It was just another day at work when...
Please Nurse, Make me Better

“Nurse, please go to room 69. There’s a gentleman asking for you there.” said Doctor Masturbates as I looked to see who needed to be checked on.
“Man, I just got on the clock too,” I thought to myself as I went to check on the patient.
I checked the records on the door just before I walked into the room to see what was wrong. Turns out that this guy had just stepped on a rusted nail and needed to get a tetnus shot. I mused over it for a moment as I thought of how he managed to do that when I noticed on the bed the most attractive man I had ever seen. He must have been about 6’3” and had the sexiest looking chest I could ever dream of.
“Hi, I’m Nurse Triniti and I’ll be looking after you today.” I said as I stared into the bluest eyes. “Now it shows here that you stepped on a rusted nail. How did this happen?”
“First of all I know who you are. I’ve watched you for some time now coming in and out of this hospital. I actually work right across the street at the construction site.”
Ok, this is a little weird, I thought to myself. But then again who could blame him when I stood at 5’7”, have long blonde hair, green eyes, and the best looking body this side of Chicago with legs that go all the way up.
“And second of all, I’m not really hurt. I just wanted to see you and see if I could perhaps help to relieve some of the stress I’ve noticed you’ve been under lately.” he said with a look of seduction on his face. I also could not help but notice how his package was growing in his pants.
I just looked at him while thinking I would like to do a little healing for him as well, although I hadn’t planned on telling him that.
Instead I just said “You would, would you?” as I sauntered on over to lock the door. “Now if you’ll just lie back, I’ll be able to tend to your treatment right away,” I said as I looked at him coilly and licked my lips.
“First of all, I’ll need you to strip those jeans off so I can get a better look.”
He got off the bed and I watched as his muscles rippled as he pulled them off, revealing the most beautiful piece of man flesh I have ever seen. It was 9 inches long, and thick with veins just waiting to pop out. Just looking at it was making me wet and eager for what was to come.
He then lied back down on the bed. As he looked me up and down, I walked over and started nibbling his ears and worked my way down his neck to his full luscious lips. He started to plunge his toungue into my mouth, and naturally I obliged and played with his tongue. He tasted salty and sweet all at the same time, making me want to do so much more to him.
I then left his mouth only to pull his shirt up over his head where I was greeted by the site of a gorgeous eight pack. He knew I was watching him because he started to flex his muscles and causing my lower extremities to tighten.
I returned to his mouth only to slowly plant tiny little kisses down his chest down to his pubic hairs where I then stopped. I then moved to his inner thighs where I kissed and licked up one thigh and then up the other. As I started sucking on his long shaft, I smiled as I heard him groan in satisfaction.
I sucked and I licked on his cock as though it were a juicy lollipop. I just bobbed up and down as he started to play with my lips, feeling the moisture that had already built up in the few moments prior.
Suddenly, I felt his sack tighten up, ready to unleash his powerful load, when I came to the decision that he should wait. I looked at him, and with lust in my eyes and a husky voice asked him, “Are you ready for your medicine now?”
He looked at me eagerly and nodded his head.
“What do you want me to do?” he asked.
“Lap up my sweet juices. They make you all better.” I told him with a smile.
He pushed up my nurse’s dress and started licking my pussy’s lips, and quickly found my little rosy, pink bud, making me shudder with such desire that I never wanted him to stop.
Damn, I thought, where have you been hiding, as he suddenly plunged his tongue into my tight little hole. He did it so quickly that I gasped with delight. I suddenly started yelling “PLEASE…DON’T…STOP!” as my first orgasm came on.
I looked up at him after the little shock waves disappeared, thinking it was time to bring him to that intensity I just felt. I smiled to myself, thinking, its my turn to torture him a little more.
I sat up and pushed him back onto his back, and climbed on top like I was ready to ride a horse. I then proceeded to grind against his already erect shaft, feeling it grow even bigger, if that was possible. I felt him twitch against my lips for a few minutes, before he suddenly lifted me and jabbed me with his long shaft.
I couldn’t believe how he felt. He filled me for more than anyone ever had before in the past.
I started riding him as I pulled my nurse’s dress over my head, letting my full bountiful breasts bounce up and down, mesmerizing my patient.
I leaned down and he took one of my tits and sucked on it while I was coming close to my second orgasm.
I rode and I grinded when I suddenly felt my toes curl and warm all the way up to my core where I cried out with relief.
As I was getting over the second one I looked down at his face when he suddenly pushed off only to roll me over, only to bring my cute little ass up to his tip, where he teased me before pushing into me to fill me once again.
I was exhausted by this point, but seeing as how I was seeing to his health, I started to move with him by pushing back while he pushed forward.
Then before I knew it, he was taking in shorter breaths as his sack started to tighten up. He was cumming and I was on my way to the third one.
After we finished, I got up and got dressed. I turned to my patient and asked how he was doing.
“I doing better now.” he said as he smiled at me.
“Good.” I said as I started towards the door. But before I walked out, I told him that he would be staying just a couple more days, for good measure. What can I say a nurse’s job is never done.


2007-04-11 15:38:44
this story was good jus a lil fake to me though


2006-08-20 20:55:04
Fun story, but everything was just too perfect. A small dose of reality could have made it a lot better.


2006-08-12 04:51:32
love this story!!!!!! write some more

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