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Early morning chat with omegle stranger got very heated
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like ageplay.
You: hi
Stranger: Hello
Stranger: Asl?
You: 22 f boston
Stranger: What ages do you like to play?
You: 18-22
Stranger: Prefer closer to 18 :)
You: ok
Stranger: Any scenarios in mind?
You: me at my 18th birthday party and my daddy (you) dresses up as a clown to surprise me
Stranger: Hmmm... And then what happens?
You: everyone else there leaves and we go to your room and have some fun for my birthday
Stranger: What are your kinks and limits?
You: daddy kinks and bdsm but my limits are enema and pissing
Stranger: Alright, and what does your character look like? I'll start
You: my character is named briella and is 5'1 with long curly brown hair that has red tips with a perky butt and b cup boobs
Stranger: I walk into the house, looking ridiculous in the clown costume, but whatever I need to do to make my baby girl happy. I hold my tongue and resist swearing when I almost trip in these massive shoes. I finally get in to where everyone is.
Stranger: Nice to meet you, I'm Ron, 6'2, toned athletic body, brown hair and eyes, and a thick 7 inch cock
You: I see you and scream "AAAHH you did it! Just like I asked you to!" I'm clearly very excited to see you. I hug you and you bend down to hear me whisper "You look so sexy in that costume daddy, I just might wanna take a ride at your circus tonight"
Stranger: My cock throbs slightly under the outfit and I squeeze you tight, smiling
You: I go back to my party and finish opening my gifts. My last gift is a big white bow, and what everyone doesn't see is the collar attached to it. I get very excited and a little wet too.
Stranger: You've already had your cake, opened presents, and played games with everyone and it's starting to get late so people start to head home.
You: After I close the door behind the last person I jump into your arms, wrap my legs around your waist and kiss you hard.
Stranger: I hold you by your perky ass and passionately kiss you back, smiling softly as I do. "I love you baby girl" I whisper
You: " I love you more" I say as we head upstairs and into your room
Stranger: I lay you on the bed, smiling down at you
You: I smile back as I pull my shirt off, revealing my blue lacy bra
Stranger: I slowly start to strip you naked, absolutely in love with every inch of your body. I smile and then tie you down to the bed by your wrists and ankles
You: My eyes widen when you take off your clothes revealing the cock that never fails to amaze me
Stranger: The thick, veiny 7 inch cock throbs for you, and I position it just outside your tight little pussy
You: I try to move forward to put your cock in me but it's just not close enough so I stop trying
Stranger: "Daddy is in control princess. Be patient." I command, teasing my thick cock around your tight hole
You: "But daddy, I need you noww"
Stranger: "Shh princess, not yet." I say with a smile, my cock touching your pussy lips, but not entering them
You: "Daddy please put it in me I need it so bad." I say with a twisted face, getting wetter and wetter by the second
Stranger: I hold you by the hips and quickly thrust inside you, my thick cock stretching your tight little pussy out
You: "AAH Daddy that feels so good fuck me"
Stranger: I thrust in and out, your tight little pussy being pulled onto my thick cock, making wet smacking noises each time
You: I arch my back in ecstasy, feeling your cock deep inside me
Stranger: I pump in and out, loving the feeling of fucking my perfect little daughter. I moan as I slide in and out
You: I try to lean up and kiss you, but the restraints hold me back and I fall on the bed softly
Stranger: I lean down, passionately kissing you as my hips thrust deep into your tight little pussy
You: I kiss back feeling you deep in me, I cum screaming your name repeatedly and arching my back
Stranger: I moan as you cum for your daddy, and I fuck your tiny hole hard as it squeezes tight around me
You: "Ooooh fuck Daddy that felt amazing"
Stranger: "Language princess" I start bringing my hands down around your neck, choking you slightly
You: "Daddy what do you expect me to say if your fucking me so hard" I say and smile up at you, teasing you
Stranger: "That you'll do anything for daddy because you're daddy's good little slut." I say with a wink and a smile
You: "Daddy I'll do anything for you because I'm a good little slut"
Stranger: "That's right princess. Now daddy's gonna cum, beg for it" I say with a smile
You: "Daddy please cum inside my tight little pussy" I say with pleading eyes
Stranger: I thrust deep inside you, moaning as I do, and I start to fill up your tight little pussy with thick, hot cum
You: "Daddy ooooh don't stop please don't stop" I sat as my pussy milks every last drop of cum from your cock
Stranger: I groan, loving the tightness wrapped around my cock
You: " Daddy can you take the restraints off now, I wanna be in control"
Stranger: "Why do you wanna be in control princess?" I ask with a smile
You: "It's my special day but for it to feel special I want to be in charge!"
