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Nephew and Aunt Had not Seen it Coming
This awkward escapade is something I always remember with sinister pleasure and embarrassment at the same time. I guess it depends who it is I am telling the story to. My mom has a sister Jennifer. She is younger than my mother. My mom is forty five and aunt Jennifer is thirty nine. One of the most thrilling and outrageous aspects of this story is that my aunt is married for a number of years and has a nine year old son. I would not say that aunt Jennifer is as athletic as my mom, but she is definitely one of those good looking "aged to perfection" types of women. She has a nice butt, big boobs, and some tummy fat. I wouldn't say its in any way a turn off at all. She looks hot.

So, anyway, aunt Jennifer has a house and a pool. In the summer mom and I don't have much to do so she invites us to her house to have dinner, talk, hang out by the pool, and have some beer or wine. Whenever we come to her house for one of these nights we may bring some food of our own and my aunt will cook something in addition to that. It was June nineteenth and, as expected, aunt invites me and mom to her house because it is Sunday. In addition to that, it was excruciatingly hot and it would be really nice to jump into a cool pool of water.

It is four pm. Mom and I get into the car and my mom drives to the aunt's house. As I look outside I see this really hot girl walking by and soon I realize I have a hard on in my shorts. I didn't pay much attention to it, because, like I said earlier, its really hot, and I haven't jerked off for a number of weeks. Just didn't feel like it for some reason. When we came to aunt Jennifer's house she greeted me and my mom outside. She was wearing a purple bikini and a towel around her waist, with her hair in a big ball on top of her head. I could see some red spots on her white skin. She must have been sunbathing all day, and maybe a bit too much.

"Sarah! Kevin! How nice to see you two! Come in and have something to eat!" aunt Jennifer cheerfully told me and mom.

"Oh my God! I am dying in this horrible heat! I cannot wait to dip into that cool water! Gawd!" says my mom.

We walked into the lobby, put our things down and proceeded into the backyard where the table with the food was located and where there pool was. We put some of the food mom has cooked on the table and sat down to have something to eat. It was pretty good. But lets face it, this story is not about the food. I am not going to deny this. My aunt is hot and sexually attractive and sometimes I did have fantasies about her. But it was just fantasies which I never confused with reality. That day she was wearing a bikini and she was turning me on. She had a pair of nice tits which she has acquired when she gave birth to my cousin Carl. As we ate, mom and I took turns going to the bathroom to change our clothes into swimming clothes. My mom was wearing a sexy yellow bikini, and I was wearing a pair of black swimming trunks.

Mom and aunt Jennifer entered the pool with some laughter. I didn't feel like going into the pool with them because I felt it was inappropriate. But then my mom gestured to me to enter into the pool with them. "Come on! Get in! Its no big deal!" aunt Jennifer shouted. I thought "whatever" if they're ok with that I'll just go in. I just didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable. As I jumped into the pool mom and my aunt were watching me. "There you go!" said my aunt. We smiled at each other and then just swam around. A couple times, when I was in the pool, I passed by aunt Jennifer and our legs touched. She had really nice, shaven, silky skin. I could feel that touch with my own hairy legs. The contact aroused me and I felt that hard-on coming back. No matter how much I would repress the truth, I realized that I was attracted to my aunt. I couldn't pretend, in my own, mind that I didnt fantasize about what her bare breasts look like, how much hair there is around her pussy, or how good it may feel to squeeze her butt with my big hands. There were a couple times when my aunt and I exchanged eye contact which lasted longer than usual. I could feel the adrenaline rush in my chest when that happened. I must emphasize that as I thought about all these things, I never thought anything would come out of it. It was just a fantasy that every guy keeps to himself.

About twenty minutes after I have entered the pool with my mom and my aunt, aunt Jennifer's nine year old son Carl came out of the house and asked if he could swim with us and later jumped into the pool. He is a very cool cousin. Not really a spoiled brat, but fun to mess with. We played around in the pool for a bit then we all got out. It was about six pm but still very hot outside. I noticed myself peeking at my aunt as she was wiping herself with a towel. It was just so erotic when he wiped her butt with that towel. Maybe it was just my imagination but it looked like she was shaking her ass.

"That water felt so nice!" said my mom.

