The next story will be Allie and me part 5! JOY!!
"Why do I do this to myself. Everytime I watch Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle I want whitecastle. Then when I eat it hours later Im sick as hell!" I complained. My stomach churned. I felt like shit. But man it was worth it to eat those little things.

"Because your a dumbass boy." Allie told me.

"Thought so." I said. I felt like... well a guy who just ate whitecastle for breakfast.

"Mmmm.... Sick baby?" She cooed into my ear. "I can help you."

She started kissing me while I was laying on my bed. I kissed back but after awhile pulled away.

Her mouth dropped open. "Whyd you pull away?" She pouted.

"I told you Im sick. Kinda like a food poisoning." I got some crackers and put them in my mouth. Eat salt if you have a stomach ache Ive learend.

She made a frown. "Well if your sick you should sleep." She went up to me again and started kissing me. She pulled away and said "Ill wake you in an hour."

"Alright Ill set my alarm...?" I looked at her puzzled as she shook her head.

"No ILL wake you. If you know what I mean..." She unbuttoned one of her buttons on her blouse.

"Oooh..." I smiled at her. She smiled back and shut the door. I looked at my clock and it read 1 pm. "Ugh jesus... This is gonna be one hell of an hour." I moaned. "HOW THE FUCK AM I GONNA SLEEP NOW?!!" I yelled. I heard Allie giggle.

"Ha ha fuckin hilarious." I thought. "Fuck it. Ill just think about boring stuff." I began thinking of school and stupid crap and eventually fell asleep.

"Mmmmm....Morning..." I heard a girl moan. I felt something warm go around my cock.

"What the... Oh shit. Umm... Morning?" I said. I felt better. My eyes adjusted to the light. I looked down to see a blonde haired girls head bobbing up and down on my cock. My girl too. Thank god.

"Hows this for an alarm?" Allie cooed.

"How do you think Im ahhh...." I was gonna cum soon.I have no idea how long she was sucking. I think she nudged me or something.

Slurping noises filled my ears. "Good god... This....ahhhh...." This is without a doubt THE BEST way to wakeup. You disagree with me then youve never tried it.

Allie began stroking my cock as she pulled up. "Cum for me.... please..." She moaned. This was some good motovation. My balls began tightening.

"Ohh....its coming....AUGHH!!!" I was yelling by now. I had just woke up and had morning wood. I was randy as hell and I shot my load. I looked down and saw Allie aiming my cock into her face giving herself a facial.

"Oh yeah... I like your warm sticky goo. Especially on my face.. Mmmm..." Allie was shaking around and convulsing. She liked it.

I moaned to respond. That was the best blowjob ever.

"Baby that was awesome..." Allie came up to me and she let me clean her face. She licked my cum from my 3 fingers and she swallowed. I pulled her closer to me after she swallowed and kissed her getting a hint of my own cum. "Sick." I said.

Allie laughed. "Feeling better though?"

"Yeah but Im still weak so I cant fuck you." I frowned. Allie did too.But then she got a wicked grin on her face.

"What if I fuck you?" Allie said already taking off her shirt. Wearing no bra I noticed.

"Sure... Just ya know. Play nice." I laughed.

She unzipped her jeans. She was wearing a white thong with a frog on the front. She started grinding against me. "Mm.." She moaned. I was getting hard again. After she had done this a few seconds I had it up all the way.

"Ready?" She said in my ear taking off her thong.

"Do it." I moaned. I dont know why but Ive always loved the girls on top.

Allie slowly lowered herself on me. "Oohh.... ohhhh.... oooooh......" She moaned. I looked down and saw my cock slowly ease into her. I had no control of her. This was gonna rule.

"Jesus Christ Adam....." Allie had me almost all the way in. Shortly after I was all the way in.

"Oh my god..." I moaned. She rose up and started rocking doing one of her dance warmups on my cock. My cock slowly slipped in her and out of her. None of this was in my control either. I watched as my rock hard cock slowly slowly began to go into her pink then slowly come out. Her tits bounced up and down as fast as she was rocking making slight slapping noises. I reached my hands up and grabbed her tits and twisted her nipples.

"Uhh....Ohh.....Mmmmmm..... Damn..." Allie was moaning. She was liking this new position as much as I was. She started rocking faster. "OOOH....Jesus!!" She was moaning louder now. My cock was sliding in quicker her own weight pushing her down.

I watched as my cock slurped and went in and out faster. "Ugh!!" Dayum she was going faster by the second.

She was riding my cock very fast at this time. My cock was sliding out alot faster than I could have made it go.

"A-A-ADAM!! IM GONNA CUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM" She was screaming. Her pussy was drenching my cock in her fluids. She slowed down to a stop.

