen’s direct proximity. Standing up I moved my head this way and that as Cornelia and the van Vliets turned and looked up at me.

“Ray, are you all right?” my wife asked with a touch of concern in her voice.

“Uhh, of course. No need to worry. I was just wondering, what I mean to say is I need to visit the restroom.”

“Oh, is that all,” Zeeman responded with a laugh. “What you need to do is go through the back door and from there take the door on the left to a hallway- ”

“Never mind dear,” Helen interrupted him as she stood, “I have to check on the status of Peter’s cake so I’ll show him on my way to the kitchen. Follow me.”

Without another word being spoken I accompanied Helen into the house with my trapped erection throbbing the whole time. Once inside the foyer I paused a moment to allow my eyes to adjust to the dimmer interior light after the hours spent in the sun. While I did Helen turned to me with an enigmatic half smile on her face as she waited for me when I felt a shudder pass through my body. For the briefest instant it almost appeared as if her eyes had glowed with an unearthly light causing me to run my hand in front of my face. After I did my vision returned to normal and we began to walk again and I assumed it had just been a trick of the outside light reflecting off her eyes.

As she led me deeper into the darkened house my eyes focused on her swaying hips and posterior as they sang a siren’s song. Now though my wife had a shapely figure she was on the slim side in comparison to Helen’s fuller, earthier curves. To me it was as if her round, full bottom was promising undreamed of ecstasy with every movement she made until the blood in my head was pounding in time to the throbbing in my lower region, when I realized she’d stopped and turned toward me.

“The bathroom is here Mr. Dyson,” she said as she gestured toward a closed door, “and I hope you don’t have too much trouble using it.”

“Huh, I don’t understand? Why would I have a problem?”

“Well, maybe I’m wrong and it really isn’t my place to say but I’ve heard that when a man is as aroused as you appear to be that it might be difficult to go.”

With that she smiled wickedly before she turned and sauntered away leaving me standing there with my mouth open from shock. Once I’d recovered I entered the room and unzipped my fly and whether it was her words or not I did find myself struggling to relieve my bladder. Finally by pushing my engorged member straight down I was able to drain it. After I finished, instead of putting it away like usual my hand began to run along its rigid length as I thought of Helen.

“Would you like some help with that Mr. Dyson?”

Whirling around I saw Helen standing inside the room with a hand on her hip though I hadn’t heard her enter. As I stood there speechless she closed the door and approached me. Her hand reached out and took hold of my erection as she crouched down mere inches from my body. Just her touch made me as excited as I could ever remember feeling and for a moment I worried I was going to orgasm from that alone.

“It would be such a tragedy to let this go to waste,” Helen said as she looked up at me and a second later her mouth engulfed my swollen head.

It felt like paradise with my member enveloped in her hot, wet mouth as she swallowed most of me right off the bat. After a few seconds she pulled her mouth from me which in all likelihood prevented my orgasm for I could already feel it beginning to percolate in my balls. Her hands next moved up to unfasten my belt and trousers and pull them down past my knees and my boxers soon followed. Helen again took me into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down, inhaling my full length each time with her full lips brushing against my wiry pubic hair before pulling back.

“Ooh yes, that feels so good,” I groaned as my hand ran through her silky, black hair.

Helen continued to suck me for another couple of minutes and she had the knack of bringing me right to the edge without pushing me over. Once when I was close she took her mouth off me and instead lashed me with her nimble tongue, making sure to lick every inch of my erection, front to back and top to bottom. Later after she resumed sucking me and again pushed me close her mouth released me but this time it moved down just enough so that she could take one of my balls inside.

As she sucked on it her hand began to stroke me, knowing where to squeeze and just the right amount of pressure to use to soon have me on the verge. This time she seemed inclined to not stop for as I moaned and began to tremble she spit my ball out but kept her mouth wide open. While one hand continued to pump my shaft her other then took my balls and caressed them. That was the final straw as with a gasp I began to shoot my sticky, white fluid with great force.

Helen managed to catch every last drop on her extended tongue and her eyes had a triumphant gleam as she did. My orgasm seemed to last longer than usual and I was shocked by how much I came but she easily captured it all on her tongue. Only after I stopped spurting did she swallow it down before smiling up at me.

“Ahh, nothing like the taste of male essence to invigorate me,” she told me as she rose. “Now you better fix yourself and hurry back to your wife before she wonders what’s taking you so long.”

Not saying another word she turned and without a backward glance she left me with my trousers at my knees feeling satisfied like I’d never felt before in my life. When I returned to the table Zeeman was leaning in and whispering into my wife’s ear while his hand rested on her arm but due to my mental state it barely registered. For the rest of the party I was in a daze while my brain switched between replaying my interlude in the bathroom with Helen and staring at her across the table as I thought of how much more I wished to do with her.

