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Confession about what I had to do
First: ‘sorry for my bad English’ but: my stories happened in East-Europe where I lived before I got caught. I hope you will enjoy it and support me for more continuations.

Chapter1: - The meeting -

My name is Dimitri , 23 years old and I lived in a poor East European shit-country where most of the people must work only to survive. We live here poorly and like every young guy I also want to drive a nice car, to have a good smartphone, etc… Because of this, I always searched for ways to earn extra money. I have a simple job in an iron shop, live alone in a small apartment and my salary is just enough to survive. The only possibility we have to relax is movie, sport, music and alcohol. There is one good thing we have here and that is - our girls -! East-European girls have the reputation to be beautiful and sexy and so it is: most of them are just perfect. Some of them are so beautiful that; because when my fantasy starts to work, I get an erection only from the view to see them flan.

On a Saturday evening, I sat in my favorite bar to enjoy the sight of young company and like always: a bit frustrated because I had not enough money to pay drinks for the girls. After half an hour looking around, I suddenly felt a tick on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a guy who was wearing a nice suit, black hair, dark glasses. He said: 'hi, my name is Adam: sorry to bother you, but I have been watching you for a while. Can I ask you something? First, I was a bit surprised but also curious so I answered: ‘it's OK, ask'. With a big smile this guy Adam replied: ‘are you interested in a job where you can earn a lot of money?' His voice was soft so the first impression was confident. I doubted for a while, but still answered: 'Of course, I'm always open to this, and my name is Dimitri; let's go and sit over there in the corner.' I escorted him to the table, ‘Thanks' said Adam, you will not regret it.'
We sat down, he ordered two expensive cocktails and asked: 'if the job is not completely legal, would you say – no – ‘? I joked and said: 'if I don't have to rob a bank and if it pays well, no problem'. He laughed. Then, he asked: ‘do you like girls or boys? ‘Girls, of course'. I replied. He talked like - a funny guy - He waited to go on until the waiter has put the cocktails on the table and left. Now he looked at me and said seriously: ' if you want, you can earn € 5000 for a few hours work. The only important thing you must do is: to forget what you did after and to be happy with your € 5000. So when you work a few days a week you will soon have € 50.000 a month or more. He looked at me straight in the eyes with his dark glasses and said: so tell me now: will we continue with this conversation or do you want to go home?' I could not answer directly, but after one minute I found the right words: 'For this kind of money I want to do a lot so please tell me more details'. 'Fine', he said while he reached out his hand, 'but do we have a deal that everything we say now stays between us and do you want to confirm this with your life?' Now I got the feeling he was some kind of gangster, I became a little bit scared, but why not: it were only words. So, I shook his hand: 'agreed.'

'Listen Dimitri: the things you have to do in this kind of job will happen anyway. If you don't want to do these things, many other guys will. So the result will be the same only that another guy become rich and you will stay a poor rat'. Somewhere he had a point: no matter what the job is, somebody will do it and become rich. Its like selling arms, drugs or whatever: nobody can stop it, it happens anyway. Of course he made me very curious, I asked Adam to go on. ‘Do you know that many rich people pay a lot of money just to look at a webcam-site?' I laughed and replied 'yes of course, but I'm not bull enough to play in porn-movies'.

' No!'replied Adam short. His voice became silent again and he whispered in my ear: 'some very rich people pay for life performances to see how victims are raped and more. This is the business of our company: customers pay us a lot of money to do what they want to see when they are online. Will I go on?' I had to swallow when I heard this. I was wondering what the job exactly was and asked to continue. Adam continued on a rough tone: ‘When they pay an amount first and send a scenario about the things they want to see, our specialists look if it's possible to find the subject and we make a price. If they agree, they must pay the rest and then we make an appointment to come online to start the show. This customer is the - director -: he controls what must happen life online. There are also – lurkers -: they pay less, but can only watch: not control. Sometimes a few hundred lurkers are online during the show. Your job : - to assist in the show room, named – redroom. He looked at me very straight in the eyes again and said: 'remember your promise with your life: to keep this between us. Should I go on, or do you want to leave?' I did not know what to say first, but realized I was so far in it, that I could not just leave. I heard some stories about such rooms, but always taught there were fake so I said : 'no no it's OK, go on.’

Now Adam became more relaxed and he continued: 'except children we do everything: girls, boys couples or whatever. Of course most clients want girls and because motivation is good for the show, we are looking for some man to assist the girl performances. Don't worry: it's weird in the beginning, but after a few shows you get used to it and may even like it! Imagine what you can do with all that money! Now serious: there is only one director who pays a lot and he decides life during the show what must be done. Because of his scenario we can prepare everything but during the show he is the boss. The lurkers pay less, but they can only watch. The director gives a deion of the victim. Then, the - search team - looks in another environment for the appropriate profile. After this, our -kidnap-team - kidnaps the object from the street, transport it directly to our company here to prepare the subject for the show. Finally, we give the signal - subject ready- to the director and make the appointment to start the show. This must happen quickly because almost every director wants to see a fresh victim in the clothes that they wear before the kidnap so: we do not tolerate that someone should damage the object before the show! Once an appointment is made, the lurkers get informed when the show comes online, only if they have paid of course. Don't think the director is always a man, sometimes it is a rich woman and they are the most difficult customers!
Now I want your reply: to go home, forget this conversation and stay a poor rat or you enjoy us: become rich and perhaps it will amuse you. If you don't want to decide now, agree, but anyway: we must meet each other again. And Dimitri: I know where you live of course!' I stood perplex, frozen, this information was dangerous. Adam ordered another drink, smiled relaxed and said: 'don't worry, I know the feeling. Look at me: I live in a nice villa with pool, drive a Porsche 359, can fuck any girl I want and pay the cops to let me without questions. I live like a king!’ And before this, I was a simple railroad-man…’