"Oh yea, I don't know how I would survive without this pool here" laughed my aunt in response and looked at me as if waiting for another comment.

"Yea that was good. Thanks for inviting us here auntie!" I replied pretending to be thinking about the pool.

The music was coming form the stereo as we sat at the table in the kitchen of my aunt's nice house. After having stuffed myself with some really good sandwiches my aunt offered me and my mom beer. It was really nice. Sometimes we were sleeping over at my aunt's house so mom and I knew that if either of us got drunk we could just stay over night in the house. We sat and drank for about two hours. Mom and aunt Jennifer just kept talking and talking about some stuff that didn't really interest me and, to be honest, I got really bored by all that talk. My mom and her sister had plenty to drink, while I was just having my third beer. Both of them were pretty drunk.

"Aunt Jennifer, is it ok if I go watch tv in the living room?" I asked as I got up from the table.

"Sure, go ahead" my aunt replied "Sean would normally be watching tv right now, but he wont be back from work till tomorrow, that's fine" she added.

Sean was my aunt's husband. I knew nothing about their sex life, nor did I care at that time. He always left aunt Jennifer when he want for his work trips, which is why she was always inviting us over, to have some company basically." There was nothing fun to watch on tv so clicked on the "on demand" movies that you can order with your remote that's when I found out something interesting. Whenever somebody orders something the history remains in the tv menu. The movies that were begun and weren't finished are there. So as I look at that history I see two unfinished pornos. One of them was something like "Smut Angels #3" and another "Aged to Perfection." I was like "oh my God!" I was a bit shocked because I never viewed my aunt as someone who would be interested in this kind of stuff. Looking at the time when the movies were ordered I noticed that they were ordered on the same day, some time in the morning. It meant that she was watching these by herself, and not with her husband. When I saw that my mind started running crazy. Why? Because to me it confirmed that my aunt was a horny woman who enjoyed watching smut. In a guys mind it's like a signal that lets him know that there is some conceivable possibility that something may happen, and to me it was such a signal.

My mind racing, I watched tv for some time, always thinking of the kind of things that may be going on in my aunt's mind. I decided to go back to the kitchen to check out what's going on there. My mom was noticeably drunk and so was my aunt.

"Listen, Kevin, I hope you don't mind, but we probably will have to stay in your aunt's house over night. I dont think I can drive like this." mom told me.

"Oh, that's fine. I have no problem with that at all. Is that ok aunt Jennifer?" I asked with a big smile on my face as I looked into her eyes intentionally.

"Oh of course, I would not let you go anywhere today. Are you kidding! Of course you are staying here tonight."

At that time it was about seven thirty. I had a couple more beers with mom and my aunt. My mom suddenly said she didn't feel too well and had to lie down. My aunt had to lead my mom to the room with a couch that wasn't occupied by anybody and lay her down. I headed back to the living room. Carl had to go bed early as well because he has school in the morning so right after taking care of mom my aunt put her son in bed. Meanwhile I just sat in the living room and looking through the movies list. In about fifteen minutes my aunt came back from her nine year old's bedroom. As she walked into the room she looked me in the eye smiling and sat near me on the couch.

"Are you ok aunt Jennifer?" I asked with concern in my voice.

"Oh I am fine, I am fine. Maybe a little buzzed, but I am perfectly fine. How about you? You dont seem very cheerful, are you enjoying the evening? Watch anything fun on tv while your mom and I were in the kitchen?"

"I am okay", I replied "Just sort of bored. I was thinking about watching some movie."

"That sounds like a good idea Kevin. Lets watch something!" said my aunt nonchalantly.

Here is where I decided to risk it and proceed with my plan. I switched to the history menu and made sure that the movies that were ordered by my aunt earlier would show.

" looks like you were watching some movies earlier, auntie. What kind of movies are those!?" I said with an exaggerated astonishment in my voice.

My aunt suddenly blushed and I could see embarrassment on her red face as I looked into her green eyes.

"umm...Kevin, I am sorry. I don't know what to say. I was just browsing some movies and stumbled on these. Don't pay attention to that. Please." After about thirty seconds of silence my aunt smiled at me and said "Kevin, come on don't embarrass me."

"Don't worry aunt Jennifer. Its not like I am going to go tell anybody. I don't have any reason to. Its okay, you don't have to be embarrassed. I look at this stuff all the time."

