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As stated this is chapter two. Chapter One-Layla's First Time.
*BEEP BEEP* the honking car in the driveway is echoed by Layla's voice shouting, "Dad!". "Leaving?" Daryl asks, "yea, but I was wondering if Shay could stay over tonight? Her mom said she could drop us both off here after the mall, please Daddy?" Layla pleads. Shaylynn and Layla have been best friends for a few years now so Shaylynn has become like part of the family. "Sure" he responds flatly. "Thanks daddy" she squeals excitedly as she turns and heads toward the door "um Dad, one more thing, could I maybe have some money for the mall?" Daryl rolls his eyes, he should have seen that coming. he pulls out his wallet "you better be home by 8" he says as he holds out a 20. "But Daaad, please can we..." Layla starts to protest, "8 o'clock Layla or you don't go and Shay can go home" Daryl cuts her off. "Fine" she says pouting a bit as she takes the 20 then heads to the front door "love you" she calls back over her shoulder as she leaves the door closing quickly behind her.

Daryl decides to get comfortable, he changes into sweats then heads to the kitchen to mix himself a rum and coke before heading back to the living room to watch some TV till the girls get back from the mall. Daryl is fixing himself another drink when he hears a car pull up outside, 'must be the girls' he thinks as he pulls out his phone '7:58' it reads. "Hey Dad, we're here" Layla says as she appears in the door way Shaylynn following close behind. With Shaylynn so close and coming in at 5 ft 1 Layla looks even shorter being only 4 ft 11. "Hey" Shaylynn chirps with a smile, "Hi girls, get anything good?" he asks spying the bags in their hands as he squeezes past them and settles back in on the couch. "Yea, we'll show you. hold on" Layla says excitedly as she grabs Shaylynn's arm pulling her toward the stairs. He hears the girls rush up the steps to Layla's room.

The girls reappear quickly "look dad! aren't they cuuuute?!" Layla squeaks excitedly as the girls bounce around in matching PJs (short pink silk PJ shorts and white cotton tank tops. The word 'Besties' is scrawled across the chest of each top with bright colored stars shooting out from behind the graffiti looking word. "yea, cute" Daryl utters back brushing them off. The girls stop bouncing about and Layla looks at him "you didn't even look daddy" she pouts. He looks the girls over and its clear that they aren't wearing bras "sorry hunny, very cute girls" he manages to get out as he pulls his gaze from Shaylynn's full pert chest. Both girls smile. "I have to tinkle" shaylynn says as she quickly heads to the bathroom, Layla drops onto the couch near her father she sits facing him one leg propped up on the couch the other dangles off the edge, Daryl shifts to better face her. "We got these too." she says holding her hand out placing a small keychain in Daryl's hand. He acts interested and looks at it, he holds it out to her dropping it but missing her hand the key chain tumbles onto the couch.

Daryl reaches to pick it up but freezes as he catches sight of Layla's legs spread and he realizes she isn't wearing panties. he tries to regain his composure scooping up the keychain and handing it back to her as he chugs down a good portion of his drink. Layla is chattering on but its coming in like radio static he looks at her trying to focus on her face but his eyes keep drifting downward. Suddenly he's pulled from his naughty thoughts "Daddy" his eyes go wide he's caught and he knows it. "You can touch it daddy" she coos at him. His breath hitches in his throat "I...bu...I" he stammers trying to complete a thought let alone a sentence, "please daddy?" she whimpers at him. "I can't sweetie, Shaylynn is just in the bathroom and..." Daryl mumbles trying to get out of this somehow he shakes his head and gulps down more of his drink. Layla stands and huffs off to her room.

Daryl hears the girls talking, singing, and giggling upstairs. He decides he is going to have just one more drink before he heads off to bed, he gets up to fix his drink as his mind goes over things. It's been months now since Daryl has been that close to her naked pussy. Though he had convinced himself last time was a dream. He had tried to apologize to her for it but she acted as if she had no idea what he was talking about. He starts going thru it in his head again, questioning the whole situation.

{{{He had been thinking about it for days and he had come to one conclusion; he messed up - big time. He knew he shouldn't have mixed alcohol with pain killers that night but the week at work had kicked his ass and he needed a break from the pain in his back and the stress headaches his job was causing. However he also knew he had to deal with the aftermath of what he had done... He stood shakily in her bedroom doorway figuring out how to apologize to his daughter 'I was out of it' - 'excuse' he cuts his own thoughts off at the knee. He works up his nerve "Layla." he starts "Oh, hi Daddy" she smiles at him "I...I wanted to say I'm sorry" he speaks slowly as she looks up at him from her desk. "Sorry? Sorry for what?" she asks looking confused. "for um... the other night... remember I..." he trails off not knowing how to finish that sentence. "The other night?" Layla questions "what are you talking about?". He examines her face and she looks completely lost, he tries one last attempt "the other night when I came in here..." he says as he takes a couple steps toward her. He watches her as she looks even more bewildered "Daddy what are you talking about?" she asks bluntly. " mind" he says a little more shaky then intended "OK" she chirps back with a smile turning back to her drawing}}}

He replays it over and over. That was it she didn't seem to have a clue what he was talking about, he thought he had dreamt it. But after that, after her asking him to touch her, maybe it wasn't a dream? He settles back in on the couch and can hear music playing from upstairs. The TV is on but he is lost in his thoughts, she had asked him...nearly begged him to touch her. Daryl ponders his thoughts and quickly he begins to become aroused, he needs a release. He pulls himself from his thoughts and listens for the girls, the music has stopped-its silent and dark upstairs.