Finally the party ended after what seemed like forever to my again erect member. As we were saying our goodbyes to our hosts I overheard Zeeman whisper to Cornelia that he couldn’t wait to see her next weekend. While we were driving home I asked her about this and she told me that the three of us had been invited to dinner the following Saturday and she’d accepted.

“If you don’t want to go Ray I can cancel. I just thought it would be nice to get out and the boys do get along so well.”

“No it sounds fine dear. I was just curious, that’s all,” I replied.

To be honest it took all my self-control to not show how excited I was about returning to the van Vliets. All I could think about during the following week was the possibility of getting together with Helen again and going further than we had. Whether riding the train, reading the newspaper or even at work it mattered little. Despite my best efforts to concentrate, visions of Helen sucking me came unbidden to my mind constantly. It was a relief when Saturday rolled around for it had gotten to the point that I was having difficulty sleeping for more than a few hours at a time. I would awaken drenched in sweat and as aroused as if I had been having sex, and in a sense I probably was, at least in my dreams.

The van Vliets were the perfect hosts that evening; entertaining us with witty conversation while setting a table that would do a five star restaurant proud. Our wine glasses were always filled when needed by an unobtrusive servant and the vintage was beyond excellent. Once the children were finished eating they were allowed to go to Peter’s room to play while we remained to finish dinner.

After the meal was complete we adjourned to the study for some brandy where Zeeman also offered me a fine cigar. We’d been there for nearly a half hour when Helen excused herself to check on the boys. Seeing my opportunity I waited a few minutes before saying I needed to visit the restroom and leaving as well. I loitered in the vicinity of the staircase waiting for her and in a couple of minutes I was rewarded by the sound of someone descending. Looking up I saw it was Helen and from my vantage point below I caught a tantalizing glimpse up her dress. Her shapely legs were encased in black silk stockings and above them I saw matching black panties inflaming my lust to an even greater degree.

“Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there,” she said when I intercepted her before she could return to the study.

Without saying a word I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into my embrace. When I tried to kiss her she turned her face away as her hands pushed against my chest but I didn’t give up that easily.

“Please Helen I can’t get you out of my mind. Ever since last week you’re all I can think about. It’s driving me mad,” I told her as she struggled in my arms.

“Mr. Dyson, you mustn’t. My husband and your wife and are just in the other room. What are you thinking?”

“I don’t care Helen. All I know is that I must have you,” I said as my hand ran along her leg as it attempted to work beneath her dress.

She twisted in a vain attempt to escape but all she accomplished was to turn her body away from mine. That did nothing to lessen my ardor and in fact heightened it as my groin was now pressed against her round, firm buttocks. My lips sought out her neck as I ground into her while my arm wrapped around her waspish waist holding her in place. My other hand now succeeded in slipping under her dress and began creeping upwards. Moving up her stocking clad leg it then touched the thin band of bare flesh above before reaching her promised land. My fingers felt the heat emanating from her covered mound as they began to stroke her there and despite her whispered protests her body ceased struggling but instead sank into mine.

Just at that moment a female servant walked past carrying a tray with a silver coffee pot and cups and saucers while heading toward the study. I froze as she passed, not even daring to breathe, for she came so near that I could have touched her if I had but reached out but thankfully she stared straight ahead. When this happened Helen took advantage of my loosening grip and broke free. Then after first smoothing out her dress she rushed back to the study leaving me standing there alone. It took me a few minutes to settle myself down enough that I could follow and when I returned the three of them were talking and laughing as they sipped coffee.

“Well Ray, I was getting worried about you,” Zeeman said as I sat, “and I was thinking we might need to send out a search party.”

The women laughed at his comment and I just smiled but inside my mind was in turmoil. Part of me wanted to pounce on Helen and take her right there in front of everybody and damn the consequences. Somehow I managed to restrain myself but Helen didn’t make it easy. More than once she crossed her legs while staring at me insolently and when her tongue licked her lower lip I almost lost it. There’s no telling what might have happened if things continued like this for it seemed the longer I was near her the less I had control over my will. My hands were gripping the chair arms so tightly that my knuckles were white and my body was trembling with desire when young Peter entered the room.

“Yes son, what is it?” Zeeman asked as the boy approached.

“I can’t find Jack. We were playing hide and seek but I’ve looked everywhere and I haven’t found him.”

“Well don’t you worry, he has to be somewhere. This is a big house and there are a lot of places he could be. I’ll tell you what; go back to your room in case he returns. Meanwhile I’ll have the servants begin searching the house from top to bottom for him,” he said as he turned to Cornelia and I after which he exited the room.