Suddenly some weird energy came in me. I reached out my hand to him and said ‘deal! I want to try it, tell me where and when'. Adam looked surprised by my swift decision, shacked my hand firmly and said 'deal! You will not regret it! There is a show on Saturday, 3pm. Give me your cell-number. You will receive a text message around 1pm with the address where our driver will pick you up and bring you to the playroom. Your guide is 'Sergei'. It's your first time so you must look and learn because next time you will be one of the assistants. The first time you get € 3000, next session - if you succeed and if you are a full assistant - its € 5000. How long the show takes depends on the scenario of the director and also how strong the object is.
We had customers who just wanted to see a swift, hard action from only a few minutes while others want to see a show during hours. So it depends. Of course you understand: even if the director is soft and asks to let the object go we confirm this, but in reality we cannot let it go for security-reasons. In this case, when we are off-line and if some guys of our staff wants to play, they can do what they want. Anyway: you know how it must end for the object. Now: go home, dream about the money you will get and welcome to the company, I have to go now'. Adam left me with a fearful heart. I could not realize what I did, but still, all that money...

Chapter 2: - The realise period -

Saturday I did not sleep a lot, was nervous as hell. At 1 00 pm exactly my phone gave a receiving signal. The message was: - wait at 1:20pm at the corner of a-street and b-and street. A black Mercedes will pick you up. Be there. Success, - Adam. I was shaking as a leaf, answered - OK -. I tried to relax myself, but it was impossible because I could imagine what would happen, what I had to see and I knew it was a criminal act so I could end up in jail. Otherwise, I was curious because I like adventure and all that money… So, I pulled on my jeans vest and was on my way to the place of appointment. 12:20 pm At the corner of a- and b-street: I saw a black Mercedes coming which was flashing with his lights. He stopped in front of me; I could not see inside because all the windows were tuned. I opened a back door and heard a short voice 'in front.' I opened the front door and got in. The driver was around 60 years, completely bold, glasses, dressed in a black suit and was smoking. He did not look at me, did not say anything: I felt myself not comfortable and yes, afraid.

He drove toward an abandoned industrial area. I knew the place: a lot of people worked here during communist time. Now it's one abandoned, sad place where only rats are living. The car stopped in front of the old paint-factory. The driver said nothing, just continued smoking. Suddenly the door went open, a big guy reached out his hand and said: 'Hi, I'm Sergei, welcome to the company'. He was a guy around 40, black, curled hair, wearing expensive – Fendi - glasses-. I shook his hand, got out of the car, but did not know how to behave myself. Sergei noticed this and calmed me by saying: 'don't worry, my job is to introduce you and to guide you into your new job. Before we go into the room, I will tell you what you can expect, just follow me.'

Chapter 3: - The introduction -

We went into the old factory, he opened a big steel door. I followed him. We went along old, rusty stairs going down the basement. He opened another door: behind it was a whole complex of corridors and doors. I saw camera's everywhere. It was not a dark place, on the contrary: fresh painted in light colors! In the half of a corridor, Sergeï opened a green door and said: 'welcome to my office.’ It had nothing specials: just an old metal office, a closet and a coffee machine: probably a remnant from the time that the factory was still producing paint. Under his suite I saw a holster with a gun in it. I realized now I could not stop this or go back: I must put my way of thinking about zero, go on with it and see what happens.
'So Dimitri ', He said with a relaxed voice: 'I will tell you clearly and directly what happens here, what we expect from you and of course: when you leave this place with your money this never happened'. What else could I say then 'OK, I understand.'… I thought by myself: now it's the time to say nothing and just listen carefully, try to be relaxed and not to show any fear.

Sergei started his conversation: 'we are professional businessmen, we don't ask questions and just do what the customer wants. Our customer, the 'director' sends a basic scenario so that we know what kinds of things he wants to see. If for example we should buy some extra tools or if he also wants to see girls to assists or whatever: he must pay more. You have luck: you have the Department of - young girls -... The look of the girls must be as the director described. So the objects are our - movie-stars - and must give a show for the customers because they pay a lot of money to see it. The director is the boss, not us! What he commands must happen, no matter what, understand?' What else could I do then nod yes… ‘So your task is to do the things that the director wants; you must do it as good as possible because the lurkers also pay a lot and if they like the show, they will pay us again to come back, so more money… . For your first time: I suppose the session now can take a few hours because the director wants a show where he can see how the subject is tortured as much as possible. Watch out: not only the view can be shocking the first time, but also the sounds they make when the torture starts. By the time the object cannot wake up anymore there may be not much left of it.
This means that the assistants (like you soon) may not let her bleed a lot, not damage her eyes and tongue. They must do the things the director wants to enjoy himself while he sees her reactions, but not too hard torture because she must stay a life as long as possible. So: let's hope we have luck that's it's a strong-one. It can happen sometimes that the director is not satisfied because the object dies too soon, but it's not mostly our fault: we do what he wants and cannot know how strong the object is. We never give money in return! So, you must learn to know the limits before the pass-out. Don't go too fast and too hard, except it's a short session for example a client who just wants to see an object stabbed. Don't worry: Yvan, the red room-boss, will constantly look at his tablet to see what the director wants and instruct the assistants what they must do. Very important: Yvan communicates with the assistants out of the camera view so the director and lurkers can concentrate and enjoy themselves on the object. The clients can choose between many cameras and there are also two mobile cameramen to make closeups. Always try to stay as much as possible out of the image! As for our victim: try to consider it not as a girl but as an object just to make money. So, are you shocked?'