Daryl looks at his phone its nearly 12, the girls must be asleep he assumes as he opens the browser on his phone and clicks to one of his go-to sites. He scrolls thru a few videos till he settles on one that interests him. He stops and listens again for the girls before undoing his pants. Freeing his growing cock, he clicks play as he starts stroking his throbbing hard on. It's only been a few minutes when he hears Layla's voice "Daddy" she says into the dimly light room her voice sounding a bit sleepy yet lustful. He looks up, his eyes meeting hers as he clicks the lock button on his phone and quickly tries to cover himself.

Layla moves closer to him "Shay is asleep Daddy" she says sweetly as she sits down close to him, propping her leg up so she is exposed to him again. "Layla, you...I...we...we can't do that" he stammers as his eyes are glued to her. "Sure we can Daddy, I mean we did it before" she says it so matter-o-factly to him. Daryl sits their dumbfound for a brief moment "I'm sorry honey, I" he starts to blurt out. "There you go again" she cuts him off "Stop trying to apologize daddy." She looks into his eyes "I loved it". He just looks at her with mixed emotions. "Please Daddy, I want you to touch me." she's whining at him again.
Her legs are still spread, she slowly reaches down between her legs and starts to rub her bald pussy. Daryl swallows hard as he watches her, he can't pull himself away. Her fingers are moving faster as she starts letting out light moans and whimpers. Daryl's mouth goes dry and he can feel his cock pulsing as he watches her. "Please daddy" she whines at him again scooting a little closer. He loosens the grip he has on the pillow covering his crotch as he falls into a nearly trance like state. Layla sits up and quickly pulls the pillow from his lap, she bites her lip as his cock springs into sight. "oh Daddy" she says softly under her breath as she reaches out.

She wraps her small hand around his thick daddy dick. He doesn't move as he watches her start stroking his hard cock. He feels her other hand on his hand pulling it to her still exposed pussy. His animalistic need to get off overrides all else as he feels the warmth from her tight pussy pressed to his hand. He watches his hand as his fingers spread her little pussy lips, he starts slowly rubbing her clit. His eyes shoot up to Layla's face as she moans "mmm yes daddy, please don't stop". She continues stroking his massive cock as he pulls his fingers from her clit wetting them with his spit. He lowers his hand back down to her pussy, probing between her puffy little lips. He lets out a groan as he feels her wet slit opening for his fingers.

Daryl has lost all control at this point, her pussy gripping his fingers as he probes deeper into her. "mmm daddy" she moans as he starts fingering her faster. She smiles at him as pre-cum starts to form at the head of his big daddy dick. Layla scoots closer to him as she pumps his cock faster. She leans her head down to his lap and he freezes "Layla?" he croaks she pauses for a moment "yes daddy?" she says sweetly. Before he can respond her warm wet tongue is gently licking up his pre-cum. "ooo" he moans unable to even remember what he was about to say to her. She smiles to herself as she starts to put the purple throbbing tip of his cock into her tiny little mouth. "fuck" she hears him utter as she sucks on his member. He manages to pull his mind back to fingering his precious little girl.

"Fuck you're so tight" he groans out as he fucks his fingers in and out of her tight cunt. She lifts her head from his cock and smiles up at him. "Do you like it daddy?" she asks already knowing the answer. "very much baby... but... you know... we cant tell mommy" he says nervously. She smirks "well duh daddy". Layla lets out a slight chuckle as she moves herself onto his lap. His cock is pressing into her soft warm skin. "Daddy I want your cock inside me again" she says softly into his ear. Daryl sits stunned letting his mind absorb what his young daughter is saying to him. He can only watch as she begins to grind on his lap. He suppresses the urge to throw her down and fuck her brains out. She looks in his eyes, smiling - she straddles him "I want you to cum inside me again daddy" she moans into his ear.

He's still stunned as he watches her spread her pussy lips putting her daddy's thick cock head at her tight little entrance, she slowly sinks down onto his lap. Her eyes roll back as she lets out a rather loud moan. Daryl quickly covers her mouth as she continues to push down on his lap. "Oooo fuuuuck, yes Layla. that feels so good" Daryl grunts out. "Daddy, I like it when you're on top" Layla informs him. Without missing a beat Daryl lift Layla and quickly lays her on the couch never pulling fully out of her.

Layla lets out a soft sweet moan as Daryl begins to push his swollen daddy dick into her tight cunt. "Fuck yes...oooh Layla...mmm, fuuuck yeees" Daryl is moaning and grunting as he picks up speed pushing in and out of her faster and faster. "Oh daddy" Layla is moaning as she grips the couch. Daryl watches his cock pulling out of her little pussy. His member is coated in her cunt juices and he feels himself getting close to cumming. He pumps back into his little girl. "oh daddy. yeees oooo daaaaddyyyyy" Layla is getting louder as he fucks her hairless cunt. Daryl tries to quiet Layla as he slows trying to enjoy having his big daddy dick pushed snug inside Layla's young cunt for longer. Daryl pushes back into Layla groaning as he sinks in deeper. Daryl cant hold back much longer as he pounds in and out of his little girl.

Suddenly Daryl sees Shaylynn out of the corner of his eye, she's standing in the doorway watching as Daryl sinks his cock back into his daughter. Daryl locks eyes with Shaylynn but it's too late to stop. He erupts inside Layla for the second time. Her little pussy milks every drop of cum from him. "Shaylynn..." Daryl croaks, pleading for understanding In just that one word. He tries desperately to asses the situation as his mind races...


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