“Don’t worry,” Helen told my wife as she took her by the hand, “you know how children are. He probably found a good hiding place and doesn’t want to reveal himself. Why don’t we also look. If his mother calls out to him he is sure to stop hiding.”

Cornelia nodded in agreement and the two of them set off with Helen still holding her by the hand. Even with Jack missing I had difficulty in focusing but after a few minutes away from Helen I regained a semblance of reason. So I left the study also and began to call out Jack’s name as I wandered about the ground floor. A minute later Zeeman found me and he had a concerned expression.

“I don’t want to alarm you but one of the servants found the back door ajar and he knows for a fact that it was closed and locked earlier. Jack knows the grounds so perhaps he went outside. Let me get some flashlights and we’ll check out there for him. No need to worry the ladies yet I think.”

A few minutes later found us walking the grounds, our flashlights sending out unsteady beams of light that did little to pierce the stygian blackness on this overcast, moonless night. After not finding him near the house we thought it best to separate in order to cover more ground. As I walked I called out his name while making my way in the direction of where the ground sloped downward. It was while walking along the edge and calling out that I thought I heard a faint reply. Not waiting until reaching the path I started to scramble down the slope until reaching the lower shelf.

“Jack!” I yelled as loudly as I could. “Where are you?”

“Daddy,” I heard faintly in the distance, “I’m here.”

I hurried toward the sound as fast as possible but my view was blocked by rushes taller than I was which also hindered my movement. As I fought through them on more than one occasion I thought I heard rustling off in the distance somewhere. Finally my feet struck the footpath which permitted a much greater travel speed. A minute later I burst into a small clearing and before me I saw the outline of the grotto that I’d noticed at the party rising up before me.

The path led straight to it and the grotto seemed to be formed of a natural outcropping of rock that had been forced from the earth during an earlier time period. It was roughly circular and at least fifteen feet high while the path ended at a wide gap that allowed ingress into the grotto. My flashlight illuminated some witch hazel bushes that flanked the entrance as I moved forward.

Once I crossed the threshold it was like I entered another world for the sounds of the ocean and the wind whistling through the vegetation ceased but instead I heard what sounded like a multitude of muted voices whispering. The ground was covered with a grayish moss or lichen and there were a number of black stones shaped like fingers that protruded from the earth and pointed skyward. However none of that interested me for there before one of the stones sat Jack. Stooping down I lifted him in my arms and hugged him to my chest. Not saying a word I turned and retraced my steps.

Once we’d left the grotto the whispering ceased and the natural sounds resumed leading me to believe that there must be some natural acoustical phenomenon at work but I didn’t dwell too much on it. I had my boy back and that was all that mattered. It wasn’t until I reached the top of the slope that I spoke to him.

“Now what were you doing in worrying us all like that Jack? You know better than to wander off without telling your mother or me.”

“I’m sorry Daddy but I was playing hide and seek with Pete.”

“I know but you shouldn’t have gone outside like that.”

“Well I heard another voice calling to me. He said he wanted to play too and I was trying to find him.”

I didn’t reply for by that time Zeeman and a servant were coming toward us. No doubt Jack had heard some odd sound and with his active imagination had turned it into someone calling him. Tomorrow would be soon enough to reinforce on him how he must conduct himself in future situations. That he was safe was enough for now and under the circumstances I decided it was time to call it a night. A subdued Cornelia took him from my arms as we said our goodnights and even after all that had transpired I still found myself fixating on Helen when I beheld her again.

During our drive home Cornelia remained silent and she had a dreamy, languid look on her face though I didn’t think much about it at the time. I just chalked it up to relief on finding Jack and all the wine she’d consumed and by the time I finished putting Jack to bed she was already asleep beneath the covers and breathing softly. Despite all that had happened I still wasn’t drowsy so I had a few cocktails to help me relax. When I still couldn’t sleep I took a couple of Cornelia’s sleeping tablets which finally did the trick.

My dreams that night were particularly vivid and unsurprisingly Helen featured prominently in them. I seemed to be pursuing her in them all but I was unable to catch her. That is until the final dream. We were outdoors in this one for I could feel cool air blowing against my naked body as I chased her. We seemed to be in a grove of ilex trees and I could hear the faint sound of pipes playing in the distance. She was nude also and when she looked back to see if I was gaining on her she stumbled and fell. As I towered over her she writhed on the dark ground, her limbs twisting in an obscene fashion. I remained there motionless until she beckoned me to her. The next thing I recalled my body was kneeling between her spread thighs and seconds later I impaled her as she cried out in wanton pleasure.