Indeed I was, but I realized there was no return. I ensured him that I was OK. Of course nervous, but ready to go into the room. 'Fine,' he said. ‘Now let's go to the red room. First, I'll show you how we keep the object in anticipation before the show. Oh yeah, bad luck for you: you as assistant may never rape. For this we hire - strong big men with experience -. The guys from the rape-team are selected on their ugliness, brutality, big dig and their talent to come always with a lot of sperm because most customers want to see this. Like animals: the more brutal and ugly the better and I don't think you have this profile.' I saw a big smile on his mouth…. ‘Sometimes a customer wants that we do a - preparation - to the victim like one week ago a customer wanted that we bring in a raped, beaten girl and he just wanted to see how she gets hanged.' So in this case we had to prepare her before the show among us. In such case you can help. Or a soft-client can ask just to see the object strip and to have forced sex and after that, we must let her go home. Of course, this is not possible, but we assure the client we will return her to her home safely. After the show, you and everybody in the room can do with the object what they want, but as you suppose it may not survive, no witness.

Chapter 4: - The preparation -

‘Now let's go,' he said and I followed Sergeï. He closed his green metal door and continued walking through the corridor. He hits right into another hallway that literally ended at a red door. Before the end of the corridor, on the right site there was a blue and yellow door. He opened the bue door and said: ‘look, here is the object of the show.'

I was astonished… I saw a girl in black dress, sitting on a toilet with her panties over her shoes, her arms tied around her back and a bag over her head. She had some bib around her neck. She was trembling like a leaf. ‘Look', said Sergeï: 'the k-team tied her to a toilet because of the stress she will shit and piss a lot and the client wanted a fresh object like it came just from the street with normal clean clothes. Now because they captured it two days ago, the k-team gave her a bib to keep the clothes clean when they are pushing down food and water into her throat. And also to avoid saliva on her clothes because she has a rag in her mouth for the sounds. 5 Minutes before the show starts, the k-team must clean her ass, pull-up her pants, remove the bag and the rag and bring her in. Of course, it's not always like this: it can happen that some client wants to bring an object that is left for a few days without anything. So it's a mess if we remove the clothes, but like I said: client is king… now let's go into the red room.' We left the toilet and went through the red door. Inside, I saw a 'white room'; the walls and floor were made of white smooth stones, like in a swimming pool and the floor had drains .

There were a few men working: one had a tablet, another was sitting on a computer desk: I guess this was the - IT-man- . This guy really looked like a nerd: -small and tie with a spectacle-, I will call him: -Nerdie-. Two older guys around forty years were laughing like they were telling jokes. They looked at me while saying, 'hi, the new guy' and shook my hand friendly. They introduced themselves as cameramen. One had the profile of 'an accountant' : a frail man with glasses and weird haircut, the other looked more like Beethoven. Weird, it was just like the first day in a normal job. Suddenly two young guys came to me to say hello and introduced themselves as - the assistants-. They had the same profile as me: around 20 years: just normal guys who want to do a job to earn money. One of them had blond, upright hair while the other has a face like Butt-head so for me they looked like – Beavis and Butt-head -.
The room had camera's everywhere and to every wall a big flat screen was mounted. There was also a wheel with a garden-hose, probably to 'clean easy' after a show. In the middle of the room was a bed: an old model, entirely in metal, but without mattress. The bottom of the bed was simply consisted of a metal grid. It was old and rusty with belts everywhere, I suppose: to tie the victim to the bed. Next to the bed was an electric tackle. 'look', Sergeï said: ‘the tackle is easy to use: one button with arrow up, one with arrow down and our special - red button -: if you press this, the hook opens automatically so it's easy to connect handcuff chains or whatever. To disconnect the subject is easy with this button: just push it and the subject falls down, you don't have to lift it up.' In the corner was some kind of large grey plastic bin on wheels. On the other side of the room was another door.
'Come', said Sergeï, ‘let me show you around and give you some explanation. Here, on the tackle the show usually begins. Mostly the object is tied with the arms up and a bag over the head before the start. If the customer wants we can easily lift the subject up. The bed has no mattress because, like this it's easy to clean: just use the garden-hose to clean it. And we allways receive compliments about the old bed, full with rusty sharp edges. I suppose they like to see it cutting in the naked body. Cleaning is also a part of your job: the room for the next show, but we have also a cleaning –team to get rid of the body’s and other things.’ While he told me this, he pointed to a big and small green bin.