"Lucky..." I moaned. I was close to cumming. The feeling of blueballs approaching.

She lowered herself to my chest as I let go of her tits. "Dont.....worry baby.." She moaned. I kissed her head.

After a few minutes I had a bad case of blueballs. "Shit." I said.

Allie started rocking on my cock again. She was still laying on my chest. She started humping me. "Shh... Dont talk."

"But--" She put her finger to my lips and shook her head. Sexy.

I felt my dick get warmer. She was fucking me again. I heard the familar slurping noise. "Ughh....." I moaned.

She started putting more weight on my dick. I was about to cum and cum fast.

"Im gonna.... ohh shiiit." I couldnt finish.

Allie licked her lips and kissed me as I came into her pussy. She pulled away and gasped "I can feel you cum shooting into me!" I shot one more drop of cum into her pussy.

"That was great..." I moaned.

"Im gonna let you rest up before you pound my ass." She whispered into my ear.

"Ehh.." I was glad so I could cum more but I wanted to let her nail me again. "That was the greatest sex we've had yes?"

"Mmmmm. Yeah it was. I got skills." She laughed. She raised off of my cock and let it droop.

"Lets go upstairs." I said.

"Mmkay." She cleaned herself up a little and put on a new thong new jeans and my nintendo shirt. I put on my boxers and some jeans and left my shirt off. I put my arm around her as she rested her head on my shoulder.

"I love you baby..." She said in my ear.

I kissed her as we walked to the door that led upstairs. "I love you too." I opened the door and walked up the stairs with Allie wrapped around me.

Once we got upstairs she sat on the couch and I made us some soup. I sat on the couch next to her and we ate our soup and we ate on the couch watching our dvd copy of invader zim.

"Grr rules" I said and laughed. Allie giggled. After we ate our soup I looked at my watch. 4:30. I got up and put our bowls away. I turned off the dvd player and got the remote to the tv and sat next to Allie.

"Im tired." Allie said. She curled up next to me. I lay on the couch and she was in front of me. I kissed her head and turned off the Tv. We fell asleep in eachothers arms.

I was awakened by a clap of thunder. "Son of a bitch! That was fucking loud!" I thought.

I looked down at Allie. She shifted a little but was still asleep. I noticed the tv was on and saw mom watching the news.

"Aww. Nice of you to wake up." She said

I put my inger to my lips and mouthed "Shes still asleep". Mom nodded.

"Its going to storm. You two should get downstairs." Mom said.I heard the tree by the living room window rub it.I decided mom was right.

I crawled over Allie and picked her up and took her to our room. I lay her on the bed and turned on the tv and watched the news keeping it volume to a quiet 5. We were gonna get hit with a storm. "Shit.." I muttered.

Allie moved around on our bed and she streched and looked at me."Howd I get down here?" she moaned.

"I carried you. Its gonna storm." I said.

"Damn. Im thirsty." Allie said. She smiled. I gave her wry smile.

"Be right back." and headed upstairs.

"She woke up." I told mom.

"Aww. Oh well."

I poured us some water in two big glasses. I took them down stairs and kicked the door open so it swung out. Allie gasped.

"You scared the bejesus out of me!" She said.

"Sorry." I said. She was flipping through channels and turned on some lame ass romance show.

"Why the fuck do you like this show?" I asked.

"Me and the lead charecter have something in common." She said

"Which is..." I smiled I knew the answer.

"Im in love." She said.

I walked over to her as she lay on my bed and kissed her. I got on top of her. My illness had been gone and I was ready.

My shirt was already off so I took off my pants and boxers and threw them behind me. Allie took off my shirt she was wearing her pants and her cute little thong.

I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy teasing her and she moaned. "Stop teasing me and fuck me!!!" She said.

I grunted as I pulled back and thrust in. She yelped. She didnt know it was coming. "Sorry" I said in her ear.

She panted and said "It was a nice surprise..".

I pulled out again and began thrusting into her pussy at a quick pace. She moaned louder and higher. "Oohh....mmmmm....." I started to go a little faster and she moaned even higher.

She started to get in tempo with me as we started going at it. Eventually she felt so good she had to stop and shake a bit.

I had an idea. I pulled out my cock and went to her pussy and blew cool air on her pussy. She shook some more and I went back up to her and kissed her. I put my cock back in her and enjoyed her cool pussy wrap around my cock.

I kissed her again and I went down to her tits. I took her left nipple in my mouth and swirled it around. At the same time I was fucking her pussy. She started to moan even louder! "OOOHHH!!! AHHH!!!! MMMMMMMM!!!! Fuuuuckkk" she cooed.