After that it was all a blur as we copulated like beasts in a wild manner. My lips and teeth found her tender flesh more than once while her nails clawed my back until they drew blood. During all this I pounded her as hard as I could, driving my full length into her with all my might until my body craved release while her moans filled my ears. With a tortured gasp I came, flooding her with all my pent up lust before my spent body collapsed onto hers.

“Ray, Ray! Please stop! Oh my God! What’s come over you?” I heard as if from a far distance as my body came down from the pinnacle of pleasure.

Opening my eyes I saw I was back in my darkened bedroom and Cornelia’s face was beside mine. Reaching over I turned on the bedside lamp before rolling off her. What I observed shocked me for she was lying there crying, her pretty face streaked with tears. Her nightgown was ripped and torn at the top while the hem was pushed up to her waist and I saw bite marks on her breasts and bruises from my fingers marring her white shoulders. My cum was oozing out from her slit and there were red marks on her pale thighs as well.

“My God Cornelia! I’m so sorry. I don’t understand what’s happened. Please forgive me.”

“Ray, it was so horrible. It was as if you were sleeping. Your eyes remained closed the whole time and your face was so contorted it was like I didn’t recognize you. No matter what I said or did you didn’t hear me but kept going,” she sobbed.

Not knowing what else to do I took her in my arms and after a moment’s hesitation she cuddled up to me though her body was trembling. After a time I went and got a basin of warm water and a washcloth to clean her after which I applied iodine to her injuries though none appeared serious.

“Go to sleep and we’ll talk in the morning. And don’t worry, tonight I’ll sleep in the guest room,” I told her.

She nodded and without saying another word she pulled the covers back up and closed her eyes. Looking back I realized how odd and out of character our actions were but at the time neither of us seemed in our right minds. Later after settling down I tried to reason out what had happened. I theorized it was as if my unfulfilled lust for Helen had taken over my subconscious mind and prompted my body to act in this way. I’d heard stories of people doing strange things when they were sleepwalking but nothing like this. Also to the best of my knowledge I had never walked in my sleep before. Maybe the alcohol and sleeping tablets in conjunction had triggered this event so I resolved to never mix them again.

The next day we tiptoed around the subject; neither of us knowing what to say or how to say it. In truth both of us were embarrassed, I think, and I felt very guilty as well, but looking back that might have been our final chance to leave the inexorable path we seemed to be on. From then on, in order to prevent a reoccurrence I started slipping into the guest room where I’d lock myself in when it was time for bed. Then I’d sneak out in the early morning before Jack was up.

Now despite all that had happened I still couldn’t get Helen out of my mind and continued to dream of her nightly. It was getting so bad that I considered going to see a psychiatrist but I put it off hoping if I stayed away from her then my obsession would fade. By now there was also a growing divide between Cornelia and me with neither of us able to bridge it.

Things became even worse when one chilly October morning I realized I’d forgotten some important papers at home that I needed for work. I got off the train before it reached the city and took another back to Greenwich and from there hurried home. I called out to Cornelia when I arrived so as not to startle her but there was no reply. But as I collected the papers to put them in my briefcase I heard the sounds of movement above. Going upstairs I heard low voices and when I opened the bedroom door I saw Cornelia standing by the bed in her brassiere and half-slip while Helen was sprawled across it with an amused expression on her face.

“Oh Ray,” Cornelia stammered, “what are you doing home?”

“I forgot some papers that I needed,” I explained as I stared at her.

“Oh, I see. I was just showing Helen my-” she began but her face turned red as she fumbled for words.

“Yes, I asked Cornelia if she could model her new dress for me Ray and she graciously agreed,” Helen said coming to the rescue though from the wanton expression on her face it wasn’t any dress that was on her mind.

Still under the circumstances there was nothing for me to do but accept the explanation and head back to the station. I hoped for a quiet word with Cornelia to warn her about the strange effect Helen could have on one but I didn’t know how to say it in a way where it would make sense. Besides Helen had accompanied us downstairs preventing this and as Cornelia closed the door behind me the last thing I saw was Helen standing there with a malevolent look in her green eyes.

During the train ride my mind was awhirl with worry over whether Helen was somehow gaining influence over my wife in the same fashion she had on me. But whether it was disbelief that my wife could have such unnatural desires or that Helen had such a powerful hold on my mind I found myself unable to broach the subject with Cornelia in the coming days. In fact neither one of us mentioned the van Vliets at all to the other. That is until I was leaving for work the morning of October 31st.

“Ray, please try to get home as early as possible,” she said to me as we said our goodbyes, “Jack has been so excited about you taking him trick or treating tonight. Then when you’re done he’s supposed to go to Peter’s house where they’re having a small gathering to celebrate.”