The big bin here we use as 'garbage-container' like the clothes and shoes we take off, handbags or whatever they carried with them. After the show also the body must be thrown in. And yeah: sometimes also hair, teeth or things we must cut off. Once we had to pull a tongue out… And of course at the end you must help throwing, what is left of the object in the bin. It's the 'clean-team' that takes care of the content of the bin: they will burn everything that's in it, so lucky for you this is not your job.' Now he asked me to follow him into the - storage-, this was behind the other door in the red room. When I came into this room, I got a very unpleasant feeling. I saw things like whips, clamps, wire, metal bars, needles, ropes, chains, a few hundred 'little fishhooks with wire', all kinds of knives, a terrible collection of dildo's even with sharp nails in it, a gas fire, buckets, nippers, electrical wires, even a shelf, underpants and bra with sharp nails in it. Also, a lot of bottles containing Dethol. Yvan saw this and said: ‘nobody wants to get ill so the hygiene is very important. After the session, the assistants must clean and disinfect all the toys here: we don't want to see blood after, nothing!'
I told him that I understand it and I will respect the rules. 'Super, now for your first session, let's talk to Yvan what it will be this time.’ I followed him to Yvan, who was working on his tablet. Yvan was a man around the 60 years half-bold, no glasses, small, but wide. 'Hi new-one' he said. 'Listen: look good what will happen, don't think and just do what I say. Never, but never refuse, run away or vomit in front of the camera! I know for the first time it can be hard, but if necessary: run to the outdoor and relax in the corridor! Never talk during the session, only by exception if you must give a command to the victim what it must do. Understood?' What else could I do as saying 'clear!'

Suddenly a big bald guy came in and gave a handbag to Yvan. 'Here new-one' he said; 'your first job. Before they bring in the victim, they handle over the personal things to the assistants. They must see if there are some valuable things, the rest you put into the container to be destroyed. Put the value-things on the desk. Don't look for cellphones, the K-team destroys them directly after the kidnap. If the subject wears jewelry, earrings or whatever: remove them after the session, most customers want to see the victim naturally, fresh with jewels.' Yvan went back to – Nerdie -, the IT-man and left me with the handbag of the subject they will bring in. Sergeï nodded - OK - to me for my first mission. It was a soft-brown leather female handbag. I opened it and found the usual things like make-up, mirror, tampons, wallet. I opened the wallet, took the money out and put in on the desk. I took her passport and saw the picture of a very nice girl with long, curly black hair. Her name was 'Anoushka', 19 years old. ' This must absolutely be destroyed' said Sergeï. 'Never try to take it with you such as any other thing from the subject!' I nodded yes and went to the plastic bin to throw all the personal things of Anoushka in it. I saw her passport with her beautiful picture laying down on the bottom the bin, soo her body will follow. It was a terrible feeling. I just had to be strong: brain on zero: no way return.

Now the cameramen started to test their stuff while Nerdie was working on his computer. I saw the four big flat screens activated: changing the images from one camera-view to a diagram with more images. 'Look,' said Sergei: 'the customers can switch to the image that they want. Once paid, the customer receives soft with a special browser. It works very well: it's high-quality image and clear sound.' One of the assistants came out of the store-room and threw a pile of balaclavas on the desk. 'Look Dimitri,' Sergei said: 'never, never forget to put on a cap before we go online or we have to kill you.' He smiled, I did not know whether he meant it or not. 'Serious,' He said: not only for security reasons, but also because the customers like this, it fits well in the scenario.' This was a clear message .

Suddenly Yvan clapped his hand and shouted: 'five minutes to go, everybody: take your cab and into positions'. Now Sergeï said to me: 'remember always to stay as much as possible out of the camera view and you may never, never speak! This rule is for everybody who comes here, no voices! The customers only want to enjoy the sounds of the victim, not our voices in a strange language for Them, and of course also for security reason. And if it gets too rough for you this first time and you need to vomit, run outside!' I replied: ‘OK, understood clearly', waved goodbye to Sergeï and there I was: whole alone between gangsters and soon I will be a witness of murder and torture of an innocent girl. Like Everybody did, I went to the desk and took a closed cap to pull it over the head, even Nerdie did this! He concentrated himself on his control panel and there I saw: - 876 users online -. Beavis and Butt-head closed the red entrance door and took place against the wall next to the entrance door. The cameramen were looking funny with their caps. They pointed their cameras to the closed red entrance door. Yvan was concentrating himself at his tablet. And now it became quiet in the room. Only a sound came from Nerdie's keyboard. Everybody was just waiting in silence until Yvan gave the sign. …