She just looked at me with a shameful smile on the face. That night she was wearing a light blue dress and a pair of flip flops. As eyed her down up I could feel my dick harden and my insides turn. I just wanted to grab those boobs and squeeze them.

"Lets watch this one" I said to my aunt as I selected "Aged to Perfection." My aunt looked at me with silence but didn't object as I turned the movie on.

My plan seemed to be going smoothly so far. As the movie started there was a scene where a young guy, who is a repairman, came to this mature lady's house. I swear it was one of the most cliche plots ever, but it was just a porn movie, what is there to expect? She came out wearing her lingerie and started flirting with the guy. From there it proceeded to kissing, then to touching, and next thing my aunt and I saw was this mature lady's face as she began to suck the dude's dick. "Oh boy!" aunt Jennifer exclaimed commenting on the movie. I looked at her and smiled. I think that the effect of alcohol combined with the arousal caused by the movie made my aunt really horny because I noticed how she was adjusting her hips from one position to another over and over. When the guy on tv began ramming the housewife doggy style over the kitchen counter I got up and said that I am going to bathroom and will be back. I took a piss and returned.This time I intentionally sat a bit closer to my aunt so that our hips actually touched.

"This kind of stuff makes me so horny" said I to my aunt as if I am just innocently commenting on this.

"really? does it?" my aunt said as she looked at me. "Do those kinds of women turn you on Kevin"

"Yes, I cannot deny it" I replied.

This is where the fun started. After I said that last sentence mine and my aunt's faces got closer as we locked our sights on each other. I slowly extended my arm around her hips and slipped it under her dress.

"I also....find you, very attractive" I whispered to my aunt right before I moved to kiss her. She did not resist at all as our lips touched. We weren't simply exchanging a kiss. As my arm moved under her dress to her undies our tongues touched. We enjoyed tasting each other's saliva.

When our lips parted, breathing heavily, my aunt said "No, oh my God, we cannot be doing this! Your mother is in the house and I am married. Oh my God what have I done!" As she was saying this, mind you, my hand was still under her dress. I just continued looking her in the eye and said with a smile on my face "What's wrong? We haven't done anything? I am eighteen and you're grown up woman... Jennifer" Then as she looked me in the eye, breathing, I moved my hand to her crotch and felt her moist panties.

"See how wet you are right now? How can this happen Jennifer? Why are you wet?" I said with a smirk.

For some reason my aunt found this very funny and laughed. Perhaps she was calculating in her mind what her course of action should be that night and she chose to respond to my caresses. I kissed aunt Jennifer again as I slowly put her down on the couch into laying position as I started kissing her again. As we began to essentially lick each others faces I reached with my hand towards my aunt's vagina. Her panties were totally wet when I navigated with my fingers around the material and touched her pussy! To me, at that time, it was unbelievable. I was an eighteen year old making out with my hot mature aunt. Just three hours ago this was all a crazy fantasy and now it was becoming a reality. I was really scared inside, but at the same time I was exhilarated that this was happening and my passion overcame my fear. "Yes,ooh, yes, touch it there. Oh my God" my aunt whispered in my ear as I began caressing her hairy thirty nine year old cunt. I explored her pussy with fingers. Her crevices and genital lips and even reached towards her ass hole. I touched and played with her public hair as she moaned under me. "Oh yeaaaah" I growled in my aunt's face, "feels good doesn't it? What would your husband say if he saw you right now? huh?" As I said that I inserted my two fingers into my aunt's opening. I could suddenly feel this passionate woman's hips tense up. "Ohhh, I dont know..uh" replied she. "Kevin, oh my God. I cannot believe this....this is wrong.but....but" "but what?" said I. " feels so good. I want you."

My aunt began to reach with her hands towards my jeans and my belt. She began to take my pants off as I licked her sweaty neck and moved down to her cleavage area. As I rhythmically moved my two fingers in and out of my aunt's hairy pussy, I used my other hand to grab one of her big succulent breasts and began to massage it. "That feels so goood, Kevin, please do more.." my aunt moaned. After she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans she pulled down my shorts and I could feel my cock spring forward with anticipation. "Let me suck your cock Kevin. Bring it over here" She quickly said as she pushed my buttocks towards her face with her hands.

