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Running wolf seeks horses to buy a bride.
Men of Two Worlds Part 3

Chapter : Five Running Wolf

As I left all I could think about was Bright Moon. I began to plan where to go I first thought I would steal from the Comanche...But no they were my people. I next thought about the the Tonkawas or the Krankawas but I had been told by the Medicine man that if captured they would eat me and keep me alive while they did it.

I completely disregarded the full Apaches and decided on the Kiowa Apache. A fierce but honorable people. Besides they were almost the nearest and I didn't wish to wait to long to buy Bright Moon. I scouted the Kiowa village,

Their vast horse herd was guarded by 6 braves. For 5 nights I observed the movement of the herd. On that fifth night I spotted the prettiest pinto pony. I just had to have her for Bright Moon. I observed that when the horses moved to water part of the herd was obscured from the night guards by some large Boulders. I made my plans which all depended on the pinto taking that path to water.

I covered my body with mud. This served more than one purpose. First it made me almost invisible to the guards and the horses. The horses also couldn't scent me.. I lay in the mud with ten lariats with loops. On the fourth night the pinto walked right up to me. I slipped a loop around her neck and soothe her until the loop was tight..

I began to move to random horses till I had loops on nine more. I let them drink as I moved through them. When the horses began to move away from the water. I led my ten between the rocks and waited.

Once the herd was out of sight I moved across the creek. I mounted the pinto and laying low on its back I led the captured horses in a random path back to my camp. I looked at my horses and chose a Coal black stallion with a lightening blaze on its forehead. I dubbed this horse as Blaze...This was to be mine.

I traveled in many directions trying to avoid being followed. I found a small box canyon and placed brush across the opening. Using Sean's horse I doubled back to watch for followers. I did this twice more but never found any followers.

I departed as straight as I could for Sean's house. Two days later the horses were tied out side the front door. I went and sat down and leaned against a tree Across from the door. I waited just after Dawn I noticed movement in the Cabin.


Chapter: six The Horses

Bright Moon awoke at Dawn washed her face and used the chamber pot. She picked up the water bucket and headed to the front door. She opened the door and could see Running Wolf under a pine tree. His eyes were red rimmed indicating he had been awake all night. She ignored him and the horses that were tied to the hitching post just out side the door.

Sean woke Louise and cleaned her and dressed her and put her in her play area. He also had noticed Running wolf across the way. He waited until Bright Moon returned. He spoke to her. “ He offers 8 horses do you agree?” She smiled and nodded. “Very Well.” He stood up and started out the door.

“Running Wolf... I see you.”

“Father of Bright Moon, I see you and offer three horse for her.” We both knew he was going to offer 8 horses for her and a gift of one to her. But the ritual had to be followed.

“Three horses... that is a slap in the face... I require 10 horses.”

“ Father of Bright Moon I offer 5 horses.”

“I will accept 9 horses.”

“ Father of Bright Moon I offer 7 Horses.”

“ As Father of Bright Moon I will accept 8 Horses.”

“ Father of Bright Moon I will Offer 8 horses for Bright Moon. I will also add a gift horse for Bright moon.” Sean smiled and nodded his acceptance.
The next thing was the purification of each of them. I had already donated two pelts for Running Wolf's wedding out fit. Bright Moon had been working on his clothes as well as her dress. They had to be apart till the wedding.

I traveled with Running Wolf to the nearest Comanche village it cost me 5 pelts and a sorrel Mare but the Medicine man agreed to preform the wedding in two weeks. The wedding ceremony was a put together rite. The Comanche themselves had no wedding ceremony, but since there was going to be other visitors the Medicine man and I were making up one. That was the reason for the bribe I paid him.

Three days later we awoke and odd sound of many horses and the scraping of travois poles on the ground.

Running wolf, who has been sleeping in the shed, Came out to join me as we watched the entire Comanche village erect itself in our fresh cleared field. We walked out to greet them and was met by the Chief... Little Sky.

I asked, “Why did you move the whole Village?”

“Our Village has no meaning... The Comanche lives for war... A Village that turns to Peace is composed of Males without a purpose... No hope of gaining Honor and no advancement. When our young men come of age they join another Tribe. Soon the older males join us.

“ We need to prove we are not warlike. The White man wanted the land where our Village has been.” “Our braves while hunting observed you marking your land. We asked a trapper why he tell us of White man laws. That this shows to Great Father in Washington that this is your land.”

“You show us you are friend to Indian...We put Village on your land...Maybe White man leave us alone.” “We choose you as our Protector, we are tired..”

(This tribe of Comanche was the remnants of a once great nation of the Comanches. Wars and famine and disease had decimated them that now they numbered less than fifty members old and young. Most of the fiery young braves had joined with the western tribes. Most of the Male members were under fifteen or older than forty. Their once great horse herds had diminished to about thirty.)

I looked over the horse herd and spied two Mules and four Draft horses . The Chief indicated they were ready to learn to farm. I gathered their hunters and told them Running Wolf was Chief Hunter and they must hunt enough to feed everyone.

The Draft animals, I began to use to pull stumps. Their Village only covered less than five acres. With their help the clearing of the land went faster. Three days before the wedding the Hunters brought in two Buffalo. The women went to work on the hide and the cooking preps. There was a festive air about the Village.
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