After five minutes waiting, Yvan clapped his hands and counted down with his fingers: 5-4-3-2-1; completely silence… On the control-panel was a red banner - online -. Now I heard big steps in the corridor and also a crying female voice. These sounds became louder and louder. Suddenly the red entrance door flew open and I recognized - the silhouette of the bold driver which brought me here -. Over his shoulder he had the – subject -: the girl I saw who was tied to the toilet, a slim body in a black dress with a dirty burlap sack over her head.
Now she was wearing open white shoes, her ankles and wrists were bound together. On the big screens I saw how the cameramen made professional zooms of the body over his shoulder. What I heard was crying, begging words, nothing more. The bold driver threw the subject on the ground, turned around and went away. I remember how I emptied the handbag and saw her passport, I knew her name was Anoushka. Anyway, I could not think like this anymore, I must see her as a subject because I realize terrible things would happen to her. It seems a better idea replace the name of – Anoushka - by - the subject - without any moral feeling, to put my brains on zero now! The cameramen began to film the crying victim on the ground from every angle. On the screens you saw her laying down on the floor, shaking and full of fear. Her shocking sounds were terrible. Over the shoulder of Yvan, I could read on his tablet clearly the instructions of the director: 'I want to see her standing up on the tackle, brutal removing of bag, hair pulling, face slabs and one good punch in the belly'. Yvan whispered the instructions into Beavis’ ears to do it. To me he gave a sign to look very good.
Beavis went to the tackle-control panel and let it down. Without a word Butt-head went to - the object - and puts the chain from the handcuffs around her wrists into the hook on the tackle. He removed the rope from her ankles, then Beavis pushed the 'up'-button. Now I saw the tackle coming up and dragged her body with it. At first her hands, arms, followed by her full body wrapped in a beautiful black dress and legs until she was standing outstretched. Nerdie activated the floor-, ceiling-, and wall camera's around the tackle. The two cameramen slowly walked around her, and made extra shots of her trembling, shaking body. On the screen I saw every detail of her, filmed from every corner. The floor cameras showed her nice legs that ended to the view of some light-blue panties.
What went on in my mind were two things: first is - I don't want to see a horrible murder, just want to go home and forget this - but the other site: the dark site, the site from a young man who loves women said - wow, no: I want to see more -. What am I; a victim, a sadist, a bad guy? Soon I would know myself better. Anyway: technically this was the good professional work: high-quality-level for the - customers -. In my head, I tried to forget the name 'Anoushka ' but it keeps on spinning in my head .

Now Beavis came in front of her, I saw on the screen her burlap sack. He slabbed a few times with his left- and right hand against her face. Now, in a very fast, brutal move he removes the sack from her head. He grabs her hair, moves her head in every direction very brutal, gives her a few hard face slabs again and a big punch in her nice, flat belly. Then, he stepped away from her. The sound was one sobbing, begging, weeping mess with words like 'why, let me, help, I just want to go home, please don't do this', etc..., but nobody of the men made any sound, we could only hear, - the subject -. I realized that also the 876 users could see this, they got a kick from this while playing with themselves ... Terrible feeling, but my dark site found it somewhere exciting.

They filmed her about five minutes, then Yvan gave us a sign and showed us the director's new message: 'lift her up, use two whips to rip this dress!’ Yvan gave the instructions to the assistants: they went into the storage room and came back with two long black whips. When the poor girl saw this, she became in terrible panic and started to scream 'no please' but suddenly Butt-head pushed the up-button from the tackle until her feet were lifted from the floor. Now she was hanging only by her wrists, which must be very painful. On every screen we saw all the images from the cameras that the - lurkers- could shoos. The two cameramen were zooming into her - what once was beautiful – is now a crying face. They zoomed to her legs and feet, which were trembling as hell. Now they zoomed to her hands: her full body was hanging only by her wrists and the buoys were from iron, old and rusty. Her hands were so red, I could barely see her fingers, little streams of blood came out of her wrists: the pain she had on her hands and wrists had to be incredible and will be more if she moves. So Because of the whips she will receive in a few moments, her hands will be damaged seriously. They filmed her tortured hands a few minutes, then Butt-head went away.

Beavis, who stood behind her, gave his first lash. I never heard such terrible cry in my life; it was heartbreaking. Her whole body was shaking like a reed. The whip went all the way around her body. Now Butt-head who stood in front of her, used his whip: a heavy cry echoed in the room.
Her shaking body turned around and I saw that the whip around her body damaged the zipper from her dress and gave a first glimpse of her naked body. Now Beavis and Butt-head, each in turns started to whip her. It was one entirely sound of heavy cries mixed with a flapping, shrill sound. I saw her body turning, shaking, trembling and trying to avoid the latches. Her dress became more damaged now. I saw some parts of her legs, belly, back. Now Yvan raised his hand to stop and to come to the tablet. A cameraman zoomed into her destroyed dress and her naked skin which was also a bit damaged: some red lines of blood became visible. Her face was one crying mess full of tears. Yvan let us show next command on his tablet: 'remove this dress with a big knife, let the bitch hang a few minutes, then whips only above her underpants.’

So be it : Beavis went into the store-room and came back with a big knife? When she saw this, I saw a terrible fear into her eyes. Somewhere I got the impression that she began to realize that it is finished…. Now Beavis grabbed her robe with one hand. With the other hand he cut it into pieces and removed it completely. Now she was hanging on her wrists in underwear, her body had red lines everywhere. He kicked away the parts of her dress to give the floor-camera's a view and went away. It was quiet in the room, the only sound was some soft crying. The two cameramen were busy to zoom in on her body: every curve, every red line of her. When they zoomed into her light-blue underpants we could clearly see she had sanitary napkins under it: so she was in her period. My two feelings came up again: one of horror and disgust, one small dark exciting, somewhere sexually provocative.
Now Beavis and Butt-head took their whips again: I heard her crying and saw the reactions of suffering and horrible pain on her face. They started to whip her again from both sides: each in turn on bra and belly. After a few whips, I saw a lot of red lines on her belly, her bra was damaged and her left-tit came out: it was bleeding. Yvan made a sign to stop, Beavis and Butt-head went away.

