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I had to go to a company party a few weeks ago and I took my wife Sue with me. We have been married for 6 years and I thought that she was happy with our sex life. I found out that I was very wrong . Sue is 5'5 with long blonde hair and sky blue eyes and has a huge set of 44 double Ds.

I work for a record company and when my boss Frank invited me to his manison for a party I jumped at the chance. As I said I took my wife Sue with me and when we arrived I noticed that out of the 50 guests we were the only white people there. It wasnt long before my wife found herself surrounded by a group of young black men. I could tell she was having a great time being the center of attention but my boss noticed that I wasnt happy about it.

frank walked up to Sue and explained to her that since he was short handed would she mind helping him & his friend Ted make his guests somemore drinks. Sue was more then happy to help out and the three of them headed to Franks kitchen. When they had been gone to long for just making drinks I went looking for my missing wife.

As i walked by franks massive kitchen my heart almost stopped when I saw my young sexy wife standing in between Frank and Ted with her dress down around her ankles. Franck and Teds hands were freely roaming and fondling all over my wifes sexy white naked body. Frank moved his huge black hand down to sues blonde pussy and slid his long dark fingers inside her pink slit. He started finger-fucking Sue while Ted sucked one of my wifes pink swollen nipples into his mouth. I just stood there and watched as 2 blackmen fondle my wife. Sue never saw me but when Frank did he suggested that the 3 of them go to his bedroom.

Instead of stopping them from leading my wife away I stepped around the corner until they entered Franks bedroom. frank had left the rooms door open about 2 inches and when I looked in I saw my wife standing in between Frank and Ted again. She had gotten rid of her dress and the guys fondling her and even after Frank and Ted had both seen me standing there they continued groping my wifes big white titties. Since I didnt try to stop them they told Sue to get down on her knees and finger fuck herself while they watched. She did what they asked and as she was sliding her fingers in & out of her wet pussy the guys removed their clothes.

my jaw hit the floor when they took of their boxers and I saw the 11 and 12 inch uncircumised cocks dangling in between their legs. Their huge low hanging dark black balls were swaying back and forth as they stroked on their big black cocks as they watched my wife finger fuck her blond pussy.

A few minutes later Frank told my wife that werent going to fuck her unless she sucked them off first. Frank didnt have to ask sue twice and she reached up and grabbed both of their thick black shafts in each hand and started jacking them off. Sue peeled back Franks dark foreskin and began sucking the precum out of the tip of his long black dick. She parted her lips and sucked the swollen dark purple head of Franks long black dick into her mouth. Sue swallowed as much of his thick shaft as she could and after she had sucked on Franks big black dick for awhile she switched over to Teds 12 inch cock. Sue started out by twirling her pink tonuge around the huge mushroomed shaped head of Teds overgrown 12 inch black cock. She began eagerly sucking on Teds monster black dick while Frank knelt down behind my wife and started easing his fat 11 inch black cock into her tight pink pussy.

frank had only stuck half of his thick 11 incher inside Sues cunt before she was cumming all over his long fat black dick. As frank fucked Sue he kept on telling her how tight her pussy felt wrapped around his giant cock. The guys pulled their throbbing cocks away from my wife and the 3 of them climbed into Franks huge bed. frank had Sue lay down on her back and he climbed in between my wifes creamy white thighs and slowly slid the entire length of his big black dick deep inside her pussy. At first Frank was gently sliding his massive black cock in & out of my wifes cunt but after a few minutes he started pounding his big dick into her pussy. While frank was ramming his dick into Sues dripping cunt Ted moved his long dark black 12 inch cock towards my wifes mouth and began force feeding her with it.

Sue was trying to deep throat teds huge black dick while she bucked her hips upwards so that every inch of Franks long black penis would drive even deeper inside her climaxing cunt. frank was power fucking Sue for over 20 minutes and with a loud grunt he shoved his big black dick balls deep and began filling her cunt with his creamy white cum.

When Frank pulled his spent penis out of Sue I watched as Ted took Franks place inside my wifes pussy. Ted was fucking Sue hard & fast until he was ready to cum. He pulled his pulsing black dick out of Sues cunt and moved it up to her lips and shot his gooey sperm into my wifes mouth. Sue quickly swallowed every drop of his cum and when she was done she began begging the guys for somemore black dick.