Stranger: "I suppose..." I undo the restraints
You: "YAY Daddy you don't know what's come for you" I say. I attack you and give you the most passionate kiss
Stranger: I lay back, smiling softly up at you. "Alright baby girl"
You: I turn around so that my ass is facing you, and position your cock at my entrance, moving my pussy lips around the head, teasing you
Stranger: "Mmm princess, you tease" I groan, enduring the tease
You: "Payback's a bitch Daddy. Teasing makes seconds feel like hours."
Stranger: I hold you by the hips, threatening to just fuck you already if you don't hurry
You: " I'm in charge mister, you won't be doing anything unless I say so." I say as I slightly push down just to come back up
Stranger: "Mmm fuck princess" I groan on response, wanting you to ride me now
You: I slam down on your cock, screaming in response and leave it deep in me for a second
Stranger: "Oh fuck" I moan, your tight pussy completely covering my thick, long cock
You: I go up and down multiple times as my ass bounces in front of you
Stranger: I stare at it, practically mesmerized
You: I bounce on your cock, turn around with it still in me and kiss you passionately
Stranger: I kiss you back, my tongue sliding against yours
You: I move back and forth on your cock, riding it like there's no tomorrow
Stranger: "Fuck princess, daddy's gonna cum soon" I moan as you ride me
You: "Not if I have a say in it" I say as I slide your cock out of me completely and sit on your face
Stranger: I wrap my arms around your thoughts, biting face between your legs and swirling my tongue around your clit
You: I scream in immense pleasure as I ride your face hard, grinding into your tongue
Stranger: My tongue circles your clit, and your pussy is dripping into my mouth a bit which I love
You: "oooooohh Daddy don't stop please that feels sooo good" I say as soon as your tongue dips into my tight pussy hole
Stranger: I lick up and down and all over, the taste driving me wild
You: I grind my pussy into your face and cum all over it "Daddy please don't stop it feels soo good"
Stranger: Since it's your birthday I keep going, eating you out more, licking and sucking faster and harder for you
You: I continue to cum as my juices get all over your face and I moan loader than ever
Stranger: I lick you clean again, needing to cum inside my princess soon
You: I go back over to your cock and tease you a little bit before slamming my pussy on it
Stranger: I moan as you do, my thick cock throbbing inside you
You: "Daddy please fuck me and fuck me hard, being in charge is a lot of work."
Stranger: I hold you by the hips and quickly pump my thick cock in and out of you, groaning as I do
You: "Daddy fuck me hard ooooh that feels so good..."
Stranger: I thrust in and out harder and faster, grunting as I come close to coming
You: "Daddy if you'd like, you can cum now."
Stranger: I don't need to be told twice. I hold my thick cock deep inside you, and begin to fun, groaning loudly
You: "Daddy I can feel your cum deep inside me don't stop"
Stranger: I grunt, pumping a bit more deep into you
You: I moan as I cum, milking your cock until there's nothing left to milk
Stranger: I lay back, feeling absolutely amazing now
You: I roll off of you, in complete ecstasy from that moment of love and pleasure
Stranger: "I love you princess" I smile
You: "I love you more than words can explain Daddy" I smile, showing my deep dimples
Stranger: I smile back, my cock covered in our cum
You: "Daddy would you like for me to suck you off?"
Stranger: (Gotta go, but do you have Kik by any chance?)
You: sorry no
Stranger: It's alright
You: i hope we can meet again sometime soon
Stranger: Me too
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