Now the two cameramen started to shoot close-ups again. On the big screen we saw the results: her back and belly full of red lines. Her left-tit was hanging out of bra.Yvan whispered to Beavis and Butt-head to pull of her bra and to give 10 more whips on the region of her tits. So, they approached the poor girl again: Butt-head brutally pulled off what was left of her bra. They started to whip her again from both sides on her back and tits: the sound was one mass of latches and horrible cries. When they stopped, her back and tits were full of bloodlines. Like always the two cameramen zoomed in on the damaged places: her back was so red, tits half destroyed: even the nipple of her left tit was completely torn off and was bleeding heavy. Yvan showed us the next command: to pull out her under pant, to whip her on legs, pussy and ass. When Beavis pulled out her under pant, her sanitary napkins fell out. I saw her black public hair with some blood on the legs from her period and another creek came from her belly.
The heavy torture for the poor helpless girl started again: while we heard the terrible sounds of whips and cries, her body swayed back and forth because of the friction of the whips. I've noticed that her moves became less; I think her resistance was broken. When they stopped, more bloodlines were visible on her legs. On many places of her body, her skin was turned apart. We saw her breathing incredible fast: her belly full of bloodstreams was going up and down very fast, we even could hear it. The floor-cameras were showing the view from under: you could see her once-nice-shaped legs now full of bloodlines, her bleeding pussy, her shaking belly and half-destroyed tits. Yvan made another gesture to see the next command from the director .

He whispered to Beavis to go into the store-room and to warm up an iron: the director wanted to see her feet full of burned spots. Beavis went to the store-room while on the screen we saw her hanging, trembling, full of fear and pain, but she was still at consciousness. I guess Beavis will activate the gas-fire in the storage-room and warm up an iron rod. After a few minutes he came back with a red-glowing iron rod. The cameramen took their position: one on feet and legs, one to her face which was really getting in panic when she saw the hot iron. Beavis came closer to her feet and touched a tone with it. I heard a terrible cry. She tried to avoid the iron, but it was no use: only her white shoes fell out. Now I saw how constantly he touched her feet and tones everywhere with the iron so they became full of black burned spots. This was actually not my style to get excited, but it was the customers wish... We even could smell the burned flesh. What else could I do then keep still and watch. Her feet became full of burned black spots everywhere, her body was shaking like hell while her sounds were atrocious. Suddenly he stopped because it seems she did not move anymore: she lost consciousness. They stepped away: from the floor camera we could also see that she lost her urine. I saw it expiry of her legs and also the floor-camera lens was wet. The cameramen did their job again and started to zoom in on her. Yvan stuck up his thumb, it seems the director gave compliments.
Yvan whispered to us to start with the second position. First, we must tackle her body high from the ground and then let to let it fall. Then, she must be tied outstretched on the bed with open legs to get raped a lot and brutally. And so Beavis pushed the button from the tackle to lift her up: now she was hanging above the ground on her wrists again. The cameramen took their position: one on her body, the second on the floor. Beavis pushed the - open hook - button, now with a big smash we saw and heard her body falling on the ground. Because of the smash, she started to move again. On the screen we could see how her right-foot was in a broken position because of the blow on the floor.

Now Yvan came to me and whispered that if he gives the sign, I must go out in the corridor to give the instructions to the rape-team. They have to come in and each on turns with a lit cigarette. They must force her to open her mouth; make their dig hard in it and extinguish the cigarette against her pussy. After this, they must rape her in her pussy as brutal as possible. I was a bit confused, but said 'OK ', what else could I do.
Now I saw Beavis and Butt-head taking her wrists and dragging her across the floor to the old, sharp rusty bed. On the floor there were traces of blood and urine. Now Butt-head came to help and took her feet, I saw terrible reactions of pain when he grabbed her right-foot because it was broken and burned everywhere. She began to cry again and tried to struggle a bit which was no use of course. They threw her on the iron bed, removed the handcuffs, opened her arms and tied a strong rope around her wrists. Then, they took an ankle, threw her legs over the trailing edge of the bed and tie her ankles firmly to the bed. Then, they pulled the ropes around her wrists and attached them to the bed. She cried it out because her hands and wrist were a lot damaged because of the metal cuffs, also the old bed was rusty and full of sharp edges that were cutting into her back.
There was even a floor camera under the bed: on the screen I could see her damaged back full of lines, but now with much more bloodstreams. Her body became more and more damaged with bloodlines everywhere: her left tit was without a nipple, her feet were full of burning marks and one was seriously broken. Her face was still almost intact, but I fear they will change it soon.
Suddenly Beavis went behind the bed, took her by her hair and lifted her head up. I remember the wish of the director that she must see everything that they do to her. Yvan gave me the sign to go outside and tell the instructions to the rape-men in the corridor. When I opened the door, I saw a bunch of very ugly, fat old stinking man full of tattoos. Almost everybody was smoking so there was no need to give them cigarettes. I told them the instructions and they started to laugh and joke telling 'don't worry new-one, we know our job'. So the first one came in, surrounded by the cameramen. He took place next to the bed, the eyes of - the object - looked terrible. She tried to say 'no please ' but nobody was listening… The fat, old stinking guy pulled his pants down and came on the bed over her.
It was terrible to see this dirty, smelling dick in front of her face. Now he gave her a face slap, brutally opens her mouth and put his thing in it but. Suddenly he started to piss! It was disgusting! Then he took over the hair from Beavis and started to move her head brutally over his dick until it disappeared completely into her mouth. It looked like she was choking on it. After a minute, he pulled out his dick out and indeed: it was large and stiff now.
Beavis took her hair over and upright, her face. It looked really terrible: a bit of blood was coming and also urine, mucus and some vomit. The stinking fat rapist took place in front of her, opened her legs and extinguish the cigarette between her legs. She tried to scream, but her face was so distorted that it was not a scream anymore. One cameramen now constantly zoomed in on her face, the other to her pussy. The fat old stinking guy puts his dick in front of her pussy and in one big punch his big dick disappeared completely into her pussy. I saw on the screen how her face got terrible expressions. The guy ejaculated a few times, pulled out his thing and went out of the room. The cameraman hurried themselves to film between her legs: one big mess of sperm and blood. Her face looked terrible, but her sounds became more like moans now. I think she realized it's allmost finished with her and hoped it will soon be over. For the first time in my life I saw a girl getting raped and tortured, soon murdered. I taught I'm not like this and will never become like this but .... I must see this pure as a job, which is terrible. - Brains on zero - is all I can do.