When frank got out of his bed he got dressed and as he headed for the door I backed away so Sue wouldnt see me. Frank walked out into the hall and instead of kicking his ass I told him everything was cool. He told me that Sue wanted some more black dick so he and I went back to the party and found my cum hungry wife a couple of young black studs.

The first guy Frank sent in was Tony and he headed over to my naked wife who was standing in the middle of the room with Teds long tongue down her throat. Tony put his large black hands on Sues lily white shoulders and eased my wife down on her knees in front of him. When Tony undid his pants and let them drop to the floor, he releasted one of the longest and eveilest looking black snakes that I had ever seen. Tonys black dick had to be at least 13 inches long and had a long dark foreskin that formed a nipple around its huge tip.

Sues small white hands reached up and took ahold of his dark fat shaft and began jacking him off. She twirled her pink tongue in between Tonys dark foreskin and the huge head of his oversized cock. When she had licked up all of his thick pre-cum she pulled back his dark foreskin and began devouring his huge black dick. Tonys 13 incher began throbbing in her mouth and he pulled away and told my wife to lay on her back on the bed. Sue did what he asked and spread her legs as wide as they could go and Tony climbed on top of my wife and without any foreplay at all he shoved his 13 inch black cock deep inside my wifes wet pussy. Sues eyes rolled into the back of her head as Tony slid all 13 inches balls deep into her overstuffed pussy. Within a minute Sue began shaking from the powerful orgasm caused by the thick girth of Tonys huge black dick as it probbed the deepest depths of my wifes creaming cunt. I was amazed to see that Sues pussy could accomodate a dick of such immense size. I watched as Sues pussylips were being forced to spread wide apart as Tony pounded his overgrown black penis into her juicy pussy. Sues petite white body was being pressed down into the bed by Tonys huge black muscular frame and her big creamy white titties were being flattened down against his very dark broad chest. Everytime Tony would plow his oversized cock into Sues creamy cunt his huge dark balls would slap hard against my wifes lily white asscheeks. Tony began grinding his giant horsesized black penis deep inside Sues dripping pussy and with one last violent thrust his long black snake started spewing his thick gooey venom deep inside my wifes twat.

He laid on top of Sue until his semen started leaking out around the girth of his super fat dick and when he slowly pulled out of her there was nothing but a huge gaping hole where his giant black dick had been. In less then 30 seconds of Tony pulling his spent black monster out of Sue there was another big dicked blackman to take his place. Dion unceremoniously climbed between Sues creamy white thighs and shoved his big 10 inch black dick deep inside my wifes gaping cunt. Dion fucked Sue hard & fast and just like Tony had 15 minutes earlier he filled my wifes already cum filled cunt with his own creamy white man seed.

He got up off my wife just like he got on top of her and left the room leaving my young sexy blonde wife wanting even more big black dick.

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2017-02-04 18:03:12
I enjoy the stories and would like to see my wife get ducked by black men just don't know to her interested in doing that any ideas

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2013-03-18 18:24:38
Me and my wife Tracy married when we were both 18. And as we did not have enough money for a house of our own my boss a 42 year old black guy called Davey rented us a room in his flat. On the third night he got us both really drunk and we all ended up in bed together and what a fuckin turn on it was watchin Tracy, who had been a virgin when we married and who had only had my slim cut 5" cock getting Davey's big fat black uncut 10" cock up her pussy. Now we share a bed all the time and I love watchin her havin non stop orgasms when Davey shags her. He likes me to clean his cock after he's cum up her pussy and to lick her out. He enjoys havin us both wank and suck his big black cock. The week after he first shagged Tracy Davey also shagged me. It really hurt like hell but the fourth time he did it I really loved it especially when he shot his big load up me.

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2013-03-11 22:13:17
I love to watch my wife fuck other guys. We had a pretty hum-drum sex life until we stared inviting other guys over to fuck her and now have different guys over at least once a week.


2012-11-22 12:37:20
i,ve enjoyed watching my wife as her bull took her in our bed and i,ve seen him looking at our daughter lately


2012-04-06 00:19:42
i set my wife up to get fuck by my two black friends from work and after that we have them over once a month and we have a foresome and fuck her all weekend she loves it and i like to see her being fuck

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