teaching thirteen year old daughter about sex
Thunder roars outside. Perfect night for nothing but movies and popcorn and time with his thirteen year old daughter.

"Daddy' A yell from the faimly room takes Jake away from his thoughts as he smiles to hisself.

It'd been a long two years that her mother had left them for another man. And a long hard custody battle, not that her mother ever waned Tonya, but she didn't want to pay child support either.

Tonya had alway's been closer to her father. And when the judge asked the then eleveen year old who she wanted to live with the choice had been easily made, by the girl.

"DADDY" Jake smirks some"Tonya, I can't make the popcorn go any faster baby" The long legged darkly tanned and brown eyed long hair beauty walks into the kitchen smiling"Why not?" she giggles as he playfully tickles her sides.

"Just can't, why not go change and get ready for bed by the time you get back down the movie will be starting and popcorn and soda will be all ready.

The girl nods sending him a peck on his cheek. Before skipping off to change .

Once in her room she undresses to expose a perfect young body. Developing breast with perfect auroles and nipples, very perky ones. And her vagina looked nice the defention of the tan acessed by the bikini line.

Jake smiles as she bounds happily back into the room. Taking her in for a second. He'd not dated in quite awhile and as much as he might hate it he'd been watching his daughter alot. To touch her, what he'd give to push his nine inch cock into her and hear her moan and scream.

"Daddy, " He smiles some coming out of his thought . Okay it might be worng but then again alot of things in life were wrong and it's not like she wouldn't be fucked someday why not the first time prepare her to a life of having that pussy fucked hard and good.

"Yeah baby' he whispers sitting on the couch starting the movie"Nothing" she blushes some. A friend of hers was telling her things she didn't understand .

One thing she hated about not having a mother figure around sometimes. She was so emberrased to ask her father things like this.

"you sure?" Jake frowned the expession on her face led him to believe it was more then nothing.

"Mandy is only twelve and she told me her uncle.....he did things to her the other night to ...."

Jake's head snaps over at her and she bites her lip"She said her Uncle told her that it was his job since her daddy teach her about sex." she sighs" So does that mean you have to teach me?"

Jake felt his heart stop and then his breathing oh what a perfect opening"Yes" he whisprs before he even realized he'd said it.

Thunder roars shaking the house as Tonya bites her lip and nods some . Turning the movie off he flips to a porno channel, well if he was going o do this he was going to do it right.

Tonya's eyes grow wide and she shuts them immediatly"Open your eyes Mandy' Her father whispers his breathing hard. "You and I are going to watch this movie"

"Daddy..I'm sorry I don't want to" she whispers she thought he'd say no.

" your eyes" slowly she does so, the man and woman just kissing right now his hands all over her body though cupping her breast through her clothing."Daddy... they told us about things in school I don't want to know no more" she whispers looking away

Jake was too far gone now"Honey we are going to do please daddy don't want to hurt you, but if you make me I will."

Tonya lets a few tears fall as her father pulls her close"Shhh" wiping her tears he kisses her lips softly. Slowly his tongue licks her ruby colored lips. tasting her lipgloss and her tears"Open your mouth" He whispers in her lips.

"Daddy no' Slowly though his tongue enters her mouth as he draws his daughter even closer tasting her mouth.

Tonya was struggling some all this becoming too real but that didn't matter not now.

On he t.v. he guy had got the womans top off, her breast round and fuller then Tonya's but her father as he forced her night shirt off paid tha no head.

"DaddY' Tonya whispers trying to stop his hand which first played wiht her right nipple and then left.

Slowly he hushes her with another kiss

She was fully naked and he was aching. His free hand that wasn't holding her tight moving to unbutton his jeans and unzip them.

Breaking the kiss he whispers"First lesson is oral" He kisses her neck down to her breast moving his pants down"Your going to put daddy's cock in your mouth"

Tonya cries softly as he takes hold of her hair pushing her head down to his lip"Suck it baby, it's okay.

With some coaxing and a few threats his cock is soon being sucked on by his teen daughter.

"fuck Tonya such a sweat warm mouth baby" He strokes her hair and arches his back.

Soon holding her head firmly he speeds up the rhythem exploding into her mouth "Swallow it all' He moans watching her gag and sputter. But making her stay put til she swallows.

"Can we stop" she cries shaking as he lays her back down on the couch"Hush' Watching the viceo he smiles the guy eating out the womans pussy.

Kissing Tonya deeply moaning at his own taste in her mouth., he ends the kiss going down to her nipples first one and the other he licks and sucks on ignoring her crying.

"Please daddy stop' she whispers though her body shook in response to his kissing his mouth.

soon licking down to her belly button he kisses it before licking down lower. Spreading her legs forcing them to stay open with his hands he licks over her slit.

"Daddy' she cries out kicking. But his hands firmly hold her legs as his tounge spreads her young lips. Licking her folds seeking out her hole.

Once he finds it holding her legs steady he sticks his tongue in far. Damn she tasted so sweat. Her crying lost on him as her body shakes and he laps up every bit of the orgasm she offers him.

One of his hands jacking off his cock. He would be damned if he pushed inside her only to explode.

Soon his hand covered in cum he licks back up her flat stomache to her still deveopling breast. Licking each nipples finding her lips again making her taste herself and him.

"daddy, please stop' she cries into his mouth as he ignores her"Now my cock is going into your pussy.'

On the screen the man and woman were already fucking hard. "It's going to hurt at first and the more you fight me the worse it will hurt, but baby if you relax it will feel good"

Tonya's eyes widen at the thought of it hurting and cries trying to push her father off and away as he starts to mount her.

Taking her hands he pins them above her head with one hand. his other hand guides his cock to her pussy.

Forcing her legs apart more with his knees his cock head slowly starts to push inside of her"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" she screams whithering under him trying to get her hands free.

"Oh...yeah" he whispers the tightness on just his head felt so good."Take it out daddy your hurting me"

Ignorning that he leans down kissing her gently and then deeply pushing more in.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Tonya screams as his cock starts to move in"It HURTS>>>OH GOD IT HURTS"

"You make daddy feel so good" he whispers in her ear pushing in more"Your taking it all i'm going to fuck you hard and then your ass is next."

Tonya cries whithering and kicking out only helping him push into her more . Slowly his eleveen inch and very fat and thick cock spreads her cunt open.

"Your hurting ME" she cries out as Jake feels something the barrier. This would probably be the last time he had a virgin"I know' he moans out"And this is going to hurt more.

Slowly savoring it fully he pushes against the barrier. very slowly feeling it try o push him back.


Jake smiles as he pushes in more oh it felt incredible. the resistance and her walls sucking his cock. "Daddy doesn't feel a thing"he whispers as he continues to push in not relenting.

After minutes of this he swears he hears a pop as he fianly sinks into her 'Yes" he moans

Setting up a slow rhytem sucking on her nipples. He moans

"Stop" she cries over and over and yet moans escape her as her body gives in and starts to move with him.

Soon his thrust become harder and faster as he yells out thankful he'd had the vascetomy years ago. Cumming hard deep into her body.

Sweet covere them both....laying still on her, his cock jumping some he smiles as he whispers" Now your ass" he smiles starting to move so he could roll her over on her stomache

to be continued

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