Suddenly yvan whispered to Beavis that the director is not happy because her tits and belly are still in a good shape, we must do something about it. Yvan whispered to to get some barbed wire and to whip her a bit with it. This sounded so terrible, but it seems they do everything that is necessary to please the director. So Butt-head went to the store-room and came back with two pieces of barbed wire. They took place on each site of the bed and started to whip softly, but deeply on the poor girl's tits and belly. The effect was terrible: every time they pulled their arm back,her tits and belly became one destroyed surface. Her body was so terrible shaking, her head moved around with her eyes closed, moaning and crying like hell, I have no words of it. The cameraman took some shots to film her belly and tits, completely destroyed. Still: she did not pass out yet and was still moving and moaning.
Yvan put his thumb up and gave me a sign to let the second raper-guy come in. Beavis took place behind the bed again and lifted her head up by her hair. I opened the door and the next rape-guy came in. It was also a bold, fat stinking, guy full of tattoos. He took out his pants, gave her a few faces labs, came over and took place with his fat ass on her destroyed tits. He pulled her mouth open and put his ugly stinking dig in it. He also began to piss and then started to move his dig like crazy. He pulled out his ugly dick, came to stand in front of her, pushed out his cigarette between her legs and in one big movement he planted his dick in her: started to ejaculate so very fast and hard that the whole bed was moving.
Yvan told me now to let the four other men in and to tell them to work quickly. When they came in and started their action, it was a terrible view! While one was taking out his pants, another was filling her mouth with piss while another was raping her very brutal. When the last raper-guy left the room, the cameramen zoomed in on every spot of her body and we saw she was passed out again. Her body was Full of sperm, urine, blood, destroyed skin. Beavis gave her a few face slabs to see if she was still alive and yes: moaning, but with very low energy for crying. Yvan puts up his thumb and said: ‘we have luck, it's a strong bitch to carry on with!'. These words I would never forget.