“All right, I’ll try,” I replied through gritted teeth as the thought of seeing Helen again filled me with a combination of dread and lust.

However despite my best efforts things seemed to work against me. Right before I was to leave work something came up which necessitated me staying later than I’d hoped. To make matters worse, on the train ride home there had been a sudden, powerful gust of wind that had caused some large branches to fall upon the tracks. Thankfully the conductor had ample time to stop the train before hitting them but it left us stationary until a work crew was able to clear the tracks. By the time I arrived home it was late and the house was cold, dark and empty. Sitting on the mantel was a note from Cornelia.

Ray: Not sure what happened with you but we couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as you read this go to the van Vliets. We will see you there.

Under the circumstances all I could do was drive over to meet them. A servant ushered me inside and left me by the staircase as he went to inform his mistress that I’d arrived. She didn’t keep me waiting long for within a minute or two I felt a light touch on my arm. Spinning around I beheld her next to me, her face positively glowing.

“I’m so glad you came,” she told me right before kissing me on the mouth in greeting before taking a step back. “Zeeman and Cornelia have taken the boys trick or treating so it’s up to me to entertain you for now. There’s something I want to show you and I think you’ll be interested. Come with me.”

As she beckoned I observed that she was wearing some kind of loose fitting black cloak that displayed a generous amount of her ample cleavage and there was a large black gem on a gold chain that was nestled between her twin peaks. I also couldn’t help noticing when she moved and her cloak parted that it appeared Helen had nothing on beneath. After seeing her like that I would have followed her into a lion’s den without question and she knew it. We exited the back door and began to walk across the lawn.

It was a beautiful night, warmer than usual for that time of the year and the sky was calm and lit with gleaming stars that looked like jewels but I only had eyes for Helen. She walked beside me and turned my way often to smile and touch my arm and I felt content yet excited at the same time. It was only after we reached the path and started to descend the slope that I looked down and noticed that her feet were bare. Still I thought little of it or how strange that was. We made straight for the grotto though she stopped before entering. She then made some strange gestures with her hand and bowed after which she took me by my hand and led me inside.

Like before the outside sounds ceased and I heard the whispering and it seemed louder and more insistent than before but I cared not. This time I observed that the black standing stones were arranged in a circle and inside this circle there were two stone slabs of differing heights that seemed to be of the same material as the standing stones. When I looked at them I felt uneasy though I couldn’t say why but that was forgotten when Helen tugged at my hand and smiled. We proceeded to the rear wall of the grotto where there was a cleft through which she led me into a small, rock chamber.

The only thing in there was what looked to be a stone chair and whether it had formed naturally by wind and water or shaped by man I couldn’t say. Once we were inside Helen began to kiss me passionately and I found myself responding. When she took my hand and guided it inside her cloak and to her bare breast I began to squeeze and caress it. Her nipple felt large and hard against my skin and her body shuddered as I pinched it between thumb and forefinger.

Her hand was rubbing my swollen groin and after a minute her fingers found their way to my belt. Seconds later my pants were down at my knees as she stoked my erection rhythmically. My body offered no resistance when Helen pushed me down until I was sitting on the stone seat. She then spread her cloak open to reveal her naked body in all its glory causing me to gasp in wonder. If there is such a thing as a perfect body she was surely gifted with it for there was no flaw or defect that I could see.

Helen’s breasts were round and full with no sag and each was topped with a mouth-watering, reddish nipple that protruded from her large areolas. Her torso was smooth and supple while her waist narrowed considerably until reaching her hips which swelled into voluptuous curves. A dark triangle of hair framed her lower lips which glistened wetly I could tell even in the starlight and they were crowned by a large berry like clitoris which protruded defiantly from its hood of skin.

I could smell her musky, womanly scent as she leaned close to me, allowing my mouth to fasten onto her nipple as her hand again began stroking me. My hands roamed her body, sliding across her hips and buttocks before seeking out her fertile delta and she groaned when my fingers found it. Before they had a chance to work inside her, Helen took a step back and bent at the waist. Again I had the pleasure of her mouth on me as her lips parted and welcomed my hardness inside.

While she sucked me her hand crept between her legs where it began to rub her sex frantically which excited me further. Her scent became stronger as she did until it became overpowering in its potency and I felt lightheaded. My hand grasped her black hair and pulled her head up so I could look into her face though she managed to still keep my mushroom shaped head in her mouth.

“Wait, stop, oh, Helen,” I gasped, “I need to be in you. I can’t take it anymore! Please, I beg you!”