I used my right hand and started rubbing her pussy with my hand and she got wetter. She was going to cum soon. I still had a good 5 minutes left in me.

I blew cool air on her left nipple and went to her right and took it in my mouth she started to shake. "AAHHH..OOOOHH!!!" she was screaming.

I rubbed her pussy faster and faster but kept my humping at the same speed as I sucked her tits. I felt her nails dig into my back and she threw her head back and moaned extreamly loud.

I felt her cum go around my cock and drip on my hand I Stopped my hand and sucking and licked off her juices.

"Ahh... Adahhhmmmm....Adammmmmm..." She moaned into my ear.

"Ugh... yeah....mmm.." I replied back.

"Put cummmm..." She moaned.

I flipped her over with my cok still in her leaving us in a doggie style position. I thrust one more time and pulled out. I slowly put the head of my cock in her ass using her cum as my lube.

I slowly got all the way in and started to rock slowly back and forth trying not to hurt her. She moaned and I rocked a little faster. It took a few minutes but in awhile I was fucking her ass so fast my balls were hitting her ass.

"OOH OOOH!!!! AHHHHH!!!"She moaned. I thrust two fingers in her pussy and fingered her as fast as I could. She dug her nails into her pillow and screamed into it. I felt my nuts clench and I knew I was going to cum soon. I felt her go forward and hit her head gently against the wall after she climaxed. Ha. I felt my nuts clench and I knew I was going to cum soon.

"AHH....AHHHH!!!...FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" I screamed out loud.

I shot my load into her ass and she rocked on my cock as I came.

We both panted and I pulled out my dick with a loud pop. A few minutes later she passed gas.

She laughed "I pooted" she said. I laughed a little.

I kissed her neck and flipped her over. I kissed her and went all the way down to her bellybutton and licked it a little.

Allie moaned. "OOHH.... Ahh...mmmm...." She panted.

I spread apart her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in and let go letting her pusy squeeze my tongue as I licked. Allie moaned louder and moved her hand to her pussy and began fingering herself as I basicly made out with her pussy.

I pulled away and blew on her pussy again making her throw back her head and finger faster.

I opened up my mouth all the way and put my mout to her oussy and rolled my tongue. She stopped fingering herself and she moaned louder. I began to purr kind of like a cat and she moaned even louder!

I felt her shake. Not violently but pretty damn fast. I felt her theighs squeeze my ears. I heard only her muffled moans.

This only made me lick as fast as I could. She started to shake a shitload faster and moan so loud I could hear he clearly through her theighs.

I reached two fingers into my own mouth and fingered her furiously. She started to buck her hips and she came in my mouth. I felt it run down my arm but I didnt stop. I wanted her to cum at least twice.

My tongue was getting tired but I didnt want to stop. Lucky for us she came about 30 seconds later again. This time I drank her cum and licked it off of my arm.

I went up to her and kissed her.I lay next to her and she lay on my chest. I started rubbing her head and I heard a big clap of thunder again and rain hit my window. It brought back memories of our first time.

"Brings back a great time doesnt it?" I asked her.

"Yeah.." She replied.

She kissed my cheek and kissed down to my cock making it hard again. She kissed down my shaft and started to gently suck on my balls.

"Ohh....shiiiiiit" I moaned.

She licked up my balls to the head of my cock and started sucking. After awhile she pulled away and blew on my dick sending me nuts.

"Like that baby?" She asked.

"Ugh.... fuuuckk yessss...." I moaned.

She started to suck on my cock halfway down my shaft. I moved my hands down to her head. With one hand I bobbed her up and down letting her up for air whenever she needed it. With my other hand I jerked off the part she wasnt sucking and occasionally she would blow and suck. Withen minutes I came making me shake.

She swallowed my cum and wiped off her mouth.

She lay on my chest again. I started rubbing her head and after awhile she spoke.



"Lets play in the rain... please?" She asked.

I looked deep into her crystal blue eyes. "Of course..." I smiled.

She put on a white t-shirt and so did I. I put on my boxers and some ripped jeans and she put on a camoflauge thong and some tight pants.

We walked out side and into our neighborhood street. We danced around and splashed eachother.Then a huge clamp of thunder came and she ran to me and hugged me.

I looked at her.. Into her eyes and told her "I love you... More than anything on this entire planet. I truely deeply love you.."

She looked up at me and began crying happy tears. "I love you too More than anything at all. I truely deeply love you..." she said.

"I love you more than anything at all too...." I said.

I looked deep into her eyes and kissed her in the pouring rain holding her tight never letting go.

Did ya like it? The next story will be the long awaited "Allie and me part 5"!!! Happy reading my friends!!

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