He gave a sign to Beavis and Butt-head to her turnaround because now the director wanted to see her get raped in the ass. They went to - the subject - to make her loose and turn. She offered no resistance, just like she had no more energy and just wanted to die soon. Now she was tied to the bed in another position: bending over, legs over the iron bed edge with arms outstretched. Yvan said that the next raper-guys must push their cigarette out into her ass before they go in it and, may not use any lube: they must do it deep and fast.
I opened the door again and gave the instructions to the raper-men. 'Ok, they said with a smile, a bit shitty, but we can do it.' The first same guy came in, went behind her, opened her buttocks and he pushed out his cigarette against her tiny asshole. The cameraman zoomed in on it. She was clearly awake again because we heard a terrible scream. Now he pulled down his pants and made his dick hard with his hands. When it was big enough, he opened her buttock maximum, lay the top from his dick to her burned asshole and in one big movement he entered it completely. She made a very loud scream, but the guy just laughed and started to ejaculate fast and deep. The view was disgusting when he came out: on the screen we saw his dig full of sperm, shit and blood. Yvan made movements with his hands to let next and the next guy in to do the same. So, I did my job and let the men in, they all sodomized her in the same brutal way, and the next guy and the next... Now I saw she did not move anymore. Yvan said to send the rape-guys at home now, except the one and he hoped she is not dead yet because the director now wanted to begin with the last phase. I went to the rape-guys to send them home except one. Yvan whispered the final instructions: to turn her around and tie her on her back with spread open arms and legs over the edge of the bed. The assistants made her loose and tied her into her last position. I realized now they will finish her in a horrible way, but I hope it will be faster for her so the suffering is finished. Once tied, the assistants threw a bucket of water over her head. A miracle: we saw her head moving and heard her moaning!
‘Great', whispered yvan: ‘now the final faze while she is still alive.' He said to Beavis that the director regrets that her face is still intact so go to her, and give her a few hard punches up her mouth until we see some teeth..
I could not realize what I heard, but knew it would happen and yes: the cameramen came in position while Beavis took her face and punched hard on her mouth, again and again. I saw blood squirting. Her lips became really destroyed now and some teeth came through her cheeks. The cameramen filmed everything, this time it was a horrible, ugly view. Still: she moved a bit and made some sound. He gave me the instruction to let in one raper-guy and he had to come into her destroyed mouth. I went to the corridor and asked him if he could do this. He laughed: 'no problem man, I can come in everything!' The cameramen took their positions, the fat rape-guy came in, took a seat on her destroyed body, brutally grape her head and pulled her destroyed mouth over his dick. After a few minutes shaking, we saw on the screen how he pulled out his dick, followed by sperm and blood. It seems she was not moving anymore... ‘Shit', whispered Yvan and made a sign to the assistants to throw again some water over her. And yes, she moved a bit. ‘We have luck' he said, the bitch is still alive… 'now go to the store-room, bring two iron dildos with pins, two clamps and electric wire.’
I could get an idea what they would do now... Butt-head went into the store-room and came back with two terrible iron dildo's: they had nails in it and on the end was a metal ring. They came next to the bed and showed the things to her: she could not cry anymore, but could still shake her head with no; that was everything. 'Don't ' worry,' yvan whispered to me: ‘even if she is death, the muscles will still move a bit because of the electricity.' Now Butt-head first puts a pin-dildo into her pussy. Blood was streaming out: her moans were terrible. After this, he puts the other pin-dildo into her ass. Terrible view: blood was streaming from her legs, but she was still at consciousness. Now they took two big iron clamps, like you put on a car-battery to reload, and putted them on what was left from her tits .
They connected the dildos's and clamps with electrical wire which ended on some device on the IT-man's desk and was connected with his computer. 'Look ', whispered yvan: the director can control this now. On his screen he has a button switch to activate the shocks'. Everybody went away from the bed because it was full of water and blood around. The two cameramen were zooming in from more distance. We could see how she was still breathing extremely fast. Yvan communicated with his tablet to the director that everything as ready. The camera's in the ceiling and under the bed gave us a view of every detail of her destroyed body, which was covered with blood and dirty stuff. Her face was one mess, but her eyes were still open. Suddenly we saw her body making an extreme curve: her belly curled so hard up that her arms and legs were stretched out. It stopped, but out of her ass and vagina came a lot of blood because of damage from the pin-dildo’s. Suddenly her body curled up again, so hard that I saw the points of the pin-dildo's coming through the skin of her belly. When it went down again, it was squirting blood from everywhere. A few minutes pause, again curling, shaking, more blood, etc... 'Look ', whispered Yvan with a smile: 'now the director sends us smileys to let us know he likes this'..
The most terrible view was the close-up on the dildo's: every time her body curled up; a big creek of blood came out because of the nails which were cutting in her inside. After a few electrical shocks, we saw that the reactions were as good as nothing anymore: it seems her life was gone… The weird feeling is that I had no compassion, maybe because I considered it also as a game and the shock would come later. Now it became complete silence in the room. All you could hear were the moves of the cameramen. On the screens we could see - the object - from everywhere: the cameras on the ceiling, into the floor, shots from the cameramen: we could see every spot on her body and like the client wanted. It was destroyed, completely unrecognizable.

Suddenly Yvan clapped his hands and said: 'good work guys, we are off-line: let's clean this shit here'. Now everybody took off his forage cap, me as well. Beavis and Butt-head removed her earrings brutally and thruway it into the big plastic bin. Yvan gave me a sign to help so I started to collect things from the floor like pieces of clothes which I also had to throw in the bin. I saw the pin-dildo and hesitatingly I picked it up. It was a terrible object: a rubber dildo in which nails were inserted. It was full of blood and even pieces of meat and skin. Beavis saw this and showed me a green, plastic box and said: ‘throw the toys in this, we disinfect them in it'. After a while, two ugly guys came in, threw what was left of her in the big green bin and disappeared with the two bins. Beavis and Butt-head gave me the garden hose and asked me to spray everything with water. It was easy to clean because it was like in a swimming-pool and the bed&tackle were from metal. When it was finished, they sprinkled everything with - Dethol –.
Now Sergei came in, gave me a tick on my shoulder and said: 'I will not ask you how it was, I know you still have to realize everything that happened. Anyway: this was an introduction, here is your reward'. He reached out his hand and gave me a blue envelope, I supposed it was the money. 'The next time you will be one of the assistants...'I opened it and, as promised there was € 3000 in it. I never had so much cash money cash in my hand. He told me now he would lead me outside where the driver would bring me home. I would see him again in the next show. I thanked him and just said: 'indeed Sergei¨; all I want now is to go home and sleep...' We left the red room and went upstairs, outside. The black Mercedes was already there. I shook Sergeï's hand and said: 'don't worry; I'm still OK'. I opened the door and the driver which could not speak brought me to the same address where he picked me up: on my way home, to think, to forget ...

And so my story ends here. If people want to know how my first mission ended, there will be a sequel. If you like it, please send message to support. Thank you.

Yvan The Terrible
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