She didn’t reply at first but instead released my head before her tongue started to lick all around it. When some clear fluid seeped from the slit in my swollen head Helen lapped it up eagerly before continuing to run her incredibly agile tongue around and around until I wanted to scream. My body trembled as she teased me with no mercy and I felt I might burst until she finally stopped and straightened her body up. Taking a couple of steps she then reached inside a small niche in the wall that I hadn’t first noticed and her hand emerged holding a small vial.

“So you think yourself worthy to fill my sacred vessel?” she asked before laughing. “Oh no, I don’t think so, but be not troubled. You will still receive more than your most fervent desire.”

She opened the vial and poured some fragrant liquid onto her hand before reaching down and grasping my erection. Her hand moved up and down as she coated every inch of my hardness with this fluid. It caused my skin to tingle and feel hot one moment and cold the next and what was even more amazing I felt myself swelling until my erection was thicker and longer than it had ever been before. She then glided behind me as her hand continued to touch me and she brought her mouth to my ear, her long hair smelling like jasmine and orchids as it brushed my cheek.

“I will give you pleasure undreamed of but it is not without cost,” she whispered, “and you must pay the price.”

“Yes, yes. Whatever you say,” I groaned, “but I must have you.”

“As you wish,” she answered after which I heard a click and my wrists which hung against the stone chair were suddenly trapped by metal bands that closed upon them. With that she removed her cloak and dropped it to the ground as she moved back in front of my now captive body.

Seconds later Helen sat on my lap causing my hardness to press against her firm buttocks. She began to rotate her pelvis while her body sank into mine sending waves of pleasure throughout my being and forcing a moan from my mouth. After a minute of this delightful torture she stopped and raised her body up a few inches which allowed her hand to reach between her legs and grasp my unnaturally swollen member.

“As the darkness devours the light,” she hissed as she guided my hardness between her firm cheeks.

I realized as my head pressed against flesh that slowly yielded that I wasn’t entering her wet slit but rather her back hole but due to my bound state there was nothing I could do. She let out a gasp as my head gained entry after which she slid down to my root, enveloping me in a tightness I’d never experienced before. Once I was buried she again leaned her body into mine while placing her left hand on the stone seat beside me for support.

“Don’t worry about coming too soon Ray,” she told me in a throaty whisper as she began to ride me, “for that unguent I applied not only increases your size but it will prevent your orgasm as long as some remains.”

After that she said no more but continued to work up and down as her back hole squeezed me like a velvet vise. Her right hand now crept between her thighs where it began to rub her wetness frantically and before long she cried out as she came. That caused her to stop for a moment but after catching her breath Helen started bouncing on me again as her fingers resumed their frenzied stroking. Still no matter how fast she moved or how desperate I was for relief I was unable to cum as she climaxed many times using my erection to aid her. Finally after one orgasm that seemed more intense than the rest she collapsed against me as I throbbed inside her helplessly.

After a minute resting she raised her head and twisted it like she was listening for something though all I could hear was the omnipresent whispering. Still she must have heard something for without warning she stood up, releasing my still swollen member. She stretched lithely before turning to face me with a wicked smile that filled me with trepidation. Her fingers reached out to undo and remove my tie after which she wrapped it around my face and over my mouth so I was gagged. After it was secured she once more stroked my rigid flesh causing me to shudder which made her laugh.

“The appointed hour approaches while the wedding party draws near, so I must greet them. You should feel honored Raymond; rarely does one uninitiated behold what you are about to. It is in gratitude for all that you’ve given to make this night possible.”

With that she kissed my gagged mouth before retrieving the cloak and wrapping it around her. She then exited the small chamber leaving me alone as my still aroused member waved impotently in the air. Now that she was gone I looked around and discovered that there were two slits carved into the chamber walls that I hadn’t noticed while otherwise occupied. They were around the height of my face so I could see through them. The one right before me looked into the grotto and I could see the back of Helen as she stood inside the circle. The other was off to the side and allowed me to observe outside the grotto though all I could see at the time were the rushes taller than a man.

My attention turned back to the grotto when I heard more sounds coming from that direction and as I looked a silent throng of figures began to file inside. They were cloaked and hooded in black robes and a number of them were carrying lit torches. Leading this procession was Zeeman who unlike the rest was unhooded and in his hands he carried a large black book which he held aloft. He joined his wife as the two of them stood in front of the lower of the two stone slabs. Placing the book on top he opened it at which time he and Helen began to speak in loud, terrible voices though the words were in no language I had ever heard and sounded like they shouldn’t be uttered by human throats.

As I sat there paralyzed the throng began to repeat these phrases and as they did my heart turned cold in my chest and I felt myself began to sweat profusely. This continued for some time as their voices grew louder. Then to my horror I realized that the whispering voices of the grotto had joined in and were saying the same awful words. Suddenly Helen and Zeeman’s voices reached a crescendo at which point all fell silent.