There was a brief pause before my cock touched her lips. We were looking into each others eyes with fear and astonishment. Neither of us thought something like this could happen between us and the fact that the fear of wrongdoing was overpowered by our desires made our experience even more erotic. I slowly began to move my erect cock towards her lips. It was the most indescribable feeling in the world when we touched each other. I began to move my cock around my aunt's lips before actually putting it in. I wanted to feel her whole face with it when she stuck out her tongue and took it into her mouth. As she played with her tongue around my cock's head I began to slowly move it back and forth, fucking my aunt's mouth. From time to time my pubic hair would brush against my aunt's face. I took my cock out of the grasp of my aunt's lips as she tried to grasp it again. I gently tapped her face with the bottom of my cock, touching her nose and cheeks with my meat.

"oh God Kevin. That feels so good. Let's go to bedroom. We cant do it here. Someone might see us." my aunt moaned to me. Honestly I dont know who could see us there since her son was sleeping in his bed and my mom was passed out in another room, but I agreed. As we walked to my aunt's bedroom I slapped my aunt's ass in a playful fashion. When aunt Jennifer turned on the little night lamp in the room we fell on the big queen sized bed. I was on top of her and she was under. We kissed and touched each other like crazy. I violently pulled her dress down to expose her astonishing body to me. I unlocked and pulled off her bra as well, exposing a pair of huge and juicy breasts into my face. I sucked on them taking turns and switching from left one to right one as my aunt held my head with both her hands.

"go down Kevin, eat me out, please. Kevin? Please" I heard my aunt moan.

Without any answer I lowered my head towards her pussy. I pulled down my aunt's wet white panties and the most amazing thing I've seen in my eighteen years of life was in front of my face. I began drooling like crazy when I saw my aunt's wet, hairy, pussy. I buried my face in aunt Jennifer's bush and began to lick her delicious cunt while my two hands were still on her breasts. "Oh my God aunt Jennifer. Oh my. this is so good. I cannot believe this!" I said as I got back to licking her cunt. "yes, Kevin, yes, eat me out" my aunt laughed "I noticed how you were looking at me all evening. You dirty nephew! You dirty boy! Suck your aunt's pussy!" I did not object to that proposition and continued with my work. I stuck my tongue as deep inside my aunt's pussy as I could and moved it around inside. I could feel my aunt tense up and jerk in fast motions. I knew she orgasmed and that made me feel really good.

After that I got up. I threw down my jeans out of the way. As I did that aunt Jennifer continue to look at me as if in ecstasy, her legs wide apart, her bush right in front of me. "Fuck me....fuck this pussy.. Kevin.. you know I want it inside. Come on ...put it in!" my aunt spoke in seductive voice. "I'll do whatever you ask aunt Jennifer" I replied as I leaned over my aunt again. My dick was fully erect and waiting to get to work. I kissed my aunt's lips again. I didn't put my cock right in though. I wanted to tease my aunt and ask her to beg for it. I began to move my prick up and down along her slit, playfully beating around the bush. Every time my head touched my aunt's pussy lips I could see her hips become tense and move in anticipation.

"Kevin, stop it. Put it in already! oh God!" growled aunt Jennifer at me with an animal's scowl on her face.

I obediently pushed the head of my swollen hard prick into my aunt's hole filling her up inside with my pulsating piece of meat. Once it was in all the way I could feel the hairs on my balls touch this hot mature woman's ass. There was a weird silence as both of our bodies froze up for a few seconds. Then I suddenly felt my aunt's pussy flex around my cock as if trying to hold it back in, inside the wetness of her womanhood. Slowly at first, I began fucking my aunt's pussy. With my elbow on the bed and my face right in front of hers I moved closer and both of us embraced in ecstasy of a kiss, which lasted I don't know how long. Aunt Jennifer kept moving her butt as if helping my cock get deeper and deeper as I continued to fuck her. I could feel as our hairy pubic areas brushed against one another as the noises in the room became louder and louder. I could hear my balls smashing against my aunt's ass over and over again. It was simply amazing.

After some time I felt it was time for me to release my load and I think my aunt felt it too because my prick was moving in her faster and faster.

"Fuck, fuck, god, fuck it feels so good." aunt Jennifer moaned. "Let me taste it Kevin!"

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