“Behold the bride!” Helen then cried out as the crowd parted.

As I watched in horror Cornelia walked forward wearing just a white shift with her blond hair cascading onto her pale shoulders and a sensual smile upon her lips. She stopped before them at which time Zeeman ripped the shift from her so that her beautiful body was revealed in all its naked glory. He lifted her as if she was a babe while Helen picked up the black book allowing her husband to lay Cornelia on top of the slab on her back. Helen then placed the book on top of Cornelia’s stomach before moving to the foot of the slab where she pulled my wife’s legs wide apart.

Zeeman resumed speaking but as he did he cast his cloak open revealing an abnormally large and erect member as well as a black gem suspended on a gold chain much as his wife’s. As he continued speaking he guided his erection toward Cornelia who opened her mouth and took it inside. His hips started to thrust, forcing more and more into her willing mouth as Helen began to lick Cornelia’s sex feverishly. Due to her mouth being filled her moans were muffled but still distinct. One of her hands took Zeeman’s balls and squeezed them as she swallowed more of him than I thought possible while the fingers of her other hand now twined Helen’s hair around them.

Though I felt repulsed I was also aroused to an incredible degree and as I watched this perverse scene unfold my own member throbbed as clear, sticky fluid flowed from me. During all this Zeeman continued his chanting with the crowd occasionally responding in kind though Helen said nothing as she continued to service my wife. Finally after what seemed an eternity Zeeman stopped speaking and as he did so he withdrew his large erection from Cornelia’s mouth now wet with her saliva. He didn’t touch it any but as I watched it erupted, covering her face and chest with copious amounts of his seed. When it finally stopped discharging he lifted the book from her as he gestured to the crowd. Helen also ceased her attention toward Cornelia and joined her husband but my wife appeared far from satisfied. For once Helen moved away, her hand reached between her parted legs and began to rub herself in a lascivious manner.

Because I was watching this at first I didn’t notice that two figures had come forward carrying a slight, still figure. At Zeeman’s direction they placed it on the higher slab and when they did I saw a small, pale arm slip over the side. I could see no more as the celebrants thronged around the slab as Helen began to lead the crowd in chanting terrible words, the only ones I could discern being “Ia! Yog-Sothoth!”

They seemed to grow louder and more frenzied as time went on with many in the crowd now unhooding and some stripping bare and beating their chests in their madness. To my shock I recognized some of them as other parents whose children attended school with my son as well as servants of the van Vliets. During this Cornelia had continued to pleasure herself, pinching her nipples and stroking her sex as her head thrashed from side to side. My attention was drawn back to the crowd as they began to shout in unison words I understood and which filled me with terror as I realized their implication.

“The offering! Accept our offering! Ia! Yog-Sothoth!”

As these words were said I saw Zeeman raise a stone cudgel high above his head before bringing it down onto what must be the figure on the slab though I could not see due to the plethora of crazed worshippers. When he did they let out a collective sigh after which all sound in the grotto ceased including the whispers except for Cornelia who was still moaning softly.

Unable to watch anymore and filled with horror I turned away to look outside this cursed grotto. When I did I realized there was no escape from this nightmare. For as my sight passed over the vegetation that sprang from the shelf as far as the eye could see there was movement. The tall rushes were parting and swaying though there was no breeze. As I watched whatever was moving them got closer and closer though I still couldn’t tell what was causing it. Closing my eyes I attempted to pray but I found myself unable to when my eyes were forced open by a will not my own. I again found myself looking into the grotto and I saw Helen’s eyes meeting mine and I knew it was she that was directing me. Compelled to look I waited along with the rest for whatever was approaching us.

We didn’t have to wait long for in less than a minute we weren’t alone. How can I describe what I saw without sounding mad? I don’t know how I beheld It and still retained a shred of sanity but somehow I did. It was as if shining globes uncounted flowed into the grotto but they were merged with amorphous, shapeless flesh that pulsed with horrible, sentient life and from this mass which shrank and expanded in impossible ways there were also numerous writhing tentacles too great to count which flailed about seemingly in defiance of the known laws of nature.

The congregants parted to either side allowing It to pass before they cast themselves onto the ground and groveled. The only two that remained standing were Helen and Zeeman and even they backed up while bowing in obeisance many times. The thing rolled or floated or whatever It’s mean of locomotion forward in undulating waves of madness in the flesh until It was over Cornelia. She raised her arms as if to embrace It while her legs spread open even wider in invitation. Two tentacles sprang forward and wrapped around her ankles holding them in place as a huge cylindrical growth of protoplasmic flesh emerged from the shimmering mass before burrowing deep inside her lower lips. She cried out in unbridled ecstasy while she was filled beyond human comprehension as It surged forward.

I don’t know how long this went on for on that cursed night time had no meaning but as I watched It ebbed and flowed over Cornelia while her cries and moans filled my ears. The last thing I remember before it all went mercifully black was seeing Helen bent over at the waist with her palms against the ground while Zeeman took her from behind while It continued to fill Cornelia in undulating waves.

It was the feel of icy cold water splashing my face that aroused me and when I opened my eyes I realized I was lying at the edge of the rocky Connecticut coast. Dragging myself to my knees I crawled away from the ocean as I tried to comprehend where I was and how I’d gotten there. I was fully dressed with even my tie around my neck though all my clothes were drenched with saltwater and for a moment I wondered if it had all been a nightmare. Staggering to my feet I looked around and realized I was at the bottom of what seemed to be a cliff before looking down the shore where I saw something small, white and motionless.

Refusing at first to believe it I moved forward but the closer I got it became clear. Letting out an anguished wail I rushed forward until I was cradling the cold, still body of my Jack in my arms, his young skull crushed like an egg. I’m not sure how long I sat like that and cried but eventually the police arrived. When they came I refused to yield him but instead retreated to the face of the cliff until they were forced to rush me. It took four of them to hold me down and it was only after they had a doctor sedate me that they could finally pry him from my hands.

The next thing I remember was waking in the hospital, restrained to the bed. I called out and within a minute the room was filled with doctors and nurses who checked my vitals. Only after first speaking to me and finding me apparently sane did they release me. They refused to answer any questions but told me that some policemen were waiting to speak with me. From talking with them I realized my worst fear was true and that Jack was truly dead. They also informed me that my wife had said that during a party the night before he’d been playing near the edge of the shelf and had fallen off. Then in my distress I had gone over in a vain bid to save him.

When I asked where Cornelia was they told me she’d been so distraught she needed to be sedated and was now at a friend’s house resting. Realizing who this friend must be I became upset and tried to tell them the truth of what happened but they looked at me like I was crazy. When I persisted and became agitated they summoned a doctor who gave me a shot to put me out. This time when I woke I said nothing except agreeing with the doctor when he said that between my grief and the injury I suffered to my head in the fall that I’d probably suffered a temporary psychotic episode.

Later that night I dressed and slipped from the hospital. From there I made my way home to collect what was needed. Since my car wasn’t there I was forced to walk to the van Vliets and that was probably my undoing. No doubt some concerned citizen saw me carrying the cans of gasoline as I talked to myself and called the authorities. I still almost succeeded for I managed to douse both the front and back doors and set them ablaze and the house was starting to go up before they arrived.

After I was tackled to the ground I managed to look up where I saw Helen standing at a second floor window with her arms raised high in supplication. Seconds later a sudden deluge of rain came, easily putting out the flames though moments before there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

After that they brought me here and since then I’ve only left once, for my confinement hearing. I resolved to do as my lawyer advised and mention nothing of what I believed. Even then he had his doubts I’d have a chance of staying free. Trying to set a building on fire that had many people inside (including my wife) wasn’t generally the act of a sane man. He hoped to use my head injury as a cause with the promise that if I was released that I’d receive the necessary treatment.

But it didn’t matter anyway it turned out. For the second the judge entered the courtroom I recognized him as one of the unholy throng that had been there that night. Leaping to my feet I rushed at him as I accused him of this when the bailiffs tackled and bound me. On his order I was gagged during the rest of the proceedings and after my outburst even my lawyer conceded I should be confined until I was no longer a danger.

I’ve been here ever since and there’s only one more part of my story left to tell. A few months ago I received my first visitor – it was Cornelia and her belly was swollen monstrously. Of course I was restrained in a straightjacket during the visit or I would’ve strangled her and hopefully prevented what will be happening soon. She appeared serene as we talked and she informed me she bore me no ill will. The only thing I wanted to ask her was how she could have let that happen to Jack, since I knew she’d loved him. It was necessary she told me and in truth he’d received a great honor. For through his sacrifice one would enter this world who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to and their offspring would reign supreme. After telling me this she smiled and stood to leave, informing me that Helen was outside waiting for her. Then she was gone. And that’s all there is to tell.

Excerpt from the New York Evening Herald

It is with great regret we announce the untimely death of our reporter Arthur Scott, aged thirty. He accidently fell to his death while writing a follow up story to the tragedy which occurred in Greenwich, Connecticut last Halloween. In an ironic twist he fell from the exact same location where young Jack Dyson had perished. He is survived by his parents Winfield and Sarah Scott and a sister, Mrs. Susan Butler.

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